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Author(s): Thierry Stoorne
total rating:8.86 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Casual Raider 8 9 9 8
CC 8 8 9 9
eRIC 9 9 10 10
eTux 8 9 9 9
Gerty 8 8 9 9
guss18 9 9 9 9
Jay 9 9 9 10
JesseG 9 9 10 10
Jose 8 9 9 10
Kristina 8 8 8 8
manarch2 7 8 9 8
MichaelP 8 8 10 10
Mman 9 10 9 9
Mytly 8 8 9 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
QRS 9 9 10 10
Ravenwen 8 8 9 9
Raymond 9 9 10 10
Relic Hunter 9 9 9 9
Samu 8 8 8 8
TimJ 9 9 10 10
category averages
(21 reviews)
8.43 8.67 9.19 9.14

Reviewer's comments

"Strange change of atmosphere after previous level in series. It was rather pleasant to play and I enojyed some traps a lot. Though textures were a slightly too monotonous and dull at times - it gave that boring look to the level. I enjjoyed bike ride a lot as it was pleasantly doable - nice surprise after that impossible bike ride from Church level which I hated! Overall it's nice level and recommended for most players." - Casual Raider (04-Oct-2013)

"After the last teleport from “The Lost Spirits” we suddenly enter a pyramid with a nice greenish/natural texture usage which still leaves a little bit of the surrealism of the former levels. The start was quite appealing with a nice use of a spike/boulder trap and a demanding swinging blade passage, a clever pushable block puzzle, but as soon as you get outside the gameplay became rather dull as you had to run to and fro around the pyramid, it’s easy to miss a key item or a lever and jumping up the high ledge in front of the pyramid stairs is not really obvious. Nonetheless, the huge pyramid area was spectacular, but not because of the texturing which was solid but pretty uniform, but because of the great architecture. The constant backtracking isn’t the only problem in this level – just as in the same builder’s “Parisian Streets” the problem with the levers is there (you have to wait two seconds before leaving the tile with the lever or the trigger doesn’t work). Puzzles or more fun gameplay is completely absent in the middle of the level except for a fairly nice bike ride (not that challenging as in “The Church” though). Apart from long passages and not hinted doors that opened somewhere else in the map, here and there you can find nice touches in this level, such as the blowing up of the blocked entrance to the mausoleum, the spike room with the last blue gem to find and the final climbing of the pyramid to place the three red gems, although most of the actions had to be repeated once or twice so that the climbing wasn’t really challenging anymore after a time. This is one of the less enjoyable levels of the set, but it’s at least solidly built and offers at least a few highlights. 61 minutes." - manarch2 (26-Feb-2012)

"After the previous nightmarish levelset, this level feels positively welcoming in comparison, even though it’s far from simple or easy. In the first 10 minutes, you have to avoid spikes and rollingballs, do four banana jumps, and bounce between two slopes while avoiding swinging blades (and you have to repeat some of this later in the level). There are some good bits in the level like the underwater rolling balls trap and blowing up the entrance to a building.
The huge exterior area with the pyramid in the middle is very impressive. It’s a pity that the view distance limitations of the old engine prevent you from seeing the whole area at once. Unfortunately, the hugeness of the area does not translate well into gameplay – you spend a large chunk of the level simply running long distances all around the pyramid. The motorbike, which is used only for a short jumping sequence, would have been put to better use in helping Lara traverse these distances.
The looks are rather spoilt due to the hideous orange and green chequered pattern of textures all over the place – not just the walls, but also most of the architectural objects and even some of the puzzle receptacles are textured in this eye-watering combination. The few areas that are textured differently are quite pretty, though.
The final cutscene is cool, though I’m not quite sure why Lara needs to be transported into what appears to be another part of the same pyramid (judging by the next level). Wouldn’t a door be simpler?
Overall: A fairly good level, with some excellent architecture, but with some minor flaws in gameplay and looks." - Mytly (23-Feb-2012)

