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Author(s): Razyel
total rating:6.69 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Daffy 7 6 7 8
Drakan 8 8 8 8
Duncan 7 6 6 9
Elsa 6 5 6 6
eRIC 6 5 5 6
Gerty 6 6 7 7
Gill 7 6 7 7
Jay 6 6 7 8
Jose 6 6 7 7
Kristina 6 6 7 7
MichaelP 6 6 7 7
Orbit Dream 6 7 6 8
Phil 7 8 7 8
Ryan 6 6 6 8
Sash 6 5 7 7
Selene 8 7 7 7
category averages
(16 reviews)
6.50 6.19 6.69 7.38

Reviewer's comments

"Back to Egypt with this excellent level. Find the 4 beetles to open the pyramid and go to the exit. But before that you will have to find a lot of jumpswitch and avoid enemies, there is enough ammo (I used only the crossbow with explosive arrows) to eliminate them. To get rid of beetles I guided them to the pool to fall into them. Very pronounced colors, it's a matter of taste." - Drakan (11-Nov-2018)

"This is a very "psychedelic" looking level. We have the old Cleopatra's Palace format (four black beetles to acquire, harpies and scarabs to deal with, jump switches to pull and a hammerhead shark to avoid). However, it seems to have had a makeover, as most of the rooms are coloured in lighter yellow and green colours and darker blue and red tints. The gameplay may be rather standard but I thought it looked nice." - Ryan (03-Nov-2016)

"I'm not familiar with this builder's work, but Return to Egypt 2 definitely bears the, shall we say, feminine touch. Not that this is a bad thing, as I'm all for pleasant surroundings, good lighting and pretty colors, all of which this level has in abundance. But somehow it all seems somewhat strangely out of place in an Egyptian setting. You can tell I'm on the fence here, because I don't want to come across as criticizing the very things I normally clamor for in my other reviews. Anyway, this is a fairly straightforward and linear raid that will not unduly task any experienced player. Your primary goal is to locate four beetles and insert them in a black pyramid to open the exit door. Along the way you'll encounter skeletons, harpies and beetle hordes, not to mention a shark. There are many switches to pull and buttons to push, but Selene has provided a thorough walkthrough that covers all the bases. I finished in just over 50 minutes." - Phil (04-Oct-2016)

"Another return in Egypt achieved well by this author who obviously wants to play with colours, fortunately it well makes him it is often very nice to look. The gameplay is simple and amusing, they advance easy. It is a good level." - Daffy (08-Sep-2009)

"As the name says it, this is a typical Cleopatra palaces type of level with the addition of a shark , it lasts 30 minutes of net gaming time and the elapsed time is almost the same, given the fact that what you have to do is always rather obvious. There is plenty of cameras to show what door has opened. Some objects are called 'load' in the inventory and there is a few places where a strange sound is heard, the author may have messed the sounds when building the Wad probably. The rooms are well textured and the decor is rich with objects, the lighting though is a bit too colourful. It is a hunt for 4 black beetles, and the tasks are easy , there is no trap I can recall. Plenty of explosives arrows to deal with skeletons and harpies , many switches and some running around , but it never became boring , actually it was quite pleasant." - eRIC (18-Feb-2008)

"A very colourful lever, all the areas are illuminated with intense and hot colours. There are a lot of jumpswitches to pull (it's all you have to do along the level) and some strange things I'm going to comment: At the beginning, was it really necessary pull the first two jumpswitches to retract the spikes on your way? There is a bug or a bad design in the room with the grenade ammo over the pedestal and the 2 skeletons; when you pull the jumpswitch over the raised block, another block lowers nearby to your left behind the green climbable wall; if you go back to the room with the fire pillar and return you'll see that the block has raised and you can't use the jumpswitch again. Near the end the flare bug appears, and there are some items in mid-air you can't pick up. I didn't find interesting puzzles, and neither secrets. The best for me were the cameras showing you what happened. At the end, the upper part of the pyramid doesn't open (?). A level with nothing special." - Jose (10-Jul-2006)

"This is a fast paced jaunt through an extremely brightly coloured Egyptian level, which I found very cheerful, with skeletons, harpies and all the explosive ammo you could wish for. A bit of swimming, a bit of climbing, a bit of exploring and quite of lot of jump switch pulling. On the subject of jump switches, I liked the way the author alternated between making it obvious where they were with the camera angles and slipping in the occasional really well hidden one. This level is easy on the eye and easy on the brain." - Jay (08-Jun-2006)

"The author with the 'power colouring' is back. This is faithful Cleopal WAD level with the usual knot, pillar, four beetle pyramid, skeletons, harpies and the likes. You get plenty of explosives, so enemies are no threat in the just over 30 minutes you spend here. Plenty of jump switches to look out for and the beetles are a pain but can be gotten rid of easily. Not sure where that shark came from - LOL. Solid use of audio and good camera work make this an easy and pleasant little raid. Never found any use for the torch and never manage to pull the jump switch behind the raising block near the start though." - MichaelP (07-Jun-2006)

"As the title indicates this level has a setting from the original Cleopatra's Palace but the areas are different. The textures are the same and there is much colour in every room but the tasks we have to complete in order to get the four beetles for the pyramid are not the same. There is some swimming involved, harpies and a lot of those annoying little beetles as well as skeletons but with the crossbow available it's a piece of cake to get rid of them. We are also searching for two pillars which will open a couple of doors to proceed further. The level seemed incomplete because of the abrupt ending but since this is part two I am guessing there will be a sequel. If you are fans of Cleopatra's Palaces play it." - Kristina (30-May-2006)

