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Author(s): TRTombLevBauer
total rating:8.63 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 7 9 9 7
dmdibl 9 10 9 8
Drakan 10 10 10 9
eRIC 10 10 9 8
Jack& 9 9 9 7
Jay 10 10 9 8
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Jose 6 6 7 8
Josey 7 9 7 6
manarch2 9 9 8 8
MichaelP 9 8 9 8
MpGrill 8 8 8 6
mugs 10 8 9 8
Phil 10 10 10 10
Ryan 9 9 9 8
category averages
(15 reviews)
8.80 9.00 8.80 7.93

Reviewer's comments

"I don't like levels which punish you for exploration, and this is one of them, not just hard to find the correct path but also forcing you to repeat the climb everytime you choose wrong. The second part is less complicated but doesn't allow you to see ledges so I died many times checking which ones are standable, and sometimes I couldn't even tell a ledge from a wall. There is a very simple solution for this: USE MORE THAN ONE TEXTURE, so one texture is idle and another one marks the path... In short, if you have a few spare days, you may enjoy this level, admire its clever complexity and get surprised by several plot twists. But if you're into a relaxing day, just don't bother... Recommended. And not..." - DJ Full (01-Aug-2019)

"To be honest, I wasn't expecting such a lengthy and immersing adventure when I loaded this one up. I vaguely remember trying this game out ages ago, but never managed to complete it due to its daunting complexity. But this time, I managed to finish both levels in about 3.5 hours and had an exhaustive yet enjoyable time, while feeling rewarded by the flyby showing Lara's latest acquisition in her trophy room. Each of the levels are roughly 100 minutes long each, but only if you know exactly where to go, or have the walkthrough handy. There's nothing frustrating about the gameplay as such, but it requires careful observation and jumping as you have to seek out the one square or texture that looks out of place within each vast environment (jungle and underground cave). Enemies aren't plentiful, but the Atlanteans near the end can take a toll on your health if you're not careful. It's not really one for a quick and simple raid on your lunch breakfast, but it's a tour de force that you'll remember for a long time. Brilliant." - Ryan (05-Jan-2018)

"This is yet another level that is not easy for me to score. So let me start by saying that I am absolutely in awe about the genius of this builder in creating such a huge and complex map (or rather two of them - the Jungle and then the Under the Jungle part). The time and thinking and planning that has gone into this must have been enormous. I was following eRICs advice and did play this without the walkthrough and I agree this will make the experience the adventure provides even more special, IF you are up for it... because you will need patience, a keen eye and rather decent skills in using Laras moves. Nothing of the pixelperfect jumps nature here, but even for the most simple flare pickups, you need to carefully plan your moves, spot the slope or triangle that you can still stand on even it does look too steep and often go into unexpected directions from where you are. I ended up having to peak into the walkthrough three times in total, which brings me to the main gameplay issue of these levels: They are fairly non-linear and because of them being really well connected and entailing huge areas, it is not so unusual or unexpetced that a player would miss a crucial opening somewhere... and hence later on you have the entire map in front of you and no idea where to start looking for what you may have missed. In the second part, when you enter the huge cave with the friendly golden guy structure (fabulous design there!), it was totally overwhelming at first, but once you begin to explore and progress it actually did begin making some sense... until I ended up missing the yellow crystal. At that time I thought I really had explored it all, but of course could not be sure so spent an hour running around, only to later find that I missed the crucial opening at the very start of this cave. So high potential for frustration here, but of course equally high sense of accomplishment when you manage to figure it out by yourself. The whole experience is psiced up with a few NG treats, like the up and down moving platforms room, but it is really mostly about finding your way. It took me one hour of net game time and there I was back in the starting room, only with one new key that I ended up using much later. ONly after 1:15 hours the first secret was found and only after 2:30 hours the first enemy got killed (a snake). The first level took me 3:13 hours to complete and then I spent another 2:30 hours in the second part (including the nice surprise locations at the end). Found 6 of the 11 secrets all by myself and often thought that I reached spots which in any other level would have been secrets as well - LOL. So indeed, if you were thinking: Ah look, a nice and cute little Jungle level that I could play over my lunch break, you have come to the wrong place here. This is a level to sink your teeth into and get stuck with for many hours and which will make you feel relieved and rewarded when you finally get to the end. A very special experience!" - MichaelP (12-Nov-2013)

