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Author(s): Cain
total rating:1.26 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 2 4 2 2
Ceamonks890 1 1 0 0
DJ Full 2 4 6 3
eRIC 0 3 1 0
eTux 0 3 0 0
Gerty 0 2 0 0
Jack& 0 1 0 1
Jay 1 3 1 1
Jose 1 1 0 0
Kitkat 1 3 0 1
MichaelP 0 4 0 0
Moonpooka 3 2 4 2
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 1
Ryan 1 2 0 0
Samu 0 4 1 1
Spike 1 2 0 1
Stew 0 1 0 0
TombRaiderTim 0 3 1 0
Vaughnage 2 1 5 1
category averages
(19 reviews)
0.84 2.37 1.11 0.74

Reviewer's comments

"If you thought the enemies in Cain's levels were weird, then Lara's various looks here will probably surpass them. I chuckled a bit at Lara's enlarged head and feet in the first part and box head in the second (a bit of a shock was when I pressed the look key in a crawlspace and saw Lara was double-jointed), but Lara's stick insect body rather freaked me out and had a bizarre impact on her movements (she could run faster but swim slower). Otherwise, it's business as usually in gameplay and visual terms." - Ryan (04-Apr-2019)

"LOL, what was that all about? First Lara with a huge head and shoes hunting bears, then Lara literally inside a box (a MGS classic), and lastly a super tall Lara. That one was the best, in my opinion. I mean, she ran super fast and she jumped super high, so much that if you jumped just a bit, she would fall back to the ground dead. But oh well, if there was a word to describe this levelset it would be 'weird'. But it was funny too, though." - alan (01-Feb-2019)

"While I'm sure that the various 'skins' for Lara will get a chuckle or two out of most, that's essentially all that I'd classify as different from the norm here, as literally every other quality about this levelset is so tried-and-true to the builder's other established works up to this point, that I'd very much doubt I would give it a look-at otherwise, if I weren't a reviewer looking to check another terrible Cain release off my massive backlog. So, only give this one a quick look at for the bizarre Lara skins alone, if you're really that curious. Otherwise, steer clear." - Ceamonks890 (04-Dec-2014)

"- Gameplay & Puzzles: The lack of puzzles makes me just can't give him anymore points than 0 and I'm sad about this (AGAIN). However, the gameplay flows smoothly and, in the last level, it simply stuns. Nevertheless, genious of the last level is NOT enough so let me score the whole thing this way: 1 point for 1st level, 1 point for 2nd as well, and 5 for 3rd. Now let's divide the scores by the number of levels and we get 2 points for overall gameplay. - Enemies, Objects & Secrets: 0 secrets means 0 points for them. Enemies are the same as always, but less challenging and monotonously placed, sometimes TIRING, what is at least as UNFORGIVEABLE like cloning Ripley in Aliens: Resurrection, or using Avada Kedavra by any witch/wizard from Harry Potter series. So I give only 1 point (it's two less points than I usually give Cain in this section, for all of You to see I really don't like his baddies this time!!!). Objects are marvellous, as I had no idea it's possible to speed up animations of Lara THIS way. I give 2 points for the impression they made on me and I have no inner OBJECTions to add extra 1, because Cain's knowledge will help me one day and I'm gonna return to this level DEFINITELY for that reason. - Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: I always rate it by dividing in three parts and I give an extra point if something really surprises me. Atmosphere in this levelset is a masterpiece. Changing from bear hunt killing spree, through the run for life, finally to the last level, where I've felt just like Jake Sully from AVATAR, inside his Omaticaya body. There's NO FEELING COMPARABLE TO THIS in any other custom. So 4 points for atmosphere (the extra one included. And 1 point for a camera. It's the only one camera in the whole levelset, but it's well placed and synchronized with the animation of objects. Total rank in this category is 6, as there is 1 more point for sound of Lara falling - I was shocked when I jumped and she screamed. Bravo, Cain. - Lighting & Textures: Lighting is average, but not disturbing or making a player miserable. The level is easily playable then, so I give 1 point for the basics that are done good. I want also to highlight the fact Cain's Levelset is the only one custom of this guy where application of stretched textures helps in achieving correct proportions, and, for this reason, it is justified. At last. That impressed me and resulted in addition of 1 point to the 1 already given. But the texturing is still far, far beyond the normality. - SUMMARY: This is the most inventive custom of Cain's. One of the two Cain's projects that everyone should play (the second one is Caves Remake, where the author managed to keep an isolation and adventure feeling from TR1, what have made C:R the most classic raid from Cain). Gives a lot of fun, many smile moments. If you don't like Cain's style, I still recommend this custom from the technical point of view: for everyone that wanna see unconventional way of animation speeding." - DJ Full (03-Aug-2010)

"If you know one Cain level, you know them all. This one doesn't differ from the others too much, but where it does, it did give me a chuckle. The different Laras (Bobble-head Lara, Box-Lara, Tall-Lara) gave me a laugh while the levels lasted (and they didn't for very long) and as such were the highlights of this trio set here, and probably the only reason you should see them, if you decide to at all." - eTux (09-Jul-2009)

