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Author(s): ForeverMyPain
total rating:5.51 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 3 3 7 7
eRIC 2 3 4 6
EssGee 4 4 8 8
eTux 3 4 5 6
Gerty 3 6 8 7
Jay 3 5 8 8
Jerry 3 6 7 6
Jorge22 5 5 8 7
Jose 5 5 7 7
Kitkat 4 5 8 7
Kristina 2 3 5 7
manarch2 3 3 5 6
MichaelP 4 6 8 8
Moonpooka 7 6 7 6
Orbit Dream 3 5 7 8
Ryan 3 5 7 7
Spike 4 4 8 8
category averages
(17 reviews)
3.59 4.59 6.88 7.00

Reviewer's comments

"I don't really know if the builder ran out of ideas after not even five minutes of gameplay or he just wanted to release something quickly, as this is one of the most abrupt and premature finish triggers I've ever seen. Sadly so, because there are glimpses of talent to create atmospheric areas, even if several sounds are missing, texturing is quite messy in a technical sense (if overall nice to look at) and lighting is too dark in some spots; the boulder trap was also decent and a few short platforming parts also weren't unpleasant. But that's about it, sadly, as the builder decided to just release an introduction rather than a full level. No secrets to find." - manarch2 (03-Feb-2018)

"Amusing title, great looks, but far too short. Shoot a couple of crocodiles and birds, do a few crisp gymnastics, push a few buttons and it's over. Not really much to go on length- or gameplay-wise, but I liked the modern appearance of it all." - Ryan (25-Dec-2017)

"Here we have a beautifully textured level with lots of plants and dark areas, good atmosphere and soundtrack. The looks and feel of this one have all the ingredients of a nice custom level, but unfortunately the game play is a let down and so is the length. It ends after 10 minutes and there is not much to do except for some ladder climbing/jumping and a few switches. A boulder, a croc and 2 crows. Obviously made by a very talented builder. It would have been nice to see more." - Blue43 (28-May-2010)

"The beginning of this level looked very promising (in fact I'd call it an attempt or a demo rather than a level). It is a real pity that this promise could not be kept for the rest. This first good look was devaluated by flaws like missing water textures and too much darkness. Besides a couple of sounds are missing e.g. doors, switches and bolders. Not to mention a camera flight that was shown over and over, but thankfully could be stopped by key pressing. But those flaws do not really matter, as there is no real gameplay, only a bolder run, some switches, a bit of climbing and 2 crows that have to be killed. As it is said in the readme: 'just a simple greenish-templeish level with a few enemies'. That's exactly it. After less than 10 minutes it is done." - Jerry (12-Jan-2009)

"It's a very short run through the temple, but a fairly good-looking one! Though the linear course and the number of tasks presented are not really all that spectacular, it's a fun adventure while it lasts, offering its fair share of fun jumps among other things. The textures are well chosen, the lighting generally nicely done, albeit on the dark side. The room geometry could use some more complexity, and the builder should not be afraid to use a number of rooms to construct the areas he has in mind (the grass mound in the last room looked suspicious to me, if that makes sense) and of course there should be more in duration than a demo-quality offering, but overall it's a nice level to play. Give it a go!" - eTux (18-Oct-2007)

"Very short and not very interesting to play. The author seems to be competent though (except for forgetting to hit the one-shot button for the flyby). The textures are good looking and there is a lot of plants, and 3 enemies. Aside from that, there is a lack of good ideas." - eRIC (18-Oct-2007)

"This is a very short demo style level but it does show that the builder knows their stuff with regards to texturing and architecture. The level is visually lovely, if a little dark in places. It is a shame as much thought didn't go into the gameplay. A lever; a rope; a boulder. And enemies are just as scarce. But Rome wasn't built in a day and this is the builder's first level. If they keep the same attention to detail and apply it to their gameplay and opponents I'm sure their next level will be a real hit!" - Kitkat (02-Jul-2007)

"Nothing particularly impressive here in terms of gameplay, just a few rope swings, ladder jumps and a little tunnel to swim through. However, the most impressive aspect of this level is it's great texturing. Sadly though, it's all over far too quickly, and it feels like not as much effort was put into it's length as there was in making it look nice." - Spike (01-Jul-2007)

