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Author(s): Roli
total rating:6.13 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Akcy 6 7 6 6
DJ Full 5 7 5 6
Dutchy 6 6 5 4
Gerty 6 8 6 5
Jay 6 7 7 6
Jose 6 7 5 4
Kristina 6 6 6 6
Leeth 6 4 5 5
Lokky99 6 6 5 6
manarch2 6 6 6 5
MichaelP 6 8 6 6
Obig 7 7 7 6
Orbit Dream 7 7 6 5
Phil 6 7 6 7
Ryan 6 7 6 6
Sash 6 6 7 6
Stella023 8 9 9 9
Treeble 6 6 6 6
Zhyttya 5 4 6 6
category averages
(19 reviews)
6.11 6.58 6.05 5.79

Reviewer's comments

"This is one of this builder's earliest efforts, and it's nice to see how much he progressed throughout this series (and with his debut, which I recently played). This one is simple and a bit crude on the texture side of things, but I still found it a worthy play for around half an hour. The progression is linear and fast paced, the custom weaponry is a nice touch and the enemy attacks are well placed (aside from Natla who was a severe anticlimax for a final boss). Simple and undemanding, but fun enough." - Ryan (25-Aug-2018)

"This builder was still feeling his way along when he released this early level. He's come a long way since then, of course, with a couple of Hall of Fame entries, but we haven't heard from him for the past five years. This one starts with a five-minute teaser in Lara's mansion, then we move on to a 40-minute raid in a jungle setting. It's all rather crude, but the gameplay is decent and everything flows along in logical fashion. Moreover, the lighting is quite good. The three documented secrets provide you with ample weaponry and ammunition, and there's little here that will surprise the seasoned raider." - Phil (27-Feb-2018)

"Lara's Home is a standard manor however the original surroundings and the gym are seriously trimmed so we don't have to explore too much of the familiar zones however checking all places which contain nothing interactive takes about five extra minutes. In return we get a modified quad track divided into two segments playable on foot and by quad. I wish the corners weren't that dark so I wouldn't have to use the binoculars at them but just proceed to the end. The Scion is the actual mission and now I have a question: if Natla has regained the Scion, what fragments did I just see in Lara's trophy room? We step into rocky landscape, looking not that much better compared to the author's debut map - this isn't yet that quality you could call "craft" since absolutely rough, occasionally wallpapered and seam-overfilled texturing with frequently missing borders simply doesn't allow to perceive the landscape as anything beyond a draft. But the atmosphere is again fine thanks to proper lighting and nice local tunes. Tension is properly divided between exploration areas when we can meet crocs, waterfalls or floating mystic sculptures; and security zones with fences and minor thug outposts - so everything fits maybe except the cog item and the laser trap in the jungle. We are even told a very rapid story featuring Larson who recovers for another battle and Natla who doesn't, and we can overtake the jeep belonging to the former, so the plot leading is just fine... until in the end we again cannot grab the final pick... grrrr... SUMMARY: A bit better but still a long way to master skill." - DJ Full (25-Jun-2016)

"Overall to be honest I thought the level wasn't that bad but I thought it could of been better Lara's was okay I didn't mind the qaudbike track at the end and the overall design of the house was ok the main level the scion was alright but sometimes it did get a bit boring the pierre fight was easy and so was the Larson and natla fight but I thought the natla fight could of been better 4 or 3 shots with the desert eagle and shes down and I thought that the secrets were placed quite well overall not the bad at all" - Lokky99 (26-Jan-2016)

"A level made for fun it seems. It has nothing special to be said I think.. The gameplay was simple and there were no puzzles at all. The enemies were a bit to random and had no sound at all, and there was never a challenge. The Cog that you needed was a bit to small and placed in a place with the same colour so it was really hard to see and that didn't help either. The atmosphere was a bit kinda there but it failed on the sound, it seems like he had a folder full of musics and placed them on random. Some textures were a bit buggy and the jipe part was there just to say that it exists and that's that.. Oh and that "pose" with the weapons you get on the secret is a bit awkward. And Lara's home was a bit unnecessary i think. An easy level that you can pass in 15 minutes and that is not good or bad.. Just.. Dull." - Leeth (07-Dec-2015)

