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Author(s): Sheevah
total rating:8.07 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Dimpfelmoser 9 7 7 7
eTux 6 6 7 6
Fairy Godfather 8 7 8 8
Freeman Porter 9 8 7 6
Gerty 10 9 8 9
Jay 9 8 8 8
Jose 8 7 8 7
Kristina 9 9 9 9
Lorena 9 8 8 7
MichaelP 9 9 8 8
Momster 9 9 9 7
Monika 9 8 7 7
Moonpooka 8 6 7 8
Nomad 9 8 8 7
Phil 9 9 9 9
RaiderGirl 9 9 8 9
Ryan 8 8 8 7
Sash 9 9 8 8
Tombaholic 9 10 7 9
Torry 9 9 9 9
Treeble 8 7 7 6
Xxenofex 9 7 8 8
category averages
(22 reviews)
8.68 8.05 7.86 7.68

Reviewer's comments

"These two levels are entertaining and have rather distinct designs. The first one takes place around a big metallic tower and consists of climbing up and down on it. Some parts were confusing but generally it was a good level. The second one is a bit more interesting. I have to say that I didn't like the texturing of the level. I couldn't tell if Lara was outside or inside, as the edges had no textures. That made the central area look ugly and unrealistic and also you could see the places you should not see. Interestingly, the textures of the insides were done well. The gameplay was very good even better than the first one. The main objective is to find eight crystals (how I panicked when I saw I needed an eighth one but it was right there freshly available) and they are scattered all around the map, each having its own puzzle or platforming. At the end the crystals transform the lava around the golden skull which is what Lara wants so she picks it up and the level ends. I recommend these levels." - Nomad (27-Sep-2016)

"This is definitely one of the regrettably rather rare early levels that has stood the test of time very well indeed. In the first part, Lara's aim is to collect a scroll by working her way up the various areas of a huge tower and in part two to collect eight red gems to enable her to access her final prize - a golden skull. The entertainment comes from the various side trips to achieve these goals and makes for a really well rounded game with plenty of action, puzzles, timed elements, well used enemies and exploration of attractive areas, especially the various temples dotted around in part two. Highly recommended." - Jay (23-Sep-2016)

"This was fun to play. The first level, The Tower focuses on a tall tower with different levels branching off and Lara has to complete many tasks to open the way to the next level. The architecture of the second level, The Ritual seemed a bit blandly designed, but gameplay was still fun. Worth a look." - Ryan (03-Jul-2016)

"A couple of levels nice to play with some interesting puzzles, enemies to shoot and no much darkness :). Not difficult tasks but sometimes you'll have to observe and think. I couldn't find the shotgun (I think it was a secret), but some secrets are not difficult to find. I liked cameras helping me along my way. Architecture of the second level is not very good, but entertaining anyway. Good work." - Jose (12-Jul-2008)

"Tower of Fate (50 minutes, 3 secrets): the main level revolves around this huge shaft where you'll be working your way up and down as you proceed. I have noticed a few issues here, such as the door bug, a handful stretched textures, a flyby camera going through walls and also some wafer thin walls. At some point, there was a timed door that got Lara trapped into said door. Once you collect the scroll you worked hard for, you reach a cavey area with a black wall which is the end of this level. The Ritual (60 minutes, 2 secrets): starts out in the same cavey area and a black wall right behind you. Soon enough you get to an outside area which is very reminiscent of TR1 because of the lack of a horizon/skyline, but this illusion is shattered when you realize you can touch the EOTW in pretty much every end of this area. A few spots are also untextured. The quest for the eight red gems is fun, however, and should keep you busy enough. I particularly thought the location of the eighth one was clever, but I wasn't too fond on a room with random spike traps even though none of them ever managed to pierce me. Bottomline, despite the age of this double level, it proved to be a fun adventure. 110 minutes, 5 secrets. 05/08" - Treeble (15-May-2008)

