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Author(s): Agnes
total rating:8.53 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Aims 8 8 9 9
Akcy 8 10 9 9
Bene 9 8 8 9
Duncan 8 8 10 9
eRIC 8 8 8 8
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 9 9 9 9
Kristina 7 8 8 8
MichaelP 8 8 9 10
Moonpooka 8 8 8 8
Necro 8 5 7 8
Obig 8 8 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
The Aussie Adventurer 9 9 9 9
Torry 8 9 9 9
category averages
(18 reviews)
8.33 8.33 8.67 8.78

Reviewer's comments

"again a notch higher with this third part of the artic hole stoyline , in quality and also in gameplay as this one remains interesting until the end, the middle part with the Surprise/Strange World levels help a lot to raise the bar as these are more ambitious in terms of setting , textures , and gameplay , with some fun actions and situations. Except for the short beginning and the end of the game you can't tell you are in an icy environment , the game is fast paced with often different audios. I like the short timed tasks and some of the jumps. I would have rated higher without all the movable crates which are overdone and they have a weird sfx sound. Good level set." - eRIC (23-Oct-2019)

"Quite an entertaining level set that will take around an hour and a half to complete. No real fire fights involved, just the odd guard and dog to take care of as you proceed. Puzzles were no difficulty and even the secrets relatively easy to locate. Some of the aspects where a little too eclectic for my tastes but the journey manifested itself logically. I found the cd keys extremely difficult to spot as they were so tiny and as a consequence was wandering about for quite some time until I gave up and resorted to the walk through. If that could have been rectified it would have resulted in an increase in the game play score. I liked Lara's catsuit." - Torry (15-Jul-2018)

"This is a very fine effort, continuing the high quality of Arctic Hole 2. This time, there's a few more block puzzles and timed runs thrown in for more variety, and the surroundings are masterfully textured and lit. The greenhouse areas and the entire Strange World level particularly stand out. Progression also flows well, while relatively non-linear it's not overly confusing or frustrating and you always have something to do or know where your next location is. Audio and flybys are also used brilliantly. You'll like this one." - Ryan (10-Jul-2018)

"Perhaps this set od small levels have not extraordinary features, but it's a good example of how to build and link entertaining levels with no many resources. First, an ecelent gameplay, no lineal but with no much backtracking, you soon realize you can't continue through an specific way and quickly find where to go; second, no many but no few enemies well situated along the scenaries, and enough guns, ammo and medipacks; third, well selected musics and placed cameras when the triggers are far from the objects; and fourth, fine architecture taking care with the textures in all corners and well worked lights. People who begin to build should play first adventures like this." - Jose (07-Jun-2012)

"As the series goes on the levels getting better, as the author's building skills improves. This four look very good, many nice objects are used, to make the place more alive and atmospheric, for instance that little zoo garden was such a lovely sight. The little fish in the aquariums were also nice, and the planet room was just breathtaking. Enemies are the ususal in the series, but there was something new, polar scorpions, nice touch. Musics and sounds were good too; the sound of pushy cubes was good at first in Searching, for those dark striped blocks it was just fitting, but later on, for differently textured blocks, it became strange. Agnes put in a red herring, that had me confused for some time, namely the rope. I noticed the block had to be raised at the entrance of that room, and of course I missed the pushable lower part of the column at first, so it seemed obvious that the rope is needed for something. Devious, I liked it. When looked around with the nightvision mode of the binoculars - which is always advised when stuck - spotted it at once, and had a laugh. Apart from that gameplay is easy, the puzzles are pushy blocks - quite a few - some timed tasks, and searching for keys, discs, switches. I expected the snowbike in this series, and I wasn't dissappointed. Great levels, absolutely recommended." - Akcy (12-Jan-2007)

"This is a very enjoyable climax for the Arctic Hole series. One aspect a have enjoyed throughout this series which I haven't mentioned before is the music. I love the sped up version of the Halloween Theme in the final level. Altogether, the puzzles were fairly straightforward and I only got stuck at a few parts - Damn those Pesky Pusahable Blocks!!!!! But the atmosphere was kept throughout so you really thought you were there. There wern't much in the enemy department except for a few sas guys, 3 dogs, and a few mutant dinosaur thingys but this level really didn't need them as the puzzles carried this level along." - Necro (30-Jun-2006)

"This four-level release continues the fine raiding tradition established in AH2. I found it a little more difficult than the first two entries in the series, but Dutchy's walkthrough helped considerably. The surroundings were a little more varied, too, with more swimming required and some nice outdoor animal enclosures. Some of the enemies were very creatively rendered, too, such as the bird and the squatty lizards. A very enjoyable capper to a very enjoyable series. Recommended." - Phil (25-Aug-2005)

"Hello there. I can see why this was rated the best tombraider level created by Agnes. I totally enjoyed the experience all the way through. Not only was it fun to play but it was different from all the other levels I have played so far. The use of cameras was very good and very helpful. The look and feel of these levels was very nice indeed. The use of a multiple of maps to complete an objective was well thought out and full marks go for that. Another good point was that the puzzles were logical and position of switches seemed to fit. The only sour note I could find was that the levels were a bit easy and a fraction too much ammo was given. If I had to give this level a grade I would give it a A- a fraction below a high distinction." - The Aussie Adventurer (01-Nov-2004)