"Well considering that it was one of Roli's first level it was actually not that bad. But it failed in a lot of aspects. First off the level is pretty straight forward, simply the typical 'find key to the right keyhole challenge'. The sound effects were lacking, mainly on the enemies and also the sound effect on the pistols were annoying; Pierre and Larson had some weird animations on the pyramid area (can't help think that they were suppose to be in front of each other having a conversation, but for some reason they were separated); the ending had a bit of platforming but it was buggy, has Natla was suppose (i assume) to be a burden as you make your way up, but instead she just bugs out on the floor. On this same area, some textures bug out and you can look through the room. Lara's Home level doesn't really deserve a lot of attention, it manly consisted on looping around a portion of the mansion. In conclusion, it's a level for a 20 minutes round and nothing more." - Zhyttya (07-Dec-2015)

"When comparing this level with the latest demo release of part IV of this series, one can see how incredibly much the builder's skills have increased. This 30 minute game consists of two levels, one being a very short mansion level (about 5 minutes) that felt rather superflous because it doesn't add anything new, only the quad ride at the end made up for serious changes but it's very short and not connected with the other level. The main level was much longer with nearly 25 minutes of gameplay, it has more decent gameplay efforts put in a rather coherent setting, but many beginner mistakes are visible, like the end-of-the world moments, untextured walls, misplaced textures or a rather odd and not really believable architecture. Some objects are more interesting but there are many animation bugs and misnomed items. Gameplay is rather exploration based and I didn't like that at the start you can choose between two "routes" and one eventually leads to a keylock requiring a key found on the other route, which makes up for serious backtracking. Else than that, a few jumps (up the pyramid, in the pool room with ropes or in the final room were quite fun and the jeep ride and the boss fight were interesting. The three secrets were nicely hidden and rather rewarding, all in all I had a bit of fun with this level and I think it was a promising debut, promises which were met later on obviously." - manarch2 (09-Feb-2013)

"A great level! Lara has many weapons, can use a jeep for a little moment and meets Larson, Pierre and Natla. The puzzles are easy but well thought and the atmosphere is perfect for an isle, never boring and the pyramid on fire will reminds you Tomb Raider 1! The textures and Lara are also beautifull. The level is short and the croft manor not really interesting but for a fan it's fun to play a credible level." - Stella023 (26-Sep-2011)

"The first Lara's Home level is just a warmup, unfortunately not the best of its kind. There is nothing new to a location we have seen a zillion times, perhaps the rather ghostly textured skeleton was a nice touch. Missing textures, sounds, wrong switch anim, and we can't continue to the next level. Which is where the adventure really takes place, and it's much better. Nicely hidden secrets, fair amont of enemies, and some old acquaintaces to run into. A strange thing, that Natla was way too easy to kill. Some rope swingings, a jeep ride, quite varied gameplay and good setting. So most elements of a good raid is present, still rough around the edges, nontheless it was an interesting little romp." - Akcy (15-Nov-2007)

"The game is divided into two levels, one is the usual manor but with a lot of areas missing which isn't a bad thing considering we've only seen it a million times by now and a quad bike ride. The second is the biggest one with a jungle-like theme but the textures are not so good in most places, waterfalls around, raptors and guards to fight and a jeep ride. The main goal as you might have guessed is to find the desired artifact which is right at the end. There are spike traps and laser traps. I found one secret in the level with the scion." - Kristina (25-Feb-2006)

