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Author(s): Clara
total rating:7.61 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 7 7 8 7
CC 7 8 8 7
DJ Full 7 8 7 7
Gerty 6 8 7 7
Jay 8 8 7 7
JoeTheCrazyGamer 8 9 10 9
Jose 8 9 9 8
Kristina 6 5 5 5
manarch2 6 8 7 6
MichaelP 7 8 8 7
misho98 8 8 8 7
Mman 8 7 7 7
Moonpooka 9 9 9 8
mugs 8 8 8 8
Obig 8 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 6
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Sash 8 8 8 8
category averages
(19 reviews)
7.47 7.84 7.79 7.32

Reviewer's comments

"Given the epics it's sequels are it's kind of funny to see how humble this series' origins are. This is an arctic level that transitions into a base setting later. The rooms are relatively simple, and there are some heavily stretched textures, but the lighting and general design is decent enough, and the transitions feel natural despite multiple themes. Things like mutants in cages hint at the storytelling aspects that would become much more prominent in the later releases. The gameplay does nothing too standout, but it flows well and delivers a decent amount of tasks along the way, with nothing too obscure outside of some slightly non-standard shootables. There is a maze but it's thankfully not too complex, and at least has some enemies to spice it up. Simple compared to the later entries, but a decent level in itself, and not especially long." - Mman (02-Dec-2018)

"Although this builder has built more memorable levels and is part of one of the most successful level building teams ever, there are definite signs of Clara's talent here, making this an enjoyable level in its own right. The gameplay starts off deceptively easygoing and simple, but the challenge quotient really ramps up throughout, with a few tough jumps, enemy encounters, traps, a timed run up several platforms and finally culminates in an incredibly tense boss fight against two demigod robots. The atmosphere is quite convincingly chilly and the environments are attractive throughout. I personally didn't like the (albeit rather brief) maze area, the crawlspace through steam emitters or the camera angle that pointlessly obscured a long jump, but overall, I found this debut a worthwhile download and play." - Ryan (19-Jul-2018)

"Wow this game was way better than I expected Ice Age I was a good level that takes an hour to complete. The maze was easy to get lost in, and the Final Bosses were really fun. On the whole it is really good and will leave you wanting to play the Sequel (Ice Age II) as soon as possible." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (02-Feb-2016)

"Very interesting level and even more impressive is that it's a debut level. The gameplay is fun although there are some unfair traps. I liked the sequence with the gun turret the most but I'm not a big fan of the maze near the end - thankfully this was an easy and short one. The block puzzle with the elements was a clever idea and at the exact right difficulty. The new enemies fit great in the environment but the guards' guns had weird corrupted sounds. The visual are okay especially for an old level. Takes about half an hour." - misho98 (23-Jan-2016)

"Another debut level of a builderess that has reached up to the very best out there, and again there are many things that hint the talent here. The gameplay in the first half is crisp and fun, with a snowmobile to use, a timed run up a tower and a nice block puzzle, but from then on it was not that fun anymore - most of all because of the maze, the unmarked ladder in the sentry gun room and not as many good tasks as before. The object design is very nice here with many fitting custom-made ones and I also liked the use of enemies which was quite refreshing, especially for the time the level was released. The enemies also kind of tell a story which is seldom in custom levels. There's good usage of sounds and cameras here but the atmosphere didn't quite click totally with me - the rooms are mostly decently designed, with only a few odd uses of geometry, but lack a bit of spirit for me. The texturing is sometimes quite nasty although decent overall, the lighting is existent, yet not often very effective and strong enough. A decent debut level that with a bit more gameplay and care for textures and room design could've been quite a good one. I found four secrets in 30 minutes. Onwards to the second part..." - manarch2 (23-Aug-2015)

