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Author(s): Cory Smith
total rating:7.38 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 7 7 8 8
Christian 7 6 7 7
DJ Full 8 8 8 8
dmdibl 8 8 7 7
Drakan 8 8 7 7
eTux 7 6 7 6
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 7 7 7 8
manarch2 8 7 7 7
MichaelP 7 7 6 6
misho98 8 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 7 8 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Shandroid 8 7 7 6
TheStig 7 7 7 7
Torry 7 8 8 9
category averages
(17 reviews)
7.47 7.29 7.41 7.35

Reviewer's comments

"Fairly decent little 30 minute level that in places takes a little thinking on how exactly to proceed. The main room was huge but the side trips to collect keys and plugs entertaining. There are some passages that seem to lead nowhere but all is revealed later when the lower level is flooded. Only one secret and unsure if it was worth the effort. Guards are ridiculously hard to kill with her pistols so get out the revolver early." - Torry (12-Jul-2018)

"Second level of the series that I have reviewed and again very enjoyable. Same sort of idea but this time in a Steampunk environment. A few traps and slope jumps. One secret." - Ryan (28-Dec-2015)

"It's been three years since Cory and I built the first two Twenty Minute Tales.We spent ten days on their construction,taking turns on the same PC;so that works out at a mere five days for each of our levels - I'm just saying.As one of the betatesters,it seems a little odd to notice a few things that didn't seem quite right this time around - the lever next to the doors to the Fuse Room,which seemed to serve no purpose;the rather awkward descent back to the lowest level.Nonetheless,there was a good variety to the gameplay;some sneaky water-filling moments;a nifty secret;fun conveyor belt sequences;and a smart little ending.The industrial location is perfectly serviceable,albeit perhaps a little too large for its purpose;and cameras and sounds are well incorporated.This took me 35 minutes to play and was fully entertaining from first moment to last." - Orbit Dream (23-May-2015)

"Looking back I think this is the first level of Cory's that I've played or certainly reviewed at least. What you've got here is a fun blast using the BTB steampunk wads from a few years ago. You're basically working your way through a large metal underground chamber staffed by various baddies & filled with tricky jumps & puzzles to retrieve 2 fuses to activate the teleporter. Initially I wasn't sure about the setting, but it grew on me as I progressed through the level. There's also some items which are quite devilishly hidden so be prepared to give the map a good explore. Gameplay was nicely balanced, and I didn't find anything that caused any significant frustration. The lighting and texturing are pretty good, though the architecture wasnt as adventurous as I could of been with the steampunk theme. All in all netted just over 33 mins from The Clock Strikes Twelve. A really nice level from a talented builder, and certainly worthy of your consideration. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (18-Mar-2014)

"Twenty minute tales doesn't disappoint here too, as you embark on a journey to apparently shut down the operation in this steampunk flavoured base/factory setting. I'm not quite sure which particular action achieved that since I thought the fuses were merely required for the prescribed timely escape, but I guess all this conceptual pondering is good for is for giving everyone and their grandma a headache, so let's just shift our focus on the level by its own merit. The author puts both conventional and steampunk-wad specific gameplay mechanisms to great use and makes the overall game both fun and straightforward enough to keep your interest and not have to rely too much on outside help. Most of the gameplay happens in the hallways and siderooms of the main hall when ascending to higher levels of the base, and even though all of them are well constructed, I particularly enjoyed the, as I've dubbed it, 'assisted jump' over lava, the use of conveyor belts, escape from the rolling ball, and the placement of the level's sole secret is clever as well. All the areas are competently textured and lit, but the main hub area looks sorely barren, and the author could've put the rich assortment of objects in the steampunk wad to use in order to alleviate this somewhat. But it's an enjoyable bite-sized adventure as it is, thus recommended if you want something engaging, but not stretched out needlessly at the same time." - eTux (01-Mar-2013)

"We need to find only two fuses, but I really prefer getting TWO items with a lot of effort than getting LOTS of items with none. Only one secret, anyway it rocks, being a whole mini-mission. The rest is a satisfying escape map, with a massive (but not oversized) metal hall, plus fire, water, lava, conveyor belts and some sniper mode in the meantime. It says "20-minute tales", but DON'T BE FOOLED! It's a solid 30- minute one. Seems I am joking here, but I'm not - hats off people, because it's all an extremely solid work as for so short time it was made in. Only the cameras might have been less lazy, and the enemies might have been more often (all in all, the base is on red alert). Highly recommended." - DJ Full (11-Apr-2012)

"As said in the review for the other 20 minute adventure, it is indeed impressive what can be built within a short amount of time and it is credit to this young builders skill that he could pull it off. The BtB Steampunk package is put to solid use here and some of the fancy elements like the conveyor belts enhance the adventure. All in all though, the setting felt a bit too huge and bare/empty to me during the 30 minutes I spent raiding the place. The tasks built into the huge box were fun though, with the secret area actually being a highlight in terms of gameplay, next to the good use of flooding and draining a major part of the level and a bit of target shooting. As also said in my review for Ian's level - we could certainly have more of this shorter, fun and not too taxing adventures any time." - MichaelP (09-Apr-2012)

"This is a nice little level with some nifty things to do. I wouldn't call it a Steampunk level though, as it is more of a base. I had a lot of fun playing this one." - Shandroid (05-Mar-2012)

