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Author(s): Jeff Sadler
total rating:3.69 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 1 2 2 1
DJ Full 5 5 5 5
eRIC 3 4 4 4
Gerty 4 4 4 4
Jose 2 3 3 4
manarch2 1 2 3 3
Orbit Dream 5 6 4 5
Phil 5 5 5 6
Ryan 3 3 4 4
category averages
(9 reviews)
3.22 3.78 3.78 4.00

Reviewer's comments

"This multi-level series is tricky to rate.On the one hand,there is rarely much about it that could be described as anything other than average - and yet,the sheer size of this debut release makes it hard to fault in terms of actual ambition.If one were to play only the first two levels,the impression gained would undoubtedly be a poor one;but,were you to progress,the learning curve on the part of the builder would become clearly apparent. That is not to say that he improves markedly (his texturing remains highly variable from start to finish;and the level designs are often dispiritingly repetitive,particularly with their frequent reliance upon maze like progression - always the indication of a 'rush job'). Nonetheless,every so often you'll encounter an elegant multi-tiered room;or (on several occasions) encounter a rather charming outside area next to a rocky lake.This latter occurrence is probably what I enjoyed most about this adventure: the way that you occasionally found yourself crisscrossing familiar areas,often several levels apart. In that regard,this was a novel and creative achievement;but a lasting favourable impression was constantly being hindered by the builders insistence on repeating the same gameplay over and over again,much of which did not utilise the environments particularly well (many large areas were often completely empty,either of pick-ups or enemies;and often appeared to serve no actual purpose).Texturisation was clearly hurried in many places,with an annoying tendency to place ladder textures arbitrarily on unclimable surfaces.Trigger tiles were often unmarked;and some of the cause-and-effect scenarios were elusive at best. On the other hand,enemy usage was usually rather fun;the gameplay was brisk;the levels generally short;and every once in a while,you'd run into an area with interesting progression and creative lighting and design - and you'd get a glimpse of this builders potential.As I write this review,I notice that he has just uploaded an updated version (re- interpretation?) of this will be interesting to see how that compares. Hopefully,it will be somewhat less in duration than the five hours it took me!" - Orbit Dream (25-Jun-2019)

"Long story short, is it boring? Yes it is. Does it deserve the current low rating? No it doesn't. Among the fillers which made up about 70% of it, I noticed quite well done puzzles, clever leveljumps and a clear learning curve displayed. It had its moments, both good and bad. That of course makes the overall average mediocre but absolutely not worthless, and even though I whined a lot during the livestream, in the end my memories are warmer than words." - DJ Full (04-Jan-2019)

"For ambition I give Jeff two thumbs up. You can see that while using the WADS that came with the LE there is some experimenting going on. Not bad but it also shows that there is still a lot to learn. Also how difficult it is to make a pleasant level, not only in looks but also with some nice gameplay. There is still a lot to learn, texture wise, triggers were sometimes buggy and objects weren’t properly named. Lighting could improved upon as I found some areas way too dark. I had the feeling that at the end this builder got weary and ran out of ideas. I hope that Jeff will continue though and maybe the next level set will be less ambitious and will have some puzzles as well." - Gerty (21-Nov-2018)

"A rather lengthy levelset that utilises the classic Level Editor assets from years ago. It does show in most places that it is a beginner work as the inventory items aren't named correctly, the secrets don't register in the stats properly, a few of the items are completely useless, the textures are rather blandly applied and nothing too exciting occurs in the gameplay section, short of a few surprise enemy attacks. That said, I did feel that the builder's skills improved towards the end as the later levels do look a bit more mature, and the gameplay picks up slightly (although still not reaching any great heights). Maybe not the most worthwhile set out there, but I definitely saw glimpses of potential here." - Ryan (02-Oct-2018)

"A level set essentially based on the wads that came with the original editor. The tutorial level is a real tutorial with Lara explaining how to makes jumps we really need this ? Some of the levels have the textures that came with the Wads , and some others not, the Karnak and the Settomb have textures from South Pacific, these levels are the not the best of the set. For if the first levels are mostly monotonous (both in the gameplay and visual categories), the Coastal and Cleopal levels are a bit most interesting to play. The builder should keep in mind that in the Cleopal level there is a draft of a decent level and should start from there next time to be on the good track ( in this level there is less running around and the interest of the player is higher ). The levels are linked together not very smoothly , and as you progress more objects are called 'load' in your inventory. I have the feeling that the author had the potential to polish more the levels presented , but of course more time must be spent (a Tip : to add a wall segment above a portal , you can select it and hit the F key until you see a new line appearing so not to have stretched textures above your door). Gameplay wise i'm not sure what i did to trigger some events in the Catacombs and Coastal levels. Finally i really missed a storyline, even a basic one." - eRIC (30-Aug-2018)

