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Author(s): Oxy
total rating:8.18 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 9 9 9 8
Christian 9 8 8 9
Diz 8 7 8 7
DJ Full 9 8 9 8
dmdibl 9 8 10 9
Gerty 7 8 8 7
Jack& 7 7 8 6
janachorider 9 8 10 10
Jay 9 8 9 10
JesseG 7 8 8 7
Jorge22 7 8 8 8
Jose 8 8 9 9
manarch2 7 8 8 7
MichaelP 8 9 9 8
Phil 9 8 8 9
Ruben 9 9 9 9
Ryan 8 9 8 8
Scottie 9 8 7 9
Shandroid 8 9 8 8
Silgukaarel 9 7 8 6
TheStig 9 8 8 8
totizedger 7 8 8 7
Zhyttya 7 8 9 8
category averages
(23 reviews)
8.17 8.09 8.43 8.04

Reviewer's comments

"This is certainly a raid that was off the beaten track a bit. It's not as crazy or as offbeat as Oxy's earlier offering, but it's far from your regular Tomb Raider game. The textures are a bit of an odd choice and the music choices were certainly quirky, but they do fit in this kind of fantasy environment. Some of the gameplay tasks are a bit obscure and some of the openings required for progression are sneakily, so I did glance at the walkthrough a couple of times to keep myself moving along, as vague as it was. There's also a couple of brief timed runs and a buggy monkeyswing but nothing too bad. I did find the levels not linking together a bit of an odd choice, but otherwise this was an enjoyable, feelgood and off the wall raid." - Ryan (07-Jun-2018)

"The levels which Oxy makes are always unique. Let's start off with the first one (Alien Airport), which is the best of the 3 levels included when it comes to gameplay. As usual Oxy's music choice is very nice and many of them put a smile on my face, also different music is used depending on if you are making progress etc which is nice. Some background soundtrack would have been nice to hear when the music is not playing but that is too minor complaint in such a great adventure. The items are usually hidden very well like the flowers. This levelset is non-linear so it's possible to get stuck a lot which sadly happened to me. The second and third level together are less impressive but still provides about 45-50 min of decent gameplay. There was one very obscure thing you had to do in the third level, putting the vase standing on one side of the table had me resorting to the walkthrough. The aliens are sometimes used to show where to put an item etc which is typical for an Oxy level. To sum things up it's a good levelset with lots of unique touches and i recommend it." - totizedger (04-Aug-2015)

"I don't even know where to start with this review! I loved playing these three levels. I only wished it had a background soundtrack, it seemed so empty when those beautiful songs showed up (i was always waiting for them to show up). The first level is by far way harder than the others two, perhaps due to the fact that you need to understand the level logic: pick up flowers, certain objects are movable etc etc etc. When you start the game (in the first level which is Alien Airport) you don't know where to start with. The first level kinda resembles a very small open world, every thing is scattered, you need to keep going back and fourth to make some progress. I admit it was kinda frustrating at some point, i wasted 1.30h on the first one...the other two levels max 45m each. I loved the fact that the game was friendly! No enemies. However those aliens did scare me once in a while. In conclusion: i absolute recommend this level, after you understand how the puzzles work, you can make progress gradually, and the MUSIC IS SO MUCH FUN!! If i had to sum up in one word this game i would say: fun." - Zhyttya (02-Aug-2015)

"I love this level.that's all i can say." - janachorider (06-Mar-2014)

"After playing this levelset, I think about creating my own SOPA, standing for "Stop Overused Pushables Act". But in the end, I realized I enjoyed them, what is rare for me - for they variety. Same goes for music - first it seemed repetative, then I understood every situation type has its own theme - a riddle, a solution, a secret... Nice. I also really appreciate the vehicle provided in the first level. I myself rarely drove it, but it was really kind from Oxy's side to aim for reducing unneccessary circling as much as possible, and focus on puzzles. Those were extraordinary: who would have thought a pot of water can be combined with flowers and a dragon? But we can't get confused, because each of these items has its separate pedestal. The only bad thing is that pedestals we take items from look similar to puzzle holes. But as soon as we find our target, we get entertained by UFOs, spinning antennas and Lara's clones appearing here and there. No chance to get frustrated in this wacky environment, where somehow everything fits, no matter what is put in. And finally, the castle level is one of those where You can forget it has been made with trle, because of photographed plant/wall textures - not maybe looking very realistic, anyway spreading unique climate among those usually provided in c-levels. If I can recall correctly, I've seen similar in Harpy House, and it's always good to have a builder with recognizable style." - DJ Full (19-Jul-2012)

