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Author(s): Max
total rating:9.63 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Cosmos 9 9 10 10
DJ Full 9 10 10 10
Drakan 9 10 10 9
Dutchy 10 10 9 10
Gerty 9 10 10 9
Hedteur 10 9 10 10
Jay 9 10 10 10
Jose 8 10 9 9
Josey 8 10 10 10
LaraSpears 10 10 10 10
Leeth 8 9 10 10
Lokky99 10 10 9 10
LOTRKingluis 10 10 10 10
Maati 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 9 10 9
McRaider 10 10 10 10
Mman 10 10 10 10
okuhtfesq 9 10 8 9
OverRaider 9 9 10 10
Phil 10 9 10 8
requiemsoul 9 9 9 9
Ryan 10 9 10 9
Samu 10 10 10 10
SlyRaider 10 10 10 9
Thiago 10 10 10 10
Wikus Croft 10 10 10 10
Zhyttya 9 10 10 10
category averages
(28 reviews)
9.39 9.71 9.79 9.64

Reviewer's comments

"I had no idea what I was getting into on picking this TRLE to play. I was blown away... Everything about this trle is entertaining and refined, I can't stop loving everysingle level. An amazing gameplay with amazing jumping arquitecture and rare or none "boring actions", altho I would have prefered some more puzzles. The atmosphere is gorgeous and the sounds perfectly placed. The lightning, the texture, praticaly flawless. This is definitely a TRLE I would recommend for medium-pro tomb raider players. I'll probably play a second time sooner or later!!" - LOTRKingluis (07-Sep-2018)

"I actually played this level set long time ago when it was released but I wanted to replay it because it's one of my all time favorite level sets. Everything including gameplay, environment and atmosphere is done extremely well and I really have hard time finding anything to criticize. What I probably enjoyed most was exploring the very detailed and unique environment, which consists of many distinct locations in each level. You will be visiting very bright day-time Venice, gloomy mines and underground cathedral in Ireland, hi-tech base in Paris and a mysterious otherworld in the end. Every location looks astonishing and contains mostly new custom textures and objects that the author created to give each location highly unique look. Many of the custom objects serve aesthetic purposes but many of them also play interesting and functional roles in gameplay. I found gameplay to be perfectly balanced between action-packed platforming, exploration and puzzle solving keeping me entertained throughout the game. Some of the platforming parts can be quite challenging but I didn't find anything to be overly difficult allowing me to recommend this game to those players who dislike extreme challenges. By the way, make sure you get access to bonus level since it contains some of the most amusing tasks where you have to utilize very strong airflow that can throw you in the air allowing you to enter new areas. I don't know what else I could write except download and play this set of levels unless you have already done that." - Samu (05-Sep-2017)

"Lara gets to visit a few of her old haunts in this adventure as she explores, Venice, Ireland, a lab, and a floating islands section. I probably enjoyed the Venice section, although it was rather dark and murky. There are some nice touches here like Lara's notepad, the various FMVs and dialogue sequences. I managed to miss one secret, although I was sure I found them all (maybe a different savegame?)." - Ryan (21-Dec-2016)

"Really enjoyed this level set and it was a challenge an excellent sequel to the first ancient artifact I thought that there were quite a few weird things in this levelset like Lara being able to hang on spike ledges but in most over Trles you were unable to do this. This had an excellent story and it also had a very good boss fight. Really enjoyed this recommended" - Lokky99 (04-Jul-2016)

"Hats off for this young man, he did a marvellous job. I played the original and the revised version (for the walkthrough) and the latter is indeed bit easier to get around in. The atmosphere is just right (although pretty dark at my end as I cannot crank up the brightness of my monitor anymore but you find enough flares to get around), great looking objects and even there aren't that many enemies, I didn't miss them at all. This is exploring and then some, but making saves at strategic places is always a good strategy, but still it is no walk in the park. I did wonder though; as this is a rather gloomy level why not use a flashlight or PDA instead of flares? Can't count how many times Lara died because she had a flare in her hands and it went out, then jumping and grabbing is out off the question. Found just a couple of textures that were askew and got caught in an illegal slope, but who is counting. Thanks to Dutchy; as I couldn't get some of the timed runs, they were just too awkward for me. Keep an eye on this guy, as he is a master in creating a great story and then translating it into a level." - Gerty (23-Jun-2016)