"After some months without playing, it seems that I have to arrive to put the discordant note when reviewing... Well... I'm so. Many people already know me. If you take a look at the reviewer's list, you realize that after four months only a bunch of expert players have reviewed the levels. Why? It seems that they're very challenging levels, and many people din't like this ones. The gameplay is often confused and and based about a lot of exploration to find levers or items and tricky jumps to get access to the places; in the jungle level I had to do a lot of times the long way to the room with four doors jumping and climbing with the same movements and this is tedious and bored; rooms are too huge and players get discouraged quickly evenmore if there's difficult to reach the right paths 'cause the tricky movements. And what's about the enemies??? A level with no enemies (only the ants and some atlanteans) is like a day without breath! There's an effort with the lights and textures, sometimes not well applied and stretched I think forced by the very huge rooms with long wall panels; and atmospheric elements are correct. Recommended only to play with a nearby walkthrough (Thanks David!)." - Jose (26-Feb-2013)

"This is an incredibly complex two-part adventure that took me every bit of five hours to complete, even with the assistance of dmdibl's thoroughly detailed walkthrough. As other reviewers have noted, there's nothing inordinately difficult here, it's just a matter of knowing where to go and how to get there. The walkthrough does an admirable job of getting the player past the potentially frustrating moments, and along the way there's a veritable feast of eye candy. The first level is what one might truthfully call a jungle level, and gameplay here consumes well over half the total. The lighting is ample and convincingly applied. The second level takes place largely within an immense cavern, and here's where the walkthrough is especially valuable. In many places the player has nary a clue of how to proceed, and I would never have ventured to play this level unguided. Near the end the player is treated to a brief jaunt within a subway, concluding in the comfortable environs of home. I struggled with my ultimate decision to award this release top marks, but I think it truly deserves the honor. An auspicious debut indeed. Highest recommendations." - Phil (16-Dec-2012)

""Jungle level" doesn't seem to promising as a name. Still, as it was recommended I decided to give it a go - and was I in for a treat, well, one very complicated treat! I don't even know how long it took me to finish and still I had to collect several hints from the forums, some from the author himself. It's mostly about two levels, one above, in the jungle, and one below the jungle. They both imply loads of back and fro and, perhaps especially in the second, at a time when one thinks "well, maybe it will get simpler from now on", loads of disorientation. Still, I liked the level of expertise I think it must have taken to build such a huge and clever complex and how the author managed to mix elements from all the first official Tomb Raider games. I admit I couldn't wait to get out of the immense caves in the second level too, clever and well built as they may be and how good looking too - loved the lighting, something not too many builders know how to use in such a way as to make it really worth looking at. There are several interesting touches, such as how one's supposed to get out of an apparently inescapable room with the yellow crystal (simple but effective and, yes, I had to ask how) or the interesting secret room in the subway. Speaking of which, I'm not sure I finished before having done all I could have done there... Was it possible to pass the closed entrances? Was it possible to open that larger gate on top of a ramp? Anyway, Lara finds an electrical cable, uses it and suddenly finds herself in her humble abode where she adds one more relic to her amazing collection and that's how it ends. Nothing is undoable or sadist, just overly complicated. And rather well done, if I haven't stressed enough so far. Hence, this review comes with my highest recommendations. But do arm yourself with loads of patice and preferably some good help." - Jorge22 (23-Oct-2012)

