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Author(s): hmkayfloh Paze
total rating:6.94 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 7 8 9 7
DJ Full 8 8 8 7
dmdibl 8 8 8 7
JesseG 6 8 8 7
Jose 2 6 7 8
Leeth 4 6 6 5
manarch2 7 8 9 7
MichaelP 8 8 9 6
Nina Croft 6 8 8 8
Ruben 6 8 6 8
Ryan 3 6 7 8
Zhyttya 5 6 7 5
category averages
(12 reviews)
5.83 7.33 7.67 6.92

Reviewer's comments

"It's a rare occasion for me to submit a review for a level or game I never managed to fully get through, but this is one of those instances. In theory, it has a lot going for it: well constructed and attractive (if a bit gloomy) settings, nicely used custom objects, neat gameplay devices and a nice mix of challenges. But I only made it as far as three-quarters of the way through the second level due to the fact that the gameplay overstepped the mark between "challenging" and frustrating" far too many times for my liking and the fact that the spike/torch sequence seemed to bug out for me, as the spikes under the wall torches retracted then appeared about five seconds later while the other spikes were active, making it impossible for me to continue and I had to bin the game there. Now, I consider myself very advanced of raiding but when I can't conquer an unreasonably difficult sequence after numerous tries, something is very wrong. Only for extreme experts and very patient players. This should have been tested far better to balance out the gameplay more." - Ryan (09-Feb-2018)

"As usual, I never give a 5 or higer rating to the gameplay section for a level I can't finish (I never liked to disturb people in the forums). First of all, it was not very good play two entire levels without guns and avoiding only some scorpions (the way to kill the big scorpion was great, though); that feature always takes away posibilities to the gameplay. The first level was good, half lineal and with entertaining and doable tasks. The second level has a lot of new ideas, but it's based only about hard gymnastics and overcome a lot of very hard traps, where the player usually needs to reload and reload hundreds of times to finally succeed, sometimes with a big dose of luck. At the end of the second level, in the area with the wheel-switch and all those nasty smashing blocks, I was trying to cross to the exit door excessive times wasting a lot of time, so finally decided to throw the entire adventure directly to the recycling bin. Only for very expert players with many patience and a long time avaliable." - Jose (29-Aug-2017)

"Well...we did it. We did it. We finished this 'almost impossible to finish' level, has described by several reviewers. I wanted to quit LOTS of times, but i didn't. I didn't quit. I'm stubborn. This adventure, will suck out the players patient has a vampire sucks blood from its pray at night. There's so much stuff, that are so frustrating...i could just write down a list of the things that made me almost quit the level, but it would make this review just way to big. This adventure requires constant repetition, and sometimes, the tips given on the walkthrough won't work. Fortunately I've ALWAYS found a way to progress and to surpass certain parts. It was incredibly challenging - on the bad side of the meaning - not to mention the hard to see environment for most of the game. Level 3 was the worst part of this game. Pitch dark, no binoculars, flares little did to illuminate the area. The limited ammo does make things harder to deal with, specially in the last level where you'll need to be careful with your ammo, has there's little/none ammo to pick up. To conclude i'm not sure if i recommend this one. The challenge itself is to make it to the finish trigger of the game...there's a lot of stuff that just makes this game totally unplayable in my opinion. If the idea appeals you, i wish you good luck my friend." - Zhyttya (24-Apr-2016)

"A fun, engaging, bug free, accessible, logical and a real joy to play. This is all that is missing in this level. Starting with the bad lightning, the bugged zones, the "perfect jumps" you have to do and the "let me see the walk-through to see if its time to go back" zones makes this one of the worse experience I had playing TRLE. Ending this game seemed more like a mission than a thing i do for fun and i REALLY love challenges, but i love challenges with logic, not like this. There were so many things to annoy you (like killing the random scorpion on the button of the pit) or how easy you can miss an item inside a box that this was just a pain in the butt. Still, the puzzles were interesting but not demanding, just hard to execute since everything was plain dark or just timed in a way that you can not miss by 1MS. The hammer gods were a bit to annoying since they could displace you where you had to shimmy, and the camera work was just to bad in some zones. The sound cut in a way that is too intrusive as well. Oh, and one thing will always be in my memories, the "get out of the pool". The intended way is WAY TO BROKEN that it seemed like you had to do something more. This is a level that if you don't have a walk-through, you will question your self A LOT of times. Really not recommend!" - Leeth (24-Apr-2016)

