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Author(s): Lukasz Croft
total rating:6.27 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 6 8 8 7
DJ Full 4 8 7 5
Gerty 4 5 6 5
Jay 6 6 8 8
Jose 5 6 7 7
Kristina 6 6 6 6
MichaelP 5 7 7 6
Orbit Dream 4 6 8 8
Phil 8 7 7 8
Ryan 5 5 7 7
Spike 4 5 6 4
TimJ 6 5 7 5
Treeble 6 7 8 8
category averages
(13 reviews)
5.31 6.23 7.08 6.46

Reviewer's comments

"I think this set goes back to the style of Lukasz's earlier games, which is why I didn't have such an enjoyable time here as in his later efforts. The gameplay is stretched very thin and restricts itself to gunning down countless enemies of the 'meaty' kind and finding the occasional key, switch or movable block to progress further. I also didn't enjoy that a couple of pointlessly tight manoeuvres seemed out of place in this otherwise easy game: a very tight timed swim in level 1 and a ridiculously precise spike trap puzzle near the end of level 3. There was also a block puzzle that seemed trial and error, although easily solved by pushing it on each consecutive tile. There's nothing wrong with the textures, atmosphere, construction and such (if the Atlantis textures don't get tiring after a while), but I didn't find it anywhere near as enjoyable as his other levels." - Ryan (23-Jul-2018)

"Definitely the most widely ranged set of scores I have given during my last year of reviewing. It's naturally difficult for me to play the original Atlantis and this game derives from it in a particularly tough way, with tons of switches, pushblocks and heavy pointless combat. In the sole last level I counted 76 murders and while I get the meaty pun this is a genuine slaughterhouse, and I wonder why to butcher something what was butchered already... I can forgive the compressed audio because it was fitting. I can admire the numerous and useful secrets. I can also appreciate the nice room geometry, sometimes outstanding and unique, but again, the problem lies inbetween: the long, crude sections which could be entirely skipped yet last for eternity. SUMMARY: I'm so sorry for this project. It has a lot of powerful moments which lost the chance to be seen by many. Still, it doesn't put me off from playing this builder's works, I remember enjoying the other ones and I will also encourage to try them." - DJ Full (10-May-2018)

"When I downloaded and started to play this three-part release, I was expecting something on the order of a flea hotel on a dog's hide. After finishing, some two hours and 45 minutes later, I'm still in the dark as to what the title is supposed to mean, unless the player is meant to have the impression of playing within the guts of some huge animal (which impression was not conveyed to me, by the way). Nonetheless, I had a pretty good time here, as I always do with Lukasz Croft's levels. I did feel obliged to use the flycheat on two occasions, one to conquer an unfairly tight timed swim near the end of the first level, and the other near the end of the third level to get past a wicked spike field. Along the way you meet up with scads of Atleantean enemies, some harder to kill than others, but there's also tons of firepower and ammo to blow them all away. Harry Laudie has contributed a typically fine walkthrough whose biggest help to me was to warn of treacherous traps just ahead. I found this to be a competent and slightly underrated raid." - Phil (07-Feb-2018)

"This 3-part shooter level with Atlantean theme has some really nice features and some not so nice ones. The game play is very much straightforward and linear. It is actually quite easy, except for one area with pop up spikes, where it was ridiculously hard to pass and that section really did not fit in with the rest of the game play. This level is all about shooting a variety of well made Atlantean mutants, crocs, buzzing beetles and oversized rats. The rest is switch pulling and running from one room to another with guns drawn, as one already knows what comes around the next corner. Pickups are plenty and Lara sure needs them. I used 14 Medipacks according to the statistics. I did like the atmosphere and specially the sound. The builder did a great job in using custom sounds for some of the weapons, but some sounds were a bit of off in timing - like the block pushing. There was a good choice and mixture of background loops and music sequences in between and I thought that was the strongest part of this game. I did not care for the earthquake sequences though. The textures appeared to be mainly TR1 pulsating Atlantis and Natla's Mine textures with interesting and at time a little harsh lighting, but I still found them nice to look at, specially since I had not played anything with this texturing in quite some time. The game is quite long (It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes) and there is not much variety in game play other than shooting mutants, but I thought it was a fun level nevertheless. Therefore I would recommend it if you want to try a shooter style level." - Blue43 (10-Jan-2011)

