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Author(s): Ader
total rating:7.66 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Czar 7 7 7 7
dmdibl 8 8 9 8
eRIC 8 8 8 7
Gerty 7 7 7 8
Jay 8 7 7 8
Jose 8 7 7 8
manarch2 7 7 7 6
MichaelP 8 8 8 8
Phil 9 8 8 8
Relic Hunter 8 8 9 8
Ryan 7 8 8 8
category averages
(11 reviews)
7.73 7.55 7.73 7.64

Reviewer's comments

"Ah, now this is more like it! The final sections of this series do have some frustrating moments, including a skeleton following you around a maze filled with spike traps and flame traps (added to the fact that Lara ceased aiming at the skeleton after so many shots), a tedious wading maze complete with crocodiles and a tad too much retracing of steps, but I found these levels an improvement due to some ingenious gameplay tasks, including block puzzles, challenging demigod fights, a nice hub room concept and the always fun waterskin puzzle. My final thoughts on this series? Well, I did get annoyed at some points due to them being IMO unreasonably challenging, but on the whole I was pleased." - Ryan (11-Apr-2017)

"Hall of Demigods (6-6-6-6) - 25 minutes: After the last part I was rather disappointed with this level which is little more than your standard Egyptian raid. It feels a bit simplistic with all those rather bland and sterile looking hallways, dull and often nearly absent lighting, a few paper thin walls - only the larger hall reminds a bit on the builder's skills seen in the previous games. The gameplay has"its moments“ with the vase puzzle and a few decent usages of traps, but feels very simple overall and there is a lot of backtracking. The worst for me was the very tedious maze you had to wade(!) through. The builder really could've done much better if you ask me.
The Caves and Catacombs (7-7-7-7) - 20 minutes: A small step upwards again vs the previous level, but this game still lacks its certain something. The gameplay is a bit more interesting with some decent platforming and puzzles to solve, the use of the torch is nice as well as the timed runs. The logic of the one vase puzzle (for a reason you can move the vases standing on any position, even inside the vase) eluded me though. There is better use of enemies here, the bull could've had a function though. The looks are also rather standard settomb ones and there's not much creativity put into them but they felt a bit less bland than before. A last comment - I noticed you could jump over the finish trigger in this one, which was really an odd thing ;).
The Hall of Demigods (7-7-7-7) - 15 minutes: This was a mix between a few decent tasks (boulder runs, the pushable puzzle with larger blocks, platforming parts) but also annoying ones like the spike maze with the skeleton and the slightly odd boss fight (it's very hard to pull all the levers with the limited health reserves, but then it's not even necessary to do all this). The looks at least felt a bit different than before but the architecture is still rather cramped. The escape is a rather intense one and left me with the feeling that this last installment of the series - like the previous one - lacks something. It's not quite testing, but more so time being spent to design the environments and the gameplay.
Summary: Too simplistic and not built with enough passion to come up to the builder's other releases. There are a few shining moments but overall it felt a bit like the builder ran out of good ideas with this one. Spent 60 minutes in this part and overall 3:25 hours in the whole series." - manarch2 (10-Aug-2015)

"To me this seems the best of the series, entertaining and playable. These three levels are still dark, but now it is clear they were intended to be played on an LCD monitor set to maximum brightness. Again there are trying moments. The first level has Lara wading in a maze with crocodiles. There are repeated jumps over spike tiles, even though Lara is forced to hit her head on the ceiling and fall short. Three levers are protected with timed flame emitters, and to make things aggravating a skeleton jostles and shoves Lara the whole time. Skeletons also make appearances in the third level, to attack Lara with impunity. As consolation, at the end of the game, Lara does get the shotgun. Too late to do any good, of course, but it is the thought that counts. Much of the first level is reasonably lit, but the second level is like Seth's tomb, which may explain why I enjoyed the first level the best. The second level has Lara moving around a lot of vases, and since she can actually walk through these large gold vases, it detracts somewhat from the puzzles. The first set of vases seem to have no clue for their solution, so it is all trial and error. In the third level Lara avoids spike balls (easy), and moves huge blocks while being harassed by a skeleton, and does a dark, spike-infested, flame emitter maze while being harassed by a skeleton. At the end there is a vicious fight with demigods, which is fun for a while, although it consumes Lara's medipacks. Eventually Lara was forced to give that up and go on to retrieve the quest object, and finish the level. There are special effects such as electrical discharges--usually things that are trying to kill Lara--and enemies like ahmets and demigods. As long as players are up for a challenge this is a good conclusion to the series." - dmdibl (13-Dec-2009)