"The Antarctic part used to be my least favourite section of Tomb Raiders. All of them. There was no worse memory than these wasps, mazes, underwater spinning blades and dull, dismal locations where elemental puzzles were hidden - items quite important by their nature and therefore supposed to be wrapped in the most breathtaking settings and creative levels. Tinnos did everything of that wrong. I don't even wanna check who built that level, to avoid any risk to hate somebody. The above are also the reasons why any custom level builder attempting to utilize Tinnos resources risks my wrath, and it takes a brilliant builder to defend from it...... She did it. She really did. She began with a glacier valley with a very natural bottom yet underdone surrounding hills. Then some simply flat corridors contrasting with the organic bike jump heap, and the short yet intense hidden temple (?) passage masking the enormous cave. I heard from Clara people claimed this cave to have the most stretched textures ever, and I now can confirm this is true. Well maybe not "now", for I played this level quite a long time ago yet that was one case when I didn't review immediately so now I had to replay.... and could verify the most stretched is true. Though somehow it doesn't disturb. Just the ladder does, while the rocks look quite natural - there are many pits in this and that world, they all vary depending on the rock transformation process, and this is one of them. Applying military stuff at the very bottom makes the place feel really well hidden, though I was a bit surprised with the "American terrorists"... or didn't I? Then again a rapid switch to narrow corridors and a quasi-Nevada setting - frankly I didn't remember this is a single level, I thought there will be two. As for these classic era times, this must have taken a really overfilled wad. Speaking about technical stuff... ARRRRHHHHHH the cursed computer... that ONE spot when everything gets ruined and we're mindlessly running everywhere, even capable of finding the walk-through wall secret by accident (I don't get why she did that in a base/lab level). Apart from that the storyline developes smoothly, beginning with ordinary exploration, then switching to infiltration and deactivation filled with various tasks, typical and not - there's even a rope swing (I don't recall any other in a game of this class) and a psycho-horror episode in a mutant-filled maze where threats come one by one at Lara, who's never to tell the direction. Since all of this builds up to an unexpected climax in an unknown company director's office, his character appears really powerful despite of not saying a single word. While modern games of CMS, the team not even supposed to exist back then, have countless lines improving the atmosphere, it's here where we can see the very essence of screenwriting. From the only following escape sequence I would remove the wraiths - what the hell (or heaven) are the spirituals doing down there in a purely evolutionist laboratory? And ultimately, I would allow a little balcony around the robot demigod tower, because the domed top collides with these enemies, making them nearly impossible to kill even with help of the grenade gun (which I believe was picked up in this exact purpose). SUMMARY: This is a game both containing a load of "wow" and "wat?!" moments so just set a stuck timer to 30 minutes - if You don't solve a troubling puzzle after thar deadline, never mind and look into the walk to avoid frustration. But I recommend You to play it no matter of what - for something is buried down there which is imperfect yet unusual." - DJ Full (19-Apr-2015)

"This is a remarkable debut level. If I had any delusions of signing up for this year's BtB for my maiden effort, playing this level quickly quelled them. Of course, this builder has gone on to make a name for herself that's near the top of the Hall of Fame regulars, but most of us undergo a training period that she seems to have skipped entirely. And it's a fun level, with enough challenging twists and turns to keep things interesting. You start off in an outdoor Arctic environment but quickly move indoors and make your way through a base. I thought that having to climb a ladder while being shot at by a sentry gun was a bit much, but that's why I play in god mode. There are some tricky jumping exercises at the beginning and again at the end, but Jose's typically competent walkthrough took all the mystery out of it. A pleasant hour was spent here, and I can recommend this level without reservation nearly a decade after its release." - Phil (01-Mar-2014)

"This is an interesting level arctic level where most action happens in an underground base. Lara encounters a variety of enemies. Mainly soldiers and monsters, some nasty and some almost funny looking little ones. The soldiers were surprisingly hard to kill. I used a lot of medipacks while going through this level. There is a nasty machine gun turret that hammers Lara and can't be shut off or disabled at first. The puzzles were not very difficult. I remember one push block one that was easy. There is also one jump that can get very frustrating because of the really odd camera angle. It is very hard to line up correctly for this one. I also found one unmarked climbable wall. Some textures are stretched, but in general this is a well built level with good atmosphere. The lighting is nice and so is the sound. Unfortunately Lara seems to come directly from the TR3 Antarctica level and was wearing those ugly boxy looking clothes. I played a total of 1.5 hours of net game play and found 4 secrets. I thought it was interesting that the "American terrorists" which fly the flag in several spots in this underground base, also have stored a German Me-109 World War II fighter plane besides a couple of stealth fighters." - Blue43 (15-May-2010)

