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Author(s): BtB 2018
total rating:8.50 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cbl 7 9 9 10
Feder 8 8 8 8
Jose 9 9 9 10
manarch2 8 8 9 8
Mman 9 9 8 8
Mytly 8 8 9 9
requiemsoul 9 8 8 8
category averages
(7 reviews)
8.29 8.43 8.57 8.71

Reviewer's comments

"This has multiple theme transitions as you have a spaceship pseudo-hub (even if it's mostly linear) that leads to a couple of alien planets. Each area is distinct and individually consistent, and there's a diverse use of objects and some original ideas, like a see-through section. The weakest aspect is the lighting; it's decent but it trends towards being a little flat (although it has some high-points too). The gameplay ramps up well and moves on from exploration challenges to intense platforming and trap sequences later, with a good mix of tasks too. There seemed to be a couple of bugs though, like a timed crowbar switch that only worked when I used it twice in a row, and a raising block that seems to only work once, which gets you stuck if you don't move a pushable onto it first (I admit this may have been something I overlooked though). A few switches were lacking camera hints too, which had me running around for ages to work out what they did at one point when I was actually just missing another switch. The high points were enough to balance this out though. Maybe my favourite in overall gameplay so far, even if it's not as strong as other BTB2018 maps I've played in other areas." - Mman (20-Jun-2018)

"I think it's really hard to place this level as on the one hand, it is fairly obscure at some point, even though I like timed runs I think not hinting one rather lengthy as such was not a very nice idea, as well as several oddly hidden items at the start and I doubt anyone solved the colour lever puzzle without guessing or external help. On the other hand, though, it has many interesting and creative moments, something that I miss in many other levels. The ventilator pushable is certainly an outstanding task here, but there are also several inspired platforming tasks, neither is especially difficult but you can't just rush though this either. The atmosphere is generally quite well done, all three areas have a quite special look and feel and while not everything is on an extremely great niveau, I think it works quite well as for a custom level. Textures and lighting are solid, perhaps the lighting is a bit monotonous at times but it still works in a way. There are few but quite hefty enemy attacks which were quite effective but not hard with the given weaponry. The two secrets are so-so in a way. The second one is fairly nicely hidden, but the first must be the most obscure of the whole contest and then some (especially as the only hint there is could apply to other parts as well), well done if you find it yourself, I couldn't. Overall, another quite unique level, both in terms of visuals and gameplay, and while not in my top 3, one of the better levels of this contest. 35 minutes." - manarch2 (19-Jun-2018)

"The gameplay in this level involves a mix of a few very obscure tasks and several enjoyable ones. I particularly liked the fans and pipe puzzle, the timed trapdoor jumps, and the jumps to get to the Ornate Bowl. On the other hand, the switches task in the room with the rocket was utterly obscure, and I spent a long time stuck there. Finding the Pieces of Fruit object was also daunting, as it was lying on the ground next to a number of decorative objects, so it looked decorative as well. Though the builder has tried to provide hints by having Lara look at certain objects and locations, often these hints are useless as it’s not clear what Lara is supposed to be noticing. A close-up camera hint would have been much more useful.
There aren’t a lot of enemies – some humans on the first planet Lara visits (Flavometalla), and some alien dogs and giant aliens beings on the second planet (Purtenebris). There isn’t a lot of ammo provided; I didn’t miss it much, except at the end, when some magnum ammo would have helped considerably with the boss fight.
The locations are great, especially the spaceship, which is simply extraordinary. The builder has taken full advantage of the excellent BtB package (kudos to the package team!) and built a really cool spaceship. The alien planets are also nicely built, though admittedly, Flavometalla isn’t all that visually impressive. Purtenebris is lovely – albeit a little gaudily coloured – with a lot of plant life.
Overall: This was a nice introduction to the BtB2018 levels for me, though the fact that I wasn’t yet familiar with the objects was both to its advantage and disadvantage, as it made the items and locations seem fresh, but left me confused as to what objects I was supposed to be seeking. Nonetheless, it’s a good level on the whole. Recommended." - Mytly (17-Jun-2018)

"A three parted level with multiple scenarios, each one with a unique atmosphere. Nice design of the spaceship and excellent work with cameras, but the rocket area felt a little empty to me, with just the rocket and a few staircases, the scenary could've use a little more dedication. The alien planet was farely original, but not very neat, and Lara could bump her head easly with an invisible ceiling. Hints of Lara looking in some directions will show you where the important things are, but some other times you have to figure it out yourself (especially after pulling some switches). There are some fun and clever tasks like the fans in the basement and the timed pushable, and some challenging ones like the platform run. There is much combat and arsenary, enemies come in groups but with plenty of time between battles. Overall, a good level with some nice ideas." - Feder (13-Jun-2018)

"Summary: A level with three distinct sections, each with a unique atmosphere. Diverse alien environments and immersive gameplay. Some obscure puzzle hints and a few bugs make progression difficult. Details: The standout feature of this level is the environment and architecture, from the Interstellar-like spaceship in the opening sequence to the crystal caverns on the second planet. Objects were well-used but secondary to the level geometry, a feature I enjoyed. Navigating this geometry was fun, with extended platform sequences including special moves like vertical ledge jumps. Puzzles, beyond the standard trap sequences, were creative, one involving wind and another involving a timed push-puzzle that were very fun. Gameplay suffered from some glitches, exploitable bugs, and hints that were non-existent or obscure. Unintentionally I acquired a key far too early because of a bug, and I ended up standing in mid-air on the first planet after the large trapdoor opened. Puzzles like the timed crowbar switch or the three colored levers did not make sense until after they were completed because of a lack of identifiable clues: cameras could have helped. Some objects also seemed to lack lighting. Enemies were few and far between, but were fairly difficult, often appearing in groups, but pickups and dropped items made these encounters worthwhile. Overall, the level significantly improved once Lara got to the second planet, when, for the first time among the BtB levels I have played so far, I truly felt like I was exploring an alien world with a consistent environment, architecture, and culture. 1 hour 45 minutes on first playthrough." - Cbl (10-Jun-2018)

"Another good level from this contest. The design of the space station is extraordinary, and the locations in the planets have a good look too. You can find fresh ideas here, like the room with the fans and movable pipe or the puzzle to get the emergency key (a pain the bug to directly get it, but you can try the timed run; it's not hard). On the other side, the area with timed trapdoors was not easy, and the final fight with the three giant beasts was quite hard for me because I didn't dispose of enough ammo and medipacks. The secrets are very hard to find (I found nothing). Even when there are several camera targets pointing important items, I missed some more camera shots when pulling switches in the area with the rocket. Anyway a very good level worth to play. Take a try." - Jose (07-Jun-2018)

"The most difficult level of this BtB and one of my favorites. The sections of combined jumps and "timed runs" are challenging and very enjoyable. The puzzle of the fans has an excellent design. The level has two important unintentional solutions (pedestal bug and greenhouse area) The setting is not as good as the tasks." - requiemsoul (06-Jun-2018)
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