"These are two huge levels that can take many hours to play, a must for serious TR fans. The first level is a TR3-style adventure where Lara has to take long journeys to find keys. I usually enjoy this type of play, and here found myself engrossed during exploration. Some of it, particularly the excellent secrets, can be complex. There are many sophisticated uses of the level editor. For me this came close to being an instant classic, something to rave about, except for a few flaws. Sometimes texturing isn't quite as polished as the intricate maps. And frankly, sometimes play didn't quite make sense to me. Toward the end of the first level, Lara goes to a large interior room to push a box to reach a higher corridor, then evades fire traps, only to exit over a large area. My problem was that Lara could simply have turned around, gone back to a simpler water route, and returned back to a swamp area in a better strategic position. This assumes that Lara has raised a block, but still doing all the author's play seems pointless. Another curious incident involved the second mask that Lara was searching for. She can spot this mask (as she falls past) on a ledge below her. So she can find a position to easily jump to that ledge below. This turns out to be impossible because the author has put invisible barriers around all these ledges, to make certain that no such jumps succeed. But a player doesn't know about the invisible barriers, and can spend twenty minutes or more repeatedly trying to make this jump, because it clearly looks possible. The author likes using invisible barriers, but it seems an affront to players. Still, despite a flow of play that sometimes strains logic, this quest is pleasurable and ultimately satisfying to maneuver.
The second level, Under the Jungle, is an enormous cavern where the task is to find four artifacts. Again, there is solid substance here, as the author has created remarkable paths and jumps at all levels of the cavern, a real accomplishment. Others have rightly praised this, but I had trouble seeing--the sight lines are significantly reduced from what is available using TREP. There are so many possibilities for jumps that it is all too easy to do a series of difficult jumps only to be blocked at a dead end. Most builders will assist players by placing pickups along a travel route. Here we find the opposite. Flares on a ledge may be impossible to reach, or a large medipack lures players away from a jump pole. Near the high exit from this great cavern there are flares in one direction, but players should turn to make a hard jump to a ledge. All this unnecessarily increased difficulty. Persevering, Lara gets through, for a delightful conclusion, where a subway returns her to the basement of her manor, where we see Winston, and Lara's newest trophy now on display. The level set is a huge achievement, although for many, perhaps, better enjoyed with a walkthrough at hand." - dmdibl (21-Oct-2012)

"Many good things in this level. I will mention the lovely moving golden platforms room of the first level; the mushroom effect after picking up the violet crystal, on the second level; the absence of enemies up to the end, a good thing for those like me, who love Xmas levels; the generous timing of the timerun sequences; and all the subway/home/closing part of the game. Another very good thing was the expert use of the TR3 and TR1 objects. But unfortunately the map size, the absence of useful hints about where to go in an enormous environment (I'm talking about the second level, of course, but the first was also confusing) and the excessive use of slippery ramps quite spoiled the fun, at least for me. The puzzles seemed to consist mainly in how to climb without slipping and where to go in order to find an item. I was frustrated and irritated most of the time, and used extensively the forum, in order to proceed. Another very bad thing was the action at the swing poles. My Lara had a lot of difficulty to arrive where she wanted, because when she jumped she fell headlong to the ground. Conclusion: if you want real exploration fun, try Italian Exploration, for example, made with the "obsolete" trep. But if you enjoy challenging slippery intrigating environments, with very good and very bad things packed, well, this level is your piece of cake." - Josey (16-Oct-2012)