"This rip-snortin' two-parter has everything I like in a custom level: an attractive setting, plenty of ambient light, vigorous action and intelligent gameplay that's not too hard and not too easy, and sufficient time to make the adventure worthwhile. While Tower of Fate/The Ritual may not be as high-tech as, say, the same builder's Amazing Tower, I had more fun playing it for all of the foregoing reasons. In fact, these could easily have been released as stand-alone levels, as the two parts bear scant resemblance to each other. The motif of Tower of Fate is similar to that of Amazing Tower: working your way up, layer by layer, to the top of a multi-story structure, and then going back down. The major difference is in the lighting. Here, the player has no trouble seeing what's going on around him. I enjoyed a pleasant hour or so here. The second level is even better, requiring the player to explore a vast area in search of eight red gems to turn a small lava field into harmless paving blocks so you can safely take a golden skull from a pedestal. Even though I had eRIC's helpful walkthrough, I nearly broke out into a cold sweat when I reached the end and realized I had only seven gems in my inventory. But the last one is found nearby via a lowered block, only after you've found and placed the other seven. A diabolical practical joke on the builder's part, I'd say. You'll spend nearly an hour and a half in the second segment. I was afraid that I might overdose on Sheevah's levels if I were to play them all before going on to something else; but as each one seems to be better than the one before, I guess I'll keep on trucking. Highly recommended." - Phil (04-Oct-2007)

"Despite my considerably lower ratings, I enjoyed this double level quite a lot (yes, as shocking as it may seem even a 6.25 level can still be enjoyable in my book), but maybe it's not as good as it could've been due to various reasons - the looks feel a bit uninspired - there also are a lot of end of the world bugs, especially in level 2, and though the puzzles keep one well entertained as you go on (I especially liked the one involving the globe and the levers, though the dive from the high tower was fun as well among other tasks) they mostly rely on the use of levers. Luckily very varied use, thus you don't really notice all that much. Well yes, this might not be such a great level now (March 2005) as it was when released, and thus got higher ratings then, but it actually is so endearing in its innocence you can't help but like it. My ratings reflect purely how I would compare this to other levels, as I always do (yes, comparison is the beginning of all the troubles in the world, but I suppose we'll cope in our level building sub-culture), and are not to be compared to the other comments, which would make me as the solely hater of this level. I liked it, but I found this to be the only fair way to rate it comparing to the author's other levels and other levels in general. Do try this for a fun hour and a half or so of play-time." - eTux (20-Mar-2005)

"Tower of Fate - A level set almost entirely around an enormously tall metal pillar that you have to find a way to the top of where you collect a Hand then it's back to the bottom via a fabulously fun dive to use it. On the way up to the top of this pillar you find many fun jumps not so difficult timed doors deadly mirror puzzle and movable crates plus some ninjas skeletons giant wasps crocs dogs and one mean ahmet to deal with. Playing for 50 minutes this was a really well put together and extremely entertaining level. 3 secrets. The Ritual - A totally different level from the first this time you are outside with temples to enter. The aim in this one is to collect 8 red gems that will give access to a golden skull sitting in a pool of lava outside and with each of these gems you get a different involving puzzle to solve. This suited me just fine because I love a level full of puzzles and this is what you get here in this 55 minute level as well as 2 secrets to find. This was one of those times you wish you could rate higher than you actually do because it was all round so entertaining and enjoyable." - Sash (24-Sep-2003)

"This is a set of two levels with the first involving a tower and tasks to complete around it and the second is outside in caves with a lot of gems to find. The items all together are many gems a star hands a scroll and others with a variety of enemies as well skeletons wild boars mutants wasps to keep you busy. I liked them both although the underwater maze at the tower area wasn't easy at all. The skeletons were easily disposed except one at the spikes ledge that skeleton had special skills as he could pass through a moving block. Anyway there are enough moving blocks in that level a cartouche and fire traps. The second was a little confusing at first but once you start and get the crowbar everything falls into place. You need to place the gems and lower blocks here; also there is a room with a spike floor. The end comes with a golden skull to complete a wonderful set of levels but then again what else could we expect from Sheevah rather than pure fun. Be sure to play it." - Kristina (04-Sep-2003)

