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Author(s): Osvaldo
total rating:5.07 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 4 5 5 5
DJ Full 4 5 5 5
Drakan 7 7 7 8
Jay 5 5 5 4
Jose 5 6 7 8
Lara_Fox_Croft 6 7 7 6
manarch2 3 3 3 3
Orbit Dream 3 7 4 7
PedroTheGamer 2 2 2 2
Phil 7 7 7 8
Ryan 3 4 4 4
category averages
(11 reviews)
4.45 5.27 5.09 5.45

Reviewer's comments

"Don't concern yourself with the technical side of things in this level - everything is competently assembled (as should be expected from an author with this amount of experience).There are no technical errors;and the enemy placement always keeps you on your toes. It's the gameplay which annoys and frustrates in equal measure.Secrets that are no more than tiresome asides;and irritating gameplay,70% of which consists of backtracking - especially the final (completely unhinted at) "now go all the way back to the start of the level!" traipse,which really does take the biscuit. Added to that a monkeyswing which goes nowhere,and you have a less than enthralling experience. The only satisfying element was the Boss Finale." - Orbit Dream (14-Mar-2019)

"Another "remake" of an existing level. The author loads the old map, adds some rooms and change some features. Nothing really interesting here, and at the end I think a camera should be placed to show the last trapdoor opening in a very distant place near the beginning of the level. Not very worth to play, but playable anyway." - Jose (13-Mar-2019)

"gameplay&puzzles: Well as a "revised" level, this is hard to review the gameplay, I won't say that is is a bad thing to take a classic level to improve it, I did it with my "great wall remake", but here except few gameplay added there is not much to say. The builder did add some backtracking wich was IMO not very usefull, the gameplay was not bad at all except for the backtracking part, I did like the new parts of the level. Puzzles were very classic, with the TUT1 objects, except for the demigod. Enemy, objects & secrets: Enemies as I said were from tut1, with the demigod. I did like the standing animation. Objects were for almost all of them already placed in the tut1 project, so I can't say there is a lot of work here. I did like the secrets and the kind of rotating spikes coming from the ceiling. I particulary enjoyed the secret with the scorpions coming from holes in the walls.I think there is a lack of cameras to guide the player, but it was quite ok. Lighting&textures: the TUT1 part was of course nice, and the parts created by the builder were quite ok, but a bit more work on texture would be better. Lighting was nice. To sumup, this level is not a full reinvention of the tut1 level, but I see that the builder used it as a building tuto, so that's not a bad thing, I prefer to see this than someone taking a full level from another TRLE builder, saying he made it. Revising a classic, is not that impressive but it is surely a good way to learn. I hope the builder will make his own level next time, using his new knowledge. I would have love to see some NG textures, or simply new textures in this revised version to refresh a bit the look of the level, I'm quite disapointed I must confess. Whatever, this is a level that can be enjoyed, for those who want to remember the tut1 level. :)" - Lara_Fox_Croft (08-Dec-2018)

"Without great ambition, this level certainly does not deserve the low marks recorded, these criticisms can be discouraging. While it is not the level of the month but I took a great pleasure to play it quietly. The textures are almost perfect (I saw 2 or 3 badly put), the gameplay varies slightly from the original with a complete return to the beginning to recover the 2nd part of the eye of horus and possibly the secret. I recommend it for players who want to play a level without too much brainstorming." - Drakan (24-Nov-2018)

"There are several applications here which really can be considered improvements of this familiar level. First, the author has removed the annoying automatic doors, now everything has a switch. Second, he added some surprising yet not unfair traps, and a seriously missing bossfight. However a great mistake is to force a player to traverse this map three times after we already did it hundreds of times before. Also, everything is made of standard elements and the audiovisual mood is exactly like in the original from 18 years ago so the warmest verdict I can have here is "correct" - a nice effort as for a test level but, like in many such cases, those setups would do much better in a fresh, standalone adventure. Recommended if you feel nostalgic and sentimental, otherwise not really." - DJ Full (14-Nov-2018)

"There's really nothing worth calling "Revised" in this level. The only minor additions to this very (and I mean very) well-worn scenario are a few extra blade, flame and falling debris traps, a few more ninjas that just seemed randomly placed rather than providing an actual threat and a long and tedious backtrack to collect the second Eye Piece (including a timed secret if you choose to go for it). Everything looks competent, but it just isn't very enjoyable to play. Not really worth playing through unless you're an extreme fan of the original or have not played it before." - Ryan (13-Nov-2018)

"I'm at a loss to account for the low scores awarded by the previous reviewers, as I found this to be a fairly entertaining raid. Maybe it's because I'm not familiar with the level being revised, as all this was new and fresh to me. Sure, it's old school Egypt, but everything looks good, there's sufficient light to see, and I didn't find the backtracking at the end to be all that annoying. I wouldn't have known that the last secret was timed had it not been for manarch2's review. It's a pretty tight timed run at that, and I had to save along the way and try several times before I made it. I have no idea when Osvaldo put it together, or why he didn't release it at the time, or why he chose to release it now, but it's certainly worth the time to download and play it." - Phil (12-Nov-2018)

"Hmmm, it's not really all that 'revised' from what I can see, at least not sufficiently to warrant playing unless you're a real fan of the original. Certainly, Osvaldo has built far better levels, but then this has apparently been languishing on his computer for some time. I'd recommend going for some of his other stuff for a fairer picture of his building skills." - Jay (07-Nov-2018)

"Don't let the 'Revised' tagline bloat your expectations. As what's altered from the original tutorial level here, is nothing to really brag about(with the only differences being more levers & switches to pull, traps arbitrarily placed in familiar spots for the sake of artificial difficulty and two major new areas, which feel more tacked-on than beneficial to the overall experience, adding an extra 20+ minutes that ultimately amount to very little value). So in the end, not really worth downloading." - Ceamonks890 (02-Nov-2018)

"I wish the builder had just left this level on his computer and didn't spam the public with yet another replica of this level that really nobody needed. The few added areas do not create a large difference, and the backtrack to the very start of the level from almost the end is just tedious. Very little to actually enjoy here and even the three secrets are not so nice, as one is hidden in the same way as before and another one (which I chose to miss) involves a not hinted timed run across the backtracking path. I guess that the builder doesn't read much reviews, but for players this gets a clear disrecommendation. Took me 20 minutes to finally finish." - manarch2 (02-Nov-2018)

"I do not know what changed right, if it means a revised, that sound the original rooms, with some complements and new rooms inulteis, I think that this project as revised will never go forward at last until the original can be better than this, has strange lighting after aguns flipmaps out there, and strange everything that has here ....... I did not enjoy anything here ...." - PedroTheGamer (01-Nov-2018)
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