"Hughe and large rooms, some challenging tasks, some nice timed runs. A lot of shooting. Highlight is without any doubt a a lava room with a rope and a timed platform leading the player back to the starting area. Main task is to get two fuses and two keys by quite simple gameplay. Lightning and textures are well done." - Christian (27-Feb-2012)

"I started the level from the very beginning, but when I reached the room with the swimging chains and the timed switch, the trapdoor never opened and I spent a lot of time looking for something. Then I noticed the provided savegame in the package and loading it the switch worked. Except for this, the level was very playable and funny; perhaps rooms were too big and could be another kind of enemies, but nothing important. Ah! I also found an error in the design: at the end of the conveyor belt where the breakable tile is, you can take a ruunning jump to your left landing onto the sloped ledge in front of the ladder and climb it; if you do this and use the high switch, you'll get totally stucked and never can continue playing. Enjoyable anyway." - Jose (27-Feb-2012)

"This the first out-of-competition level I've seen using the Steampuck package featured in last year's BtB, and I hope there are more of them waiting in the wings out there. It may not have placed very high in the competition due to its brevity, but it still packs a good amount of entertaining gameplay into its allotted time span. As in Ian's companion level, there's a provided savegame (I didn't use the one in either game), and I wonder if there was any particular reason for doing so. There are some good ideas employed here, including the flooding of a lower level so you can pick up a couple of required keys. There's also the de rigueur inaccessible medipack, but for some reason it remained inaccessible when the area became flooded. The only enemies I remember were soldiers scattered throughout the compound. Since I have no wish to create family strife, I've given the same ratings to both levels." - Phil (25-Feb-2012)

"This a nice and short level built with the Steampunk wad and interesting game play. There are a couple of challenging sequences like a piston /conveyer belt combo and a lava room with timed block that leads to a rope swing. I had real problems in this room since Lara just didn't want to grab that rope, although she appeared perfectly lined up every time. There are a couple of gunmen as enemies and they are quickly disposed of, once the revolver is picked up. The main room was a little too plain, big and boxy for my taste, but the texturing and lighting looked nice. I would have like this level to be a little longer. Well done! (31 minutes. 0 secrets found)" - Blue43 (23-Feb-2012)

"This part is more challenging that the other one and the gameplay features better puzzles. The main task was to find two teleporting fuses so Lara can get out of the base. Everything was nicely textured and lightened. Just like the jungle level, this one also have the TR3 feeling(and not only because of the music). In terms of gameplay, textures, etc. this level is better than the other, but I like outside and sunny levels instead of base, so if I have to chose which one to replay - I would prefer the jungle one. Anyway, recommended!" - misho98 (19-Feb-2012)

"Excellent small level with wads and textures of Steampunk. The author has added some special effects TRNG, like rapid changes of position of lara and long jumps. It is unfortunate that the level is asez short because I found that the author had some great ideas. It lack may be of cameras to show the use of a lever. The pieces are very square and uniformes.Excellent level that I recommend to everyone, it is nice and it is not difficult (except for the jump of the rope, do not miss it (lol)" - Drakan (19-Feb-2012)

"I don't know about 20 minutes - it took me twice that long to play and I enjoyed every single minute. It's a highly entertaining romp around three levels of a base-like structure with some lovely agility tests to achieve and excellent use made of moving walkways. There are a few guards to shoot, although not nearly as many as you might expect from the initial flyby, but it's mainly about the exploration and finding some rather nicely hidden things, plus a flooding and draining sequence - always a crowd pleaser. Well thought out, well made and well worth playing." - Jay (18-Feb-2012)

"This took more time to play than the presumptive twenty minutes, as the entire level is something of a puzzle. The readme file says that this is a factory, but to me the textures and play suggested the hold of a huge ship, with conveyer belts and trucks parked on upper levels, and guards patrolling. There are several places that required thinking, such as figuring out how to get back after Lara picks up the revolver. The thumpers and conveyer belts were good, and flooding the hold, er, factory, for a swimming puzzle was inspired. There are many good things to mention, but rather than give too much away, I'll say that players should stay alert. I was happily anticipating more to come, thinking that Lara needed four fuses instead of only two, and so regretted that this came to an end so quickly. The atmosphere and surroundings are somewhat drab, in keeping with a factory locale, but play is logical and fun. A nice diversion for having been created in such a short time." - dmdibl (18-Feb-2012)

"What a surprise to see a levelset by not only father and son, but also long-time builders. Part 1 of this compilation is in my opinion the better of the two, with a Steampunk setting(it's nice even after all these BtB levels) that is mostly too blocky and many parts of this level feel like it is made in the early days of the editor with all that not very convincing lighting and rather crude (but not bad) looks, but this also had its charm and all the old SAS and trucks fitted quite well in combination with the warehouse textures and objects. There is plenty of tricky gameplay when you take your time and run through the large hall, the gameplay in the side passages are fun and diverse - a timed run in combination with a block puzzle, boulder traps, rope jumps, conveyor belts (one of my absolute favourites) and a very well and also hard to get secret as a complete side task in this level. The few downsides are an overly long monkeyswing, a too trickily hidden crowbar (with no return if you don't find it) and that it was over too soon, after around 30 minutes of gameplay when you go for the secret, and 25 without." - manarch2 (17-Feb-2012)
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