"I thorouly enjoyed both of these levels. The Tower was my second fav in this duo but still a great level to play. Going up and down the tower pulling levers and collecting bits few enemies and a few bugs but they didn't spoil anything for me the gameplay more than made up for those few errors and I just love to pull levers! The Ritual really caught my attention although some graphics problems it didn't spoil my enjoyment at all climbing round the rocks was fun and hidden parts were very well thought of. I was quite sad when I finally got that skull at the end meant level was over and I could have done much more mainly because I liked the gameplay the atmosphere and it wasn't exhaustingly hard the final enemy was great although a minor enemy those things really give me the willies and so wondering where it was lurking from the final gem point was quite nerve racking but I love that in a level! The gem at the end of Ritual would have had me stumped but due to a freak accident on the keyboard I flipped over and spotted it I know if that hadn't have happened I'd have been chasing it for ages brilliant little thought which shows that simplicity can sometimes be the hardest part of all. The globe onto the tile puzzle had me scratching my head had to go get help on that one but again I was making an easy task more difficult by assuming I had to use some major brain power here. I liked the 8 gem scenario the enemies although few of them and the lighting was superb the use of the textures for the different rooms all fitted in and didn't go from one extreme to another and so kept me within the level's atmosphere throughout. I can recommend both levels!" - Moonpooka (03-May-2003)

"Tower of Fate (8/9/8/8 50 minutes 2 secrets): A neat idea to set a level in a tower and you have to make your way around it all the way to the top. Jump switches fire spikes many movable blocks a red gem easy timed doors vases and windows to shoot and a cartouche and a hand get you to that scroll and the end of this part. I found progression very smooth here (good camera cut scenes to show you where to go on) and the variable gameplay is utterly entertaining. Enemies are crocodiles ninjas dogs wasps rather pesky skeletons and an ahmet at the end. The highlight is of course the triple somersault dive from the top into water. On the downside the flarebug again a rope swing through walls and two technically rather badly designed flyby sequences. The mirror room for the revolver secret was cool though. The Ritual (9/8/7/7 70 minutes 2 secrets): At first I was quite disappointed here because after the blue caves you emerge in the 'ritual area' and it looks like rather amateurish architecture with all the blackness around the end of the world can be reached practically everywhere doors are placed a click too high and the wrong way round and a flyby through walls is presented. But you quickly get used to the setting as you deal with the variable gameplay that sets you out to acquire a star a hand and of course the eight gems you need to complete the ritual and get the golden skull. Each gem has basically its own task and they are all a little different which makes this a fun adventure. I liked the Planet puzzle and hated the tricky ropeswings. Found the grenade gun and a big medipack as secrets. Enemies are warthogs ninjas a shark a dog crocs and an ahmet. Real good use of raising blocks in this one and overall another two hours of great fun by Sheevah." - Michael (01-Oct-2002)

A tower as a level I have not been seeing this often yet. Since I was at last at the top and then had to find out that I still needed something that lay below this has lasted completely beautifully long for me. In the puzzles I liked the movable blocks. Also the mirror room has worked well. Otherwise there was actually only switches to press. In an underwater labyrinth Lara had to exert herself completely beautifully not to be killed by the single really dangerous opponent. The other opponents in the level were not very difficult to defeat. The wasps were quite well placed. I liked the atmosphere everywhere was good lighting. The textures were not always processed cleanly. The sound and the cameras were well used only the camera trips were too fast. There was a series of bad traps to overcome and Lara also had to make precise jumps. Also timed doors had to be overcome. I liked the continuation of the 'Tower of Fate' almost even better. The level was even more filled with puzzles than the first one. Lara searches for 8 red stones and that is not as easy as it sounds. However it is doable if one exactly pays attention. This is particularly true for the last stone: if one considers knuckles down then one runs the legs off the heels. In the atmosphere I liked actually everything apart from the outside ground. Here Lara always came close to the end of the world. Otherwise the level was illuminated and textured very beautifully. Also with the sound and the cameras Sheevah has worked well she left the player not in the dark as to where it goes on. As in the first part there was again an underwater labyrinth again with a crocodile that has not cost me this time however so much nerves. The other opponents were no big problem because I had enough weapons and ammunition from the first level." - Xxenofex (16-Aug-2002)