"I agree that the continuation of this adventure (good storyline) is somewhat easier than the previous installements. There is nothing too tricky here and the game flows nicely ,despite three annoyances (i.e 3 skeletons). The looks are good, the texturing well done except when it come to pieces of walls or blocks which are not completely square or triangular. I found 3 secrets which were not difficult to get. All in all, the author's game I enjoyed the most so far, and that I recommend. [HALL of DEMIGODS : 1 hour] A Cleopatra palace type of level with a few differences. The progression is rather slow, as one has to look and think a bit, and decide at times to be prudent or to have a leap of 'faith'. That type of progression creates a good tension. Even in the wading water maze there was a good tension. Only it would have been good that the same patterned tile with the scarab would have meaned a safe tile or a death tile in all the level. I am also not sure if it is possible to end the level properly if the player decides to dive in the water after picking up the 3rd Vraeus instead of backtracking. The challenge with the 3 burning emitters was tight but fair if it was not for the harassment by a sneaky skeleton, but of course it is still doable. Texturing is correct, lighting too although I would have liked more depth for it. [CAVES and CATACOMBS : 50 minutes] I was glad to see again the textures from Tomb_of_Seth/Burial_Chambers. Another absorbing level , a bit shorter , the map is not big , that is not to say there is not a lot to do. No it was fun and compact, and that was very good. except for the first pushable vases puzzle where I could not find any clue to solve it quickly. The puzzle with underwater lever and timed run to use the torch was very well thought out. The end of the level is particularly enjoyable with a dynamic escape for Lara. [TEMPLE of the BIRD : 45 minutes] Good also to see the textures from the Temple of Horus, with the red beasties. One room with the plants was very nice. I was baffled by the vase you have to shoot, as the other vase that looks the same was not breakable. There is two annoying skeletons you have to outsmart or to endure, one while pushing blocks, and one while raiding a well thought out little maze. The finale is particularly excellent , thrilling and fun. Good work." - eRIC (21-Jul-2009)

"Hall of Demigods (7/7/7/7, 55 min, 1 secret): After liking Part 2/3 so much, this part is a bit of a let down. A fairly classic Cleopal setting with not overly inspired gameplay, finding vraeus and guardian keys and battling the occasional demigod. Some of the objects do not fit the surroundings very well and several textures are visibly rotated the wrong way. Plus, you get a small maze that you have to wade through - very tedious. Those gripes aside, it does play nicely and fluently, but I was happy to move on to the next part.
The Caves and Catacombs (8/8/8/8, 40 min, 1 secret): This is set in caves ŕ la Tomb of Seth and slowly brings back the fun of the previous levels of the series. Cave exploration, some fun jumps, a cool effect as you pick up the first cartouche half and more. There is a clever little push object puzzle, but it is a bit too tedious to complete even though the mummy is thankfully not much of an issue. The beetles are also fairly easily taken care of and then the end happens rather suddenly.
Temple of the Bird (8/9/8/8, 45 min, 1 secret): The level I liked the most with the use of the waterskin puzzle, suqishing blocks and an interesting twist on a maze, which is unfortunately turned into an annoying exercise to solve by a skeleton that roams the place and that you cannot get rid of. And then it all culminates into an exhilarting final battle with Seth shooting his green bolts at you while you try to kill to demigods, place two guardian keys and flip three levers. But at least you manage to then get back at him and blow him to pieces.
All in all, these three levels are off to a slower start and have some challenges later on that may put the less patient players off, but personally I did enjoy the evening in Ader's TR world." - MichaelP (17-Mar-2009)