"After so many look-alike Egyptian levels that all use the same textures, here is one that dares to stand out and be different. The author has a bold, if not almost savage, sense of color. I loved the use of color and found it refreshing. I can see how it might not appeal to everyone though. The gameplay is pretty typical of Egyptian levels, but it moves all smoothly and there's plenty of enemies to keep the energy up. There is a torch that apparently has no use, and in my game lighting caused an odd bug. I enjoyed this one, and I think we might have a real talent here." - Duncan (29-May-2006)

"This level is very, very colourful, so colourful that Lara glows the dominant colour that is used in each room. Lara is in search of beetles inside Cleopatras palace, with very decrative walls. The beetle icon wasn't in my inventory but it did say how many I found. It was nice to find the crossbow and explosive ammo right at the beginning, and plenty of ammo throughout the game to blast skeletons and golden harpys. The poison darts sounded like bullets ricocheting off walls, that was creative. The choice of sound of birds, bells and the odd dog was out of place for being inside a palace. There were lots of jump switches, very fast raiding threw each room. Very easy raiding for Lara, maybe suited more for young Lara. Aside from Lara needing her sun glasses in this level it was easy and enjoyable gameplay" - Elsa (29-May-2006)

"Watch out for nicely hidden levels as I sometimes was stumped and ran around like a headless chicken. This is a rather straightforward level though but it doesn?t feel like it. The hints (Lara staring at a certain angle) is a dead give-away that action is imminent but in one room I never got the clue where the girl was staring it (at 3 points no less). There are plenty of goodies to pick up so all the enemies you meet are easily taken care off, apart from the beetles that is. I felt sorry for the shark though. Your main goal is four beetles so find the crowbar first and Bob is your uncle. However the flare bugs kicks in at a certain point, not that you need flares that much but you will get thrown to your desktop if you use the binoculars." - Gerty (28-May-2006)

"When I first opened up this level and saw the colour scheme, my first thoughts were, "I aint going like this level" But after proceeding to the next few rooms, the colours and layouts of this level had got a grip on me and I was totally submerged into another Lara adventure and was enjoying myself immensely. Your task here, is to find the 4 beetles, which are scattered around Cleopatra's Palace. Stopping you in your quest, you will encounter enemies like skellies, harpies, a shark and those dreaded beetles. There are a lot of jump-switches to find and some are very well hidden and blend in with the decor, so keep a good eye out, as I missed one completely and had to resort to the help thread. In general this level Its very straight forward in game-play and not too difficult to complete, it was very well laid out and you get some really good camera shots, when pulling a jump-switch, which helped me a great deal, so you knew where to go to next. The only downfall, there are some bugs, the flare bug and using the small medi-pack. When using a medi-pack when the beetles were hot on my tail, Lara died. So I reloaded a save before getting to that part, sprinted very fast and found a block to escape and soon finished the level. A nice game with good layouts and game-play, thanks Razyel for another good adventure." - Gill (28-May-2006)

"This is an interesting piece of retro-gaming;an old-fashioned Cleopal level which still manages to entertain through it's fast-paced Gameplay and dynamic lighting.That is not to say that these are necesarily plus points: the Gameplay is fast-paced to the extent of simplicity (you rarely need to work out where to go next) and the lighting is often too vibrant,with out-of-place dark corners interspersed with gleamingly bright primary colours which often hurt the eye. Nonetheless,the pyschedelic pastel shades help to provide a new visual twist to a hackneyed set of textures,while the occasional cunning placement of hang-levers helps to spice up the formulaic gameplay. Several of the raising blocks are unnecesary as seasoned raiders will be able to perform the required jumps without their aid;and there are far too many irrelevant camera view-points. However,40 minutes will be enjoyably spent here and (taken in conjunction with Razyel's recent 'Tomb of Set')leave you in no doubt that a new and idiosyncratic level builder has arrived on the scene!" - Orbit Dream (27-May-2006)

"Again just like the first in this series this has a very easy gameplay, but at least this time you don?t feel like you are running round aimlessly but you have a certain purpose as you go in search of four beetles. I also have to say the way the beetles are placed was a really cute idea, instead of just on a wall you also had one on the behind of a female statue and one on a thin pole. What will strike you about this level the most, and frankly it doesn?t just strike you, it practically slaps you in the face and drags you to the ground by your hair, and that is the vividness and luridness of the coloured lighting that just washes over every inch of the temple. It is happily delightful to start with but then it just becomes almost too sickly colourful, oh well, at least this may give it a memorable effect on players. Just over 30 minutes should see you to the end and I am very happy for the author that they have advanced on their first level, now if they would just add some secrets I could start to really become a fan." - Sash (27-May-2006)

"Now this is more like it. The second part of the Return To Egypt adventure takes place in Cleopatra's palace(as the title indicates) and I must say that I actually got in a good mood by playing this little gem. Could be the array of coloured lights(some of them however were so neon-ish that not even Cleopatra would approve) or the fact that there's actually some things to do here. We once more face a plethora of weapons and ammo, but at least this time there are more enemies to kill(golden harpies, skeletons, beetles and even a hammerhead shark). The explosive ammo is abundant though, so no need to whip out those trusty pistols just yet. Here Lara needs to find four scarab beetles and a couple of other keys to open doors and advance in the level. Like in the previous installment there are some traps to dodge(once more some of the usual tomb-traps). Nice texturing and use of light, but still some stretched textures in places. The sound is the exact same we heard in the previous level and it does become a bit monotonous at lenght so something new would be a great transition for the next installment(hopefully there will be another one). Still no secrets to find(at least for my part) and although this level was slightly longer and a bit trickier than the first it is still easy and straight-forward: a perfect level for beginners and also well worth playing for others too, especially if you've gone through the first part." - Selene (24-May-2006)
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