"It's almost shocking to enter a teleport and be in somewhere comprehensible. Then again, after the mind-shattering magnum opus (maybe...) you've just survived (maybe...) it's almost hard to remember it was just one part of a continuous level- set. This level is set inside, and around, a pyramid. There's a sense of space and scale that few Egyptian levels have due to the presence of a complete interior and exterior. The theme itself also has a fresh visual twist, with the use of various coloured tiles to spice it up, and now you're back on earth there's also some military areas that the Human cult following you have made in the vicinity. The scale works a little against it at times, as some corridors and other areas are obviously neglected due to how long they are, but the central areas are detailed fine.
Also shocking at the start is when you walk forward and die to a boulder or spike trap; the level instantly establishes that just because you're back in terrestrial areas you can't rest much. After the brutal beginning the gameplay is actually very varied though, with a mix of just about every element in there somewhere, but with exploration being the main one. Despite the scale and non-linearity it's actually quite smooth going if you search everywhere and don't forget the location of certain keyholes; there's a lot to find but no real "needle in a haystack" cheapness. The downside is that the scale leads to quite a lot of running around huge areas and some backtracking, but it's not as bad as it could have been and there's at least some shortcuts provided. A great level to bring things back to normality." - Mman (19-Feb-2011)

"Ah, things seem to be on the upswing again. Prepare to explore around, you guessed it, a giant and lovely looking pyramid. The level is a combination of outer Egyptian, temple, and military base settings, which might sound strange but it works together pretty well. The gameplay is exciting, especially when it's time to break through the temple areas with a nitro-powered bike. The structure of the level can get somewhat confusing at times, but it's rather sensible (especially relative to the previous levels). And yes, you will end up using all those gems you are finding. Some creative use of secret areas as well. Very enjoyable." - SSJ6Wolf (30-May-2009)

"This is a great map with the pyramid and the areas around it , and the rooms underneath. Great setting , and the texturing is excellent. There is a fun drive with the motorbike , some good traps with spikes boulders or swinging blades, and I like the use of the fences and objects in general. I did not mind loosing my way at times in this one , given the lovely setting. It is great to have Egyptian levels so appealing to the eyes" - eRIC (28-Jan-2009)

"After the preceding levels, Thierry's offering does indeed feel like a comfortable pair of slippers to slide into, and while it still is quite challenging from the word go, it feels much more organized and focused, thus giving you as a player more faith in your abilities to conquer the series. And while I can't help but question what was the entire purpose of the series' direction from the beginning to the more surreal worlds if she ultimately ends up in the perfectly accessible (except maybe for the huge battlements surrounding the pyramid) Egypt anyway, I guess I can accept it as a fun Egyptian raid meant to be simply an adventure for an adventure's sake. Though, that said, the pyramid here seems to play a bigger role in the storyline than any of the previous settings. What amazed me here the most was that given the fairly large area to explore, and the freedom to do so and approach tasks as you wish, it never really felt that confusing overall. You could pretty much always approach the level from any end and still achieve something - if anything, this maybe produced too much backtracking, but since the route is quite scenic, I did not mind this time. The tasks at hand vary greatly - from tricky jumps and trap sequences inside the pyramid, to riveting bike courses, as well as some tedious long crawls and swims, and as lots of switch activating. There also seemed to be a switch bug present - where you have to stay a second or so still on the same tile after flicking it, to see what it did. That could get confusing, and probably should've been taken care of, but is not so bad once you're aware of it. The looks are very nicely done - I especially liked the interior settings, as they felt very fresh and nicely done even for an Egyptian level, but the surroundings of the pyramid were very nicely done and the doomsday-ish atmosphere gripping. Found 3 secrets, and neither were particularly hard to find." - eTux (15-Jul-2008)

"This level was such a relief after the complex and confusing previous levels. With Thierry you always know you get a fairly organised and logical adventure and it is no different here. It is not a walk in the park though as there are a fair amount of jumps to master that are more on the tricky side, there are plenty of enemies, at times in tough spots (skeleton harpies, demigods, many guards) and you get to maneuver a bike around a short but fun course with a few jumps. The pyramid itself and the whole area around it is huge and this accounts for the biggest downside of the level, as you get to run a lot from point a to b and this does get a bit tedious. At the end you open up the top of the pyramid and step into the transporter to reach the next level (75 min., 3 secrets)." - MichaelP (06-Jun-2008)