"Welcome to Oxy's Lara's world. After a stressful week of being away from home I needed something relaxing to fill my evenings and this fits the bill perfectly. You find yourself in a gunless environment where the locals are friendly. The release is split into three separate levels which are played individually. It kicks off with Alien airport, which is the largest & most complex of the three levels. Then you'll move to a mountainous road iin 'The Key', before finishing up at a charming 'Mistery Castle' level. All of the levels are well paced, and while there's a few hidden items there shouldn't be anything that will cause most players any problems. Thanks to the lack of shooting and pick-up & explore style gameplay I would say this level is also suitable for children. There are a few timed runs in places, but nothing too tight. Texturing & lighting are excellent, and the architecture believable. Out of everything though I would say that the best thing about Lara's world is it's originality. It's got a very distinctive feel to it which is a good mark of an author really giving their level their own stamp of identity. I wasn't 100% sure about some of the music tracks used in the level, but most were well chosen. The only other oddity was why the three levels were not linked. They fit together very well, so an end trigger with one rolling into the other would have perhaps worked better. All in all I got 2 hours 17mins gameplay from Lara's world (broken down as, 1 hour 7 mins for 'Alien Airport, 40 mins for 'The Key', & 30 mins for 'Mistery Castle'. A great relaxing series of levels here. Recommended. Stiggy" - TheStig (25-Jun-2011)

"I had taken a few weeks of a break of playing custom levels and what better level to pick to return than one by Oxy. This set of three levels just put me in a good mood right away, largely due to the rather odd but well working choice of uplifting audio tracks throughout and the uique and interesting choice of textures and fun objects, such as the large and mini Laras, helicopters, dragons and so on that you would almost expect in an Oxy level. Oddly, the three levels are not connected even though they could have been (story wise and technically). The first one, Alien Airport (40 min) is the most accomplished in terms of gameplay, it has 5 secret mini Laras to find, a few push puzzles, easy timed runs, torch action and the search for five flower pots. The second level (The Key - 25 min) and the third (Mistery Castle - 20 min) are shorter and feel a bit like more of the same as the gameplay elements from level one get repeated here, but they are still equally charming. Glad to be back in Laras World and hoping for many more levels by Oxy in the future." - MichaelP (13-Mar-2011)

"This is an offbeat but pleasant offering that's divided into three segments. There are significant differences, to be sure, but the overall feel is that you're playing a single adventure. Therefore, I'm not sure why it was necessary to make the player start each level from scratch. Anyway, the first level (Alien Airport) is by far the most elaborate, and it took me more than an hour to complete. Although there are no enemies, the tasks are obscure enough to make me glad I had a walkthrough handy. The music is a bit quirky in spots, but there are a few oldies adaptations (notably the tune to "I Only Want To Be With You" that you hear as you're driving the Jeep) that are pleasing to the ear. The second level (The Key) is a bit more compact, but what the walkthrough called a "very easy" block puzzle at the beginning proved anything but that for me. You have to maneuver two blocks and a moveable device in just the right sequence in tight quarters, a task made even more difficult by the fact that the device has corner feet that impede movement of the blocks. Just this part in itself took me 15 or 20 minutes and had me cussing in no time. There's also a stubborn monkeyswing in this section. The final level (The Mystery Castle) is little more than a brief mop-up operation where you launch upon a fairly linear series of tasks to find three artifacts to gain access to the helicopter that concludes the adventure. Not a classic, but it's built in typically Oxian style and provides a nice and relaxing raid. Recommended." - Phil (21-Oct-2010)