"A diverse and surprising end to the Arctic Hole series and to me the best of the lot. It starts off much like the others and then Lara discovers a zoo enclosure accessed by teleporting to the 'Strange World'. Some excellent game play ideas and a good moving block puzzle (still too many boring push-the-block-to-find-the goodies game bits for my taste) add up to a thoroughly enjoyable level. Well done and recommended." - Duncan (28-Jun-2004)

"The 3rd and final part of the A-hole series (lol sounds rather rude! hehe) anyway a pretty good level. Lara has made her way to the base that's experimenting with dinosaurs to finish it all once and for all! You start off in the water after arriving by sub (which you hijacked at the end of AH2) and you need to make your way into the main base where the experiments are taking place. The level changes quite a bit from the start to the 2nd level. You make your way by going back and forth via transporters to different parts of the base. Then you arrive at a completely different setting in the 2nd level. Glass tanks with all sorts of beasties inside it looks like a mini jungle. And in the final level you escape by using a snowmobile. It did seem rather odd although the whole idea of the level is about dinosaur experiments it just seems weird to hold these sort of things in the arctic! lol the settings were very nice outside and inside the base. The enemies are good too white scorpions lizards mini dinosaurs and of course the guards which look like TR3's. There was a lot of custom music too that went well with the atmosphere mainly from the other TRs. I would say it's about medium difficulty but some parts are quite tough and you may need the walkthrough I used it a fair bit. The level was enjoyable and I recommend it to everyone! Play it!" - Aims (01-Jun-2004)

"This is tomb raiding at its best definitely a huge improvement from Arctic Hole 2. The settings are varied enough and there's even a 'strange world' part which I thought could have been more explored and a 'surprise' part which is also very interesting. And how I got desperately and helplessly stuck in those two parts! For no special reason except that I didn't explore well enough. In Strange World I never thought of pushing/pulling the lowest part of a column to find a switch. And what the hell was that rope there hanging from the ceiling for? I still can't imagine... So either I missed something or the rope was there merely to confuse poor Lara and maybe give her a little training. There were also several entrances there which I didn't get to enter and explore. Again I may have missed something or the level could have been better explored by the author. Or maybe it's simply like an original Tomb Raider game where there are always plenty of doors you're not supposed to get into. In Surprise inside the cage with the aggressive lizards and birds why on earth did I push the dead soldier out of his place? There too I knew there was a key I had to get to up on a structure but I just couldn't find out how to get there. Until after much desperation followed by a good night's sleep I decided to try it the easy way... And it worked! All in all great arctic environments combined with base a weird garden that reminds you of the jungle plus this and plus that and we get a game that's full of fun and originality. In the end we even get to take a short snowmobile ride. And la cerise sur le gāteau as you reach the helicopter in the final moments you won't trigger the end without a particular obvious touch... Very nice game you even have the right to more than enough medipacks and ammo... Just the way it has to be to diminish some possible frustration since a lot of baddies are always out to keep you from advancing in your quest for...what? Well never mind that it's still and always a very good game to which I have to give a very good rating a well deserved one. Agnes please do keep them coming!" - Jorge22 (10-Apr-2004)

"Searching (8/8/9/9 40 min. 1/3 secrets): From the great opening music and scenery you know you will be in for a treat with this final part of the series. I found an early secret and then happily missed the other two so will have to go back another time and surely don't mind doing that. Big rats soldiers and an occasional dog are in your way here as you need to find two keys and two discs to progress. Generally good placement of objects good use of sounds/music and very nice textures. There is a strange sound issue when you move blocks (and there are quite a few of those) and the script is not properly set up as some items show as 'Load' but those are truly minor issues. Quite a few sneaky moments that have you scratch your head before you find the obvious next step. Surprise / Strange World (8/8/9/10 45 min. 3/4 secrets): The menagerie is wonderfully designed and you have to play this to see that one alone. More soldiers in those two interconnected parts where you have to find a few keys in order to continue through. Again many movable blocks and one timed swim combined with a boulder trap. Very remarkable is the indeed 'Strange World' with the white scorpions (big and small) hatching their eggs - very unique and well done. The End (not rated 10 min. 0/1 secrets): A short finale back in the location you started in (how did that snowmobile get there - LOL). As you reach the waiting helicopter the series ends with just as nice a music score as it began with. All in all great fun to play and really good looking environment. Don't miss it!" - Michael (06-Mar-2004)

"Another great work of Agnes. This is a 4-parts level I enjoyed the game very much. You can't get jammed in the level but I needed the help of the author for finding one of the Secrets of the Strange World level. On the same level you get a rope which won't be needed. Interestingly I returned for the 1st Secret of the 1st level at the end of this level but it did not counted it. Next to this place you can swim into the sea. :) The enemies are armed men dogs scorpions huge scorpions a few of mutants birds and small dinosaurs. There are a couple of timed runs swims and puzzles but they are not particularly difficult and added plus to the gaming experience. The texture is superb fits perfectly to the environment. The transporter which takes Lara from one of the levels to another is interesting. I recommend this great level to all of you! You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (01-Mar-2004)