"After the weird levels of TC, Leroy and me we're back in reality and normal levels. This one is really great but a bit linear like a lot of levels by Thierry. I really liked it. The pyramid is just beautiful. I liked a lot the gameplay with lot of traps and a lot of exploration. But like for "Back to the Temple" I was a bit disappointed by the linearity... I mean that we have to search three red stones to open the pyramid and -of course with Thierry- we find all three at the end and we can't place the second and the third one as long as we haven't placed the first one. In my opinion it's a pity because when we need three objects I think it's better to have three paths to discover them at three different places. The secrets were really too easy and I would not have called them secrets. :-( In the last levels of an adventure some hard secrets would have been better in my opinion. But this level is easier than the previous ones and it's good to relax a bit, lol !" - TimJ (20-Jul-2007)

"We're back to normal again. Well, we are in Egypt, in a very realistic setting. We explore terrific interiors and make our way out to a most impressive pyramid enclosure. It's wonderfully designed, textured and lighted. In fact, I'd say it's one of the best pyramid environments I've seen. The frustrating shenanigans of the last huge level(s) are replaced here with exciting jumps and traps to negotiate in the first interior rooms. Enemies here are transparent flying skellies and demigods. We use their gems to open this place up, work a good block pushing puzzle, open underwater gates, and escape out to fresh air and ambush by a number of gunmen. We will climb up to the top of that pyramid, make our way around the sides, work through the many structures in the compound, go underground, pass laser traps, blow open some ancient masonry, and find a bike for a great drive around a water room. Another underwater area has an unusual scenario of rolling balls to swim past. And all this to activate a beautiful portal at the top of the pyramid." - CC (07-Jul-2007)

"Still a big fan of Egyptian levels, so this was right up my alley. There is however a lot of back and fro and this level is huge, at least that is how it looked for me though, so explore and enjoy. I loved the look of the pyramid and the ending was great. Of course there is some artefacts hunting to do but nothing as strenuous as in the previous level." - Gerty (04-Jul-2007)

"This level is a challenge from the very beginning, where you have to step deftly to in order to trigger boulders from two side passages and avoid spike traps in the process. Right after you conquer that sequence you have to make your way past a gauntlet of swinging blades. Not for the faint of heart, to be sure. But I found this to be a grand playing experience in the old tradition, reminiscent of the concluding pyramid levels in The Last Revelation. You get a motorbike ride for good measure, nothing too difficult there. Your ultimate goal is to activate a transporter at the top of a huge pyramid, and the tasks along the way are varied and fun-filled. I've passed the 17-hour point in my quest to complete this series, and I still have a few levels to go. What a wonderful group effort this Osiris project has been. Highly recommended." - Phil (03-May-2007)

"This is another beautiful and enjoyful level from Thierry, where action is smooth and straightforward for most part. Coming after the incredibly challenging Lost Spirits & Farplane sections, it's very welcome with the linearity that is has. After several levels in a row in Ro0 where Lara would meet exclusively supernatural creatures, now she is facing human enemies again, that are quite a few in this level. There is a variety of locations, while the action takes place both in spooky interior rooms and well-guarded exterior grounds around the big pyramid. The ambience is very tasteful and atmospherical, sounds and lighting effects work very well. The gameplay is flowing and varied, with no particular difficulties (although it doesn't lack more challenging situations); among other things, there are several switches to pull so as to open exit gates, a pushblock puzzle, gems to locate and a very cool bike ride around some platforms. The underwater/switch puzzle with the rolling boulders is one of the level's highlights action-wise. Apart from the human enemies, you are also facing demigods and ghost harpies. Overall, a level that has everything that can offer a good tomb-raiding experience, and one that you will surely enjoy." - Ravenwen (16-Apr-2007)

"This time you explore some places of Osiris' pyramid and surroundings. The level is good but you'll have to run a lot of kilometers around and around to look for the items you need, but after play the previous two levels this one will be a piece of cake. You'll have to find a lot of gems and finaly three red gems to open the top of the impressive pyramid (fantastic ending); there is a short but nice ride with the motorbike too. Good architecture, good puzzles and some tricky tasks, colouring textures and well ornated; this level seems a reward so you had finished the tough previous." - José (09-Apr-2007)