"This is easily one of the best levels of this site. The gameplay and puzzles are totally enjoyable. The sound and atmosphere are perfectly matched. The Bonus level is incredibly wonderful. Congratulations to Max" - Thiago (29-Apr-2016)

"This is the best custom Tomb Raider game I have ever played so far. I LOVE the coin challenges, they were very challenging and super fun. Good work with Lara's talking voice sounds in the levels, especially the excellent cut scenes. I love the textures, shadows and lighting in the game, the game look very realistic. This game is excellent and its a must have game. The bonus level was a blast, I enjoyed it allot. The story line and game play gave me ALLOT of Goose bumps, it is super interesting and well done. The Venice level had a great start with great raining effects, the venice city was amazing with all the mercenaries, objects and puzzles. I loved the mine in ireland, I had allot of fun exploring the mine ruins and the grail Cathedral that was very exiting and excellent. The ghost traps was the icing on top at the Cathedral level and the interesting cut scene at the end of that level. I loved the laboratory, very challenging and super interesting. The laboratory escape was the most awesome level for me, I was scared of the laboratory creatures that got out after that nuclear explosion and that texture effects and the build of all the broken laboratory rooms were the best of the level that seemed very realistic. The kingdom of shadows was amazingly done and that enemy at the last level of the kingdom of shadows was super cool, It wasn't easy to kill but it was an worthy opponent. The game was very interested, a bid scary and very exiting to play. This is a game that I will play over and over again for a long time." - Wikus Croft (09-Apr-2016)

"Where do I start on this absolute work of art, this amazing masterpiece that words can not even give it enough justice? Michael is an artist, I won't call him a level designer, creator or modder, I will call him an artist, because this level is honestly an astonishing work of art, he made a perfect masterpiece, the moment I started playing it, it took my breath away, the first thing I noticed were the polished, perfect and magnificent textures, they looked absolutely breathtaking, I love how diverse the textures are, they all look absolutely beautiful, they don't feel repetitive, stretched or game-like, they seem absolutely vibrant, alive and real life-like, he added small details to every bit of textures, and they made a huge difference in the beauty of this masterpiece. The atmosphere is the most engrossing and most fascinating atmosphere I've ever seen in a level, and I played alot of levels, the perfect atmosphere of this levelset adds so much life to it, when I play this masterpiece I feel like I'm not playing instead I'm inside the level, I'm the one wandering the streets of venice and walking across the cities, the atmosphere is beyond the epitome of perfection, I don't think I will ever play another level as atmospheric as this level anytime soon, you can even see how the ventilation shafts let out steam, I mean Michael did everything possible to let you have the most atmospheric journey he could, and he really perfected it and it worked. The lighting was an absolute work of art, he made the most subtle and beautiful lighting I've seen on a level, the lighting felt warm and inviting, it made the level feel very comfy and cozy, and that is something I absolutely love in games, and Michael did it perfectly, I loved his work, it added more life to the level, not that it was lifeless or anything, but it mode it more alive, the lighting suited every level, the objective of the lighting is to make you feel the weather of the level, and it was well-done in this level, it made you feel cold in certain levels, and cozy, comfy, warm and inviting in other levels, the lighting is beyond perfect. The soundtrack of this levelset is absolutely charming, I loved how when I walked across Venice I could hear the ambience of the nature, I could hear the raindrops hitting the surface of the water, I could hear the rain pouring down, I mean this added so much beauty and realism to the level, I love it when I could hear the water when I'm walking or hear the wind, it's magnificent. The gameplay is amazingly well done, I've played it through and I did not get bored once or get frustrated once, it was well designed, the jumps were tough at times, but they didn't get me mad or frustrated at all, the timed-runs were also done well, they were hard and very tough to complete sometimes, but not tough enough to get you to stop playing, it was one of the best adventures I've had in a custom Tomb Raider level. Thank you Michael for making such an amazing, engrossing and astonishing level that I dearly enjoyed, you made me feel so much joy in this level, I never knew how much that I needed to play this level, thank you again, you are an absolute artist, and I can't wait to see more levels from you." - LaraSpears (31-Dec-2015)

