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Author(s): kaufi-lc
total rating:7.91 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 6 6 8 9
EssGee 6 8 10 10
Gerbil 7 8 8 9
Gerty 5 6 8 8
Jay 6 8 9 9
Jose 8 7 8 7
Kristina 4 5 7 8
Larson 1988 7 10 10 10
m.julien 7 7 10 10
manarch2 4 7 9 9
MichaelP 4 6 8 10
Mman 7 9 9 9
Moonpooka 9 8 9 10
Orbit Dream 4 7 9 9
Phil 7 8 8 7
Ryan 5 7 8 8
Spike 5 7 9 10
tomb gamer 9 9 9 9
Torry 8 9 10 10
Treeble 6 7 9 9
Vaughnage 9 7 8 8
Vivimini 9 8 10 9
category averages
(22 reviews)
6.45 7.45 8.77 8.95

Reviewer's comments

"Loved it. The first level of TR1 with some added bits to make it more interesting and a fairly faithful reproduction of that classic level. Only issue was the game crashing when trying to save but on reading other reviews that was rectified by creating a "save" folder in the game directory." - Torry (21-Mar-2018)

"A very faithful, but good-looking remake of the well known TR1 level. Granted, the gameplay hasn't been drastically changed, aside from a couple of additional movable blocks and switches, but I was impressed by the beautiful surroundings captured here. If you're going to play any remake, I would recommend this one." - Ryan (09-Apr-2017)

"While definitely one of the better-looking TR1 Cave remakes out there, with a few new tricks shown off(such as some custom animations and clever use of camerawork in certain areas), this is still roughly the same level that a lot of us have been playing since 1996. Oh sure, there's maybe one or two new rooms added where you have to pull a switch in order to open a door or retrieve a secret at, but these new additions to the original level's design are few and far between. Texturing and lighting is still done rather professionally though and all the enemies and objects used fit their environment as well as is to be expected. The inclusion of plenty of tracks from TR1 also help contribute greatly, creating a rather effective atmosphere that helps draw you into the experience. In conclusion though, this is still a rather faithful remake through and through. So, don't go in expecting some drastic shake-ups to the original TR1 level setup and you should have a fun time. If you've ever wanted to see a remake done right by the community, this is most assuredly one of the better attempts that is worth at least a look." - Ceamonks890 (05-May-2014)

"Granted,the author has added a few sneaky and enjoyable additions to the original Core Design TR1 level;but in all other respects,this is a faithful remake - so surely it's a little too generous of some reviewers to award almost full marks in the gameplay category,as most of it wasn't thought up by the builder! No arguments,though,about the remaining three categories;as the construction is,in all respects,accomplished.Two instances of a pushable block which looks the same as all the static blocks was perhaps regrettable;but the overall appearance is polished and impressive,and the additional gameplay allowed me to spend a little more time in here than I was expecting.Overall,it's probably the best 'Caves Remake' out there." - Orbit Dream (09-Jun-2013)

"This is probably the best Caves remake out there on a visual level; objects are convincingly made "3D", the textures are familiar yet much more detailed, and the lighting is great. Beyond being limited by it's faithfulness to the source material there's no issues here, and the new parts fit in well. Gameplay makes some attempt to twist things slightly, but it's mostly the same, and I thought one invisible pushblock was a pretty cheap trick (especially as it is used earlier to hide a secret). The new areas I mentioned earlier are pretty simple but they do add a little extra content to the level. Be sure to make a "save" folder or the game will crash if you try and save. If you're looking for a Caves remake this is the one to go for." - Mman (08-Jun-2013)

"Very good remake from this builder! Very good level design! lighting is appropriate (sometime a little too dark) and the textures are excellent (remind me the TRXTRA project), special mention to the room with the two bridges. I noticed some custom animations (standing animation or climbing up). I only regret the lack of originality in this remake, this is a faithful copy of the original TR (only 2 or 3 additional rooms) and I was not surprised (same ennemies, same events, same soundtracks...). Very good potential in this level, I'm looking forward to playing "trouble in venice" - 3 secrets found - 7/7/10/10" - m.julien (18-May-2013)

"This is a short level, a bit less than 30 minutes for me, and it brought back some fond memories from my early raiding days. The graphics are, of course, much better than they are in TR1, but the builder has chosen (as many these days seem to do) to make his level much too dark. Moreover, there are only two flare pickups in the entire level, and each one adds a paltry three flares to your inventory, so needless to say I felt obliged to conserve them as much as possible. Bumping around in the dark didn't help to give me a favorable impression of the level, although much of it seemed to be a faithful copy of the original. I've played many other levels lately that give you more gameplay and better lighting." - Phil (20-Apr-2012)

"Everyone probably knows why I am playing this level now - the builder just has released his second level and I was curious what his debut was like. And I must say graphicwise this is quite good, as the textures used here were nearly perfectly placed and even if this is a remake, the setting was quite remarkable. I only found one single wrongly placed texture. The lighting was very good too and in my opinion it never was too dark, at some rooms I felt it was a little flat, but this is a very small complaint. The camera work was another nice thing in this level, especially the rotating cameras during the fight against the wolves. Else than that, this level really only felt like a remake, as the gameplay was basically the same except for a block that needed to be pushed in order to get into a corridor. However - the three secrets were placed on new places but they weren't too hard to find. If you know the path (and I doubt after those endless remakes of this level and TR 1 that anyone hasn't played this one yet) this will take you ten to fifteen minutes." - manarch2 (06-Jan-2012)