"First of all, I would like to say that it was really hard to rate this level since it consisted of 3 different levels. They may look alike but from the techincal aspect they are not so similar. I was glad to find a level without enemies because I really like those peaceful an calm levels. The first level was alien airport in which you had to repair some things like get the lights back on etc. It was a really good level in my opinion because you pretty much had to check every single corner and every corner in that corner. I was tricked by the monkey swing because it took me a long time to figure that out. The secrets were pretty average. I did enjoy the music mostly but some of it was getting a bit annoying. The pole swinging was a bit weird in the airfield. I liked that you were given an option to either use the jeep or not. The second level was called the key. I assume this level was all about finding a key. I luckily managed to get out of the so called "illegal slope" without reloading. But i had some hard time with the steep monkey swing. The mini croft manor seemed quite interesting with five laras standing outside. This level was about half as short as the first level. The third level was called the castle. While i didn't find any connection between the first and the second level, the third level started pretty much where the second one ended. This level was all around running in a house, which didn't resemble a castle from inside at all. I was the least satisfied with this one as it was the shortest and i found some misplaced textures. For the conclusion i would say that this level package started out strong but kinda lost its steam in the end. But still defnitely worth to download." - Silgukaarel (20-Oct-2010)

"Did I miss something? Because I don't understand the reason here why the three levels aren't connected and why we had to choose them from the menu. Apart from that I didn't mind the hunt for somewhat unusual objects as flowerpots. However I do mind running around like a chicken without its head. Sometimes one could figure out where a pushable had to go and sometimes not. But trust Oxy to be true to herself and create a level she enjoys even if it isn't to your taste. I found some nasty illegal slopes and some of the plants had me trapped so all I could do was reload. For the rest the three levels used most of the same textures so in that way you got the feeling they were connected. To be honest I liked her castle setting from the early days better" - Gerty (18-Oct-2010)

"I don't know what to say exactly, but I was expecting a lot more proficiency from Oxy, namely texture wise, in the way the levels connect (and they don't anyway, that is automatically) and even in the musical choices. Everything seems a bit too simple (and still I did get stuck quite a few times) and I can sympathise with Oxy's choice regarding that but still I was expecting some more. I mean, Oxy's first tries weren't utterly original but they were very solid. Then, she became much more original albeit maybe not so perfect. Now, this game feels simultaneously less original and less perfect. It may seem like I'm trying to be destructive or something but no, I'm simply being plain honest and I believe Oxy deserves honesty just like she deserves niceness being a good member of the community with a lot of building evidence on her behalf. It's still a nice game and an offer by Oxy is never to be forsaken. And my honest opinion is merely my honest opinion." - Jorge22 (08-Oct-2010)

"This is oxy's first try with the new editor and she gives us a lighthearted, whimsical Raid with an Alien airport in need of repair and a castle to explore. No enemies and no use for guns puts the emphasis on puzzle solving and exploration. Lara's mansion dollhouse and figures are enchanting and gameplay shows more of her imaginative and creative abilities on a brighter, lighter side, reminding us of earlier beloved gameplay. Timed runs are fun and very much doable and yes, the music is pure oxy at her playful best. All that is not to say you won't get stuck, especially at a 'tricky' water pitcher placement and a nicely concealed MS but if you are in the mood for a relaxing, fun Raid, this is perfect." - Bene (02-Oct-2010)

"Ok I played this one sometime before ... and I write this now again because I made another review, but it did not reach Michael to post it ... From what I remember ... my first impression was that this game is a bit rushed out and not polished enough ... and if I take in consideration the name of the builder - oxy - who is a sound name between builders, well than the disappointment is even bigger ... I played some of her previous games - and I can tell that this was far from all in any terms gameplay and graphics in a bad way... It is a 3 level game at which the only highlight is the well hidden items and keys ... graphics is surprisingly poor, many stretched textures ... much below from her previous games ... and even if I take in consideration her previous works I cannot give higher mark for this than 7 overall ... generally builders make better and better games with each release, but in this case it is a big backthrow ... playable - but not enjoyable ... cheers." - Jack& (25-Sep-2010)

