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Author(s): mattioz
total rating:2.48 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 5 4 4 3
DJ Full 3 2 1 4
eTux 2 2 1 2
Gerty 3 3 4 4
Jay 2 2 3 3
Jose 2 2 2 2
Kristina 2 2 2 2
MichaelP 2 2 3 3
Moonpooka 3 2 2 3
Orbit Dream 2 2 1 2
Ryan 3 2 2 2
Sash 1 1 2 2
Scottie 3 4 2 3
Whistle 3 3 3 3
category averages
(14 reviews)
2.57 2.36 2.29 2.71

Reviewer's comments

"Not a bad debut, but not good ideas here too. The entire level is a succession of traps to get some items and can open some doors. The rooms are too huge and empty of objects, many big surfaces textured with the same texture tile; some traps are innocent and usually the tasks are simple. Resuming: a level easy to play with bad environments and classic tasks. Unremarkable." - Jose (30-Jan-2018)

"This looks and plays like an average older first effort, but it is nonetheless rather charming. It's not brilliant by any standards, but there are worse debuts out there. You get a little slope jump sequence, scorpions dropping items (!), an Eye of Horus, a useless Hand artifact and a couple of boulder traps. The rooms are rather empty and square, but it's still a brave little level." - Ryan (05-Jan-2017)

"I can't agree the texturing is poor. It is not - of course some textures are stretched, but on the other hand mattioz applies ornated ledges and advanced floor finishings, what keeps some balance and makes me treat his graphics as "average". Lighting is also average - the author tries to experiment with it, and that's good, but he doesn't succeed in several places, e.g. the temple entrance is covered in darkness, when it shouldn't be. However, both of these averagenesses are enough to create a convincing temple feeling. Nice alley of pillars and sarcophagus, but unfortunately too many boulders. Funny thing is a scorpion dropping a grenade gun. The rest of enemies is well placed. Overall gameplay, made of slides, jumps, pull-ups, death zones and boulders make me give 2 points for it (everyone can make something like that with some will of building and there's nothing new, so I think the gameplay is average). For puzzles, we can find the Eye Of Horus and 3 hands, but we can't use the last of them, as the way back to its slot doesn't exist. And don't think there is any passage behind that door which the key opens. SUMMARY: Optional. Can be played if you like Egypt and simplicity." - DJ Full (27-Oct-2010)

"I find it difficult to write something to this level. One sees very big and very empty rooms, stretched textures, and a bad lighting. Moreover, one must shoot two lonesome Baddies and climb upwards at the levelend a very long leader. In other words: Here is nothing what the inclined player would have to see unconditional. People who play everything can take a look, but only on her own risk." - Scottie (16-Feb-2010)

"A short level with easy game play even the jumps sequences were mainly just hold down jump with the odd little slide. Find the two cartouche pieces then kill the ninja (and the only other enemies were scorpions and mummies) and go on to find the two stars then the eyepieces and a final star which I am sure goes in at the opening area. Could see no real point in the rows of spiked balls being released when you enter the room. The level end abruptly after killing half a dozen ninja and jumping a wall. The graphics are rather bland as are the textures. Sound is just background wind noise. No puzzles to solve. A level for very beginners I feel and why the author called it temple of the dead I really fail to see." - Whistle (11-Dec-2004)

"This is a first time build and it looks it - bland textures huge empty rooms very rudimentary gameplay although there is one quite nicely done bouncing about and sliding sequence in one of the rooms. Basically you find a couple of artefacts kill a ninja or two and a load of scorpions shove a statue about and get an inordinate amount of pickups. Obviously this builder is still learning but signs of promise are apparent and I shall hope for bigger and better things to come." - Jay (01-Nov-2004)

"Temple of the Dead.....Bored more like it. Okay that was harsh but there is really nothing of any challenge to do here the areas and rooms in this Egyptian level are just vast and empty and the texturing is quite bad. You even end the level after 15 minutes with a Hand that was picked up not long before the finish and a receptacle near the start of the level that you can't go back and use it in. I'm sorry but this one is one you may want to miss." - Sash (23-Oct-2004)

