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Author(s): LaraLevelbauer
total rating:6.16 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 6 6 7 6
Duncan 4 5 6 6
eRIC 5 5 7 5
eTux 4 5 6 5
G.Croft 6 5 7 6
Gerty 6 6 7 7
Gill 6 7 7 8
Hedgy 6 6 8 7
Jay 6 6 7 7
Jose 5 6 5 6
Kristina 4 5 5 5
MichaelP 5 6 7 7
Moonpooka 6 6 6 6
Mulf 5 5 5 4
Obig 6 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 6 10 9
Phil 7 6 7 8
Ryan 6 6 6 6
Sash 7 4 7 8
category averages
(19 reviews)
5.68 5.68 6.74 6.53

Reviewer's comments

"a two part adventure that can be done in 40 minutes, mostly straightforward with the occasional reentrance, easy yet there is a couple of moments when you can wonder what to do next. A place where you can go down and not be able to come back up , some illegal slopes , and booby traps are some of the gameplay negative points. It was good to see a Shiva but this enemy dies too quickly, tigers and mosquitos , there are a few natives as well but as they are not very aggressive i did not killed some of them. Secrets are too easy to get. Good audios. Some areas look good , there is however others that do not feel so good and with no work for lighting. All in all , not an unpleasant level but not very gripping either." - eRIC (23-Oct-2019)

"Another older and underappreciated level. Moonpooka's walkthrough gives ample warning of the four problem areas presented during this 40-minute raid of two parts. Everything else flows along in quite a linear fashion, although most of the "secrets" were lying there in plain sight. Lighting is excellent, so the lack of any flare pickups made no difference for me. Enemies are mainly tigers and natives, but since the revolver is provided fairly early, and since you'll find a number of ammo pickups along the way, they prove to be little more than a distraction. The only disappointment is picking up the Jeep keys, only for the level to end before you can use them." - Phil (11-Feb-2018)

"A set of two levels in TR3 India style that some have described as “huge”, but at a combined net gaming time of merely about one hour (at a leisurely pace), it does not appear all that sizeable to me after all, nor overly complex. In fact I was wondering why the builder thought it necessary to spilt the game into two levels, and the only plausible reason seems to be that the map grew to be too cumbersome to handle. The map is indeed quite large, but this is only because, in typical beginner’s fashion, it contains so much dead space. The whole thing could and should have been pruned down quite a bit; as it is, the level encourages explorations but doesn’t reward it, because there’s hardly anything to be found, and also because it’s simply not that interesting to look at or wander about in. In terms of design, it’s standard fare: boxy rooms with some token efforts at organic geometry in outside areas; texturing just about serviceable (the same 4 or 5 textures are used all over the temple buildings); only ambient lighting is used save for the rare occasion or two where sunbulbs are placed in rooms with default ambience, resulting in a very ugly glare.

That said, I enjoyed the level rather more than seemed justifiable"especially considering the presence of unmarked climbable walls (and conversely, walls that are textured in such a way as to appear climbable, but aren’t), or of unmarked spikes and other booby traps, or the numerous illegal slopes. I did like the conceit that Lara ends up where she (presumably) set up camp before the start of the level; and neat gameplay ideas popped up with sufficient frequency to hold my interest in spite of the level’s many shortcomings. What I can’t say, however, is that the level had me engrossed in TR1-style solitary exploration. (10 for atmosphere, Orbit Dream? Seriously?)" - Mulf (17-Dec-2017)

"A huge single level that actually plays as two separate sections. The environment doesn't look too bad, even if the textures are rather plain. I liked the custom weaponry that I saw in this builder's "Queen of the Cats" level. Unfortunately it is rather easy to simply breeze through these levels in under an hour because although the areas are rather large, there is very little to do in each of them. There are also a few fatal stuck moments if tasks are missed or not carried out in the correct order, so the walkthrough will be helpful there. I suppose it doesn't hurt to have an incredibly easy game once in a while..." - Ryan (21-Mar-2017)

"Except for the unmarked climbable walls and the unmarked spike trap tiles, the level is not bad; but the author never read the page 70 of the manual, letting players get stucked forever with no sense if they choose the wrong path. The secrets are not hidden, and near the end I got a couple of stars I never used. Few cameras/flybys and few musics, enough ammo for the revolver, the lighting is not very worked, and the textures are many times elongated or bad applied 'cause the big panels in huge rooms. If you decide to play this level, better read the advices in the first part of the walkthrough first." - Jose (11-Nov-2016)