"I always thought this level had a rather funny name, but it actually reflets what's within. This triple-level set is set in Atlantis, using the viscerous textures of TR1. I particularly like how Lukasz always changes the sound effects and some animations (even though these aren't always changed for the better), and the use of several audio tracks. I also liked to see the doppelganger back, even if only as a reskin of regular ninjas. Room of Meat (35 minutes, 4 secrets): starts out in a base-ish location and slowly progresses into familiar Atlantean settings. Very simple and straightforward as you search for the levers and get rid of any possible threats. There was a room with boulders that could have been far more exciting, and the rope swing could have been far less frustrating. Cathedral of Meat (35 minutes, 5 secrets): not exactly sure what classifies this as a cathedral, but what you get here is plenty of atlanteans to kill. There was an earthquake that seemed to go on for too long, some wafer thin surfaces along the way and towards the end you come across a door that requires two pieces of meat, one you already have in your inventory, and the other is just before the finish trigger. Backtracking to that door I found what turned out to be a secret and this curiously triggered a bug in one of the previous rooms as Lara simply fell through the floor after walking through a pushable block. Cathedral of Meat 2 (40 minutes, 1 secret): you start out under a massive atlantean ambush (and not the slightest idea of how you ended up in this area), you eventually realize this is the most action packed level of the set. The one room with five levers and a pushable that could be a redeeming puzzle for an otherwise straightforward level is underused as all you have to do is activate all levers and then find out, without any clue whatsoever, what tile opens the exit door. Towards the end there's a room where you have to jump over spike tiles which was rather frustrating as it has to be pixel precise. Bottomline, this is another level which follows the same pattern as previous Lukasz' levels I've played, so if you enjoyed those, you're likely to enjoy your time here. 110 minutes, 10 secrets. 11/08" - Treeble (03-Nov-2008)

"Three levels with very much always the same gameplay, if you want to call it gameplay, as all you do is run around a fairly uninspired setting, textured mostly with the pulsating Atlantis textures and kill all sorts of mutants a plenty along the way, shoot and push around many boxes and well not much more really. Does not sound all that bad for a quick raid, but this is not really quick as each of the three levels keeps you busy for just under 40 minutes and also the 10 secrets I found did not make this all that much more bearable and it really should have been either shorter or more diverse in its required activities." - MichaelP (12-Dec-2007)

"I have to say that such levels with the old style setting and especially the Atlantean enemies bore me. The game has many paper thin walls and the gameplay is repetitive with enemies to shoot, keys to pick up and blocks to push/pull. One particular area in the last level, if I am not mistaken, made me swear and curse the whole time. Lara has to pass some floor tiles that have hidden spikes and she has to walk not run through them but it has to be pixel perfect in between the tiles otherwise the spikes pop up. That was the stupidest thing I've ever seen in a game and I am sorry but builders have to be a bit more careful when they build tasks like that one. I am all for a challenge but do make it reasonable. Also I didn't like that Lara even though she had a good distance from the enemy, when she fired a grenade she was losing health, what on earth was that all about. Other than that, the game is pretty simple with no surprises and a bit of swimming in some places. Make sure you use all the provided files including the double script otherwise you will have a problem. I found seven secrets and I was glad when this one ended." - Kristina (30-Aug-2007)

"Many months ago this author released his last level, but as usual in his own style this new level is not very different than the others. It`s builded with the patched tomb4.exe and it has new features: new movements, new textures, new enemies,... but the levels are more or less the same than the olders. Kill a lot of enemies, simple architecture, very tight timed runs, easy secrets and simple tasks. This time there are many implemented musics from other TR games (good!) but I missed some good puzzles. There's a good work behind anyway." - Jose (20-Aug-2007)

"This started off completely wrong as I couldn't get it to work with the provided exe. With the original EXE I got couldn't push the blocks. So taking the advice from chrimajon I got the EXE from Iceage 2 level and that worked although Lara was swimming in a rather funny way though. Pretty sure it was this EXE that did that. Apart from the wrong swimming there were more"wrong" things. I so do wish that some builders would iron out the glitches that are in their levels as it really ruins my gameplay. Why use a new move to pick up stuff, as it just doesn't look right. There are sound issues, paper-thin walls, stretched and badly applied textures throughout. I know TREP has a lot to offer but I rather do without if it means a proper level to play though. As for the gameplay, well Ian says it all. I hated that earthquake, as that thing made me feel quite ill. Never found a second Stone of meat but I got into the third level and I couldn't be bothered. Found about 5 secrets, not sure anymore but I had a nice arsenal of firearms, that is for sure." - Gerty (17-Aug-2007)