"This is quite a good level. Fairly short, but also interesting. It's somewhere in the Arctic and Lara has to make her way through hills of ice to get inside a base. Straight away we encounter some oddities, like movable rock, levers in the snow, using a crowbar on a face tile, and strange creatures. But it all seems to fit. The story goes that American terrorists have stolen a DNA-crystal that can create new life forms, i.e. perfect soldiers to achieve world domination! (Personally speaking I always laugh at this idea. Who wants to dominate the world anyway! What a boring idea, and what possible benefit would it have? And in this level, the aforementioned terrorists fly the flag... hmmm! contradiction?). Anyway, we find and use a snowmobile for a leap across a chasm, timed run/jump over fires and find a star to open a gate into a huge cave with aeroplanes and rockets! OK! So we're in a base of sorts! And we have some good tasks to perform, like a block pushing puzzle, some good jumping and climbing, pole, rope, target shooting, machine gun to dodge (and then blow up), plenty of cupboards to rummage in, find swipe cards, and deal with guards and dogs. There are good flybys and cameras here, as well as good sound and music. When Lara locates and steals back the crystal we run towards the waiting helicopter. Standard scenario, and a good small level to play. I thought the room with the machine gun was well done. What would have made it even more exciting to see would be if the gun could smash the glass as it can still shoot through it." - CC (12-May-2008)

"I really don't expect much of a challenge usually from debut levels, but I was happily surprised to find this one set in and around a base hidden underground in a snowy environment indeed held quite a few. One of the main ones is the positioning and intensity of some of the enemies, especially the hard to kill guards, the never before seen green poisonous monsters in the maze and one rotter of a machine gun that I had pleasure in finally blowing up, but the gameplay itself had me at times scratching my head. If it seems that you are stuck for solutions to progress then you should probably find something to shoot or climb so make sure you keep a couple of revolver shots for such occasions or you will have to reload. And bless her heart Clara also gives us four secrets to find, the first three not to hard to find in crawlspaces but the last delightfully hidden behind a walk through wall that some may find a bit hard to locate. This is definitely a great first level that took me just on an hour to play and I look forward to many more in the future." - Sash (01-Nov-2005)

"We have to eliminate mutants among icebergs and in an underground base on this level. In the meantime we have lots of things to do. I didn't say 'lots of' by accident, because the netto gameplay takes almost an hour. But it is much more for the first play, because some of the challenges really test our brains. I got stuck more times, first at the very beginning already. I could only hardly find the crowbar in the small cave under the movable block, and I needed some time to figure out that I can use it at the switch on the ground covered by a statue. Some time after I would never imagine that the small icicles can be shot. This is important, because one of them covers a key inevitably needed for getting on. The shooting of the computer in the small underground lab was also an interesting solution; that raises a block for us so that we can climb out. So, on the whole it was not an easy level. The skilled parts are not so hard; there's a little timed run, a big jump with the snowmobile boosted with nitro, and at the end we have to escape from two wraiths. There are a lot of enemies even besides the mutants too: gunmen, soldiers, dogs, demigods. We have many weapons, but for them we have to find four secrets, because the Uzi and the Shotgun were hidden there. We also get the Revolver that is most required, because we have to fire precise shots three times. In addition we can pick up the Grenade Gun from a cabinet, but I didn't need to use it. There's nothing extra with the added sounds, but they suit the level. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (29-Sep-2005)

"The level is quite good, lineal gameplay, good puzzles, new and hard enemies, good atmosphere, enough sounds and cameras,... But there's some strange things I've found: Once you've use the cave key, you have to proceed through the door and not wait for much time 'cause the door won't close and you'll have to reload a savegame(??). In the lab with the machine gun, it can shoot you when you are behind the glass windows (??). It takes me so much time to get out of the labs rooms, 'cause the PC only can be shooted from a lateral position (??). In the room with the lasers, the author didn't put some revolver ammo to can shoot the lamp, so if you don't have revolver ammo you can't continue playing. But for me was an interesting level which can be played." - Jose (12-Sep-2005)

"Starting in an icy setting, Lara finds caves to explore and what looks like a base area. It's darkish with not very good textures, fire traps, men-creatures, guards and dogs as enemies. Also, there are keys and an artifact to find. The room with the sentry-gun shooting at Lara while she's trying to climb a block was both challenging and annoying. The cave with the airplanes and rockets has some tricky jumps and the broken camera made it look more difficult than they actually are. You can find cards and you have to go through a maze but it's not that hard. Near the end the area with the water and more jumps around the rocks was interesting. The level ends outside in the snow again with a helicopter waiting to take Lara home, I guess. I found two secrets in the hour that kept me occupied." - Kristina (25-Aug-2005)