"I'd been wanting to try this level ever since I got involved in testing the same author's charming "Queen of the Cats," but every time I attempted to, got stuck in the first jungle area. Turns out what stumbled me here was a tree that was climbable with no reasonable indication as to why that should be possible. This peeved me more than a little, since most of this 30 minute two-parter flowed rather smoothly. Well, apart from the unmarked booby traps... and the trial- &-error slope challenge... and the crowbar you can miss without possibilities to backtrack for it... and the numerous opportunities to be stuck for good or on illegal slopes. Ok, so maybe it flows well so long as you encounter none of the above. If you are that lucky, this can be a rather enjoyable raid, and I particularly enjoyed the long spike ramp, evading a boulder on a narrow ledge, and the timed sequence. The looks are overall decent, if a bit on the rough side for textures, and boxy for natural settings, but at this point in the history of our subculture one just ought to calibrate one's expectations and not judge the builders too harshly for working within a somewhat restrictive system. The enemies don't get much in your way - the Shiva had potential to be a more exciting foe (though his sounds were not correct in the version I played) - but was easily disposed of with the revolver - and the 6 secrets are all too easy to stumble upon if you bother to explore just a bit beyond the intended route. The use of audio tracks was good, with special notice of a funky, interesting tune when you reach the Shiva area, and the atmosphere overall convincing, if not straying too far from the levels that inspired it. You reach the end, which is actually just above from where your adventure began, though sadly it ends before you can ride into the sunset with the jeep. An enjoyable raid, so long as you're mindful of the things that could get you stuck for good." - eTux (27-Mar-2013)

"'In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps ton....' wait, hang on, a lion? Oh, nevermind, I'm just being silly, of course you're not meeting any lions in this adventure (although there are about 300 asiatic lions left in India, at least says so :o), it's tigers, wasps, a vulture, boars, tribesmen and a shiva you're up against. I'm not a builder and therefore know zilch about the level editor, but even I can imagine how difficult it must be to build a convincing and atmospheric outside jungle area, and I take my hat off to LaraLevelbauer who managed to do that really well. I was a little disappointed by the monotonous textures used inside the buildings though. And while I'm nit-picking I also think it's a shame that there are quite a few illegal slopes which sometimes will leave you no choice but to reload a savegame. On the whole 'Indian Mountains' is a rather linear and easy level, maybe even a bit too easy at times (for instance some enemies are not attacking Lara, but are running aimlessly in circles, dropping boulders can be dodged very easily by...err, standing still, there are no exceptionally demanding jumps to master etc.), but somehow I enjoyed exploring this jungle a great deal, and in my opinion the tight (and fun!) timed runs alone make this atmospheric level worth playing. I didn't have any problem resetting the levers by the way, as a matter of fact they resetted themselves. Did I do somethig wrong *lol* ?" - Hedgy (29-Aug-2005)

"This is a 2 part level and is most enjoyable indeed the only downfall it's quite short. You start this TR jungle adventure with a very tight timed run which will lead you out into the jungle area where you need to climb up above the trees to continue and start your exploration in finding a key horseman's gem and some stars. Your enemies are bold eagles wild boars tribes-man mosquitoes & tigers. I just have to say I retrieved my key after getting the crowbar going through some long passages to a water hole and collected my key there. I not sure if this was the right route to go because as I placed my horseman's gem I came to a cave with a closed door & a boulder. The boulder dropped but my door there did not open. I am not sure if this was a flaw or not but this did damper my game-play as I had already collected my key and I could continue further into this TR adventure. Having some excitement with a spiked wall the timed run with two levers had me stumped for bit as I was pulling the wrong lever first and off course the gate did not open after solving this it took me several attempts to get through anyway trying to avoid the electrified wires as I sprinted to get into the door before it closed taking out a shiva to retrieve your first star and collecting all your secrets along your way which were not too difficult to find But on the whole this is a very nice and well laid out 2 part level I thoroughly enjoyed it the layouts were just beautiful and all the puzzles can be easily solved. Textures lighting and layouts were very good which gave you that jungle feel during the game-play." - Gill (11-Dec-2004)