"This is a debut level, and a very nice one for that. There were, though, a lot of evident flaws that shouldn't have made to the final version. Here's hoping the author will turn up some great levels in the future, as he has creativity and isn't afraid of trying things out. In Lara's Home, in the very first room you meet a substantial lack of atmosphere by having windows 'blacked out', and throughout most of the level it's like that. I was actually surprised to have found out the level actually had an outside! There's an egyptian room which was heavily inspired by the first Tomb Raider movie (even the song Absurd plays here), and it was nicely adapted taking into consideration this is a first try. It was a pity the quad had no sound in the end and the level does not properly load up the next part. You can access the second level from the main menu, however. The Scion has Lara in a jungle setting around a volcano. There are a few beginner flaws here so I won't go into that, but the atmosphere seemed solid enough to me. Unfortunately, most of the objects, as great as they looked, weren't properly finished - I mean, the new guns especially, the animations seemed to be completely screwed up. Pierre and Larsen also make appearances, first at the volcano area where they are ghosts you can walk through as though as they (or you) weren't there. Later near the end of the level you have to gun them down, and surprise, they're just as buggy - holding pieces of Lara's body instead of arms etc. There's a noticeable lack of sounds for most of the objects in the level, this has killed a bit of the fun factor as the pistols make some extra loud, unparallelled, noise. I enjoyed the music the author has used in the title screen (seems to be an upbeat remix of one of the movie OST songs), but the one he used after the short jeep ride was a completely letdown in my opinion. All in all, potential is there, the author really just needs practice to get more envolved into the creation of an immersive level. Keep on it Roli, you can do it! 50 minutes, 1 secret. 02/06" - Treeble (22-Feb-2006)

"2 levels, the first a 10 minute mansion one and the second a 35 minute jungle adventure. The mansion level seemed like a bit of a waste as you don't do a great deal in the short time but I guess it sets up the next level. In the jungle I was pleasantly surprised to see a few old friends hanging around a nicely designed volcano, complete with lava pouring down its sides, but you don't hang around here too long and then it's on to finding some keys and a cogwheel that I, and I'm sure many others, will probably overlook. There isn't anything very complicated in this level and some of the areas felt a little underused in my opinion, though I was happy to meet Natla at the end but she didn't put up much of a fight and I finished not long after having almost reached the Scion at the top of a floating platform room. This to me was a nice average raid that probably needed a little more challenge. I found 2 secrets." - Sash (07-Jan-2006)

"Well, there was some things which isn't very good; it seems that the author doesn't spend many time with the details: Lara's movements to press buttons and open chests aren't appropriate, there are many wafer thin walls, one of the doors is not well situated, so you find an invisible wall in front of them, the quad and the jeep haven't sounds, the stone statues floating in the water, some ilegal slopes, tiles with lava wich doesn't burn Lara, air sky which you can touch, a final boss who dies with one shot, simply architecture, same texture tile repeating in big walls, the names of the keys, the crash endings,... Although gameplay wants to be lineal, you can miss one or two keys and have to go back long distances to find them. But intention is good, the author took the trouble to include new objects from another builders and I suppose he worked the best that he could." - Jose (14-Dec-2005)

"You can see that this builder has read the manual but the level still needs some tweaking. In the first level I saw missing textures and paperthin walls, in the second the same although not that much. After playing level 1 you get thrown to the desktop (as is said in the readme) so start by choosing from the menu. The first is an house level. Pushing some levers and getting finally the quad bike is all you have to do in here. Some camera work would be nice to tell you what you accomplish by using a switch though. I am still wondering what that rope did in the cellar. The second level takes place in a jungle environment. Raptors, bad guys, crocs and spiders are the enemy here. Your goal to get the Scion, that takes place all in the end. There is also a jeep Lara has to use. She also meets two friendly guys around a volcano, nice touch by the way. Do get out of the jeep after a certain point as there is a secret to be found around there. I liked that grenade you can use as a weapon, haven't seen that around. All in all this is a pleasant little adventure and it shows a lot of potential in this young builder. 21-11-2005" - Gerty (05-Dec-2005)

"This is a two parter, the first part being a mansion level. Mercifully, Winston is not present, which is just as well really since there isn't a handy deep freeze to shut him in. In fact, the place seems entirely deserted initially - no thugs, no dogs, she must have better security these days. So the skeleton in the cellar came as a bit of a surprise - the only surprise really, as this is basically a watered down version of the original mansion training level with not that much to do. The second part is much more interesting. It's a jungle setting, complete with raptors and some 'old friends'. The action is easy, but interesting and I liked the whole atmosphere quite a bit, especially the ending with Natla." - Jay (28-Nov-2005)