"An enjoyable two level game that took me a while to finish. The first level is a classic jungle level with all the classic TR textures. The second one is a cave-like built level, much darker and more atmospheric, which I liked more than the first one. The main thing that kept my playing through the first level was the gameplay. The rooms are huge which gives the player the illusion of going wherever he wants. I'm not sure if the game was beta-tested, but I managed in the first level to EASILY jump over a wall and enter a small area in the corner of one of those big rooms. At first I thought that I did the right thing, but no ... the door that's supposed to bring me in this small area was still closed and there was this invisible wall in front of the door. Since this is a really easy thing to do with not much exploring around it kinda killed the level for me because I didn't know if I should just continue without knowing if I skipped anything and also, it killed the atmosphere and the feeling of playing a level from a more superior builder. The gameplay through the two levels, as I already wrote, was fun, enjoyable, very creative and sometimes tricky and hard to manage, but I was often very confused and frustrated. Sometimes the gameplay, including the second level, was very basic and designed like in an ordinary beginner level. So let's make a conclusion about the gameplay of these two levels. The gameplay is the best aspect of this game with many tricky jumping. In some parts it's very classic, basic, and in other parts very creative, original. The design and environmental architecture shows that this is still a level from a builder that needs much more experience. I had the feeling that the first level didn't get much attention with the lighting. The big rooms have a monotone lighting and look too bright. I think that the author should have played more with the lighting because, again, it looks very ˝beginnerish˝. At first I was thinking that this game was made with some kind of TR3 - editor ( like many TR2-games I have played ), but that was not the case. After playing ˝reflections of eternity˝ and many other jungle games that have similar rating ( around 9.00 - 9.20 ) I just can't enjoy such a jungle level that's not even close to the masterpieces of other very skilled builders ( comparing graphics ). The second level is much darker and I liked this more than the first one. Even if it's dark, it's still better in the aspects of lighting that the first monotone jungle level. I must say, besides the gameplay, I'm disappointed. I was expecting much more when I saw the rating of 9.40 when I downloaded it. Despite of the other reviewers, I just can't give more than a score of 6 for the ˝Lighting & Textures˝." - MpGrill (14-Oct-2012)

"Fascinating game! Two-levels - the jungle and underneath. I admit I was left scratching my head on several occasions - trying to figure out what I had missed (like arriving in a huge room only to discover that it contained some flares and access to a shortcut). The gameplay is, nevertheless, lots of fun and covers a huge map (both above ground and below ground). I have always loved builders who go to the trouble of creating the trees that are such an integral part of the adventure. Two keys become the first piece of the puzzle in level one and you will need to pass through the adjoining areas several times before this is accomplished. You will then be off in search of two masks to gain access to "under the jungle". Be prepared to master some cool traps along the way. There are no real enemies here, but what would a jungle be without a few gnawing so-and-so's! Underneath the jungle is amazing in it's dizzying heights. Our dear Lara needs extra tread on her shoes to help her cling to the slippery slopes here. This one is another - "put your thinking cap on when considering your next move". I love these kinds of games - very challenging. The textures are applied with much more care in this level and I think the looks of the place are consequently more appealing. There are a few beasties waiting for you in this one once you complete the task of finding the four crystals. I thought the revelation of finding the subway was just so perfect! I was very sorry the trip through such a great looking place was so short! I hope Bauer will develop that theme some more! Very well done!" - Mugs (13-Oct-2012)