"Yes this is a first try level with many first try mistakes but it is fun to play. I had the savegame bug and there's a problem with the spike balls and it is short with large empty rooms but there is also a very good jump sequence that shows promise. I'm hoping Matt continues to build and learn - I'm looking forward to the next one." - Bene (21-Oct-2004)

"Well this obviously is an effort of a beginner who learnt the very basics of level building and built away. The manual certainly deserved a second look here as though quite a solid effort it is full of beginners mistakes - end of world bugs huge/empty rooms rather rushed texturing lighting easily avoidable triggers (the final battle with the ninjas for example) practically no gameplay (it is very fun though for the 10 minutes it lasts and I liked how the rollingballs stopped and so built you a path along which you could move the statue nifty though I don't know if that was the same thing as in the author's mind). Despite the low ratings it necessarily isn't that bad and shows promise so I hope the author gives the manual/tutorial a second try and stuns us with a much better next offering :)" - eTux (18-Oct-2004)

"This is a very short level around fifteen minutes with huge empty rooms and a lot of beginner's mistakes. The gameplay is rather simple with a few hands to find and the Eye of Horus. Two sets of spike balls in one room do not drop until Lara is in another room. A couple of mummies and some scorpions are the only enemies and since this was a first try I'd say the next level will be much better should the author focuses more in the gameplay." - Kristina (15-Oct-2004)

"It's rather reassuring in this Level Building Age of 'I can build huge great big levels which contain amusing custom Objects; aren't I ever so clever?' that we can still download brand new levels which appear to be so primitive. This has all the usual 'Beginners Mistakes' but it's clearly been built with enthusiasm. (And that's rather reassuring.)" - Orbit Dream (12-Oct-2004)

"This is a very past paste first attempt of Matt and of course there are beginner mistakes. But it is fun nevertheless. Get your hands on the cartouche pieces and later the Eye of Horus and also collect the Hands and later another one. There are more than enough weapons to find but apart from some mummies and pesky scorpions the only enemies that can hinder you are the ninjas. Lara left with a Hand in her backpack and I would loved to have used that as curious as I am I would like to have seen what is in that other door. But sadly the flip map made that impossible. There is a very nice jump sequence in here and even some swimming to do. Loved the boulders all lined up as some soldiers in line LOL. Keep at it Matt as there is potential 10-10-2005" - Gerty (10-Oct-2004)

"Its always difficult for me to rate a beginners level because I feel so mean giving low scores to an obvious first try plus I like to encourage new builders to build again so I hope Matt won't be offended by my low scores and hope I explain why I gave them. Ok firstly there are huge rooms with nothing to do except collect an item so you'll run around the entire room wondering if there was something else to find. There was a lot of fun to be had however in the slopes room I always enjoy a good spring around but again this led me to yet another huge empty room with one item to collect not even an enemy to fight my past! The boulder room was strange some scorpions showed up and left me some gifts but there was no use for the laser sight or indeed the revolver I got at the start. Grenade gun wasn't needed because the mummies were too slow to catch a cold even. Back to the boulder room for one second one lot fell and the others didn't until I had left the room! Enemies are ninjas scorpions and mummies and you'll need to collect three hands one of which I never got back to use at the start. Also collect the two halves of the cartouche and the eye then simply jump to your jeep and leave. I didn't get the shoot out at the end that Michael got I think it's because I didn't go near the other jeeps but I'll pop back for a look later. Nice first try though so keep building Matt." - Moonpooka (10-Oct-2004)

"An obvious first try at level building showing the usual beginner mistakes like huge empty rooms uniform texturing with only a few texture tiles used a thin wall some missing textures etc. But it does also provide a fairly linear 10-15 minutes run through a standard Egyptian setting. With a jump sequence that was fund and even the use of flipmaps. Still not sure whether I might have missed something as I reached the final battle around the jeeps with the ninjas with a Hand in Lara's backpack and even knew where the receptacle was but could not get back to it anymore. Solid first attempt. Keep building Matt!" - Michael (09-Oct-2004)
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