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First Level by Shariq Shukur
Blue43 2 2 3 3
Christian 2 2 2 3
Cory 2 2 0 2
Diz 2 2 3 2
DJ Full 2 3 3 4
dmdibl 2 3 2 1
eRIC 1 2 2 2
Gerty 1 1 1 1
Jay 2 2 3 3
JesseG 2 2 1 2
Jose 1 2 2 3
manarch2 3 1 2 2
MichaelP 3 2 2 3
MizzCroft 4 2 3 1
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 1
Ryan 1 2 2 1
Scottie 1 2 3 2
TheStig 1 1 1 1
release date: 31-Oct-2010
# of downloads: 865

average rating: 1.93
review count: 18
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file size: 12.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

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Reviewer's comments
"OK, it's a debut, so some things could be forgiven such as the stretched textures, but not the laboriously long winded push puzzle or the lack of finish trigger. Maybe this should have stayed on the author's hard drive. Not recommended." - Ryan (12-Oct-2016)
"Very simplistic, repetitive trial-and-error and eventually boring gameplay, weapons likely findable after killing the only two enemies with pistols, finally one combined puzzle leading to a dead end at the end - possibly a project which was unfinished, dropped, abandoned, forgotten and buried for sake of doing something else. Still, despite of minimalistic texturing and modelling, the lighting is as decent as in some good levels, and the initial room is rather nice even in its oversized state. SUMMARY: First and hopefully not last. Recommended for free time." - DJ Full (07-Aug-2015)
"I don't like to discourage early builders. After all they've taken a step I've never managed which is to get something completed in the editor and released to the public. In the case of Shariq Shukur's first level however I think it's clear the author needs to go back to the manual supplied with the editor and refine their skills. Not recommended. Stiggy" - TheStig (21-Sep-2011)
"It is definately a first level. Huge rooms, stretched textures and no finish trigger. If there is one way to really annoy a player, it is to make them do the most unfair puzzle in the world, and then kill Lara with no possible means of escape. This isn't the worst first level I have ever played, but it is nowhere near the best I have played. Not recommended." - Cory (18-Apr-2011)
"I don't know how a builder want to release a level like this with all those defects like stretched textures, paper walls, etc. The rooms are too huge and empty, with no effort with the architecture. Only some floor levers to pull is a poor gameplay. No hints for the deadly tiles in the penultimate room, and the water room where the water stays vertical is not very real. At least you can see an effort with the lights. Still a lot of work to release a good level." - Jose (15-Nov-2010)
"5 minutes of a poorly built level. You'll see the usual beginner characteristics including wallpapered textures, thin walls, and poor gameplay. I feel like I got a different version of this level somehow, as there are no heavy triggers for the door behind the statue (I confirmed this with fexinspect). Instead there were 4 normal triggers, but they were squashed against the ceiling so I had to use the DOZY cheat to activate one of them. There's not much to do besides using the eye of horus, pulling some switches, and swinging on a rope. Some of the sounds don't seem to be working. You can only drown yourself in the last room, before you move on to other things." - SSJ6Wolf (11-Nov-2010)
"Hmmm! I'm afraid there's not much here. Large areas with nothing to talk about in them, a couple of scorpions and two Bedouin are the sum total of the baddies, a tedious and obscure push block puzzle (at least, I didn't find any clue as to which of the squares were deadly and which weren't) and nothing much to do apart from a few levers and finding weaponry after dealing with the last of the baddies. Nor did I find a finishing trigger apart from letting Lara drown. All in all about 12 minutes of very little, and it was only that long because I was trying to explore everywhere." - Diz (04-Nov-2010)
"First I must thank manarch2! Without his WT I would never have found out how I should open the door behind the statue. And already I am on my first criticism point. How the Hell should the inclined player know what he must make in this room? There are no hints which one should push something somehow somewhere. Completely apart from the fact it is absolutely superfluous to push the statue on the suitable field. As soon as Lara enters this field, the door opens. Apart from the fact there was in this level absolutely nothing what could be interesting. The textures are completely stretched, the rooms are very big and almost empty and one can kill both shooting-furious bedouins without problems with the pistols, there one does not need the revolver and the shotgun. And one searches a Finishtrigger in vain. And one searches a reasonable lighting as in vain.