"Very huge and too non-linear levels are usually not fully to my taste, but this three level game represents of the few exceptions. Initially the first level seemed "only" large for me, with not very good texturing and a nasty sound mistake when Lara bumps into walls, but it certainly grew on me while I played, and noticing the map opening up slowly but steadily, with well designed progress and, to not make things dreary, perfectly timed puzzles/timed runs/traps, was really great and I began to admire the intriguing gameplay action. What appealed me most in this first level was creating a path to get to the second mask - this was nearly as complex as the bike tour in CIL. Secret hideouts were planned with extreme care so that you feel a sense of accomplishment with each secret you found, and it's actually rather hard to find them, especially the last one that required a jump that was harder than the ones in most japanese levels. Lighting and texturing didn't really pick up much during the level but they were mostly solid and I think the interior areas looked way better than the outside ones, with the worst example the huge area in front of the swamp. Actually, the trap galore in the second half of the level contained some really innovative technical ideas, like the water that works just like the conveyor belts in BtB Steampunk (great idea), the platforms moving up and down that make up for some fantastic gameplay, also to and fro moving and even rotating spikewalls. The builder had a lot of care for detail in this level, ledges that shouldn't be accessed are blocked by invisible barriers that feel like objects (otherwise, the most complex block puzzle would be half as long), doors opening only when a necessary object is found. All in all I enjoyed the first level twice as much as I expected it from the start (honestly, after half an hour in this level I thought a 7 rating for this level would be too high - how wrong I was); even the most frustrating parts aren't overly bad like e.g. the deep diving session, backtracking or levers that blend too well with the textures, as one mostly finds the right way quickly. The second level started much more atmospheric than the first one, and one could think the texturing is better too, but on second glance most of the rooms are textured with only one texture. Still kudos to the builder to still make this level work and this certainly due to the better lighting in this level and a quite atmospheric main hall where one spends most of the net gaming time in searching for four crystals. The main gameplay is about climbing, and this to a maybe too high extent, even if I usually love platforming. Yes, I mostly had fun solving most of the tricky jumps, but is it really necessary to climb up from the bottom that often? (I had to do it four times...) It might have been better to open the door at the bottom earlier to not repeat the same tasks again and again. Also, it's too easy to miss certain paths as some ledges are that cleverly hidden that they would qualify as secrets in most other games, apparently not in this level. A little bit more clear architectural design would help here, maybe with more camera guidance. Else than that, the level is just as original as the first one, with a quite fun timed run over fire pillars with different height, blades to avoid, a curious pedestal one can climb to exit one of the crystal rooms and so on. It's actually possible to exit this level without finding a single crystal (and thus missing out on the quest item that interestingly still is shown in the final flyby), I left the area with two crystals thinking I found the route for the third, but actually this was the path to the subway station where one eventually reaches the end - maybe placing a door that only opens when the artifact is found? Nevertheless, I returned and found all crystals, after placing it you are treated to the only enemy fight in the whole game which really was great, although the most important enemy can easily be missed - again, it's possible to exit the lowest stage without picking up the artifact. The end contains a nice surprise though with a well made lighting effect, and the rest of the game is just a great amendment. All in all I spent very enjoyable 3:15 hours in these three levels (two hours in the first, one hour and ten minutes in the second and five in the last) and would call this game a "insider tip", although I had some issues with the second level and the overall visual quality and thus cannot rate it as highly as the previous reviewers so far..." - manarch2 (12-Oct-2012)

"In the Jungle: A traditional TR3 jungle level, replete with all the leaping about and monkey swinging in those boxy treetops - what a nostalgia fest, but more than that what an absolute tour de force from a debut builder. It's a huge area, initially very confusing, but the way it all meshes together as you progress is masterly; I was filled with admiration. There are no enemies in the sense of creatures for Lara to battle, instead there are piranha-filled waters, ant infested swamps and a host of fascinating traps - rotating spike walls anyone? Brilliant. Under the Jungle: The basic premise here is finding various routes around a huge cavern in pursuit of four crystals and the sheer ingenuity that has gone into creating the whole thing is really quite mind blowing. There's great fun to be had trying the occasionally quite challenging jumps, avoiding traps, trying not to fall into the large pool of lava, rope swinging, pole swinging, ladder climbing in the dizzying heights - it's enough to give anybody severe vertigo. Again, no enemies until near the end when a host of Atlanteans turn up quite unexpectedly. Talking of unexpected, there's a brief visit to a beautifully built underground station before Lara makes her way home and ends this amazing adventure. Lara's House: Just a brief addendum really, to glimpse the mansion and admire Lara's new trophy. Outstanding from start to finish." - Jay (11-Oct-2012)

"I dunno ........ this is a sort off a game wich is very hard to review .u can judge with ur heart... and than u give higher marks ....... or judge with ur brain and in this case ...... well ....i dont want to dissapoint the builder wich i am sure put alot off efort in the game maybe i will give higher marks than realy deserve ....and i tell u why ...... is a two level game + a mini subway level .... first level i like the moust ...... albeit both are very confusing -iff not u build it .... huge areas . with multiple routes .......... iff u take the wrong one and dont get what u need u backtrack alot ...first level is jungle level ... second level ...wich personaly i was not like .... is cave setting with hundreds off slopes .. ground ones and at rocks as well ...... iff u donrt watch ur steps u can slip down from those and iff ur high up - is reload game .. also graphics is not very sharp .... viewing around a bit awkward ....cause u cannot see well in distance ...... also semi darkness in the second level ......u need to climb alot . jump alot at very narrow ledges - u can fall easy from those ......also u take a route with difficult jumps just for a small medipack or so .... is some timeruns not exagerated dificult .... but u need to hurry anyway .......second level was a nightmare to finish .very huge area ..... and those hard to see sake ledges around a big tall cave with many climbe pole jumps rope walks ... crawling and fearing each second to dont step wrong and fall down and die ..... at subway station also was a keylock.... never found that key ..... a uw pool with some nics fish but nothing to doo ...... and iff u take the right route u get into the Lara manor ... and get a very nice blybye and game over .......iff i judge with my brain i would give 7/9/9/7..... iff i judge with my heart....... i give 9/9/9/7.... so taking in consideration the huge work needed to build such albeit good riding game i makr it with my heart .... recomanded" - Jack& (10-Oct-2012)