"I have not play the update version but I think my grade will be the same because this adventure is just AWSOME. It was a real pleasure to discovered what happened to Bridget and discovered a new story about the holy Grail. The various levels are very well builds and I have liked the design of the venice one with a lot of news textures and not the ones of btb2010 like my "Relic" level. For me the full adventure is not very hard, I have only some problems to found some secrets but I have found the 3 bonus coins :) I think my favorite place is the Kingdom of Shadow and the bonus. Nice atmosphere and sometime very scary. A great touch is the various FMVS who can be seeing during the adventure and who giving a personnal effect to the story like an original game. A big thank to Max for this fabulous sequel and I hope play another adventure of this author quickly ;)." - Bigfoot (16-Nov-2015)

"Well this was a pleasant game to play.. REALLY beautiful, the atmosphere was one of the best i ever seen and the lightning was like send from good.. Love the history, loved every single level.. And the work on every single detail was spot on. The sound was on of the best, the machinery on the 3rd level if i remember well was sooo great.. Would love to play more games like this.. But... there were a bit of annoying.. things. There was to much timed switches and most of them didn't even show where to go.. And there was a little bug with switches and loading that would made the game IMPOSSIBLE to pass.. only going to a preview save and do it ALL AGAIN.. And a "perfect jump" that we had to do to many times.. oh.. and in the beginning you kinda have to do a bug in the engine to go down the correct path.. that was a bit annoying.. Even if the puzzles were awesome, stuff like 2 exact items side to side and one is movable and the other wasn't.. And stuff like new mechanics randomly appearing was a bit annoying to.. challenging but.. annoying.. Still, would highly recommend anyone to play! It really is a odd to Tomb Raider in the perfect insence that it was!" - Leeth (17-Aug-2015)

"This was an absolute amazing game/experience that i've been having this pass week and it really took me that long to finish up this game. 8 hours to be exact. Through those 8 hours I've seen and felt amazing things, details, music and a huge enjoyment. Let's begin the review by talking about the game play and puzzles: initially i had in mind to give a 10 on this topic, however i came across with various details which annoyed me. Of course there is no denial of the genius mastermind behind the making of the puzzles, but i can't ignore the little details that made me give it a 9. I'll shout out what i recall the best: switch bugs (some wouldn't reset after the time run ended; ONE switch in particular would revert the outcome, making the game impossible to progress if i saved on top of the previous one), too much time runs (yes it does increases the difficulty and the challenge but ultimately makes the level or better that part specifically repetitive, annoying and frustrating), some triggers weren't intuitive, sometimes you had to use known bugs to progress in the levels (rookie players wouldn't know how to execute that or even think about it) and last but not least, you have almost full access to the whole level at the beginning, resulting in continuous backtracking. All of these things were the reason why i gave a 9 out of 10. JUST because these details make the game more challenging, doesn't mean it makes it a better game. But of course all of the atmosphere, textures and creativity is beyond brilliant, giving an absolute vibe of a real world and definitely deserves 3 10 on the other topics. The bonus level was a bit boring though, as you don't really have a specific objective, just to find all of the orbs and crystals. Which is good if you enjoy searching and exploring every single corner, wall, floor of the game. In conclusion this was a fantastic game, way better than current games being released these days, incredibly challenging, and you'll spend at least 1 night on each level. There are 7 in total (counting with the bonus level )" - Zhyttya (17-Aug-2015)