"A level very very short; when you expect the really action is going to begin opening the temple doors is when the level finishes. Good environment but a bit dark with many plants and as usual in many authors no flares to light the dark areas (I never could understand this), few enemies and few tasks, a good background music and well textured; but few things to comment about a level very short you can play in less than 15'." - Jose (08-Jun-2007)

"What a jolly title. This is a tiny little level with not a great deal going on. Think of it as a demo. It looks very nice with its use of Legend textures and, as the readme states, there are 'lots of plants'. I don't know whether the builder intends to expand it to a full scale level, but with some decent gameplay it could be a winner - it certainly has the look." - Jay (24-May-2007)

"While it's not called a demo, that's what this level amounts to. I say that because it really only consists of two areas and it's all over in 10-15 minutes. But they are two well constructed areas that utilise high quality textures and there is good usage of objects in these rooms. Gameplay comprises a couple of well thought out climbing puzzles and some buttons and switches to reach. I'd love to see what's been done so far, expanded into a full level. Whilst the level is pretty dark, it's more due to good low level lighting, and has quite a good atmosphere. The few enemies will not give you any grief, and there's a haunting backing track that persists thoughout. Hard to rate the points on this as there's little to go on, but what is there is rather good. If this was presented as a full length level I'd rate it considerably higher." - EssGee (19-May-2007)

"Dark level with (as said in the readme) lots of plants. Great start for a first but experiment more with the lights. Also watch out how to place objects as some trees are floating above the ground. After using a jump switch and getting into an open door where it was even darker, the level ends abruptly. I took me no more than 10 minutes to get through. Btw, one doesn't need the TR4 that is included" - Gerty (16-May-2007)

"Definitely good looking, but of course much, much too short and linear at less than 10 minutes of gameplay. This level, or rather demo, shows that the builder has clearly mastered the editor in terms of construction and the choice and placement of objects is very good and creates a convincing atmosphere. And you get to do a few acrobatics with Lara and some swimming which is fun while it lasts, so try it our for some quick entertainment in between the bigger levels." - MichaelP (12-May-2007)

"The setting and textures are very good in this level which is actually a demo of some kind because it lasted only five minutes. There is some climbing, a lonely crocodile and a couple of birds around, buttons to push and a jump switch. That's it unfortunately and I don't understand why there were no puzzles. The builder shows potential so I would expect to see good ideas. Anyway I hope the next installment will have puzzles and will last longer than this one." - Kristina (11-May-2007)

"Well,that was jolly quick,I must say! 10 minutes of enjoyable acrobatics and then it's "Finish Trigger" time. The texturing is of surprisingly good quality for such a short quest as this,(and the music is well chosen)but it's spoilt by lighting which isn't so much dark as generally murky,and makes everything appear somewhat flat.Coupled with a fly-by which loops continually,and an enthusiastic overabundance of foliage (which impairs one's vision all the more)and we're left with a very miniature adventure which,while surprisingly accomplished in its physical construction,nonetheless betrays all the hallmarks of a Demo and nothing more." - Orbit Dream (11-May-2007)

"Maybe the shortest level I have played so far, but what there was of it was rather nice. There's a boulder run, some switches and the rope to use, a croc to avoid and then a few birds will attack. After that it's a simple ladder trek to another lever to open a temple door and then its game over as you enter the temple; so I sincerely hope we are going to see a part two, or this adventure would seem pretty pointless. This is done in TRL style with the improved textures and nice looking Lara and the rooms were very nicely laid out with wall torches and plants scattered about, and there's also a nice background audio playing while you Raid so the level had all that it needed for a good atmosphere. It was however slightly dark and I ran out of flares soon enough, so thank goodness for the binoculars. Not much more one can say really as this was so short, but I hope we will get to see inside that temple the next time around, have a slightly longer game play and get a few more flares in our back packs." - Moonpooka (09-May-2007)

"... and what a tiny temple it is! Dodge a rock, press three buttons, dodge a crocodile, shoot two birds, do a little jumping, use a lever and you're done. Ten minutes at the most, that is because you haven't played it before. But this demo of a demo has its good points as well: the music and the Legend-like textures, in one word: the atmosphere. That's it." - Jorge22 (09-May-2007)
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