"Yes, so can only Oxy build. It is quite astonishing as Oxy gets over and over again to create such miraculous level. The buildings in the first level are formed very nicely. The same is valid for the lawns. Less nicely was in the third level the creation of the Castle. In the building it looked good, but if one looked at the Castle from the outside, one could recognise very fast, that Oxy for the facades only textures had used. Nevertheless, this looked very flat and unrealistic. The sound was very nice, but, nevertheless, sometimes it was too much of the good. The riddles very felt well, indeed, nevertheless, it was very difficult to find the torches. Maybe they could have placed better. Or Oxy could have insert camera hintes. It was anyhow in such a way which there was not enough camera hints. Though the areas were neatly arranged all together, but, nevertheless, it would have been better if there had been more camera hints. The Flybys were formed very interesting. I have liked particularly the missing stopgaps. If level builders have no more ideas, they build often a big labyrinth. Luckily this was not here the case. Moreover, it was very nice to play once more a non-violent level. However, I ask myself, why the levels were not connected with each other. Result: Though it has become a good level, but just from Oxy one is accustomed actually better Stuff." - Scottie (22-Sep-2010)

"I've always thoroughly enjoyed Oxy's games so I was really looking forward to this 3 part level. The first part well lived up to expectations - quirky and innovative. But, as the other two levels progressed, I found that I was enjoying it less and less. Especially the last level which seemed to consist of entering a room, finding the unique Oxy trigger and going into another room, then repeat. Don't get me wrong, it's a fabulously made level, just not to my taste. It's like a beautifully executed painting that you can see has been done by a master artist, but it doesn't go with your decor. Liking the first part and not the last made scoring it as one level very difficult for me and it probably should be higher but I've got to call it as I see it. Sorry Oxy!" - Diz (19-Sep-2010)

"This is a set of 3 independent levels set upon some sort of alien world. The set has a very "innocent" feel to it, with no enemies, guns, or traps to get in your way. It is quite a different pace from the usual raid, and the custom audio and cheerful decorating adds to the effect. Alien Airport: There are plenty of things to repair at this airport, and many flower pots to find, so you'd better be able to explore every corner. It is a nice, huge environment with several puzzles to overcome. I'm not sure I'm a fan of those hidden monkeyswings - after all, you couldn't grab on those textures as walls, so why can you grab them when they are overhead? The scanner puzzle wasn't very clear to me but I got it after some help. Some sounds were a bit odd or annoying, such as the scanner noises. 50 minutes. The Key: In this shorter level you find the key to a castle, while exploring some houses and some sort of water pump area. Another of those stealthy monkeyswings, and Lara kept getting stuck in it because the ceiling was set too steep (monkeyswings should have at most a 1-click slope to completely work). I also got stuck in an illegal slope, and more camera cues would have helped. That aside, I enjoyed the pushable block puzzle at the start as well as exploring the first house area. 25 minutes. Mystery Castle: The shortest level is also not as interesting as the other two, as you just spend most of the time going from one key to the next (or to some other object). There are too many ambiguities in this level, such that you solve things more accidentally than purposefully. Moving that office table at the start is an example of this. The level ends when you step up next to a helicopter so that Lara can leave this crazy place. 20 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (19-Sep-2010)

"I get really excited when oxy makes new levels because they are few and far between. This little level set isn't quite as whimsical as oxy's past levels, but there is much here that clearly screams "I'm an oxy level!" There are unique objects like alien beings, little helicopters and Lara statuettes to name a few, and unusual texturing. The music is always unique in oxy levels. This levelset is no different. You get little musical cues that you are on the right track which is great. Some folks might dislike the music, but I liked it, especially the awesome car song. Gameplay is inventive and thought-provoking but not too difficult. I found a couple places where Lara gets stuck, and I wasn't enormously fond of some of the texturing and door selection. This doesn't get in the way of the gameplay at all. I really enjoyed this one!" - Shandroid (18-Sep-2010)

"Anybody who has ever played one of Oxy's levels will know what to expect - gorgeous settings, quirky ideas, fabulous custom objects/textures, amusing music and fun, fun, fun. This comprises three levels, played separately, but linked together in theme, so best viewed as one complete game. It begins in an airport and ends in a castle, but all three sections contain aliens, torch work, block (and other) puzzles and driving the jeep (not always strictly necessary but definitely enjoyable). It's a relaxing raid as there are no enemies, so Lara has no guns, but you will need to engage your brains to work out one or two of the clever puzzles. It may be called Lara's World, but in fact it is Oxy's World - unique and always a pleasure to visit." - Jay (15-Sep-2010)