"Firstly, this heavily improves on my issues of polish with the first Ancient Artifact; everything flows into itself in terms of the story and it generally feels much more consistent. The visuals are generally more consistent too, with plenty of custom objects (including some very creative stuff) and detailed locations. The atmosphere is quite grim feeling and there's a certain horror vein running through it (even Venice feels a bit gloomier than usual), which gives it certain style. I did come across various small issues in gameplay, like forced damage and a pit you could fall in and not get out, but none of them were big enough to take away from my overall impression of it, and I liked how the items you needed for the bonus level were pretty easy to find and mostly treated as a side challenge rather than something you constantly needed a walkthrough to get. There's a nice mix of exploration levels and more linear ones too. It's on the difficult side at times and there's a growth in challenge later on, with the bonus level being pretty brutal in certain parts. Overall a great set and generally an improvement on the first. As a technical note, I had an issue with the journal overlay not working at first, but the Windows 10 Preview fixed it, so if you have that issue I actually recommend waiting a few weeks for Windows 10 to be released before trying it." - Mman (17-Jul-2015)

"I want to start by congratulating Max for creating Ancient Artifact II; it is obvious that he put tremendous amounts of love and care into this custom game and spent hours upon hours in its creation. Overall, it is quite an enjoyable game, although I feel that it is not as good as it could have been and it has some severe flaws, which is especially difficult to say considering how much effort was put into it.
The gameplay is mostly fun throughout, with lots of exploring and platforming to be done, although it is a little light on puzzles. The bonus level is certainly a highlight and is possibly the most fun I had during the game: it sure is a blast to find the 20 golden orbs. I also loved the Venice level with its great platforming, the shooting range in Brijett Labs, and the many challenging but reasonable timed runs, to point out a few other great gameplay moments. Of course, the gameplay is not perfect: I think that it would be greatly enhanced by some more puzzles. I love platforming and exploration, don't get me wrong, but Ancient Artifact II is so heavy on those elements and so light on puzzles and fighting enemies that it feels rather unbalanced. The gameplay also feels somewhat stale overall due to a lack of truly innovative or unique tasks to perform. I was particularly disappointed by Kingdom of the Shadow (the non-bonus-level-part), which mostly seemed like a series of going through rooms with little to do other than find some path to the next room.
The enemies are pretty sparse and there could maybe have been more of them, but the custom-made ones are extremely impressive and cool looking, like the blue ghosts, the final boss, and the ghosts in the cathedral. There are too many custom features to count: new animations (including a death animation in which Lara gets pulled into a swamp-like pool), beautiful fmvs and cutscenes, a diary, and countless new static items. I feel that in many custom games that include a diary, it is underused or an afterthought, but it really adds a nice touch to this adventure and is well-incorporated into the game.
The aspect of Ancient Artifact II that I find most underwhelming is the visuals and atmosphere. These levels are some the most dark, dingy, and dour I have ever played. The Cathedral and the Kingdom of the Shadow levels in particular scarcely have a color to be seen. The labs and the Ireland mine are not much better, and even Venice, a city renowned for its beauty, feels rather drab here. This game consists of gray, dull level after gray, dull level, and it really is a shame, because the textures are immaculately placed and there are nearly no technical faults in the visuals. I also find these levels to be quite dark, requiring lots of flares to navigate. I admit that I absolutely love the dark, hellish atmosphere of levels like Underworld UB4 and Kingdom of the Shadow, but even this effect can be achieved with more visual interest - just look at the Beyond from Ancient Artifact I for a great example (The Beyond also happens to be one of my favorite custom levels of all time).
Despite my gripes about the atmosphere, I had great fun during the 6 hours I spent in these levels, and I am sincerely grateful that Max put so much effort into this level for all of us to play. I look forward to whatever this talented builder releases in the future! 9/10/8/9" - okuhtfesq (01-May-2015)

