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Author(s): Sabatu
total rating:6.57 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 8 8 9 8
Ceamonks890 5 6 6 7
eRIC 5 7 7 6
eTux 6 7 6 6
Jay 5 7 7 7
Jorge22 5 6 7 7
Jose 5 6 7 5
Lokky99 6 7 7 7
manarch2 5 6 7 7
MichaelP 5 8 7 7
misho98 7 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 4 5 8 8
PedroTheGamer 5 7 7 7
Phil 7 7 7 7
Ryan 6 6 7 7
category averages
(15 reviews)
5.60 6.67 7.13 6.87

Reviewer's comments

"This is fun, I liked it well developed, but I felt lack of gamplay, post key picks in the dino's next and door, I know it is a simple but well-scattered level of playing in free time, but the author should improve on gameplay but everything and good finished in 30 to 45 min ... and secrets easy." - PedroTheGamer (01-Dec-2018)

"You can't fault the title, there are dinosaurs everywhere, of all shapes and sizes. This is a very simple, straightforward level - simply shoot every dinosaur you encounter and find the necessary keys to continue. There's not much else going on, although to be fair, there are worse shooters out there; at least Lara has a fair chance. I did admit to getting a bit bored along the way, though and possibly more varied and engrossing gameplay would have helped." - Ryan (26-Jul-2017)

"This level was a little challenging, especially when fighting the T-rexes. I tried to kill the first one shooting while jumping around, rolling, etc. but it always grabbed me with its teeth. I had to look for a safe spot. In this level you have to conserve ammo because you don't have pistols. You find them as a secret, but I think it is easy enough because it's like part of the gameplay. I found 2 secrets on the first time, then I checked the walkthrough and it states that they are 5, but they're really 6 (after pushing the switch near the beginning there's a white structure on the right, jump there and there's an opening on the left. This is the missing one). I played the easy version and find all the secrets this time. The builder provides a new Lara's home with interesting places to explore, like the outside, and a puzzle that I wasn't able to solve, and it is very dark by the way. It's a good game, I recommend it." - alan (30-Oct-2016)

"I did quite enjoy this level at first you start off with no weapons but it doesnt take long before you find the desert eagle and the mp5 the enimies were placed quite well and also the secrets were quite well hidden luckily I managed to find all the secrets on my first go :) and also I think the textures could of been placed a little bit better but overall not a bad level if you like shooters then this level may be for you" - Lokky99 (23-Jan-2016)

"Depending on the difficulty you selected before booting up this release(via any of the provided level files), the type of experience you'll end up inevitably receiving, will be either a painfully simple walk in the park or a slightly more taxing one(with the core changes being mainly in the amount of enemies that you'll have to contend with at one time, the amount of health items and weapon ammunition you can collect and the overall challenge of the T-Rex battle in general.) Beyond some minor differences though, both level files share the exact same amount of quality, including simple-designed rooms(which contain little to no objects), decently-applied texturing/lighting and a somewhat compelling atmosphere, with near-mindless gameplay to match. So, if you're a fan of shooters and in the mood for a quick distraction, than this may certainly do the job for you. But if you're a player who demands something a little more taxing on the mind, you'd be better off looking elsewhere to satisfy your needs." - Ceamonks890 (21-Oct-2014)

"This little level was very fun. It was very intense in the beginning when raptors start attacking you and you have no weapons so you have to run away. The T-Rex fights were fun too, but I died a couple of times before I could go somewhere when it can't bite me. Not anything hard, but it's very entertaining, the atmosphere is very TR3-ish, which is very good for me since I love this game and the surroundings look not-bad. Recommended!" - misho98 (02-Jan-2014)

"That was good, unpretentious fun - shooting various types of dinosaurs for a little over 30 minutes, including two T-Rex. There is not much more to say really. The environment looks solid, the progression is linear and there are 5 secrets to collect along the way." - MichaelP (15-Nov-2013)

"I've played the easy version and, of course, it's easy to play with a fast an lineal gameplay with no puzzles; only pulling switches and placing keys to open some doors and fight with raptors and two T-Rex. There are some friendly soldiers to help you too. As usual in this author, simple architecture and not care when placing textures; empty rooms without objects and few more. The best, the atmosphere. If you like shooter levels, this could be good for you." - Jose (09-May-2013)

"TR3 has one extremely valuable feature and one extremely annoying feature. It allows in-game gamma adjustment. If we could do this in TR4 levels, you would be spared my rants about dark levels, which will likely dominate my reviews of the current BtB Northern Legends levels. On the other hand, you can't play TR3 in windowed mode, which makes it inconvenient and awkward to write walkthroughs for these levels. I found this level by a prolific TR3 builder to be fun and exciting. Etux's helpful walkthrough kept me moving, and I finished in about 30 minutes. I don't recall seeing a choice between playing a hard and easy version, but whatever I played was hard enough. I found the T-Rexes to be unusually tough to kill, and I learned that even if you play in god mode you're dead meat if the T-Rex gets you in its jaws. Play it for the nonstop thrills." - Phil (23-Apr-2013)

"Another 25 minutes level from the author that I played right after The Jungle , and I liked it better. A bit more gripping and original with Lara starting with no weapons. She will missed nothing as she will retrieve all that is needed , even the pistols in an easy found secret area. A bit of tactics to deal with the raptors , the few friendly soldiers did what they could, but in the end Lara is on her own , also to deal with 2 T-Rex. I noticed that the first one was not so dumb as it hide itself from Lara's shooting when she stood on that safe block. A dynamic level with no such things as puzzles , but that is pleasant and not hard." - eRIC (01-Apr-2013)