"Well, despite the somewhat lukewarm reviews elsewhere, I thought this was quite splendid! Yes, alright, it's fairly short (I spent an hour in this particular Jungle); the enemies are pretty sparse and the secrets are just sort of lying there; but the Gameplay has a really smooth flow (provided you pick up the's lying next to the Skeleton!) and the puzzles and timed challenges are enjoyably demanding. In particular, the moving block puzzle had me completely stumped; all the more effective, as the clues were all there but I simply failed to read them! The lone Shiva was rather lame, and the Jungle warriors appeared to be playing a chasing game with each other; but the atmosphere was extremely potent, with a feeling of lonely exploration that I've rarely experienced outside of TR1. The icing on the cake, for me, was the 'full circle' style of progression, with a lovely return to the start (or nearly so) at games end. All in all, I thought that this was a quite marvelous debut; and I can't wait for a follow up!" - Orbit Dream (23-Mar-2004)

"This is a nice level containing 2 parts. The story takes place in caves temples and the jungle. Your objective is getting the 2 Golden Stars. Meanwhile you must pull levers and there are a couple of timed runs. The enemies are natives tigers wild-boars a Shiva and huge wasps. You will collect a Horseman's Gem a Token and another Golden Star. I found 6 Secrets containing Medipacks and Revolver Ammo. The textures are nice and I also love the added sounds. It was a great adventure. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (01-Mar-2004)

"A pretty easy straight forward set of levels. Some good timed runs some traps not much puzzling. Lara starts off dropping down into the mountain temples searches her way through them to finally find two stars and get back to her camp where she started from. There are some illegal slopes Lara can't get away from so keep saves to reload...I also find the texturing a bit monotonous sometimes and it makes it hard to discern where to go. Even so I find it to be a good first level and I am looking forward to the next!" - G.Croft (10-Feb-2004)

"I like India levels. This one starts off with a rather nice timed run. The builder very kindly provides a savegame after this point but I didn't need it so you won't either (not my forte timed runs - I may have mentioned this before once or twice). The atmosphere is good the gameplay whilst straightforward is quite fun and I found some of the traps rather imaginative. Enemies are tigers a Shiva South Sea island natives(?) and wild pigs. My only real winge was that I managed to miss the crowbar (yes stupid I admit but it happens) and when I needed it towards the end I wasn't able to go back for it and had to begin the level again. However this is a first time build and I shall certainly be trying any future levels from this builder." - Jay (08-Feb-2004)

"Firstly I really enjoyed the environment with above and underground temples set in an Indian jungle and although some may see it as a little boxy I thought the author did such a good job of placing the textures, especially outside, that it took my mind off of that fact. The game itself is drawn over two fairly short levels with a combined time of 50 minutes, the first based mostly on just getting to the second with some exploring and a timed run past a large rolling gate right at the start, in this one you find very few animal enemies and a handful of tribesmen who run in circles maniacally without ever really attacking Lara, you can also collect a key taking the wrong route intended which is actually the exit after you should have got the key the right way. The second level has a few more things to do with a couple more nicely tight but very doable timed runs both connected with traps, you also meet a Shiva who guards an item you need, make sure you get the crowbar in the first level, but she is taken out easily with one or two shots from the newly extended revolver. I really commend these set of levels especially for being a debut and hope the author goes from strength to strength, I just hope the next time the secrets are actually hidden as the 6 here are just lying in plain sight and are hard not to find." - Sash (24-Jan-2004)

"Two rather short (20 min. each) and fairly linear levels in a jungle/India setting. The gameplay is not overly exciting as there is little to do and often Lara feels quite lonely despite the vultures tigers warthogs and mosquitoes that roam the area (plus a few tribal men on steroids and a shiva). The enhanced weapons are interesting but not much used the secrets (found 5) are simply pickups lying around but still easy to miss as the area is quite vast. A gem and a key in part 1 and three stars in part 2 to find. Highlights are a couple of timed runs and a few nice traps in part 2 (boulder spikes moving spike walls). Unfortunately there are a few areas where you can get stuck and need to reload a savegame - if you have one. Also some unmarked spike traps aren't funny and the same goes for the try-and-die-and-try-again slides at the end of part one. But after all that criticism I want to point out that each level builder who tried will recognise how very difficult it is to build a jungle area and I really think the author succeeded in creating an interesting and rather believable environment. Sadly it was then not filled with overly interesting gameplay but maybe next time. Will look out for a next level by the author." - Michael (14-Jan-2004)

