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Author(s): gabiza7
total rating:8.23 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 8 8 8 7
Gerty 7 8 7 7
Jack& 9 8 10 9
Jay 9 8 8 9
Jerry 9 9 7 8
Jorge22 7 7 7 8
Jose 7 9 8 8
MichaelP 9 8 8 8
Moonpooka 10 9 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
Ryan 9 9 8 8
Shandroid 9 9 8 8
category averages
(12 reviews)
8.42 8.33 8.00 8.17

Reviewer's comments

"This is a fun, engaging and actually fairly extensive level (I logged more than an hour net gaming time, so that should say something). This is definitely a level for those who are fans of puzzles as the enemies are few and the puzzles are rather enjoyable to solve. I also admired the custom objects that were dotted around various rooms. I did encounter a few minor bugs, but they seemed to be subsequently fixed with a reload, so my gaming experience wasn't tarnished. If you're a puzzle aficionado, this is the level for you." - Ryan (28-Oct-2016)

"I've been playing and reviewing the higher-rated levels -- the ones that I'd missed earlier -- in descending order. When I got to this one, I found those dreaded words that seem to cropping up more and more these days: "On author request download no longer available from" If this should happen to you, author request or no author request, you can usually find and download the level you're seeking at Obig's Hungarian site, and that's what I did in this instance. I have no idea why the builder took this level "off the market," because it's a pretty good one. Aside from a glitch where the game locks up at the very end, and aside from a couple of difficult moments along the way where I had to have help in order to proceed, you get a solid two hours of gameplay with some imaginative, futuristic surroundings. The lighting is most satisfactory, too, as a good deal of the action takes place outdoors under bright, sunny skies. Harry Laudie has provided his typically competent walkthrough, and some of the glitches he encountered didn't affect me at all. The enemies seemed a little difficult to kill, but that was only a minor annoyance. If you care to go to a little extra trouble getting this level, it's a worthwhile playing experience. Recommended." - Phil (28-Sep-2011)

"Not so sure about some of the animation Lara has, first of all, draw your guns and let Lara run, you see what I mean. Then when she is standing still, she looks left and right and then gives a small shudder LOL. Lara got too much stuck in the underwater tunnels for my taste and also in one place she drops through air before she can swim. There are more glitches in this game and that is a pity. With a little more care and TLC on textures as well as game-play this could have been much better, at the moment it was too confusing for me. Using too many levers (or buttons) sometimes to open up one door is not realistic. There are nice puzzles but some are very obscure, so coming to dead stop every now and then is not nice. On the other hand I found all the secrets because when I was dead stuck I explored again and again before I had a peek at the walkthrough. There are interesting objects to see all over the place but have no function whatsoever." - Gerty (11-Feb-2011)

"The look of this level is not so easy to describe and not easy to rate either. In the outside areas you find green stuff like trees and such, but adjoining rooms with strange fantasy objects too. Rooms are all built quite angular shaped and seem to be put together kind of randomly, so all this makes the level look artificial. Many new decoration objects are used, but with a little too many animated textures on them for my liking. Wherever you look you see something flickering. And why is it so hard to give the players some more camera hints? Pulling a switch and not knowing what it did is always annoying. Enemies are not so many, but some of them are pretty tough, especially the bats who needed dozens of pistol shots to get rid of them.
Near the end of the level I encountered a bug in the room where the combined sphere/ring object has to be used. After watering the room and pulling the underwater switches and draining the room again I tried jumping to the upper floor, but missed the ledge and fell down to the first floor. From there I could not climb the white blocks again, it seemed as if there was an invisible wall in front of them. So I had to reload and do the whole part again.
Maybe all this sounds quite bad now. But don't get me wrong, this level really isn't bad, gameplay-wise it was fun to play with varying tasks and it can be recommended even to not so experienced players." - Jerry (05-Feb-2009)

"What stands out the most in this level is how confusing the gameplay can be, mostly because of a desperate lack of hints at times on where to go, what to do or what some action really causes. That's not to say that I didn't have a good time playing it... It's a nice game in spite of that, with nice moments and just a few minor bugs. Such as saving the game in a room where Lara catches fire if she shoots a wrong object while she's not on fire or in a room where she'll catch fire if she climbs to electric platforms while she's hasn't climbed... and then reloading and there she is on fire! Fortunately, you have that save you can resort to, so the damage isn't huge. Well, the scenery isn't amazing but it's nice enough. And it's true that there are some weird custom objects. There certainly are some fine ideas. So, I believe Gabiza still has room to improve and he probably will if this doesn't actually turn out to be his final level after all." - Jorge22 (29-Sep-2008)