"Another very good set of levels from Sheevah. I am starting to like this author. The first level has you trying to retrieve a star from the top of this HUGE chamber with a metal tower in the centre, and getting there is all the fun. You will have movable boxes, hidden levers, nasty bugs and plenty of secrets to find. For me, the best part at getting to the top was not the star, no, bugger that, BUT the fantastic swan dives with a double forward somersault that Lara could do from that height. Had me entertained for ages, LOL. The second level is much more difficult, with the puzzles making you put your thinking cap on. The deceptive canyon you are in looks small BUT there are little hidden valleys beyond you will need to find and explore. The level is much bigger than what it appears. The object is to find 8 (yep, that's right 8) horseman's gems and you will be tearing your hair out trying to find em, lol. They are hidden behind windows in plain sight (how the hell do I get in there?), in underwater caverns (watch the shark) and in pure puzzle areas but this just makes the level more of challenge and more fun. Keep your wits about you and look around CAREFULLY. Again, A GREAT SET OF LEVELS and my 100th review, phew! - Torry (21-Jun-2002)

"The first part of this 2 part level centers around a pool and a huge metal tower with the object of making your way to the top. Conceptually it's a very tight-knit level with a lot taking place in a relatively small area. Enemies are deployed with exceptional skill among the best of any level I've played. For example one skeleton pushes Lara into some flames every time she tries top open an overhead trap door - forcing you to find some elusive explosive ammo to continue. As a bonus there's a 3 somersault swan dive not to be missed once you reach the top. The second level has Lara ranging more widely in search of 8 blood red gems to access the Golden Skull. Lighting sound and textures are all well done. On the downside the second level has no sky or horizon and major end-of-the-world problems which give it an unfinished look. Also the squares in front of each diamond receptacle switch the camera to a cut-scene every time Lara steps on them particularly annoying when trying to fight a nasty enemy among these squares only to continually lose sight of it. Still there's a lot to really like about these levels - definitely give them a try!" - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)

"I always have so much fun playing Sheevah's levels and these two are no exception. Each level is really one long puzzle with many smaller puzzles added. In the first you need to get to the top of a really tall tower in order to find a hand plus you need to find the two halves of the cartouche that will let you get to the second level. It took me a while to find the first piece of the cartouche though it was in an easy spot to get to. There are many switches to pull but they are usually well protected hard to get to and often timed. The second level has you finding eight gems to turn off a pool of lava and get to the prized golden skull. Each gem could only be obtained though by solving it's own puzzle and the last gem was in the last place I would have expected to find it. Each level is filled with many clever puzzles plus a few spike or fire traps underwater tunnels that had me reloading a few times boulder traps and a few well-placed enemies such as ninjas beetles crocs mutant beasts dogs and a shark. Although none of the areas could be considered beautiful they all fit perfectly into the game. It took me 2:20 to complete both levels and I found five secrets (including a great one at the end of the first level that had it's own puzzle). For me this had a perfect blend of everything: lot's of fun puzzles but none too hard some exploring but not to the point where it gets frustrating and there were few enemies but they were well used. I'm glad to see that these levels weren't as dark as the previous two just make sure to look under all the pushable blocks." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)