"A nice very straight shoot'em up and not very easy at that, with just enough ammo and medis plus rather tough creatures to shoot. The second T Rex was a piece of cake but the first is a nightmare before you know how to shoot it and even afterwards since it can easily throw you back to the ground. It was interesting (and not at all obvious) that you had to shoot one of the soldiers that help you down to get the needed shotgun - unfair in the end, but not as unfair as all the other soldiers being defeated by every dino they meet. Not much more that may be added, cool for a TR3 game." - Jorge22 (08-Mar-2013)

"As a result of some tinkering from my side to reduce the level's download size (which originally was close to 300 MB), I somewhat involuntarily had to play through both of the level's 'difficulty' versions. As someone who has never kept his general dislike for shooters secret, I certainly had to warm up to the idea, but warm up I did. A mix of "Angel of Darkness" and TR3 textures make the level appear more fresh and inviting, and while it will not be winning the "Piega Award for Complex and Outstanding Settings," it is apparent that some thought went into the construction of the areas and the ways they interconnect - that it's not just a random set of rooms in succession. While everyone so far has rushed to call the gameplay mindless, I'd argue that some of that forethought can be seen here too, even if only with a somewhat existential outlook - where "in a game devoid of strategy, the one you come up with gives it meaning and excitement". This is evident more so in the "hard" difficulty version (the default one), as, interestingly enough for a shooter, you actually start unarmed, and the first weapons you encounter are of the limited ammo capacity kind (you can miss out on the pistols altogether if you skip a secret). What this shows is that there are more options available to you, than is immediately apparent - do you conserve ammo for bigger foes, or shoot everything that so much as glances at you in a suspicious manner? Is it every man and women for themselves (if the first raptor doesn't absolve you of this moral dilemma you might have to kill the soldier for the only shotgun in the level) or do you try and help the soldiers? Do you run for higher ground to eliminate adversaries from a distance, or face them bravely in daredevil rolls and sideflips as they simultaneously try to get their share of Lara-pie? You could argue that so far this sounds like one's modus operandi for just about every shooter out there, and that I'm trying to see nuance where there's none to be found, but what ultimately convinced me - was contrasting the 'hard' and 'easy' versions. While the 'hard' mode is by far the richer experience, the changes in the 'easy' mode are telling in the planning that went into the levels - less enemies and more helpers would be an obvious distinction, but then there's less (!) pickups, a slope at the bottom of a ladder is flattened, so you needn't slide towards the mercy of the T-Rex, and other more subtle gameplay changes. All that said - as surprisingly engaging, as I found the core gameplay of the level to be, there's no denying that there isn't that much more going on besides this, and at about 20 minutes (less than 10 for the easy version, even) it isn't a very long level. Still, a commendable effort, in my opinion, and worth giving it more than a mere glance. Found 2 secrets." - eTux (02-Mar-2013)

"After spending the first part of the game running away from compys and raptors, by the time I found some fire power I was really in the mood for some heavy duty revenge. This is definitely and whole-heartedly a shoot 'em up level - even the good guys who help Lara with bumping off the dinos end up as cannon fodder in the search for more weaponry. You'll need every bit you can get too, in an effort to deal with the T Rex contingent who are stamping around, giving everybody a headache. Can't say it was entirely my idea of a good time, but if you like TR3 and a spot of mindless carnage, this could be right up your street." - Jay (25-Feb-2013)

"You'd think that a level devoted entirely to killing several dozen dinosaurs would be pretty exciting,wouldn't you? Actually,this adventure becomes pretty tiresome after a while;because it involves absolutely no more than shooting,shooting and more shooting.The atmosphere is pretty gripping to start with,and the lighting is used very effectively to create heaps of scary and suspenseful shadows.Although the textures are occasionally compressed,they are nevertheless applied with care;and,with a few puzzles thrown in here and there this could have been really gripping and involving.As it is,it is merely an aggressive shooter;and,thanks to a couple of tiresome 'fire 500 rounds of ammo and eventually the beast goes down' sequences,it actually manages the unexpected feat of becoming somewhat tedious. For those who experience dread at the thought of entering a succession of large and dark caves full of a plethora of nasty stomping and growling beasties,this adventure will probably give them nightmares.Those who enjoy rather more subtle gameplay are best advised to look elsewhere.What can't be denied is that this particular builder has a talent for construction.Let's hope that their next level shows off their abilities to considerably better effect." - Orbit Dream (24-Feb-2013)

"The start of this level looks really promising, the setting being something like Neon God meets TR 3 South Pacific, and a soldier helping you to kill some dinos as you don't have any weapons at first. OK many textures were misplaced (streched squeezed etc.) but still they gave this level a modern look and feel. Though - the rest of the level is not so nice than the promising start, mainly due to the fact that after a certain point my weapons ran out of ammo (and this was not me being lazy to explore, but due to the fact that one has to shoot the helpful guy to get the shotgun which I found out too late). Eventually, three raptors attacked me at the same time and if I didn't find the pistol secret halfway through the level, I wouldn't have survived. Another thing that annoyed me was the darkness in the T-rex cave that made it hard to spot the single safe block. All in all this was a level which I think could have been so much nicer with a little more care (e.g. more helpful guys, no need to shoot them, pistols not as secret, more care for texturing rather than textures) and, when those problems are solved, could have been expanded more as it ended after 20 minutes for me. Found two secrets." - manarch2 (22-Feb-2013)
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