"A couple of weeks back I had looked through every level in the 'Remake' category and, with the exception of one, I thought I had covered all of them. Upon visiting the site I had this as the featured level and it didn't look like anything I had played, so I decided to give it a go. It surely is the definite Caves rebuild as far as visuals are concerned: it looks quite nostalgic, yet fresh and with brilliant textures! A number of areas has been changed, so that was another unexpected - but pleasant - surprise. Also, a note for potentail future players - create a subfolder named save, so you can save your game without causing the game to crash. 15 minutes, 2 secrets. 05/09" - Treeble (09-May-2009)

"This was a joy to play! :) Very nostalgic. :) Texturing and atmosphere were awesome, :D Highly recommended level! ;)" - Larson 1988 (02-Mar-2008)

"This is a great level! The textures are very good, but it could use better lighting. The atmosphere does suit the sounds and mood, but it could be more of a variety in the musical score. This level is very enduring from start, to the end. The new animations are great,too! The gameplay was very nice, and the puzzles were very original(well of course, its a remake). Overall, this was a great experience from start too ending." - Vaughnage (15-Dec-2007)

"Yet another remake of the Caves level...great. Although the gameplay is rather predictable, there are one or two new areas to the level, and some nice new secret locations. The biggest improvement, however, has to be the quality of the texturing, as they add tons of atmosphere to the place, and the Caves look better then ever. Overall, this is a nice, simple jaunt through areas reminiscent of a time when Lara's boobs looked more like a Toblerone. Hopefully though, kaufi-lc's next level will be a brand new affair, but with the same excellent texturing as in here." - Spike (01-Jul-2007)

"Another remake of the first TR1 level? Uf! I think it's enough. Could be made a remake of TR2 or TR3 first levels, for example, but it seems that the release of TRA obligate the authors. I'm so tired of this level, even so this one is excellent, good ambience, phenomenal textured, great architecture,... but as usual too much dark. It seems that the builder have already played the first level of TRA, I did it too, but sure that the author didn't realize that in the original TRA game you can see where you step on, even in dark caves like this. I'm very tired about levels where you have to advance always with flare in hand or using a lot of times the binoculars; so my rate for the textures is a 10 but my rate for the lights is a 4; so the mean proportional is a 7. A good level ruined by the darkness." - Jose (12-Jun-2007)

"There does seem to have been a bit of an epidemic of remakes of TR1 just lately. This is certainly one of the best looking ones on offer and if you have a soft spot for the genre (as many of us have) then I'd definitely recommend giving it a go. It's mainly a pretty faithful rendition of the original game - basically a short, sweet nostalgia trip." - Jay (30-May-2007)

"The umpteenth remake of the first TR1 Level, but the new twist here is the very stunning and very fresh look and feel of it. The textures are indeed spectacular. Gameplay duration is of course only 15 minutes max, including the 3 secrets and the only small challenge is due to the fact that you need to remember never to save, as this will crash the game. You get to kill plenty of bats and wolves and have the one timed door to master and quickly end the short trip down memory lane or if you wish a preview of TR Anniversary to come..." - MichaelP (27-May-2007)

"Excellent remake of the TR1 Caves due largely to the use of TRX project hi-res textures. Gameplay is predictable as it is a remake. The texturing and lighting are top notch as are the quality of the static objects used. Audio tracks are effectively incorporated. Apart from the predictability of the well trodden game path and the lack of originality of the familiar map, this for me, is as good as TR1 gets. The atmosphere had me wishing the level would go on much longer. Also there is some nice attention to detail with the original TR1 Dart meshes being cleverly animated for extra effect. Just make sure you read the readme, and install a 'Save' folder so you can save your game normally." - EssGee (27-May-2007)

"Although Caverns is not my most favourite level, it is the first one I've ever played (it was in summer 1997) and so it remained in my memory as a classical piece of 'tombraiding'. This remake offers everything a real TR1 fan can expect and provides us with a 10-minute pleasure. If the author makes the remaining three Peruan levels in a similar way, I shall go higher with my evaluation." - Gerbil (18-May-2007)

"This cannot be played on the Mac (at least I couldn't), as this level is made by using TREP. Don't know if it I, but I felt quite nauseated at times, specially when using the look button. Another remake and granted that it looked quite great, but still, it is well known ground. Not much enemies apart from wolves and bats. It was over before I knew it." - Gerty (16-May-2007)

"This is another remake and another boring twelve minutes level with pretty much the same caverns. Ok, the textures are good but other than that there is nothing we haven't seen and played countless times by now. There are three secrets to find. I think even TR1 fans must have started to get bored with all the remakes." - Kristina (12-May-2007)

"Well, i think this author has been influenced by Anniversary gameplay videos... And he made a great re-imagining of the first memorable level of Tomb Raider 1! This level is fascinating for what concerns Textures and Atmosphere, and the original TR-1 music gives the final perfect touch to the whole game experience! Too bad it's so short. I highly recommend to download this level, especially to the ones who won't stop loving Tr1. I look forward the next remake, Vilcabamba city. Very good job, kaufi, don't stop!" - Vivimini (12-May-2007)

"This is the level "Caves" with MUCH better lighting, BRAND SPANKING NEW TEXTURES, and a few additonal rooms. Now this is what TOMB RAIDER ANNIVERSERY should of been like. I suggest you download this level P.S Can not wait to see if this author makes a Vilcambamba remake." - tomb gamer (11-May-2007)

"This is an exceptionally beautiful remake of TR1 Caves, and with quality such as this I don't think I will ever get bored with playing TR1 however many times I have ventured over familiar ground. The rooms were all so fabulously made with only a few slight changes from the original, but oh those lovely textures and great looking Lara; it was simply wonderful to play. Of course this level in particular has been recreated many times so there's not much more one can say regarding game play etc, but if you loved the Caves of TR1 and want to see them in their full glory, then I can highly recommend this most excellent remake." - Moonpooka (10-May-2007)
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