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Author(s): Osvaldo
total rating:6.28 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 4 5 5 5
Gorty 6 6 5 4
JesseG 5 6 7 6
Jose 5 6 7 9
manarch2 6 6 5 5
Mehrbod 7 6 7 7
Phil 7 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
category averages
(8 reviews)
5.88 6.25 6.50 6.50

Reviewer's comments

"Looking now at the author's older levels I notice it makes absolutely no difference if you take a trip up his timeline or down like I used to. What I absolutely don't understand, Osvaldo seems to profess in making mediocre levels of pristine quality, without stepping an inch left or right of that - so again, you get no beginner's mistakes or lack of skills, but there's no way you'll find any creativity here. One totally good thing was a secret pushable skip, but that rewarding feeling gets nullified by a completely ruined version of Richard Lawther's boulder puzzle. There is no way to solve this thing without a walkthrough, and I don't think I would attempt it if I didn't have one. Not recommended..." - DJ Full (09-Jun-2019)

"Again the classic style from this builder, but this time with some extra odd-adds: in the room with the 5 face buttons and the rolling spiked balls I don't know what's the purpose so the players can't do the tasks with calm and forced to reload and reload, save and save dozens of times to can solve the puzzles in time. In another rooms I couldn't find clues to solve the puzzles (room with vases and three wall switches or room with multiple spiked textures on the floor). On the other hand, the texturization and lighting is quite good (but still monotonous as in previous levels), there is a good use of the cameras and sounds and the level is solid. I also missed some more variety of enemies and not only that flying crystals. Playable, but for me not very enjoyable." - Jose (20-Dec-2018)

"Lara goes for a stroll through a temple and gets a shiny coin as a souvenir. Gameplay is largely puzzles, unfortunately the act of solving these puzzles seems to come down to trial-and-error instead of putting the pieces together in your brain. By far the worst puzzle involves a secret death timer of 5 minutes that kicks in with no indication whatsoever, if you don't solve the puzzle in time then Lara ignites. Not to mention it involves dropping boulders so there is no redo if you mess up. More exploration and perhaps combat would have helped round out the gameplay. Speaking of combat you just get some floating diamonds biting at you. There are not many decorative objects to speak of. The architecture is decent and functional. Flybys are used instead of regular cameras for visual cues, which is a bit overkill but I am glad they are there. Textures are not too bad but very wallpapered. Lighting is a bit flat, but there are some good colorful moments in specific rooms. Overall it would be a decent raid if it were not for the random guessing required to progress. 42 minutes." - JesseG (28-Nov-2018)

"On one hand, this is more of the same from the builder - large, sometimes boxy and underlit hallways, texturing that is not heavily flawed but repetitive. On the other hand, there is a puzzle that, if handled more sophisticatedly, could've been called "excellent". I'm of course speaking about the boulder puzzle including raising and dropping trapdoors to put them in the right holes. It's a quite clever puzzle actually, but to maintain playability, the builder should have (a) provided better camera work so you can actually see what each floor lever does - as it is, some trapdoors can't even be seen at the fixed camera -, also, cameras at the boulder buttons might have helped; (b) better indicated that the whole thing is actually a giant timed run as you only have five minutes until you enter this room to solve the puzzle and pick up the pillar, as otherwise you burst in flames - there is an indication with the five boulders in the side room, but it's so obscure that most didn't even understand or even notice it; (c) provided a warning to save before entering this room to prevent being stuck for good. The other side areas where you find pillars are so-so, including a very tiresome monkeyswing part (how any builder might find this interesting is a mystery to me), a decent area finding some golden stars with minor puzzles (I guess finding the reward of finding the secret here is a bit awkward as you can skip the nearby pushable puzzle - which is a good thing as it's also boring but why does the builder create boring puzzles and then let players avoid them, obviously being aware of that?), a timed trap area and some more or less interesting swimming sections. It's really a rollercoster ride of bad things and better things and while I appreciate the builder doing a few more creative things this time, I think the builder might pause for a while and create something which more time and care instead of releasing something every few weeks that really can't impress much. 30 minutes." - manarch2 (02-Nov-2018)

"This single level stays true to Osvaldo's recognisable style: very classic, sufficiently enjoyable gameplay and competent environments, but nothing really extraordinary. However I found this one slightly less polished than his other recent efforts for a number of reasons. Firstly, the puzzles here are good ideas, but they seemed to be based entirely on trial and error, so either prepare to reload a lot or use the walkthrough. Also, the pushable puzzle seems entirely pointless as you can just go through a nearby bypass passage, grab the Golden Star and leave straight away. I solved it the right way anyway, but it still felt a bit redundant. Finally, I encountered the same bug that Phil mentioned, where Lara burst into flames for no reason. I ended up having to use a savegame editor to increase my medipacks to 100, but when I jumped into the trapdoor I opened earlier, saved and reloaded, the flames disappeared. I was able to continue, but it soured the experience quite a lot nonetheless. Providing everything works out fine, this is certainly fun raid, but definitely no masterpiece." - Ryan (15-Oct-2018)

"A completely classic styled catacombs game made without much care except for the gameplay. The room design was extremely basic, cubic, empty, monotone and so on. Just a cube with a switch inside. Some rooms were bigger, but still cubic, with gameplay jump tasks placed inside of them looking very unrealistic. Few lightbulbs were used to pump the rooms up a little bit, but often it looked very blank and uninteresting. The gameplay was alright, but nothing new or interesting. No creativity can be found that could make things more variable. Some tasks were too long ( like the endless monkey climb ). Some object had missing sounds. Object placement was very limited making rooms all the time look very empty. Comparing this to the authors previous levels, this one might be even a step back. I liked the artifact flying birds, which is something I haven’t seen before. Overall, nice, but heavily in the range of an amateurish level." - Gorty (04-Oct-2018)

"This builder has become one of our more prolific contributors, but at the same time he seems to have slipped into a comfort zone of mediocrity, much like Lukasz Croft of years past had done. His levels are competent, reasonably challenging and fun to play, but at the end you don't feel as if you'd had a truly unique raid, or even one that's particularly special. Unknown Artifact/Temple is a prime example of what I'm trying to say. Moreover, this level does not appear to have been properly tested. Near the beginning, in that room where spike balls roll down ramps, I experienced a phenomenon whereby Lara would inexplicably catch fire at random and unpredictable moments. Saving and reloading did no good, and since I was playing in god mode I just soldiered on while enveloped in flames, until at some point I reloaded from a save and the flames were gone. And that pushpiece puzzle at the end can be completely bypassed, because the door to the third Golden Star opens when you obtain the second secret. These flaws aside, I found that this level is more puzzle oriented than trap or enemy (all I encountered, as far as I can remember, were those bats retextured as flying crystals) oriented. Moreover, any clues for solving the puzzles completely escaped me (hence my reliance on Doggett's video walk). It's a fulfilling one- hour raid, but not one that's likely to win any prizes." - Phil (22-Sep-2018)

"Another enjoyable catacombs class style debut from this author. Gameplay was good for a classic look, although I expected more. During the game, the HORSEMAN GEM object started to attack you, somehow a funny enemy, with a cunning thinking for creating a fantasy and unreal enemy prototype. Atmosphere and sounds and cameras had no problems, same goes for Lighting and Textures. No NG stuff is involved with this game, but a quite nice game anyway. Thank you!" - Mehrbod (11-Sep-2018)
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