"Very enjoyable two levels. Even if there were some minor bugs in it. Like swinging on a rope through a stonewall the skeleton Tombaholic mentioned just disappeared so it didn't bother me at all. The shark got stuck in a rock so it was easy to shoot. The second level having no sky and an 'end of the world' problem added funny enough some extra atmosphere in my opinion. Quite a few different enemies I encountered. You will see some crocs wasps ninja's a shark skeletons boars and don't ask me what the other two were. Looked like a cross between a croc and a boar? LOL. Everything else you can think of is in this level. Puzzles are great and original but not too hard although I was baffled quite a few times. Some very cleverly hidden levers so keep looking and I found 4 secrets. I am not overly fond of the camera angles but at least I could still see what Lara was doing and it didn't make me queasy. For sure a level I like to play again even if it is to find the 5th secret." - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)

"These 2 levels stand for nice gameplay. Tomb Raiding at its best the big tower in the first level is a brilliant idea it's fun to let Lara jump in the water with making 2 or 3 somersaults. But first you have to do enough until you come upstairs dozens of levers underwater mazes and pushable blocks some flying insects stand in your way. In level 2 you are first in an outside area with some closed doors the graphics here does not look very good you see always the black background from the level border. But anyway it is fun to play find 8 red gems put them in and the lava is away to get to the golden skull. 5 secrets playing time 2:45 hours." - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)

"A very good double level. First get to the top of a huge room of which the dominant feature is a tall metal tower. There are many puzzles to solve as you gradually get higher and higher on a series of ledges surrounding the tower. Having reached the objective you pass into level2 The Ritual. Here Lara has many puzzles to solve in what appears at first to be a small area but expands as exploration continues. The objective is to find the gems that release a golden skull from the surrounding lava. Altogether an enjoyable level with many clever twists." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)

"The game is very pleasant I really enjoyed playing this level mainly the second part (the ritual). In this second part you will find a place without horizon I don't know if it is a mistake or if it was made in this way however it looks bad. Secrets are very easy to find. Textures and lights aren't worked that well. Cameras work good but maybe more music could be better. The most enjoyable thing in this level is the gameplay the puzzles the ideas. I liked very much the pushable planet in the room with many switches. One advice for those who want to play this level: Don't worry for the last stone! It will appear. Thanks Sheevah I enjoyed very much this game." - Lorena (21-Jun-2002)

"Lara has to look for 8 red Horseman's Gems to be able to get the Golden Skull. The play has some interesting aspects. There are a few enemies and if you are out of luck you are confronted with 2 kinds at once. I found one secret. The texture has some deficiencies. E.g. one can see parts like fires from room far away. Sheevah has some really good ideas included in the level. It was fun to play it." - Monika (21-Jun-2002)

"The observant reader of my reviews will have noticed that I'm not that keen on levers and there are quite a few in this one. Fortunately they are used in a whole range of different cause & effect scenarios and therefore have my blessings. The textures are far from perfect but that's part of the charm here. The few human enemies seem oddly out of place; they must be so lonely with no-one to talk to and no-one to share a fag with. I felt rather sorry for them. Lashings of good ideas a fluent pace and the linear gameplay that always comes back to the main area. Maybe eight gems was overdoing it a bit yet I really loved the location of the last stone as I didn't notice it at first and broke down in frustration cause I thought I had missed one on the way. But the sheer bliss when I eventually found it. Great moment. I read some bitter complaint about this being too easy but it was ok for me. Maybe I'm just not good enough. But I'm working on it." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)

"I played this level long before I made my way to the forum and had to ask Sheevah for help a couple of times which she did graciously. I've then since re-played with my little grandson and he like I just loved it. From his perspective I'm offering this review. Where to go what to do? Figure out how to get up this long tower in the middle of this pool of water with its sides of burning fire? Look out for those huge bugs trying to sting you as you jump in startled fear and surprise. How to get through that timed door jumping and running without falling off? What a great dive off the tower after finally making it to the top. Then the move to part two thank goodness for those young eyes exploring the valleys and the quick mind of the child to find and figure out how to get those red gems. Let me tell you folks they didn't make 5yr olds like they do today in my time! These kids are used to looking for the unexpected searching for the answer to the puzzle. Definitely a great-playing level and 3 hours both times for me/us." - Momster (21-Jun-2002)
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