"Unexplored Ruins (8-8-8-8): The most playable level of the set, even if the atmosphere was a little worse because of too bright lighting, but if you regard the other three levels, this is rather good. A nice usage of the mermaid function, but also some "trial and error"- puzzles liked the six levers where only one is not deadly. 30 minutes.
Inner Complex (8-8-9-7): In this level there is a central hub room and many side passages with difficult obstacles. The darkness in some rooms wasn't really nice, and texturing got worse in the caves, plus many bugs, but I can't say I didn't enjoy this level. The torch sequences, the spike usage and the timed run at the end were really fun to play through, but running around headlessly through some dark caves without a real destination was certainly uninspired. 70 minutes.
Temple Surroundings (4-9-9-6): This was the level where I nearly quit this game for a third time. Most of the level was totally dark, also there were a lot of too well hidden wall/jump levers and tons of bugs (Lara looses health even at normal places; Lara gets stuck in a doorway;...); even if the objects simply were fantastic and they made the setting feel absoletely convincing, as there were solid blocks with round edges and lots of door objects. But halfway through this level I just wanted it to finish the next second. There was very, very few ammo in this level and most of the time I ran away from the bats and skeletons (some of them were - thank god - so stupid that they jumped in nearby gaps). Luckily the walkthrough helped me through this depression. 75 minutes.
Inner Circle (7-8-8-7): The level that might be the most representative of the set, but it was also the shortest. Finding four sealstones in a again more player- friendly setting but also with some cracks in texturing, with some obscure tasks (jumping on a monkeyswing to trigger a door or using a lever again to open a door different to the one before). The final cutscene was very nice done, and it all ends with a credit flyby. 25 minutes.
All in all a time consuming (3+ hours) levelset with plenty of new objects and innovation, but some parts, especially the third level, are badly executed. I wish for a possible sequel that it won't be dark and it will be free of so many game-stopping bugs. Still, I recommend each level of this set except for the third." - manarch2 (23-Dec-2011)

"I attempted to finish this levelset four or five times so far, and finally, after playing it for three days (or 7 hours effectively), I finally made it! And then I could understand why this level has so few reviews in such a long period. It is not because people don't like this levelset (people give reviews even when they don't like a level) but because it is so hard that only most dedicated and patient (and also, most stubborn) players ever manage to finish it. There are four levels in total, two of them playing with unarmed Lara, and the second half playing with limited ammo for Dual pistols, which makes things so much more difficult. Even when you refer to the walkthrough while playing, you will still have problems and be stuck in many places, because the levels are obviously designed not to be finished. Other reviewers already mentioned the spike trap that should be used for killing a giant scorpion... Well, it took me two hours to do it successfully, with zillion of tries... The overall atmosphere is good, with a lot of custom objects and puzzles, with many amazing ideas, with pretty nice texturing (with just a few cracks), and nice camera shots to give you directions, but still, the gameplay is many times, and in many ways, ruined. You cannot play this game fluently, so prepare to be stuck somewhere for hours, keep your saves, don't waste your ammo and flares, and don't hesitate to use the walkthrough, mostly to avoid many possible bugs that are really annoying. I must say I was so happy to finish this game, I felt like a huge burden was finally removed from my shoulders. I was so, so tired, my fingers hurt me for long after playing it. If you like really challenging levels, with nice vista but terribly hard when it comes to platforming, puzzle solving and bug avoiding, then this is a definite must-play for you... This level definitely is beautifully designed, although very dark, and I regret to say that all these efforts invested in building it, were simply wasted, because the gameplay is impossibly hard. I hope the builders will in the future make similarly beautiful levels, but far more player-friendly than this one..." - Nina Croft (10-May-2011)

