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Author(s): StudBuddha
release date: 06-Apr-2020
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Note: Level updated on May 11, 2020 (see readme for details)

Lara finds a golden key hidden in the Underground Water Drain Facility that she inserts into a hidden keyhole. Irritated that she still has not found any crystal yet. She slides down the dark slope and finds a room illuminated in Masonry. Sounding the alarm, a guard in red draws his weapon. She ends him within a blink of an eye. The second guard, petrified of her flaming eyes as she approaches him; he surrenders. She shoves a picture of the crystal that she found above ground in his face and demands, "WHERE IS IT?!"¯ He shakes his head and waves his arms in fear. Lara leans back a bit in belief and he points to her gold buckle and says, "No Crystal" but gold down below, energizes the Serpent. The dark waters are portals¯. As he touches it, she vanishes on to another slope ...