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Hollywood Mini Adventures - Jungle by MBog
Ceamonks890 3 2 2 2
DJ Full 5 4 4 3
eRIC 3 3 1 3
Gerty 4 3 2 3
Jay 4 4 3 3
Jose 3 3 3 3
Larabiker301 5 3 4 5
manarch2 4 3 3 3
MichaelP 4 4 4 3
Orbit Dream 3 3 2 3
Phil 7 7 8 8
Quentin 5 4 3 3
Ryan 3 3 2 3
Torry 7 7 7 6
release date: 16-Jan-2014
# of downloads: 1554

average rating: 3.79
review count: 14
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file size: 14.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

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Reviewer's comments
"Another short level which seems to be the trademark from this author. This one runs in at just over ten minutes though which is long in his repertoire. Two features of note. The unavoidability of setting poor Lara on fire. Wondered what the water alcoves were for and the that raptors tend to poison Lara as well as taking chunks out of her." - Torry (11-Oct-2019)
"Ten minutes of bad graphics and good gameplay. Recommended." - DJ Full (30-Jun-2019)
"This time, the builder has opted to set this mini adventure in an adequate but rather rough jungle setting which had a few sound issues. There's a slight improvement in terms of gameplay with a couple of boulder and spike traps, a nice little introductory push puzzle, but also one rather badly executed puzzle involving setting Lara on fire, which I'm sorry, I just don't like. A rather tense confrontation with raptors too and once you use the Skeleton Key, you can end the level a few seconds later." - Ryan (14-Jun-2018)
"Poisonous raptors ? Well that is not what makes a good conclusion to a 10 minutes raid. It began rather well though with the use of a hidden vase to open the entrance of a temple and then i enjoyed the lava room but it went downhill after. The few traps were kinda of ok, but making Lara burn to go farther ? and then the raptors. Lighting is mostly absent , no audio provided in the zip except for the title , architecture is simple , and texturing is okay but still could be largely improved." - eRIC (16-Aug-2017)
"I took a little more fun to play this level than the previous levels from this author, and even if they are all rather short, they are interesting. The textures are wallpapered and this is the biggest flaw of the game. I enjoyed the moment where you had to push a block and go into the water and the traps were fun to dodge. So I put 5 for the gameplay. But I give only 4 points for "objects" because Lara "uses his binoculars" when she pulls the skeleton. The atmosphere was quite correct with the horizon, but there is no music and no cameras, it's pity." - Quentin (12-Mar-2014)
"Serving as the builder's second level and the first in an entirely new series, what has MBog improved since his first release? To be quite honest, not all that much. While the gameplay itself is a step-up from before(with plenty of traps to be cautious of throughout) and the builder thankfully putting a finish trigger in the level this time around, the rest of the level's presentation has not been given nearly the amount of attention it deserved. As a lot of the same problems I mentioned in my review for Laboratory are still present and accounted for here, including wallpapered texturing, flat lighting and unnecessarily-huge and empty rooms on top of several new problems, such as an incorrect animation for when Lara pulls a skeleton out of the way or velociraptors who can poison you somehow, if you end up giving them the chance. Upon passing through all the traps and defeating the pack of hungry velociraptors, we insert a key to unlock a door and walk inside where the game anticlimactically ends. Overall, a slight improvement. But I'm truly hoping that MBog steps up his game in terms of building levels with a bit more significance, as constantly releasing simply competent levels isn't going to cut it forever." - Ceamonks890 (06-Mar-2014)
"This is more of an adventure but still very short. A bit unfair was that Lara was set on fire by a push puzzle, poor girl but luckily there was water nearby. Wrong animation was used in picking up a Gem." - Gerty (10-Feb-2014)
"A very short level (less than 10 minutes) but a bit better than the debut from this author. I liked the run up the ramp with the rolling boulders and the spiked traps in one side, but few more can offer this level for the players. Not good that Lara is forced to catch fire even if there is water near, the author could take care to bring the lines on the wall panels when texturing, and also the paper ceilings coul be easily avoided and another defects. I missed a gun to deal with the raptors near the end and some audio tracks and cameras. Not a good level but I hope this builder get better with time." - Jose (29-Jan-2014)
"I haven't played this builder's maiden effort and therefore cannot comment on the learning curve, but this brief demo-like adventure is by its name intended as an hors d'oeuvre so I've rated it on its own terms. Purists will complain about the forced health loss in being set aflame (if there was a way to avoid this fate I couldn't find it), but the builder made sure that plenty of water was available and close by. The boulder/spike fence ramp in the same area was fun to figure out. As other reviewers have noted, this builder shows promise, and it's to be hoped that longer and more elaborate levels will soon be forthcoming." - Phil (22-Jan-2014)
"A scant ten minutes of straightforward and linear gameplay in a vaguely jungle-like setting, involving a couple of push puzzles, some boulder and spike traps and a quartet of dinos for a boss ending. The weird animation that had Lara shielding her eyes whilst a skeleton obligingly pulled itself out of the way did make me smile however. I should probably get out more." - Jay (19-Jan-2014)
"This is definately better than the debut level of this builder. The visuals are not really the level's strength, as the rooms look fairly bland and uninspired (I only liked the large lava hall a bit), there aren't any sound files used in the game, the animations are messed up and only the texturing is partly passable, but the gameplay has improved most here and here you get an actually rather decent raid, but it's so incredibly short at only seven minutes (of which I shot the raptors for more than two) that it's impossible to get immersed into this game. Still, there are a few jumps and traps to keep you occupied for the time being; maybe the push puzzle where Lara is set on fire is questionable but I still found it to be a nice task. This level shows the builder is capable of more and I'd really like to see a longer level of him with better worked upon visuals. Couldn't find any secrets." - manarch2 (17-Jan-2014)
"This is relatively a step up compared to the author's last level. This time around, we have to complete two very easy tasks which require little to no observation skills whatsoever. The gameplay is certainly deserves a point more just for it being an actual linear and flowing level going from point A to point B while gameplay is thrown in.
I don't know if this was a bug on my part by I wasn't able to hear any background music nor foreground music so I didn't take off or add any additional points. The textures seem to have been taken more care of than the author's previous level with some textures actually having patterns. We get to end the level with some nice enemies which was fun considering how linear the level was. Overall- A nice play that shows that the author is slowly progressing forward. I can't wait to see what the author has in store for us next. Time-10-20mins, Difficulty - Easy, Secrets 0/?, Recommend." - Larabiker301 (17-Jan-2014)
"12 minutes of linear raiding,with one quite good puzzle (how to open the Temple doors);one rather poor puzzle (setting Lara on fire);an easy gauntlet;and a decent Dino confrontation.Textures are just about adequate.Animations are incorrect.Atmosphere struggles to make much of an impression. If this is indeed a Hollywood Mini Adventure,as the level title states,then it must presumably be a rather low-budget quickie production. Perhaps the next will be a big-budget Blockbuster. Any bets?" - Orbit Dream (17-Jan-2014)
"If you establish a low baseline, it is easier to improve upon it. So, this quick second release of this builder is quite an improvement over his first in many ways. For one, it has a finish trigger - although you do reach it after less than 10 minutes already. Then it makes some effort at being a little sneaky at the beginning and challenge you with a few mild traps in the middle and an enemy battle at the end, so contrary to the first release there actually is some flow and gameplay involved. Not sure it was such a great design idea to light our poor Lara up, but not the first time this was done and probably not the last either. Visible learning curve here - now it is time to step back and take time and patience to put a decent full adventure together." - MichaelP (16-Jan-2014)