"Actually, these levels didn't seem to me to be as difficult as the earlier levels in this series. Maybe the builder got the hint from the reviews. Anyway, I found this to be an enjoyable and reasonably challenging raid that required about two and a half hours to complete. Jose has provided a clear and concise walkthrough that guides you through the rough spots, especially the last level that's certainly the most difficult of the bunch. That final battle with Seth was something, and I was glad at that point to be playing in god mode. I also had a problem in this room with Lara jumping off a slope and grabbing the edge of the next slope. There's also an imaginative spike maze in this third segment where you step on certain tiles to trigger the spikes so you can scoot past them on the way to a vital pickup and an optional secret. Good fun, and I can recommend this three-parter to gamers of all skill levels." - Phil (17-Feb-2009)

"This level started out rather nice and even that extensive wading Lara had to do through water while being attacked by crocks, didn't put me off. Then I came into the next level and there I was stuck for a long, long time with the elusive vase puzzle. I was glad that I could use Fexinspect as I couldn't figure that one out and the answers I got in the stuck forum were as much an enigma to me as the puzzle itself. There are numerous climbing bugs in this level so I wonder if this was beta tested and if so if the builder did listen to them. A tip, the torch one uses with a timed run and you have to use to light a fire basket to open some doors... the trigger is on the tile so if the doors stay shut go to the other end of the tile. Also the collision on the boulders is quite big so you will have a hard time to pass them. I found the spike maze quite irritating as you have no clue what to do in the first place and then trying to jump over them you have to do that for the umpteenth time and finally after an hour or so succeed (unless you are very lucky) and being annoyed by a skeleton. Then there is at the end the so-called"boss" fight. It is a bit of figuring out what to do and when to do it and then it shouldn't be too hard." - Gerty (11-Feb-2009)

"While I haven't played the first half of this series, I can somewhat guess that Ader decided to go for an easier adventure this time around, though the result was pretty entertaining to me. Hall of Demigods - Starting off in a Cleopal type setting, there is a need for observant eyes to be on the right track as I was fooled by the hidden jumpswitch at the beginning, and later in the big hall's receptacle for the Demigod Key. Speaking of the hall, I thought it was nicely built and the area utilized very well. Gameplay is on the easy side, featuring a timed run or two, an interesting pushable puzzle involving spikes, a fun run over spike tiles, and a waist-deep water labyrinth with some crocodiles to shoot. The labyrinth wasn't too confusing thankfully, and the faster shooting animation made dispatching the crocs not very tedious. The booby-trapped slope also made an otherwise boring uphill run a little more exciting as well. Keep your eyes out for the shotgun in this part. The Caves and Catacombs - Perhaps it's me or my monitor is too bright, but I had no complaints about the lighting here - I could see everything clearly. Set in a Settomb/Burial Chambers setting, this part offers a bigger challenge with a few tricky jumps near the beginning, a "surprise" lightning room, and a short but clever timed run one must undergo twice. This also features more pushie puzzles: one of a trial-and-error kind, and another, lengthier one with clues, and also a bothersome mummy to lock up. There's also a bull in this part, but he's used only as a minor nuisance in escaping a room after exiting the "surprise" lightning room, so his usage is a bit short lived. The pushie puzzles were a bit strange in the fact that the vases had no collision on them, so you could walk through them, and move them while even standing in them. At the end there's also a little fun sequence about pulling levers while avoiding some scarabs. Temple of the Bird - The finale takes place in a Temple of Horus type setting, and provides more of a challenge, though now it enters on the medium side of difficulty. Here it's about shooting ahmets, a little switch hunting, boulders to deal with and a small, but neat pushie puzzle with a double stacked block. There's also a spikes and flame maze with a skeleton pursuing you, and while it was a bit annoying I thought it was a fun little maze. It was funny shooting a skeleton into some spikes and watching him bleed, then go up after me again. With that tedious bit out of the way there's a neat boss fight sequence that did have me suck up some medipacks, but I had plenty to last the pain from Seth, and blowing him up after kicking some demigod butt and looking around was a triumphant feeling. Luckily the level doesn't stop there, there's a bit more gameplay thrown in with a simple, but still fun jump with spikes, a timed run and a boulder slope towards the end, after which I finished the adventure in just under two hours. All in all, it's a rather linear Egypt adventure that remains engaging, fun for the most part, and also probably overlooked due to its release during the '08 Advent series. It's definitely worth a play." - Relic Hunter (10-Feb-2009)

