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Author(s): Sheevah
release date: 06-Nov-2001
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Lara found out about an old legend of the mysterious Golden Skull: 'Only those who can make it through the Tower of Fate and fulfil the forgotten ritual of the eight fire crystals are worth owning the Golden Skull.' The Golden Skull - this old artefact is clouded by countless myths forecasting bad fortune and decay to the owner for his lifetime - or even sudden death in the blazing heat. But on the other hand it's unquestionably a very precious piece, so many adventurers went there trying to get hold of it but failed and never came back. But Lara wouldn't be Lara if she would give those tales a second thought. She's already on her way ...So it's up to you now and it's very simple anyway: You just have to help Lara making it through the Tower of Fate in the first part to perform the ritual of the fire crystals in the second - just as the legend reads. :o)