"Venice: 9/9/10/10, Mine: 9/10/10/10, Cathedral: 9/9/9/9, Lab: 8/10/10/10, Escape: 10/10/10/10, Kingdom: 9/10/10/9, Bonus: 9/10/10/10. An incomplete review like on Part1, but again I did a live one in Max's thread (still writing, as there's a lot to say), and I had some native-word reactions to this game, like "jasny pieron" which are intranslatable so I won't throw them on You dear readers. The mine is great yet still differs from other top-notch ones (impossible achieved?) and while the laboratory infiltration matches the best entries of this class, the following escape surpasses all of them. There are dark passages in levels 3 and 6, but it's worth to fight them for the essence. Again this and many other parts require a lot of patience and memory, but this time the author gave us enough cameras and flares, and while these two "little" fixes are enough to keep gameplay on a decent level all the time, there are also some changes for better: the whole sfx sound set has been replaced with arguably the best samples possible, lots of animations are revamped with faster/smoother ones and several nice touches like radios in Venice, bubbles in laboratory or crystals in Kingdom have been applied to prevent monotony. What still isn't fixed is Lara's antagonist and the goal pickup, but these two are not enough to ruin seven hours of upper-class gaming. Sidenote on bonus: I like clear-goal challenges to unlock it - regular secrets are often hard so if their completion was required instead, the majority of players wouldn't see the secret level which is far beyond The Beyond... and the only meta2tr-ed one - a leap in builder's skills only revealed to those who gained corresponding skill in playing, what is just fine. SUMMARY: Could have more visual contrast in some places but, by Perun's bolt, it was mutantastic anyway." - DJ Full (24-Apr-2015)

"As I was playing this extended, eight and a half hour game, I kept having this feeling that awarding it less than 10s across the board would be doing a disservice to the builder. However, toward the end I became convinced otherwise, hence my scores. To begin with, before I even downloaded the game I saw a thread in the forum dealing with a multitude of technical issues. Indeed, my antivirus program refused to install it, reporting a contaminated executable. I tried another, smaller executable from another current game, and everything worked fine from start to finish. This experience makes me wonder why the builder chose to release the game with a larger file causing manifold problems in the first place. Anyway, the gameplay here is complex and challenging from beginning to end, and without Dutchy's masterful walkthrough I would not have gotten very far. I was even able to make my way through without having to use a single savegame, although this pristine record was sorely tested by that diabolical timed run in the bonus level with that flame-spitting Evil Eye. Finally, my primary complaint is one that I've voiced on several recent occasions. I'm growing increasingly weary of playing technically brilliant levels in dark, colorless and aesthetically listless surroundings. And that's exactly what we have here, in practically every level. Psiko got it right with Hypersquare. I'm at a loss to explain why our other talented builders cannot do the same. Despite these shortcomings, which I see from my review of Ancient Artifact I were also present there, this is an unparalleled gaming experience that no serious raider should miss." - Phil (23-Apr-2015)

"I've played much better levels in terms of gameplay creativity; and I've played much better levels in terms of beautiful and coloured landscape; but it is very difficult to see a more "real" level, in all its grey and somber conception. The rain falling in the sidewalks literally took my breath away. Congratulations, my friend, you're quite a designer." - Josey (17-Apr-2015)

"-The best: "Cathedral" and "bonus" level: impressive and a lot of fun. The traps sections are really cool. -The worst: very few puzzles, too much timed-runs and the action is focused on first level and this is a bit frustrating. A solid and satisfying level. Big Thumbs up!" - requiemsoul (12-Apr-2015)