"It's actually quite a shame that Lukasz has went back to the 'Shooter' type level, after his recent successes with more traditional-style TR levels. The gameplay here mostly consists of blasting away enemies, and it soon gets repetitive. While the HP-bar in the corner of the screen is a nice touch, it doesn't save the gameplay from being particularly boring most of the time. At least the author occasionally broke things up with the odd block to push, or key to find, but there just weren't enough of these moments. Also, the texturing is terrible, mostly due to the fact that almost everything seems to be 'Bump Mapped'. The lighting is not that brilliant either, although the red-tinge in some rooms looked quite nice. This level does provide some fun, but sadly it's in very limited doses." - Spike (26-Jul-2007)

"I downloaded this level because I knew it was using TREP and I wanted to see what we can do with it. It was interesting for that. My first question was about the load.bmp. I don't really see the link between meat and earth, lol ! The three levels of this level series are linear and most of the time you'll just need to use your guns because there are enemies, enemies and sometimes enemies again. Fortunately the patched engine gives more powerful weapons to Lara (by the way I really wonder why she wanted to go in this meat place). There were some interesting traps and puzzles (most of the time it was push block puzzles) and some timed runs. The secrets were generally easy to find. The last one of the second level induced to go back in the level once we found another stone of meat just before the end. I missed the last secret of the last level. The atmosphere was quite interesting. I didn't really felt like in Atlantis but in some place I really thought that I was in some big piece of meat, yeah. The audio sounds are really ugly even if we transform them into a better quality mp3 format before using startme.exe. It would be better to give less audio with a better quality next time if you really want to have a small zip file. The TR1 textures with bump map 2 aren't really beautiful... I advise you not to use bump map with these textures next time. Bump maps could be good but sometimes really ugly. Check what it gives! ;-) It was a good level to relax and have the brain disconnected but I won't replay it. I think that Lukasz Croft knows how to use the level editor but doesn't seem wanting to work a lot on his levels. I'm sure he could do a better job." - TimJ (20-Jul-2007)

"What an odd level name. I'm guessing it's lost something in translation. This is a typical Lucasz level - fairly linear and quirky, albeit much longer than his previous offerings. It's a Natla's Mines/Atlantis style level, with those eye watering, visceral textures, and it's very much a shooter, which is probably why I didn't enjoy it as much as some of his other levels. However, that's just a personal preference and I know there are plenty of fans of the genre. Some of the Atlanteans are very tough and take some getting rid off, but you do get a decent amount of pickups along the way. There is the odd push puzzle etc., but essentially mindless mayhem is the order of the day so if you're feeling bloodthirsty this could be just what you fancy." - Jay (19-Jul-2007)

"IF you overlook the dodgy .exe file that comes with the download,and IF you're really into Gameplay which involves running along corridors for two whole hours while relentlessly shooting the same three types of baddies (wasps,mutant's and bigger fireball-throwing mutants) again and again and again (in several battalion loads)while pulling occasional switches or moving occasional blocks,then you're probably onto a winner. After Lukasz' "Temple of Tibet" (released well over a year ago) which was undoubtedly a very fine custom level adventure,and considering the substantial hiatus between that release and this latest,I was expecting a potentially very accomplished work. What a disapointment,in that case. OK,it's quite lengthy in terms of duration,but all three levels of this curiously-titled adventure resemble each other absolutely: pulsating blood-red Atlantean walls,eerie sounds,shrieking mutants. Although the atmosphere is quite sinister to begin with (anything could leap out at you and almost certainly will),the sheer inevitability of the Gameplay coupled with the predictable enemy placement ensures that this quickly descends into an epic 'shootathon'. It's somewhat enjoyable in an absolutely unpretentious way,and there are certainly no flaws in construction to speak of;but there's little true imagination (aside from an exceedingly cheeky 'red-herring' receptacle,which shows a sly sense of humour) and those two hours will really pass surprisingly slowly." - Orbit Dream (13-Jul-2007)
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