"Three very small levels. In the first one, Lara has a big head and feet and a little body; you have to shoot thousands of bears, pull a switch to open a door and no more (recommended avoid the animals and run so you don't get bored). In the second, Lara as a box dealing with some guards and a machine gun (you can use the motorbike to get the grenade gun); crawl a very long crawlspace and no more. The last, Lara as an insect with a very small head and very long body, arms and legs swimming slowly through a large underwater room and no more." - Jose (05-Mar-2009)

"This game is once again a typical shooter level from Cain which involves only bad boxy graphics and shooting loads of enemies. Actual gameplay and puzzles can't be found in this level which explains zero in gameplay category. Only thing which made a kind of impression on me were the three modified Lara objects containing a giant Lara which is the only reason why I wanted to play this level. In fact I'm quite sure that there are many established top level builders who probably have no idea how Cain created the new Lara objects but that alone isn't enough for a good rating. Play this only if you wan't to see the giant Lara." - Samu (16-Jan-2009)

"Well, for me that was most amusing. I do like a good laff. I have no idea tho how to rate such stupidity LOL. To start with, Lara is like the bobble head doll that's been circulating the globe over the last few years, so I liked that bit. I didn't like all the bear killing tho, and the textures were bad. Gameplay was just killing bears, a few black croc things and some hedgehog looking beasts. Next, we have Lara looking like a box with eyes. Kill a few guards, who also seemed to have big heads, and a few century guns will steal some health. Gameplay and textures were pretty awful in this level too, but you can use the bike and that was quite funny. The final part sees Lara as a stick insect, and swimming was hilarious. Again, we have some weird black croc thingies to kill, and then we can leave this zany game. I laughed a lot coz I also have a weird sense of humour, but this is something different so it's worth it for the laughs." - Moonpooka (13-Jan-2009)

"The twist this time around is that Lara looks weirder than the enemies - I got a real shock when I fired up the game and saw Lara's great big head and feet. I had to laugh at the second part though. I've heard of 'Lara in a Box' but 'Lara as a Box' is a new one on me. It looked especially funny riding the motorbike. The stick insect Lara rather freaked me out too. I've probably said it before, but somebody needs to get Cain some therapy a.s.a.p." - Jay (08-Jan-2009)

"Same old, same old, so don't expect anything and just have a chuckle" - Gerty (05-Jan-2009)

"Cain, why do you bother making these joke levels, when no one likes them. I will admit that there are positives in you games, but not to many people actually see them because there are so many things that you tend to linger to, like repetative textures, boring gameplay, and an odd atmosphere. I bumped up you atmosphere, sound, and camera grade because you haven't gotten great review, but I know that you can make a decent level, I know you can stop making joke levels, you have to put your mind to it, you have to stop putting random bears and whatnot in wherever you like, you should think of what your doing. With that said, this is really a comment to the maker, please try harder for your next level." - Vaughnage (04-Jan-2009)

"........... its just bad and just what you played before except you now have bobble head lara, box lara, and stick lara. Irratating to play." - Stew (04-Jan-2009)

"Not much to say really about this level set, hardly any gameplay, poor atmosphere, absolutly no care for the texturing and lighting. Also jus a few randm enemy's to kill. As said above, this level set is a total waste of time." - TombRaiderTim (03-Jan-2009)

"I dunno what can I write about this one .... endless shoot and run game with zero gameplay, graphics below par." - Jack& (02-Jan-2009)

"It's a Cain Level. End of Review. Well, ok, to say a few more words, you get the usual here, with countless bears to kill in part 1, a few guards to kill in part 2 and a few bear/lions to kill in part 3. Thankfully it is all quite short and even if you stick around to kill everything that moves (vs just running away) it will only take you about 15 minutes to complete all three parts. So, why bother? Because you get a 'modified' Lara in each part that is hilarious to look at and play with. End of Review. No, really now..." - MichaelP (01-Jan-2009)

"We all know what to expect from Cain by now - guns, enemies, and not a whole lot of stuff to do other than blast them to pieces. Admittedly, the Lara outfits were amusing for a minute or two, and running around at breakneck speed with Tall Lara certainly felt a little entertaining, but one or two gimmicky outfits naturally doesn't make a good level (or three, as the case is here). Download for novelty value only." - Spike (01-Jan-2009)

"The first of the three levels is your typical Cain outing;the 2nd and 3rd are one-joke affairs which elicit a chuckle but nothing more.Got 5 minutes to spare? Why not." - Orbit Dream (01-Jan-2009)

"lol I love Cain levels by Cain. And here I have 3 for the price of 1. Gameplay & Puzzles: There is 1 lever to pull. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Lara and her enemies have had extensive reconstructive surgery. I have no idea how Cain did it, much less why. They have to be seen to be believed. For that reason alone this level set is worth the download. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras/Lighting & Textures: Could have been better. But they aren't the reason we play Cain levels, the bizarre and outlandish baddies are. And, of course, the hilarious readme. (Which is hilarious.) If you have enjoyed Cain's other offerings, download and play; If you didn't enjoy his previous levels, I'd give this one a miss..." - Kitkat (01-Jan-2009)

"A very short game made of 3 levels. There are of course plenty of enemies and ammos but I did not killed all enemies for I was afraid to run out of medipacks. No care has been put in the setting and there is no puzzle either, i'm sure you already knew that. The 3"Laras" are incredible, especially the last one, rotfl. Maybe worth a try just to see this." - eRIC (01-Jan-2009)
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