"This adventure is divided into 2 levels. I must say that I downloaded while I do not particularly like the jungle levels. From the beginning I tried a little while was just down in the hole to the middle. Dès arrival in the main room of the level, research has begun and there is much to do. And then I began to appreciate this level and I said "there's much to do, but it must be done in its entirety." The texturing is not perfect but the gameplay is awesome. Impossible to finish this level once, I had to start again the next day. As I did a bit messy and I had gone to places inaccessible for the moment, I could not remember how I had does. I 've been blocked by a raisingblock2 I had not raised and I had to return to a previous save (there may be another way but I have not seen). So I finished the first level after a certain time (lol). I was stuck at the beginning of the second level, after getting hooked on the crack, lara was stuck in the corner. After several attempts, she has wanted to go and I got into a huge room with a magnificent yellow statue. From there, the gameplay is awesome (I do not remember having played such a thing). Should find four crystals and see the first enemy of this level (I only had pistols but it does not pose too many problems). After the fight, well explore the battlefield in order to go to the end and climb up into the cave (there are many jumps to go up to the station and return to the mansion). At first I thought this level that the gameplay would be difficult but no, there is no difficult thing, even the few timeruns are easy. Congratulations" - Drakan (07-Oct-2012)

"Never thought that this of couple of levels would be so long as I spent more than 6 hours of net gaming time , and probably at least the double in elapsed time ! The first level is an India , in the second one you go underground and the setting is quite different. Keep in mind that a bit of patience is needed at times, then you can delight yourself in this great adventure, iImo, better played without walkthrough to have more rewarding moments. IN THE JUNGLE (9 9 8 7) When I began this game , something told me quickly I would like it when I found this first small medipack that needs to go after it. Other builders would have perhaps placed a secret , but here you need to do extra gameplay to get some of the single pickups , just telling you that you will have lots of raiding here , even if not always really rewarding in terms of pickups value, but in these cases the reward is in the pleasure of the actions themselves. That tells you also that the secrets will be well hidden with more work to get them. In fact I found only half of the secrets and I was glad. This first level , a jungle with some big areas , is a paradise for explorers , so it goes without saying that some patience is needed. I enjoyed the discovery and the fact I did not seemed to make lots of progress for at least one hour ( a monkeyswing had been overlooked by me) did not lower much my enjoyment. Then the fun really reaches a higher notch in what is the highlight section : fun jumps over rocks including one where you have to use the current of the waterfall which makes you slide (great) , a long series of moving spiked walls ( so much exhilarating that I did it again after succeeding) , an impressive room with ascending/descending ledges that do not even rise and lower at the same speed ( great fun again) , and again spiked walls but this time rotating on themselves instead of moving ( surprising !) and finally a flooding. This whole highlight is really fun for the player and the use of the objects/animations well done. After this , back to exploration with mainly a huge area where knowing where to jump is to be spotted , a swamp and an area with ants , which are the only real enemies (piranhas in a water area , and a snake you may kill for uzis clips are not a problem for Lara's health). There are plenty of medipacks and flares provided along the whole game. The absence of enemies is neither a downside to the enjoyment as Lara is busy and concentrated enough with the way she has to go and the things to be done. The difficulty of the timed tasks and the few traps is well balanced , not too simple but not hard at all either. If I had some criticisms it would be trivial things such as the texturing sometimes faulty , the incorrect sound when Lara bumps into something , and a lever quite useless in my opinion ( the one that raises that tall RB to access the tree area above the swamp , a normal permanent block would have be sufficient and better). To sum up things : great exploration with enjoyable gameplay moments , immersive despite serious backtracking but this