"I don't want to discourage this builder, but there are still many things to get better in this levels. It notices a big effort building and linking several levels, but the gameplay is poor only based about pulling switches/levers to open doors and no puzzles to solve; even more there are not cameras to give hints when you trigger something and many times you get disoriented if you don't do the things exactly in the same order the author thought. The rooms are often empty of objects and the architecture is simple; there are very few musics to create atmosphere and I think only a couple of flybys in all the whole adventure. At least I found enough guns and ammo to deal with the enemies, but not enough to really enjoy an entertaining time. Sorry." - Jose (13-Aug-2018)

"This is an ambitious effort for a first-time builder. Perhaps too ambitious. It makes use of the raw materials provided in the original level editor, and the builder hasn't even bothered to rename the original levels. The classic pickups are often misidentified when they're identified at all, the five tridents I found along the way were not used, the two secrets I found did not register as such, and there's no such word as "foregot" in the English language. All of this points to a young but enthusiastic person who wants to get into the action. However, A Time Foregot by no means deserves the bad rap it has received in the previous reviews, which probably explains why no one else has played and reviewed it. By his own admission, Ceamonks890 gave up on it before he was one-third into the game, and his review should never have been accepted. For someone who has been so critical lately of the way we do reviews around here, his submission is downright abusive of the system. Sure, the game starts off slowly and may tempt many of our more sophisticated players to bin it before too much time is invested, but as manarch2 observes in his review, the gameplay does pick up as it goes along, and I disagree with his conclusion that playing it is a waste of time. A glitch-free runthrough takes more than two hours, and since I was writing a walkthrough along the way it took me nearly five. And the builder has learned enough to take us back and forth between the seven levels several times, so that it can seem quite complicated at times. One of the levels even features a guide, for crying out loud. I'm not trying to sing the game's praises, I'm just trying to emphasize that wet-blanket reviews can quench a budding builder's incentive to hone his skills and keep his work product from ever seeing the light of day. If you're searching for flaws in the review system, look no further than here for a prime example." - Phil (27-Jul-2018)

"A debut levelset made within the original level editor in 2018? Surprising to see such a thing exist in the present tense(considering TREP, TRNG & Tomb Editor exist and have long since surpassed it in current use within the community). Unfortunately, what's on offer here is simply not worth the wasted hours it'd realistically take to get through in its entirety(as everything from the gameplay, level design & ambiance to stock textures, lighting and enemy/object placement is so horribly mishandled, that it has absolutely no right to be as long and egregiously padded out as it is). I tried to give this release a proper chance, but by the third level, I was simply done & entirely fed up with it. And judging by manarch2's critique, I sincerely doubt that I'm missing out on anything of actual value, at the end of the day. Would not recommend whatsoever, so best to just skip it." - Ceamonks890 (01-Jul-2018)

"I think this level will stay on the review wishlist for a long time because it's just an epically oversized effort and mainly very, very tedious to play through. It almost reminds me on The Forgotten Adventures, but is thankfully not exactly that long. There's really little to nothing that makes this level worth playing, as most of the time you are just traversing through endless, boxy and badly textured hallways pulling levers and backtracking a lot. Things do generally improve slightly the further you get, but there was only one decent task I found (the water puzzle in one revisit to the Cleopatra level). I don't think it wasn't even much fun to build this, it's a waste of time on both builder and player sides if you ask me. In one level, I couldn't progress to the next level normally because the finish trigger always brought me back to the start, so I had to get to the next one via the main menu. The looks are very amateurish and careless in the first levels, later on they are also a bit better and a few areas are different from the almost everlasting hallway-ishly design. I'm almost sure that the builder has copied a few rooms into the catacomb level that he didn't create because they are much better than anything else, even rooms in the same level. A bit of work has gone into cameras and musics but nothing exciting to be honest. The finale, however, had its certain something, I must admit. But very few agreeable scenes in a multi-hour long game are not enough to make this commendable in the slightest. The builder should put all his better ideas into a single level and actually not create more and more because no-one will enjoy this. Found no registering secrets." - manarch2 (28-Jun-2018)
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