"The storyline from the first installment is very neatly continued in this game and with quite a few cutscenes that must've been time-consuming the builder does a very good job in transferring storyline and tension into the other levels. All the levels are very professionally created with nicely flowing gameplay that is a good mix of everything. For me the quality of gameplay raises with each level, beginning with a slightly dull Venice level with very little in terms of puzzles and tasks apart from a very nicely designed task centered around timed run and a few smaller puzzles, but the further you get, the more fun this game becomes. While the Ireland levels still have too many parts where you use a lever to open a door to use a lever, combined with sometimes quite heavy backtracks, the laboratory bits are more challenging while the kingdom level(s) is the definate highlight. The latter one is actually quite tricky to work through with some spikes slightly differently timed as usual and generally lots of fun platforming and very good puzzles. So all in all a few too boring parts (mainly lever hunts and backtracking) but overall the enjoyment factor is pretty high, especially since the best levels are aptly placed towards the end. The visuals of this level are very authentic and the choice of objects and textures feels quite perfect for the respective setting. There's only very little to fault technically too, with only a handful of texture mistakes. Actually, the only thing preventing from a perfect score is the lighting which could have much more contrast especially in the first levels - again, the last levels are better in that regard, although there's still something to be desired here. A few more. I have the feeling with the lighting the builder wanted to be too perfect but I think that some levels of the first AA game were a little more successful here. Didn't find the game too dark though. Concerning atmosphere, there is almost nothing else to fault though, all levels are very authentic and have their very own charm, with perfect use of architecture, sounds and cameras are also very well done - I accept the few 'missing' cameras as additional challenge as all of them are used in situations where you can find the next task yourself with a bit of thought. I also liked how every enemy has its special place in the game and feels just in the location where it should be. But I'm not sure why there is so much ammo provided - there are so few enemies towards the end that it feels very pointless. There's quite a bunch of secrets to find, and it was a good tasks to find all 26 of them together and overall the secret system is very well done, with a wonderful bonus level to raid through for a great treasure hunt. Many of the secrets are fairly easy to find though and there are quite many which are hidden more or less in the same way, as there are not many more ideas after the secrets in the first levels. Overall, the 4:05 hours are a very complete raid (maybe even play the first level before this one to have an even better experience), but considering all the technical novelties you can see here I think there could have been a little more up to this game. Nevertheless, a stunning and very enjoyable adventure and of course highly recommended." - manarch2 (12-Apr-2015)

"What a fantastic adventure! One of the best I've played lately. Six marvellous levels full of action and amazing features. There are "obscure" and tricky tasks, sometimes not obvious for the players, and another times extremely hard, like some timed runs. I missed some cameras in certain places, and some levels are too dark, even when I had enough flares, the gameplay turns slow when you need to explore big areas with flare in hand. Highly recommended but only for expert players." - Jose (10-Apr-2015)

"Lara's old haunts have never looked better than in this marvellous reinterpretation of Venice, Ireland (my favourite section of the game), Lab and Floating Islands locations. The gameplay is rich and varied, with a medium difficulty level (definitely not for newbie players) and some excellent timed runs, puzzles and traps, although I can pretty much guarantee that by the time you finish the Kingdom of Shadows segment you will have seen enough spike traps to last a very long time indeed! Enemies are well used and seem appropriate to the various locations and it's beautifully put together with some extremely innovative ideas and objects etc (particular kudos to the interesting and lovely 'star' room and the timed run with the giant eye in the bonus game). The only reason I haven't given it a full ten points for gameplay really comes down to the fact that just occasionally the action lags a bit, with a feeling of 'find a lever to open a door to find a lever', and the fact that some of the automatically health draining traps mean poor Lara just can't win no matter how hard she tries, which feels rather mean. That aside though, this is a most impressive and enjoyable game that I highly recommend to any reasonably experienced player." - Jay (05-Apr-2015)

"An excellent level that I recommand! A little different in the two last levels, but the adventure is awesome! I think the one of the best levels in 2015!!" - SlyRaider (05-Apr-2015)

"What an amazing adventure this is... 6 action filled levels which look absolutely amazing with some great new effects in them. I did miss out on some camera's here and there, maybe it should be obvious to the builder what happened, but not to all players. A new feature had me baffled, hanging from a spike ledge. Normally you can't do that so I had no idea how to get that timed run done. The Forum had the answer... Must admit I still have to go try and do that timed run in the Eye room in the bonus level, spent a whole evening there and then loaded a savegame from the forum. But that didn't spoil the fun for me. A Must Play!!!" - Dutchy (01-Apr-2015)

"What an excellent map ! I enjoyed it since the first minute of gameplay and you are immediatly immerged into the game ! The graphics are splendid, very well textured ! Puzzles and game experience completely reaches Tomb Raider's goal, with timers and all that kind of stuff. Lots of secrets make the adventure even more enjoyable, especially the secret coins that are right in front of your nose, but you have to make a challenge to reach and grab it ; a really good idea for your secret level which was breathtaking ! Some new ennemies (but also old ones) and FMW are really cool ! I recommand this map to everybody, it shouldn't be that challenging, but you have to search and keep the eye of an eagle to find the right thing to do. Congrats Max !" - Hedteur (30-Mar-2015)