backtracking makes you somehow more familiar with the map , few enemies and great use of some animating objects , good atmosphere, pleasant lighting in general. UNDER THE JUNGLE (10 10 9 8) The first one was good , the second is even better, in fact it is awesome in my raiding book. After an introductory part that is already promising with slanted pillars , fire burners , and a first journey to get a key , you dive in a gigantic underground room , in fact firstly in a huge cup of water held by a giant golden statue that sits in this gigantic underground cavern, cavern which has plenty of other structures that promise the most interesting experiences of jumping and various acrobatics with also ladders , ropes , monkeyswing , etc... in order to retrieve 4 crystals. This level is better as here there is no backtracking at all, and the genius of the builder is to have built all the different routes to get the crystals using the numerous structures and shapes of that big cavern , guaranteeing you have lots of long periods of fun along these routes , with in 2 or 3 cases a 'leap of faith' needed to proceed. I really like the 'crazyness' of some situations , you think you are at the end of one route , but you turn back or you look below or above and you can see that the way is continuing. I really really love this kind of gameplay. Already in the first level , there was some 'Ah moments' but in the second level , there are many many more. The level is not difficult (I only got stuck 3 times because it was just me not spotting an opening and a ladder , and lacking trust at one point). Although the gameplay paths are quite complex , you can count on the builder , you can trust him , to never lead you into dead ends , and not presenting you either with difficult tasks. Here also , the only timed task I remember (which looked impressive at first glance) was generously timed. The hundreds of jumps around the geometry of the room and the many structures and pillars are very very enjoyable without being hard. What is needed though is to get the starting point of these 4 routes, and after that the game flows very nicely. (I think that for at least one crystal , 2 different ways can be taken (I took both by curiosity) depending on where you are) . When placing the 4 crystals after 2 hours of net gaming time , a big surprise awaits Lara , it was quite peaceful until that point, then another great journey is undertaken to reach the higher parts of the same gigantic cavern you reenter in from a different angle , the highest levels were unreachable until now ( the view of them one or two hours before was tantalizing and exciting) , and more fun is offered with swinging poles ( a few tries were necessary to get used to the new animation ) , rope swinging and monkeyswinging , etc... until the last jump to the exit which in my opinion was the most difficult, I needed a few tries for that one. Then when you think that eventually the level will end , think again as Lara will emerge in a subway station, although this part is rather short. The game ends by a conclusion , Lara returns to her mansion where she will have a well deserved cup of tea and a new artifact in her trophy room. It is in the subway station that I found weapons for the first time when there were no more enemies , I thought it was strange but as I did not found all secrets , maybe these weapons could be found also earlier. The looks are rather good although you don't play this game for the utmost quality of the graphics , lighting correct , architecture awesome. Some smart new use or animations of some objects. CONCLUSION : I will not emphasize enough how I had a great raiding time playing through these levels , as very rarely I had so far. At one moment it made me think I was playing a game for 'hardcore' players although I realize that this game is not difficult after all , at another moment it reminded me somehow the rare sense of discovery with very inventive situations that we could find in Tomb of Cleopatra's Handmaiden (just an example to give you an idea) but in a more complex way. In fact it is quite an unique experience ! The author has surely spent countless hours designing these areas , shaping well all the blocks according to the gameplay , and a lot of time testing well everything given the complexity of the places and subtlety of the gameplay. Now that this game ( which I want to play again in the future ) is ended , the next TR game i will play will have to be really a great top notch game so to suffer the comparison with the hours of enjoyment and the numerous 'ah and wow moments' this one has given me." - eRIC (06-Oct-2012)
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