"I had been reluctant to play this level for a long time, but finally curiosity took over and I accepted the challenge after reading DJ Full's review and advice. Well, after a whole week and a total of (only) 4 hours of net game play I finally finished. There were so many things in this level that were absolutely amazing and exciting like the good sound track and atmosphere, use of objects, architecture and texturing just to name a few. Unfortunately the rather complicated and at times unnecessarily difficult game play, the persistent darkness, a million of illegal slopes, unfairly placed switches, levers and traps and also the fact that I basically never knew what to do or which direction to go sure did dampen the positive experience. I would have never been able to make it through this game without the walkthrough and also thanks to the save game for a timed run I could not complete. Game play seemed very exhausting as there were so many places like the boulder ramp secret or the jump/grab in darkness while two hammer gods and a horde of skeletons pounding Lara, which limited the game play to constantly dying and reloading. The builders provided plenty of nice red flares; unfortunately they were not very effective in lighting anything more than 3 feet away from Lara, which was really awful because of the illegal slopes that were sometimes in areas where you would not expect one. Basically all areas in this level where two textures meet at an angle other than 90 or 180 degrees are suspicious and you'll reload much quicker from a save game than you'll ever think. The game has also lots of potentially game stopping bugs but I was able to avoid them all by following the advice from the walkthrough. I would definitely recommend this level IF you are looking for a challenge, are a really experienced and patient (!) player, have a fairly bright monitor and a darkened room, don't mind saving often and checking the walkthrough on a regular basis and have enough self control to go through countless re-loads without losing your temper.(4 hours, 8 secrets)" - Blue43 (14-Mar-2011)

"1st level: 7/6/8/10, 2nd: 8/7/6/9, 3rd: 7/9/5/4, 4th: 8/6/5/7. Total: 7,5/7/6/7,5, so gotta place that 0,5 point in a category that better deserves it... Gameplay & Puzzles, I think. After 13 months which have already passed since the release, this game has still only 5 reviews. I wonder if this happened because we reviewers have scared off players? And I hope the walkthru will help this level come to life again, as it's really good - even if it's an epic technical fail - so dark, that when compared to "Temple of Prithvi", that latter one appears to be relaxing! SUMMARY: I won't say anything more to scare players off this game. On the contrary, I'm gonna say something to make the already scared players more self-confident: Press Esc to make light - works better than flares, and the best - with flares, lit in the same time. And stop being afraid of this game. It's too good for this. And recommended to any experienced, patient raider." - DJ Full (30-Nov-2010)