"The author in a whimsical mood, with Lara exploring three independent levels (any level may be selected at the start). All levels have similar features and themes, though presented in a different manner. By far, "Alien Airport" was my favorite of these levels. It looks wonderful, it has an open-ended feel so that Lara can run from one task to another, and it has good play elements such as leaps from multiple bars to place a cogwheel, or thought-provoking push puzzles, or a sinuous easily missed monkey swing. Lara was puzzled about how to reach a model helicopter, and also how to gain access to the area to place it, but then almost simultaneously discovered switches to allow these tasks. Or at one point Lara broke off from a task, and went back to use a torch. I liked having everything going on at once in this lush and beautiful environment. There is a jeep, but it isn't really necessary, as Lara can get up the steep road without it. The secrets are cleverly placed, and it takes skill to locate five Lara statues. The second level, "The Key," is similar but truncated, really only containing a push-block puzzle, getting and using a torch, a jeep drive up an inclined road, and a hunt for an elusive cogwheel. Sort of an extension or coda for the first level. "Mystery Castle" takes a different approach. Unlike the open-ended feel of alien airport, Lara now opens up a new section or room, does one task to open the next door, then repeats the procedure: use a key or torch, or pick up or place something to open the next door. Consequently play here felt slower and, I thought, less interesting. Pure puzzle fans may enjoy this level most, but I gave highest scores to the first level, "Alien Airport," and weighted overall scores toward that. As always with this author's levels, a unique perspective and a pleasure to play." - dmdibl (15-Sep-2010)

"There may be many other levels out there with better puzzles,more enemies or finer textures. Oxy`s vision of a peaceful world full of harmony is the one thing that makes her levels so precious and unique. There is no room in here for hammering demigods and poisoned snakes or other evils .Surely many players will miss the excitement of crumbling platforms ,tight runs or moving spiked walls. I for one have played them all. Play this game and just enjoy the fun in it . Highly recommended !" - Ruben (15-Sep-2010)

"Three levels, with simile textures, very non-linear gameplay (which sometimes causes running around for hours) and beautiful atmosphere. There were so many items to find and so many timed runs and puzzles to solve. Some items - as others mentioned before - like the torches were pretty hard to find and made gameplay a bit annoying. There were some little bugs (you can e.g. pick up last key in first level before lowering the box) and you could too often see the black nothing outside the mistery castle but these things are so little compared to the very interesting and completely new textures I've seen. These levels are something completely different from others. I only can propose to play them." - manarch2 (14-Sep-2010)

"The name of this author is a guarantee for a high quality level. And this is another one. In earlier levels from oxy I liked the love for details in every room, the tricky unconventional puzzles, the creative and fluent gameplay. All of these points are found in this new set of three levels, too. The sequence starts in a strange alien airport without weapons. There will be no need of them during the whole game. The aliens won't attack, their appearance may give hints that there's something to do nearby. Some flowers have to be found, some elaborate, sometimes well hidden puzzles are to solve. The timed runs were a bit too easy in my opinion, but the creativity of gameplay is outstanding at all. All this can be said for the other two levels. "The key" is a short intermezzo , 3 items have to be found to be able to exit to part three, a castle area. It's straight forward gameplay through well built rooms with beautiful furniture and through some yards. But gameplay is getting a bit monotone here. I know this builder as a master in creating stunning (mostly spooky) atmospheres, that combines sound, lightning and environment perfectly. Well, it's another setting and another ambience here. You may like the sound or not, this has no impact on the rating here. But combining the mentioned elements didn't succeed here as well as in earlier levels from this author. But anyway: Another great one!" - Christian (13-Sep-2010)

"First level was not very good for me, 'cause it's too no-lineal and I had to run through the same places a lot of times finding dead ends. Second and third level were better, but the torches throwed anywhere over the grass were difficult to spot. There are some interesting puzzles and the environment is nice, very well lightened and textured. Also the new objects are very well worked and musics and cameras give a nice touch to complete a set of good levels worth to play." - Jose (13-Sep-2010)
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