"Excellent work from the beginning to the end, the bonus level one of the best in terms of gameplay and atmosphere. I could not get all the orbs, only 13... A game rich in textures and lighting and architecture fits into each of the levels...always enjoy the levels of this author and this is pin, highly recommended, excellent work Max!" - McRaider (29-Mar-2015)

"I want to pay my respects to the amazing job of this creator. TRLE games like Ancient Artifact II are rare masterpieces. Definitely this game is one of the most greatest TRLE. I felt that it will be something very special and I'm not disappointed! Gameplay&Puzzles&Storyline First of all I want to say that this game it’s not difficult or easy, it's enjoyable. Every second in game is unique, gameplay is very well-considered. The game very engages a player, it requires a lot of attention - but it's the best part. Every time when I have to solve some puzzle, then every time I feel that I'm playing with the author. I very like that kind of communication with a player, I have a target, I have some tips and I'm just trying to solve a riddle. Of course there are some harder moments or even levels - but always, if we use what gave us author, we can make it without any pain or frustration. Lara's movements are rather basic, but it's nothing wrong with it, what's more I admit that was a good choice. What could be better is that some Lara’s new skills are not supported by NGLE and because of that they're a bit imperfect. The story in game is interesting in classic TR style, and what's more - is very well implemented. Thanks to 2D and 3D FMVs, diary and Lara's commentary we can be truly immersed by the story. It’s rare in TRLE world! Enemies, Objects & Secrets Enemies in game are rather easy and classic - bats, mercenaries or some mysterious creatures. Even the final boss wasn't a big challenge but it gave a lot of fun - good mechanics and wonderful FMVs. Objects look very good - especially in Paris and Kingdom levels, but I will talk about it more later. What’s important here is that, how good author used them in game (also with scripts), what create interesting mechanics and experiences. System of secrets in game is simply amazing. I takes a lot of time and effort to reach them all but it gives so much fun. Especially when we know that there is a bonus level at the end ;) It's another rare aspect of TRLE games, when we want to back again to playing just for those few things. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras The atmosphere is astonishing and I love it the most. Each of the levels gave me something different. I love how Max take me back to the times of classics TR games but without nostalgy, it's a fresh experience. He took classic TR, took what was good and what he wanted, gave a lot from himself and made this beautiful game. If you like TR classic atmosphere this is game for you. Sounds are amazing and fitting to the atmosphere of each level very well. I love how they changes in different locations, it gave so much to the atmosphere. I also have to mention about the excellent voice-overs! Cameras are proper, it always helps a player in switch/door sequences. Lighting & Textures I admire Max as game designer. Lighting and textures are top-notch - especially in Bonus Level. Attention to detail and graphical realization are impressive and really well advanced. From the first level to the last, I see this journey which takes for Michael since 7 years. It was a truly evolution in game design for the author. I have to mention about the excellent graphics design for diary and FMVs. Great choices and remarkable views! Definitely I'm waiting for the next games, please make our world prettier!" - Maati (27-Mar-2015)