"Somehow we saw it coming with"Lara in a dino box", that the author was able to release a very good level , satisfying in all categories, and there it is. Gabiza's Final level is a very long level, my stats indicate more than 2 hours of net gaming time. It is not that the map is so huge, but there are 4 or 5 areas that make the player quite busy , exploring, pondering and finally solving the tasks at hand. Truly this level has a lot to offer, there are some very good puzzles and ideas, even if a few were a bit obscure. For example, the mirror puzzle with the icy block with a plant trapped inside , making appear plants when you place the object at the right place is pretty good , but the final result of this puzzle makes appear a shatterable object in a corner of the room ? : honestly , how is it possible to notice that without any clue or hint ? So there is some halts in the level and the progression can be slow because one can wonder what to do next. One thing i really disliked is the fact that Lara was immobilized often on a ledge without any reason , we know that the TR4 engine have bugs , i.e. the one where Lara is stuck on 1 click slopes , but here she was stuck even on flat ledges ! It happened often when the binoculars [which become quite useless then as the binocs view is also"stuck"] , but not always. I blame this irritating thing on the new Exe. There are plenty of new objects , maybe at times there are too many of them used for the decor, which did not made the progression more fluent. If there is compressed textures, the level looks quite good and harmonious nevertheless with a good choice of textures. I like the natural atmosphere of the level with a variation of inside and outside areas, and some of the audio tracks used are quite original." - eRIC (28-Sep-2008)

"Good this level, but hard to finish 'cause the no-lineal gameplay; you'll need to explore every corner of the areas carefully if you don't want to miss something and have to go back. There are some interesting puzzles and a lot of new objects with animated textures. I missed some more guns or ammo for the revolver 'cause enemies are hard to kill, even the bats. I got a bug near the end when I opened the high trapdoor near the ladder, I jumped to the upper level and falled to the bottom into the water; when I wanted to climb the blocks again, I couldn't. At the end I had to use the administrator of tasks to exit the game." - Jose (23-Sep-2008)

"A wonderfully colourful and exciting level. Lara begins in a river area with a central building. First off she must explore the outer rooms; after finding her way into them, which is no easy task. The torch is used and there are also keys to find. Block puzzles pop up a lot during game play, and there are also water tunnels to negotiate. Littered about are these fabulous coloured objects which really perked things up. Enemies are little and you'll only meet a few dogs, croc, ninjas and a guard. The revolver and sight must also be found, along with 2 stars and an orb thing witch has to be combined with its other part. Most of the rooms are beautifully decorated, and the mirrored effects are stunning. There are also a few traps like boulders and spikes, but nothing too taxing. I really liked this level so I hope it isn't the last one from this author." - Moonpooka (09-Sep-2008)

"If this really does turn out to be Gabiza's last level, I shall be extremely sorry, because I thoroughly enjoyed it and it seems a shame to quit just when (s)he has become so accomplished. This is imaginative, unpredictable and engaging, with some wonderfully unique puzzles and very interesting textures/objects. It may not be for you if you like your games to be very linear and easy, but if you like a bit of a challenge (not so much on the agility side, more a matter of trying to figure out where to go and what to do next), this is the one." - Jay (22-Aug-2008)

"I guess Gabiza saved the best for last. This level was really well done. If you like puzzles, this level is for you, as very few enemies pop up. The puzzles were, however, very well thought out and well, puzzling in places. I did get a bit confused, however, when a certain place required a combo item that I found neither of! That is the problem with levels that are not linear. You can easily miss necessary items. It's too bad this is Gabiza's last effort, just as he/she was excelling..perhaps this won't be the last." - Shandroid (21-Aug-2008)

"i agree fully with Michael ... this is a excelent game entertaining challenging , with some nice puzzles and not at least a excellent atmosphere.... the aim is to get 2 main items a ball and a ring combine it to progress further in the game is some very well designed areas .... finaly u get at a place with a big building (hangar like ) u need to activate 2 buttons + 2 JS - in the right order to open the building door get through and the game ends ... bravo Garbiza .... i hope will not be ur final level cos was very nice game .cheers" - Jack& (20-Aug-2008)

"This level certainly offers much more than you might expect from it. I spent two hours of net gaming and time passed very quickly with many, many areas to cover and quite a variety of interesting combination puzzles to resolve. Whenever you think the level might now come to an end, it only moves on to the next stage and you have a whole new big area to work your way through. The looks are solid but more 'functional' than spectacular eye candy, despite a set of custom objects that have been thrown in all over the place. Enemies do not play a role and it seems as if just a few have been placed as an afterthought, but the hunt for the six secrets is fun and you should not miss out on it. Overall, a great effort and very entertaining adventure, so let's hope the author is not serious about the title and we can maybe see some more in the future." - MichaelP (17-Aug-2008)
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