"I don’t really like pyramids but this isn’t a classic one so I enjoyed it. There are some side jumps to perform right from the start and around the fences but nothing too difficult. The difficulty starts with the spikes and boulders because you need to be quick and calculate your moves with precision. The level is big enough, with outside and inside areas to explore, underground areas with lasers and our trusty bike for a nice jump. Of course we have an underwater course as well with switches to operate. It’s a nice level and quite interesting. I found three secrets." - Kristina (19-Mar-2007)

"Egypt, oh how I missed thee after venturing through hellish caverns and some strange dimension of death. It's back to the tombs in here once more, with a bit of avoiding spikes and boulders, banana jumping, as well as a short but fun bike ride. The level is crafted nicely with good rooms in the temple and a nice outside area with a really big pyramid. Progression in the level is quite fluid since you do have camera hints on where to go after using most switches and inserting objects to receptacles. Now it's off to discover the secret of the pyramid." - Relic Hunter (17-Mar-2007)

"This makes a rather welcome change of pace from the previous section of this series. It’s much more accessible, with less challenging (although still very engaging) gameplay and slightly more linear routes. It starts off as very much an Egyptian setting – very colourful and pleasant – and progresses to an intriguing outdoor area with a huge pyramid and a more base level feel, complete with guards and laser traps. There’s a fun bike ride too and you get to blow up a building, which is always acceptable. The pyramid itself is very imposing and you get to scramble all over it. Very enjoyable." - Jay (08-Mar-2007)

"I found this level somewhat relaxing after the previous level. The pyramid was massive & very well done. A lot of exploring & backtracking in this level which I’m not a huge fan of. It probably would not have phased me except I had just been through too much of that in previous level. Puzzle elements well thought out. Blowing up a Mausoleum? How sacrilegious (haha). Oh well sacrifices must be made. Underwater puzzles with a sometimes tricky boulder underwater puzzle. I found the bike ride to be a piece of cake considering the previous one(Church Level). I thoroughly enjoyed the way the level ended." - guss18 (01-Mar-2007)

"I found this level to be quite usual but still very enjoyable. During the level you have to find various items and switches so there's a lot of exploring in this level. There's also pretty nice bike ride area, some puzzles and a huge pyramid area in this level. This level has also loads of battles to offer which didn't appeal to me because I'm not a fond of battles. However, this level is pretty good work as I expected." - Samu (26-Feb-2007)

"This was exatly what I needed after the previous level: the colourful, excellently textured and lighted rooms inside the pyramide at the start of this level. Old Egypt can be still so interesting! Initially you have to master some tough trap sequences. After you have solved an easy push block puzzle, you`ll have to do a lot of exploring outside and underground around the pyramid to find two keys and the nitro for the bike. The dimensions and design of the pyramide are quite impressive. Quite a lot SAS guards to kill here. Then you have to do a bike ride with two difficult jumps. Finally you`ll get the three red gems and fit them in on the sides of the pyramid and the teleporter at the top will bring you to the next level. The only thing, what can be criticized here, is, that backtracking can become a bit tiresome because of the huge area involved in it. Nevertheless highly recommended even to those, who are tired of egytian levels!" - Raymond (20-Feb-2007)

"Ahh back to good old Egypt are we? I love Egypt levels and once again, this author shows his skill in texturing and lighting. The outside area with the pyramid makes cores “great pyramid” level pale in comparison. There is not much to complain about in this level. Maybe it is a bit tiresome with all the backtracking etc and also the secrets where strangely placed if you ask me. It did not bother me much though, as the scenery is great and I needed those items after the farplane levels. After playing the farplane levels, I found it very easy and man that was a relief haha. It took me a long time to finish though, as there is quite a long way to travel and you need to go back and forth a few times. Highlights: Dropping down from the pyramid. The whole outside scenario WOW! When it comes to objects and enemies, you are pestered by demigods and SAS guards. You also get to take a little bike ride along the way hehe. This is how Egypt levels should look like! *Takes notes for my own upcoming levels* haha." - QRS (13-Feb-2007)
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