"A lot of craftsmanship and effort has gone into creating these levels; this is evident from what is on the screen. The authors are intelligent, so reviews should consist of a list of superlatives, but they have given no consideration to the player. It took me four days to play this. Months ago I tried to play these levels with a CRT monitor, and gave up, then finally played them with a bright flat screen monitor. Level one is fine. (Lara does swim right through an underwater door, rather than opening it with a switch, but these sorts or mistakes--such as Lara walking through railings--occur throughout these levels, and are harmless.) The second level, "The Inner Complex," is a muddle. Many constructs are implanted in walls, sometimes to indicate shimmy cracks (I guess this is to modernize Tomb Raider appearance). This doesn't always work as Lara gets stuck inside these constructs, and only the authors know where the real shimmy cracks are. One can't even tell when Lara has finished a room. Lara begins by lighting eight torches that are protected by spikes. It seems as though there are further tasks, and gates to open, that Lara has hit an impasse, but the lit torches finish the room. The next room has Lara jumping many boulder ramps, and solving a small puzzle, to pull a chain. There is nothing to tell the player what this does, so there is no sense of accomplishment. Next there is a room where Lara kills a giant scorpion with spikes. I had Lara throw all the spike levers before the scorpion showed up, and so had to replay this entire section. But there is nothing unique here; there must be dozens of places in this game where Lara had to completely replay sections. In a cave Lara encounters illegal slopes beyond counting, or gets stuck inside "rock" constructs for a reload. But again, nothing unique, these problems continue throughout. Lara gets and places three siegels, but that merely opens the exit door. I felt nothing had been accomplished. There is a torch here, and a torch elsewhere, as if they can be lit and carried back, but these are red herrings to fool the player. Deliberately misleading the player is also a common theme. The end features multiple crushing blocks for a timed run. If this was supposed to be fun, then I guess I was having a bad day. The third level is extremely dark. Starts with dark green walls, in dark, with dark green switches. There are sections that are actually pretty good, so there is enough here to keep players going. Then there is a dark cave, with a jump switch Lara has to find. In a huge area, with structures rising up, imagine how difficult it is to find that single jump switch with the binoculars, searching and searching from various vantage points. This is a little joke--Lara never once has the binoculars during this game. The flares are weak and red, and the lighting is truly bad. Lara spots a sleeping wolf in the cave, and later hears it howl, but she has no weapons. Maybe she encounters this wolf with a backtrack, but if Lara crawls through a crack she takes a direct route back and never sees a wolf. The third level ends with two large and energetic hammer gods. Lara needs to shimmy to a jump switch. If they don't knock her from the shimmy crack, they will certainly prevent her from reaching the jump switch. The author uses a nasty design. After struggling Lara reaches a high ledge where she has two choices: jump to a pickup, or drop and pull a jump switch. The jump switch is necessary to exit this level. But the pickup lets her visit a cave with a hundred ammo rounds for the pistols. Lara can miss this, but then be at a real disadvantage later. There is no good way to play this room, and I have no idea why the hoard of skeletons showed up. The next two levels, "The Inner Ring," are interconnected. Lara gets the revolver and laser sight to add to the pistols (and hopefully all the ammo she got). There are human opponents with deadly grenades to combat (maybe Lara glimpsed the man with the shotgun from a vantage point back in level two). One notable area was a series of slopes through lava. Lara can jump them, but she can't get back. It seems there is a shimmy crack in the wall (those artifacts again), but it doesn't work. It took me more time than I care to admit to find the monkeyswing. One more example of the hilarity in misleading players. Finally Lara finds a small vial, which is her only reward for all the travails here. It better be the elixir of life, rather than a bottle of cheap perfume. Then there is a last unfortunate level to conclude, where nothing works. An army of skeletons attacks Lara. In my game everything went haywire. Lara drew revolver and madly ran in circles. If at first she turned to face the skeletons, she ran uncontrollably backwards to hit a wall. The level crashed repeatedly. At one point credits did scroll on the screen, but if something besides Lara doing a headless chicken routine was supposed to happen here, then I didn't see it. I repeat what I said at the beginning: This could have been exceptional and highly rated, given everything that went into these levels, but the deliberate choices to handicap and mislead the player make it something of a chore. Many places are memorable and inventive, so recommended for serious fans." - dmdibl (25-Apr-2010)

"Here is a good example of what happens when you think too hard about how pretty things look without getting to the fundamentals. For instance, the looks, while a bit dark, are nice - many details are put into place, such as custom objects made to create cracks in the wall or unique shapes that make things less blocky. Unfortunately some of these objects have collision issues, or simply do not have collision. Another issue is with several switches, which sometimes do not work if you pulled them - or they might activate if you simply step in front of it. This was not good especially if you were dealing with a timed switch. There are also some ridiculous things asked of the player - in one spot you must somehow make the connection that a door will open if you kill a scorpion with spikes (you have no weapons at this point). Even if you think this through, you have limited tries to time it right, as the levers are placed near walls and can only be used once. It is also unfortunate that you either do not have weapons (the first two levels), or get stuck with pistols that only have about a dozen bullets (third level). That all said, there are certainly some redeeming qualities as well, such as the care taken into creating many custom switches, puzzles, etc. Also the adventure is elaborate enough to last a good 3 hours or so, through 4 different levels. There are also some challenging timed runs and traps to enjoy. I appreciate the ambition shown in this series, it is just a shame that the foundation wasn't ironed out a little more before adding the eye candy on top." - SSJ6Wolf (22-Dec-2009)