"An egypt levels with strange puzzles and sometimes hard 'cause although you get enough flares, second and third levels are very dark, and it makes more difficult the exploration. The shotgun could be in a visible place in the first level, 'cause I missed it and I had to deal with hard enemies from the very beginning only with the pistols (I found it only at the very end of the levels); later I found the uzis, but few ammo for this guns. I din't like the nasty skeletons I couldn't kill, disturbing you a long time while you had to do dangerous tasks. I missed some cameras when triggering certain switches too. At the end the author could give us a powerful weapon to deal with the demigods and not only the shotgun, but at least you don't need to kill them to finish the level, but you'll miss a part of the gameplay and you'll not can destroy the big boss. Good levels but with some aspects to get better, in my opinion." - Jose (06-Feb-2009)

"Hall of Demigods: This is a nicely made, attractive cleopal setting with well balanced, straightforward gameplay that is easily achievable but not boring. My only slight whinge with this section was the fairly extensive wade (yes, wade) through a maze, which was a touch tedious (although, admittedly the crocodiles did liven things up a bit). Caves and catacombs: By its nature, this is a bit of a gloomy setting, but the gameplay takes a slightly more challenging turn. Actually, I wasn't sure if the builder was being devious or it was a glitch, but I was stuck for a long time after a timed run with a torch, because nothing happened when I used said torch. Then I eventually did the timed run again to the same spot where I had already used the torch and two doors magically opened. Not sure whether or not that was intentional, but it certainly had me fooled. Another oddity - I found a secret in a crawlspace and the chime sounded but Lara refused to pick up the goodies (same thing happened in part 1actually), but when I went back later on she did pick them up. Nine times out of ten, if something is glitching in a level, I automatically assume it's my brain, but there were definitely a few strange things going on here. Temple of the Bird: I had a rare old time in this part, trying to push a couple of blocks all round a room with a skeleton hacking away at me. I've no doubt I should have had the shotgun by this stage, but I'd cunningly managed to avoid it so I just had to suck down medipacks, of which, luckily, I had a reasonable supply. Imagine my utter horror then to be confronted with another skellie in a rather fiendish spike trap maze. I'll own up now - I gave myself some explosives to get rid of him. Yes, I know, I know, but I'd never have got through the game otherwise and I was enjoying myself and wanted to finish it. I finally did find a shotgun, just in time to find it absolutely no use at all against two demigods and Set. You'll need to keep moving to get through that part. Phew. So, overall an enjoyable game with a few frustrating moments. Well worth playing though and Lara does get to add another artefact to her collection - the stone of energy. That sounds like something I could really use." - Jay (15-Dec-2008)