"I played the first one a while back in anticipation for this. I was so excited for the release of AAII and was eager to know if it lived up to the original. In short, yes it does! It's a fantastic sequel, but I'd say for the most part, it's on par. First of all, as I came to expect from the first instalment, Max has once again created the most diverse and immersive worlds to explore within the game. The levels feel huge, and are very easy to get lost in. They're not open world in that sense, but there are always numerous pathways for you to take, each well thought out and all interconnected with each other. Everything feels explorable! This was also helped with the amazing texturing and lighting and sound effects. This really created the suspense and thrill whilst traversing through the levels. Never have I played a game where the sound effects were so well done, until now! The texturing was extremely well applied, but there was a slight cracking issue (where the wall segments don't line up, creating cracks underwater), but this is a very minor thing to bring up. The secrets were really well hidden too, but I felt compelled to search for them to feel like I completed the game. A new feature was the coins, three of them! If you find all three within the game, you unlock a bonus level. I was a bit unsure of this to begin with, I feel as though if you're going to spend a huge chunk of time creating a particular level, then surely you want everyone to experience it, else they will miss out. I think Max has been quite clever with this though, the coins aren't hard to find, they require a bit of gameplay/ puzzle solving (generally quite straight forward puzzles) but the coins generally present themselves to you as you play through the levels they're placed in. It's generally quite hard to miss them. So that was fair enough. I got to the bonus level, expecting it to be an incomplete/ broken test level standard, but boy was I wrong! It's possible one of the strongest levels in the game! Actually made me feel happy I collected the coins. Like I said, Max was clever with this, the bonus level really feels earned for finding the coins, which makes exploring it feel even more special. With the gameplay, all though it was for the most part really well executed, I was expecting there to be a more varied animation-set that these larger games should really incorporate. Things like ledge and wall jumping really make the gameplay a bit more unique and are so readily available with the TRLE, I felt it was slightly missing. It would really spruce up the gameplay a little, and add a new dimension to the puzzles. The gameplay was definitely the bit which was on par with the original, it's not better/ worse or improved, it's kind of more of the same. Not a terrible thing either, since both did the gameplay really well, and this one I felt generally had better level design. There were also some amazing surprises and unexpected but hilarious homages to other games (but I won't spoiler)." - Cosmos (27-Mar-2015)

"I noticed some weeks ago on tombraiderforums website a topic about this level that it is coming soon and while my current situation is that I am working on a project myself and haven`t played really long time any custom TR so I just couldn`t resist to play this amazing continuation of first part of Ancient Artifact by Max. I played the first part long time ago and would be good choice if I would replay the first part before the second part, but the time just didn`t let me to do that, but never mind, I will definitely replay both of them one day. Well, perhaps I had a little bit bigger expectations from this game which prevented me from scoring full marks while it doesn`t mean at all that this game is not impressive. There are many enjoyable tasks to do, lot of exploration of various locations, some quite challenging jumps and traps to avoid, timed runs always accompanying by counter on the screen, some interesting puzzles to solve and even though they are rather easily to be solved they are always very entertaining, and not to forget about amazing storyline, even the final boss fight is quite an epic moment. But there are also some moments when you solve some creative task by which you open a door/gate where there is just a very small room containing lever which open the door to next area. I mean why to implement such unnecessary task to the gameplay design? To prolong the gameplay? I think no need for that as in my opinion it would be enough to solve the nice creative task which opens right the door to next area. But the whole impression about gameplay design is still very satisfying and I enjoyed every second playing it. I found secrets to be rather well placed some of them really sneakily hidden while few of them are rather easier and some of those few ones even easier than tasks themselves (and this I don`t really like). But there is nothing to complain about audiovisual aspects. It is really quite rare when the background ambience audio is totally fitting to the atmosphere and what impressed me most in sound are sfx sound effects! Absolutely amazing, really very good choice. Other than that it is impossible to not to notice the attention to detail, for both objects placements and textures. The leaking water from cracked ceiling is just one example from many of them in this marvelous game. So if you are still hesitating, don`t hesitate anymore, I can guarantee you that you will have an absolute great TR experience but better if you play the first part before this, especially if you haven`t played it before. My Statistics: playtime 6:36, secrets 26/26, medipacks used 0, golden orbs 20/20, golden coins 3/3. (and now back to building for me) 9/9/10/10" - OverRaider (26-Mar-2015)

"Excellent Adventure of Max, all levels are quite complex with many flashback. The climbable passages are not marked enough for my taste and we can pass by without seeing them. My favorite levels are the last 2 (kingdom and bonus), I'm not a fan of laboratory levels but that's just my personal taste. Often lost the life by jumping high enough, the timeruns are short but feasible. In the bonus level I have found that 16 orbs. Apart from these details, I enjoyed this adventure and primarily kingdom with the final battle with the boss (actually just a succession of rapid progression to find the 3 levers necessary to destroy). Congratulations." - Drakan (26-Mar-2015)
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