Result: Well suitably for the people who play every level. All the others should make a big curve around this level." - Scottie (02-Nov-2010)
"I am still amazed that every now and then new builders pop up. Even if it is a poor first attempt, I would say keep building. All the beginner mistakes are mentioned so I won't go into that. The push puzzle is out of this world, don't ever copy this, please..." - Gerty (02-Nov-2010)
"A classic debut level, featuring the Tut Wad materials, and with some of the usual beginner mistakes, such as too huge, too square rooms with too much wallpaper texturing. Gameplay features a few levers and a fairly tedious push puzzle, for which I did not find any hints other than have Lara burn and die on the wrong floor tiles and then reloading. There is also no finish trigger per se, as the level (according to the author) ends after placing the Eye of Horus. So, it is your call - just exit the level or drown... (10 min)." - MichaelP (01-Nov-2010)
"This was a fairly linear 12-minute level with only one interesting statue puzzle. You can shoot two scorpions and two bedouin here, but after killing the last ones you can find Revolver & Shotgun? That was not good. After placing the Horus you run into a pool with no exit. Not really recommended, but hopefully the author keeps on building." - manarch2 (01-Nov-2010)
"10 minutes of gameplay, two scorpions and two guys to kill. A few floor$-levers I think to deactivate deadly floor-tiles for a pushing-puzzle I solved by try and error, so there were not hints to find. Try and error here means pushing the statue around in a too large room and dying and reloading... Two eyepieces are easily to be found and placed, leading to a flooded room; that's all. Paper-thin walls, too large rooms as so often in debut-levels, no creative ideas to see. Lighting was acceptable." - Christian (01-Nov-2010)
"The title says it all really. A Tut1 style level that involves throwing a few levers, shooting a few enemies, finding an eye of Horus and a push puzzle that has the dubious distinction of being both different and somewhat tedious at the same time. It does show that the builder has grasped the rudiments of the level editor, so we can only hope that he keeps on practising." - Jay (01-Nov-2010)
"A short level where most of a time is spent to drag a statue , in the hope to find the trigger tile that looks exactly like the burning tiles. A few levers , a couple of ninjas and small scorptions , a rope swing , finding the eye of Horus to end up swimming in a room with no finish trigger. Texturing is repetitive and stretched , there is a timid try with lighting." - eRIC (01-Nov-2010)
"This is a debut tutorial wad level with decent lighting and some stretched texturing and a bit wallpapered. The rooms are a bit on the big and boxy side. Not much decoration, which makes them look even bigger. There is a bit of game play where an artifact has to be found put together and placed. We also encounter several randomly placed death tiles, a few levers and crawlspaces and a couple of ninjas. The end is a little disturbing as Lara ends up walking straight into physically impossible water filled room where she finally drowns, as she can't get out. I guess the builder must have thought of that as a finish trigger of sorts. Probably not worth the download...." - Blue43 (01-Nov-2010)
"Why do some new builders insist on uploading their fledgeling creations for the rest of us to endure? Not only does this 'level' look primitive,it also contains one of the most tedious and unfair push-puzzles yet encountered;and a pointless fatal ending. The builder should spend time creating a proper adventure;reviewers should spend time playing a different level." - Orbit Dream (01-Nov-2010)
"So many stretched textures! That's fine though, considering this is a first level!.. I loved the puzzles, good job on those :D!.. Hope to see more from this builder in the future! :)" - MizzCroft (01-Nov-2010)
"A beginner level with boxy rooms and stretched, wallpapered textures. The switch alcoves are too small, with Lara hitting her head on the ceiling. Lara does get to shoot ninjas and tiny scorpions, though she seems to find the eyepieces without having to do a lengthy push statue puzzle. Apparently the level ends with placing the combined eyepieces, though Lara can continue to swim in a curious room with narrow gaps up near the ceiling, and ultimately drown. Perhaps the author could have set this entry aside, and submitted his next level as his debut." - dmdibl (01-Nov-2010)