"I wish this had been longer, one hour of game play and its all action packed fun. Amazing fun in fact! Lara arrives in an Antarctic setting, so the snow mobile is featured here, but only for a short while. Enemies are guards, an ahmet and those little changeling things which I hate shooting :-( Then later on some green creatures dogs, and more guards will hinder your way. If you leave the green creatures alone they won't attack, cute! The rooms were beautifully done; I don't care too much about the odd stretched texture, the atmosphere more than made up for such a tiny error. Tinnos type textures and base offices lay ahead, and I just love exploring the cabinets for goodies. There's a sentry gun and some tricky places to find, plus nothing is really obvious so I struggled a bit throughout. The jumps were particularly difficult in the hangar, but the use of the binoculars helped. Collecting cards, finding buttons, a small block puzzle and many traps later, Lara takes the stolen DNA crystal and battles her way out of this god forsaken place while being blasted by two cyber men that you can't kill, don't you just love it when that happens? Haha! Really enjoyable, I want more please!" - Moonpooka (15-Aug-2005)

"I hadn't played an arctic level for some time so I was really in the mood for this and it didn't disappoint - finding the crowbar within the first couple of minutes (for once in my infamous crowbar overlooking raiding career) put me in a very good mood also. Certainly this is an impressive first time build with some nice touches - I enjoyed the little moving block puzzle and liked the assorted mutants and monsters in various cages (shame they didn't stay in them, lol). The only thing I wasn't entirely fond of was the maze - not at all straightforward so prepare to be confused." - Jay (15-Aug-2005)

"I had to play it twice as I was too lazy to write down the review right after playing and I forgot what it was all about. Although it is a rather good debut of Clara I have to admit that I cleared it the first time around rather easily, but the second time I got hopelessly lost in that bloody maze. I didn't like that maze the first time around and the second time was for me the clinch. It isn't a maze you clear with only going right or left and there isn't that much you can hold on to for remembrance. The 3 secrets I found, are not that hard to find but you better keep your eyes open. I liked that big cave where the planes were stashed away. 01-08-2005" - Gerty (12-Aug-2005)

"A debut level that shows a lot of promise as it goes from a positively freezing Arctic atmosphere at the start into a Base and nicely ends at the classic helicopter escape after about an hour. There are a few good ideas and nicely hidden areas, I liked the rather solid camera work, the weird mutants running around the place, the use of music and the small push block puzzle. What I did not like that much were the sometimes rather subtle (if at all) hints whether a floor is deadly or not and whether a wall is climbable or not and the maze area was a bit unnecessary as well. The snowmobile could have been used much more and the enemies (guards, dogs, ahmets, wraiths, a sentry gun) are rather tough to deal with. Found three secrets." - Michael (24-Jul-2005)

"Americans, eh? You simply can't trust them! Instead of running an Antarctic Base for the purposes of scientific research, they've turned it into a mutant-manufacturing plant. In you go; running, jumping, solving the occasional puzzle (nice little moving-box conundrum) while keeping your eye out for unusual objects to shoot (this is a German level, after all). After an hour and a quarter of fast-moving action (not too much stopping to think here) you grab the DNA sample and leg (and swim) it out in a splendid finale to the waiting helicopter. Aside from a tricky jump with an impeding camera angle, it's all rather straightforward, and some of the textures are badly stretched (which never does much for the atmosphere); but all in all, this is a fun outing in a pleasantly varied environment; and an impressive debut." - Orbit Dream (24-Jul-2005)

Oh! I am such a fan of the English Patient soundtrack and I think it works beautifully with this game. Welcome, Clara! Lara's adventure begins in a frozen, hilly region and that tapping sound you hear is not a typewriter! There are tiny little creatures afoot - watch your step. Lara's exploration of the area leads her deep inside the underground. The headquarters of an army (sporting the American flag didn't escape my attention! Lara, our enemy? Never!) are down here and Lara will have to locate the DNA crystal before she can 'hoof' it out of there safely. I found this game fun and with just the right amount of puzzling! I was sorry to see it end which I always think is the sign of a good game! Bravo, Clara! - Mugs (22-Jul-2005)
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