"This is a really decent adventure,provided you don't scrutinise.Pause for too long and look around you and all sorts of glaring problems become apparent (wafer-thin walls,end-of-the-world,haphazard texturing) but the Designer has cunningly given the Gameplay a fast pace (together with a rather engrossing storyline with plenty of well-placed adversaries) and has therefore ensured that pausing for long is not often an option. The Mansion level was fairly expendable and presented little we haven't seen before (including a crash to the Desktop at the end) but it sets up the Jungle level well enough. This latter adventure is constantly enjoyable and very fast-moving with a few really imaginative moments (the nasty Volcano;the Jeep sequence;raptor attacks;the Hang-glider;a sense of building momentum leading to a good showdown with Natla's goons) before the slide down into Natla's lair. Here you meet the winged adversary of fond (?) memory,but alas;one hit with a shotgun bullet and she went down like a ton of bricks. All that remains is a jumping scenario to the prize. It's all good speedy fun,but it really did need a graphical overhaul. Overlook that,and you'll enjoy yourself." - Orbit Dream (23-Nov-2005)

"Lara's Home (not rated, 10 min.): What is it that seems to force so many builders to come up with a Lara's Home level? Most of them are play boring and this little prologue here is not much different. Rather reduced and still too much running around for the few actions that you have to do. The Quad bike is fun but has no sound and the button animations are wrong (needs OCB settings). The Scion (6/8/6/6, 35 min., 3 secrets): Now we're talking some fun. The setting is a bit crude with many thin walls and progression is quite linear and easy, but the action is still varied nicely with jumps, rope swings, swimming and a qeust for a few keys and a cogwheel that is easy to miss. I quite liked the volcano and the not so often seen custom objects (hangglider, grenades) and enemies (meet a couple of old friends here). The raptors are a particularly tough breed, but Natla as the Boss enemy was fairly easy to kill. The big trouble with this level is that for many (me included) it seems to crash when you enter the room where you place the cogwheel. Moonpooka has kindly provided a savegame that worked nicely for me and it is now included in the level download - just in case... Overall a fun little level and looking forward to more from Roli." - MichaelP (23-Nov-2005)

"An easy level, although I missed that tiny Cogwheel, from Lara's mansion where there was little to do but find a Key to the main gate so you could get to the Quad bike, what I always like, pity you could only use it for such a short time. Then the level doesn't automatically change and you have start from scratch in the second level. A Jungle with bad texturing here and there(pyramid missed textures) and a lot of stretched textures. Liked meeting the two guys though, both desperate...Natla didn't pose much of a problem once you got onto the ladder. Could use a camera or two here and there, but all in all not a bad level to play" - Dutchy (18-Nov-2005)

"Lara's Home: This is an easy warm-up level. You have to find two switches in order to open the door in the cellar with the Red stone. The skeleton has to be destroyed, because it contains a key. At the end, we leave the level by riding the Quad Bike. There are some missing textures at some places, but I liked the armoured skeleton. Maybe there should be a little more places to walk through, but the level is not bad for a warm-up. The second level has to be selected from the menu. Maybe the two levels could have been linked together, but in this case the second one would be too easy with the already possessed Crossbow. Unfortunately, at the end of the level the game quits to the desktop, so it has to be restarted, now selecting The Scion level. The Scion: Well, this is a great level already. The development of the author can be clearly seen. He brough many great ideas into it, and the added sounds are great as well. A few textures are still missing at some places, but they don't bring down the adventure. I could find any bugs; Lara didn't get stucked anywhere. The enemies are raptors, spiders, crocodiles, gunmen, and at the end Natla, who is quite impoverished. :) There are three secrets on the level, and they are well hidden. All of them contains weapons, though the game can be completed with using only the default pistols and without using any medipacks as well. The grenades were also great. I was searching for the weapon to launch them for long until it turned out that they can be used singly as they are. :) On our way for finding the Scion we are exploring caves and small lakes. We have to find keys and a cog-wheel, and not in a straight line. If you miss one of them, you have to get back for it. The jeep has also a role, and there's an interesting variant of climbing poles on the level. :) I can only suggest this level. Maybe I have a little soft spot for my compatriot, but considering that he is a 14 years young TR-fan, I'm sure he will still grant us some pleasant minutes, hours in the future. We are waiting for your next adventure, Roli! :) You can find a walkthrough, savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (18-Nov-2005)
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