"This a nice two level Jungle game with a fiendish timed run right at the start. The author is friendly enough to include a saved game for that but the MAC players out there have to try to run that one themselves. It is doable but it did take me quite some tries and I just had to dive through the small gap that the stone wheel left me with every time I tried it. There are more timed runs but that was the icing on the cake so to speak. Enemywise there aren't that many some natives tigers (a pity to shoot those) and later on a Shiva and also some mosquitoes. Getting a gem and a key and in the second part some stars (I felt really like a robber when I pried those stars loose) you'll leave with two stars in your back pack. All in all it is a straight forward level and in a way I was glad that there wasn't any walkthrough foliage. There are some red herrings thrown in for good measure and some traps but all manageable. There is however some tricky jumping to do but you all manage as it isn't too hard it is more a way of figuring out where to go. At the end there is another timed run with a lever and be aware you cannot reset it so save before flipping it. Found 5 secrets medipacks and ammo. 04-01-2004" - Gerty (14-Jan-2004)

"The more I played this level the more I enjoyed it. Traditional TR play and textures with nice custom weapons. Easy to run past pick ups and secrets as sometimes it all blends in together. I used the binoculars often to spot them. Instead of picking up the jeep keys to end the game I dropped into an area with two rooms a lever and nowhere to go. Save often as some puzzles do not reset. This is a first time builder who has done a good job and I was happy to see she is going to continue making levels. I look forward to them." - Bene (13-Jan-2004)

"This is a jungle where the rooms are done on a large scale. It starts off with a long energizing timed run and then the energy drifts away. For the size of these rooms there's not that much to do and most of it is not hard. The level ends with picking up the jeep keys which was disappointing as I was looking forward to a fun ride to give it a bang-up ending. A pleasant diversion and now that the author has learned how to build an attractive level I hope she gives us another with a bit more punch." - Duncan (11-Jan-2004)

"Indian Mountains has two levels which although short were very enjoyable. Set in the Indian temple textures and one of my fav environments here we had tigers an eagle boars spear wielding guys and a Shiva. Not too many of them mind! These levels were a first for this author and I felt a good atmosphere and a lot of thought had gone into them there were some nice rooms which although were a bit empty were fun to explore the lighting was fine but some of the mixed textures looked a tad odd here. Gameplay was straight forward enough. Secrets were pickups and I missed two of them somehow collect a key a gem a star and the crowbar you come away with two stars at the end and there is only one weapon that I found which was the revolver maybe I missed some that were secrets? Two nifty little timed runs to keep you on your toes some boulders which are easily dodged and some spike traps. Nothing was hard about these levels and sometimes that suits me fine. There is a moment of horror if you forget a much needed key because you can't go back so I pray folk will read the reviews to find this out having known about it my game wasn't spoilt. I have nothing really bad to say about these levels so I'm a happy bunny and although not over challenging I welcome a break from the headaches of long hard levels at times so thumbs up for some good Raiding." - Moonpooka (09-Jan-2004)

"Imagine mountains Indian textures and you have this level's atmosphere. It starts with some climbing and a few jumps although there is a way to reach the tree's branches without climbing it but from the rocks nearby and you arrive at the main area. Condors tigers and bats are the enemies with a couple of boulders as obstacles. The entire game play is based upon switches a key a gem and doors you have to open. At two situations thee is no coming back which means you're stuck forever and won't be able to finish the game unless you have a savegame to reload. The first is after the boulder which opens the door that will lead you to the key it closes behind you and there is no way to come back if you forget the key. The second situation is at the room with the darts there is a timed door but the switches can not be reset. So make sure you save often and in different slots. The secrets were very easy to find but somehow I missed the sixth one they were all pick ups along the way and not hidden. Since this is a first try I would say the atmosphere is quite good but the lighting not so and the textures interesting but most of the time they had patches of other tiles mixed with a wall texture which made the level look unreal. I hope for the second level to see some real puzzles and challenge." - Kristina (06-Jan-2004)
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