"This is the last installment of this enjoyable series. It begins in a base environment with guards dogs and those huge rats to battle and a lot of boxes to push around. From the utilitarian feel of the base things rapidly become stranger and delightfully eerie with albino giant scorpions guarding their eggs (if you leave them alone they mostly ignore you and actually kill off the smaller scorpions for you) and transporters between areas. There's a beautiful glass enclosure full of lizard men crows and compys that was particularly spooky. One moment there was a vulture sitting on a block fluttering his wings and not attacking (moulting probably poor thing) but I tried to shoot him anyway. No luck there and when I reloaded he'd vanished. It was a definite X-files moment I can tell you. There's also a fun albeit short snowmobile ride through icy caverns. Now that Agnes has finished with the Arctic I can't wait to see what she turns her talents to next." - Jay (08-Feb-2004)

"In the last of this series Agnes gives us what we have come to expect - great adventures. In a search for keys to get Lara to a snowmobile that effects her escape we find a really well done space walkway where we can see the earth(?) an underwater area with seemingly no way out (fish swimming is the clue here suggesting a broken window) and even transporters. The timed sequences are NOT impossible although I made one so by jumping too soon on a raising block. The puzzles here give a sense of accomplishment rather than frustration. I had strange sounds when moving blocks (I don't know if anyone else was bothered by it) - which is why I gave atmosphere Sound Cameras an 8 instead of a nine for atmosphere which it deserves...the rating system doesn't give us the choice of separating the three. All in all a good ending to a great series. Thanks Agnes." - Bene (20-Jan-2004)

"As you will find out undoubtedly Agnes made a solid little mini game. Arriving by mini sub Lara will leave by helicopter. In the mean time she has to search the compound looking for keys disks and levers. It is a base looking game with I thought a rather surprisingly looking mini zoo in the middle of this game. There is also some time-portal traveling going on. Apart from the guards and dogs guarding this compound there are some animals locked up in that mini zoo. Unfortunately you have to shoot them as they are vicious as you can see by that dead soldier. There are some timed runs and swims involved and gladly not so hard. Don't get me wrong you will have to reload a couple of times. Also some jumping and a lot of swimming. Push every block you see as there are goodies even some secrets and some crawl spaces to discover. And I was not wearing the right glasses as I swam over and over the place again where a disk was laying in plain sight. At the end there is a snow bike and that took some maneuvering on my part as you need it to climb a small steep hill. 09-01-2003" - Gerty (14-Jan-2004)

"These Levels see the end to a much loved series by Agnes. There are four levels and although relatively short all were thoroughly enjoyable and not too taxing on the brain. Searching. Starting off in a snowy harbour you enter an underground base to collect a key there is a short hard to spot timed run and another key to find but soon you will pass through to the next level only having killed a very few dogs guards and rats the water tunnels with the little glass tanks were wonderful and to pick up the laser sight you have to swim through one when you come out the little fish swim out with you and that was lovely. Surprise. Here you find yourself in the best part of these levels a glass cage filled with strange animals or rather poison lizards birds and tiny dinos. Finding your way into the glass house is quite a smooth journey but the rooms are wonderful and the atmosphere amazing kill only a guard and one dog then enter the watery building to move onto the next level but you will have to return later on to collect the keys from inside that glass house. Strange World. Again a quick experience but with a nice battle with huge scorpions and tiny ones too in a futuristic surroundings the eggs looked cool and some you shoot for items. Collect your items and return to the Surprise level to finish your tasks. The End. This is the final level and Lara uses the snow mobile to escape this place. Again we have some dogs and guards and some nice music to end by. Get to the waiting helicopter and your adventure is over. All in all some great things going on here but I felt it wasn't a patch on the previous Artic Hole levels and I wish it had all been longer as I wasn't quite ready to leave this adventure traps and enemies were few and puzzles there were not but the gameplay was enjoyable and the atmosphere was most appealing. Very nice levels and a must to play." - Moonpooka (13-Jan-2004)

"As everything comes to an end at some point this series completed its circle. I liked wandering around the snowy caves in all the levels from start to finish and that goes for 'Arctic Hole 1' to 'Arctic Hole 3' as well. I believe this last part though was somewhat medium as it left a feeling of non accomplishment. The gameplay wasn't what I expected with enemies being soldiers dogs rats condors scorpions and only disks to find and place as well as some keys. I liked the timed raising blocks the wonderful glass area with the creatures; looking at that tropical enclosed area was a great sight. I don't know I was just not satisfied at the end by this game as if it was created only because the series had to end somehow. One thing that surprised me badly was that I was used to find fairly easy secrets in Agnes' levels but this time I missed quite a few of them. I wonder what made her change her style at that point. The snowmobile at the end was only used for one jump I would have preferred for the gameplay to expand a little at that area. Anyway I do hope she will keep building and give us more fun hours with Lara Croft in the future." - Kristina (11-Jan-2004)
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