"Unerforschte Ruinen (7/8/9/7, 45 min, 1 secret): Impressive though maybe a little bland setting right from the word Go with the many custom objects that attempt to take away the blocky feel of the TR engine. It flows well, too, with no weapons but also no enemies encountered and a few new Lara moves to practice. Ambience and audio works quite well and the fog is nicely applied. Climbing textures are a bit odd on occasion, but generally a nice starting level for the series.
Der innere Komplex (8/8/9/6, 80 min, 1 secret found): Now, this is something different entirely. It starts with an intriguingly cool door opening animation and torch to find, but then quickly the relatively non-linear flow gets very, very confusing. Make no mistake, there are great ideas and moments in this level, but it will feel more like an ordeal than actually being entertaining and fun. Several times you will likely feel stuck simply because you won't find the sneaky way out of your misery. The spike and boulder challenges are tough but manageable and the idea to kill the giant scorpion with the spikes is nice, but what if the player does not get it and all spikes have already been triggered before you meet up with the scorpion?
Tempelumgebung (8/9/9/6, 70 min, 1 secret found, 2 consciously missed): Much like the previous part, this is not at all flowing well. It is very dark and more often than not the critical switches (and there are many) blend in very well with the walls and the overall setting. There are also several illegal slopes you can get stuck in, annoying look-cams that don't have a one shot trigger and the worst thing - very, very limited ammo, which leads to the fact that you run around most of the level with a bunch of bats picking at Lara. The mushrooms are a nice addition and the overall construction works really well, including a timed run over spikes and a rather tough room with two hammergods, but again, just like part 2, while I can admire the thinking and effort that went into building this, the fun factor is not there when you play it.
Der innere Ring (7/7/8/6, 35 min): Shorter and a little easier on the player, even though it is still very dark and still very little ammo around. There is one tight timed run which was a good challenge and a few spikes and burners to maneuvre around.
And then at the end you get a brilliant little finale, which shows yet again the originality and creativity of the builders. Creativity that gets lost and wasted here, because they did not have this tested properly and validated a bit more broadly and then taken feedback on board that could have turned the adventure into something a little more 'player friendly' and thus simply more fun. I finished in just under 4 hours with 267 flares in my inventory but a mere 8 bullets left for the revolver and one single small medipack. Not a good balance of pickups there. Still - as a seasoned TR player, this will give you a decent challenge that you may want to try yourself on." - MichaelP (24-Nov-2009)

"What an enourmous amount of time and effort wasted by these two talented builders in releasing a TRLE adventure which could have been a five star top class one if it ever had been properly tested ! This game looks fantastic at first sight with full of interesting challenges and gameplay but also hides a whole lot of bugs and deseases under its fair cloak . And these bugs cannot be made good sometimes even by loading a savegame , many bugs appear over and over again so I finally made my way through to the end using I do not know how many downloads from the forums. This is very annoying as I can see many of my fellow reviewers have tried their best to make it work and my review is definetely not aimed to discourage other players to continue in this adventure but you will see yourself. The ever - present darkness makes it hard to find the next step ahead , stumbling over illegal slopes seems to be a feature here. No hints given whatsover one lever does or does not becomes a continuous nuisance of this issue. Yes , there are some nice fly-bies but all dead silent without any music . In no way I want to put down the builder`s effort and time taken to create this game but if you get to certain stages in this game you will feel the same frustration as I had ,head on if you have a lot of your precious time to spend seeing black screens,invisible blocks wrongly placed in this adventure that could have been a marvel !" - Ruben (02-Nov-2009)
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