"4. Halls of the Demigods. These levels begin with a pretty much traditional tomb setting, consisting of a complex of rooms, each serving some small purpose for the overall path ahead. Along the way the player finds a reasonably generous amount of pickups as they tread the nicely lit rooms and encounter various enemies, from scorpions and crocodiles, to jackals and the eponymous demigods, but none of these are any challenge, especially as Lara's animation is a double quick shooting - and glad of it too I was. I found it very enjoyable padding about the various small rooms here and didn't encounter any difficulty until I missed the kind of jump switch that is subtly hidden ... in plain view! There is one room in this level which I would normally find very irritating, and that is a maze-like room filled with waist-high water. It is the kind of room which forces Lara to go slowly, but on this occasion and despite the trepidation I felt when I entered the room, I found it so well created and lit that I enjoyed it very much, and the crocodiles which creep up on Lara from behind weren't any problem to deal with at all. Ultimately we come to what I presume is *the* Hall of the Demigods, and what a nice looking room this is. Full of plenty of colour with a nice layout that isn't overblown as it is, the builder has made maximum use of space in this hall and the surrounding area to get some good, if not slightly short, gameplay from the scene. There is an interesting push bowl/spike trap puzzle in an adjacent room which was a novel component to the level, and soon after a nice, long gallery which, though not having much to do here, looked very good and was a little bit of an extension of a similar looking gallery in the LE tut1 demo. 5. Caves and Catacombs. We move here from nicely lit, easy to see tombs and very enjoyable gameplay, to miserable darkness and frustration with this part of the set. Happily there are plenty of flares, and you'll need them. Annoyingly, in one particular spot, Lara would not perform a grab after a jump twist, so I had to figure out another way to get to where I wanted with this. This level is somewhat more difficult to navigate than the previous one and likely because of the darkness, where to go and what to do next is even less obvious. There is some buggy animation with some crawlspace pickups (the secret), but this is minor. Prepare for a bit of a heart attack moment with one particular room involving an electric charge, it caused me to jump and my mouth to utter profanities when I entered it. This part of the set contains quite a bit of pushing of golden bowls onto the correct tiles, and aside from the completely screwed up collision detection meaning that Lara could move them from various positions, including standing within them, all in all this was rather too much for this kind of puzzle. Indeed, I found the 'quartered' room with these bowls a bit of a nightmare and couldn't wait for it to be over. I'm only glad I could lock the equally annoying mummy in a separate room. I can see plenty of players abandoning play in this section. 6. Temple of the Bird. So relieved I was to have the previous level over with that, despite it being yet another dark level, I was prepared to press on with this set in the hope that this final part would contain at least some of the enjoyment of the first. I was glad to see that I wasn't disappointed. That said, neither is the player spared other, perhaps even worse, annoyances. The layout of this level is very good indeed, with some very good sequences to play, traps to avoid and puzzles to figure out. This last section very definitely demands more of the player, presenting a generally much more unified and solid challenge than both of the previous two levels. That said, I can't help but view the spike maze as a deliberate attempt by the builder to annoy the player. It is one of those areas in which it really does seem that the setup is specifically designed to frustrate. Not only are we dealing with a maze here, but 1. It is quite dark, 2. there are many spike traps, 3. there are fire emitters, and worst of all 4. Lara is persistently hounded by THE most annoying skeleton which cannot be dispatched! I was absolutely and completely fed up with shooting this utter pest with the shotgun, moving a couple of squares, saving, getting by a spike trap or fire emitter, saving and repeating the process. It is this kind of setup which I think pushes players to edit their savegames to give themselves explosive weapons so that they may get rid of such gross annoyances. I am left wondering yet again why it seems that some builders are happy to alienate their audiences with setups like this. This awful situation eventually over with then, one is very happy to move on. There is a really great 'final' boss sequence in this level which I thought was very well set up, giving the player a tough challenge to get through, but the best part is that it isn't actually final, for the builder has made a little bit of extra gameplay to be done after taking care of the boss, which is so refreshing to see, for so many builders simply end the level when a final boss is killed. Overall then, aside from various annoyances, this is a well constructed and enjoyable set of levels to play." - Czar (11-Dec-2008)
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