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Author(s): StudBuddha
total rating:8.38 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Feder 8 8 9 9
Jay 8 8 8 9
JesseG 9 9 8 9
Phil 8 8 7 7
Relic Hunter 9 9 8 9
Ryan 9 8 8 9
category averages
(6 reviews)
8.50 8.33 8.00 8.67

Reviewer's comments

"Phew, I’m glad there was a walkthrough available by the time I got round to playing this, or I’m not sure I would have had the patience to finish it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good level in many respects, but the areas are large and confusing so having access to the walkthrough does prevent a great deal of ‘headless chicken’ moments. The All Hallows settings are nicely rendered, although I’ve always found them somewhat dark and forbidding for my tastes. Gameplay is nicely varied with some quite challenging puzzles, traps and timed runs and masses of SAS hanging around. Luckily, medipacks, shotgun and uzi ammo are generously supplied, plus grenades, which I never got round to using. In summary, overall I enjoyed this a lot, but I shall definitely not attempt the follow up level before the walkthrough comes out!" - Jay (25-May-2020)

"This is a well-conceived and well-executed level, one that should take the better part of three hours to complete, but to me it wasn't much fun to play for three reasons. First, even though more than enough flares are provided (I had 140 in my inventory at the end), the surroundings are much too dark and somber for my taste, particularly with those pools of deadly black water scattered about willynilly. I've never found it appealing to be stumbling about in the darkness constantly wondering if the next step is to be my last. The builder has today released a continuation level, and judging from the screenshots it appears we're about to be treated to more of the same. Too bad. Second, the ring menu with its spinning compass is more than annoying, because in this game the pervasive darkness forces the player to be more conscious than usual of Lara's proper orientation, particularly if the player is relying on the walkthrough (as I was), and when you bring up the compass you always have to wait for the damn thing to stop spinning so you can read it. Finally, the frequent and gratuitous remote cameras really got on my nerves, especially near the end where they seemed to be the norm and not the exception. These major gripes having been noted, I wish to end this review on a positive note by repeating that the builder has planned this raid with insightful care and forethought. The surroundings reminded me of Justin's earliest levels and gave me a little burst of nostalgia. Still, I know that the builder is capable of giving us well lighted and attractive environments, as he has done so before and I wish he would again." - Phil (11-May-2020)

"Well, this certainly feels like All Hallows after an earthquake, a river of solid gold, a flood of oil, a rain of boxes, and been occupaid by an army of mercenaries using it as a secret base. Yes, that intense this level is. Still, I have my fun here. The soundtrack is pretty interesting, most of the tracks are from the original games but slightly modified. Plenty of cameras are used to enhance the game, and it's very well done but the fixed cameras often get in the way of the player. Ammo and medipacks are abundant and truly needed to deal with all the shooters. Gameplay is very dinamic, with varied tasks and a couple of good puzzles. Lighting is good and textures very well applied. My only advice: sometimes less is more. This level is quite long and has too much of everything, it may overwhelm some players, but the TR3 Cathedral fans will definitely enjoy it. Recommended." - Feder (13-Apr-2020)

"What a beast of an adventure! I've always had a case of being mystified by the far too short-lived Stonemason and All Hallows section from TR3, so it was a delight to see a new release with that theme. This classic styled TR3 inspired adventure starts off in smaller, self-contained areas as it slowly begins growing in scope and taking the player through uniquely shaped areas. While the architecture seemed bizarre in the initial areas, I became entranced by a mixture of environments that fit a library, a museum, churches, industrial canals, storage stockpiles, and even a movie theater into a single setting. With this wide mix of room styles the platforming was varied and kept me interested in exploring and wanting to discover more. At the same time, I did not feel overwhelmed by the scope of the map and thought there was a logical progression to the exploration and tasks. A healthy mix of evading traps, timed sequences, and logical puzzles involving ordinal ciphers keep things interesting. I would give higher marks if some of the sound issues could have been taken care of, as a few sound effects are broken or missing in a few places. Thankfully the sound effect mishaps are not annoying and fairly minor in the grand scheme of things. The object selection was very fitting and faithful to the TR3 themes present in this level, particularly the lasers were used effectively to create appropriate tensity that enhanced platforming. I overall enjoyed the texture and lighting work in this level. At times I thought that some of the interactive surface choices, mostly the solid gold monkey swings were a little odd, but as the author communicated that expectations earlier on in the level it wasn't a detractor. Compared to the author's previous work this is an absolute improvement over what came before. I thought the ending to this was unfortunately too abrupt and sudden, but the author is teasing a continuation that hopefully will come. I ended up spending almost 3 hours here, and definitely recommend this adventure." - Relic Hunter (10-Apr-2020)

"Good grief, that was one lengthy adventure (150 minutes long, I tell you)! It can essentially be divided into two distinct sections with the first being set inside some sort of excavation site and the second (and much lengthier) section being situated in an immense, lofty cathedral area. Many of the gameplay in this level could have been split into multiple TR4 files, but the builder undoubtedly deserves kudos for managing to keep track of what he built into a single file and for ensuring that progression never becomes tedious. The exploration factor (as you traverse the same areas but from numerous directions) is quite neatly utilised and the puzzles alongside them (particularly the brilliant alphabet puzzles) are brilliantly done. The atmosphere and texturing is also nicely done, with music tracks being used well to complement the settings, although I could have done with fewer SAS attacks and fixed camera angles throughout (as the former were a bit too repetitive although plenty of armament and health is provided, and the latter were rather too irritating). Still, this is a quantum leap from this builder's earlier effort and absolutely deserves a playthrough if you're up for it. The ending also promises a continuation..." - Ryan (10-Apr-2020)

"Here we have lots of gold, spikes, and bookshelves. I can only imagine how long of a ladder someone would need to reach some of these books! I appreciated the word puzzles, I haven't seen something like that before, although I would have preferred words with less letters. I was a bit baffled by the amount of fixed cameras used (with no timer), and while some of them are helpful, most of them get in the way after a while. The level seems to have too much content, as some stretchy polygons filled the screen a few times I loaded a game, thankfully it was relatively rare. With tons of traps to dodge and enemies to fight, there is a lot to keep the player entertained. 2 hours 57 minutes." - JesseG (09-Apr-2020)
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