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LB Advent Calendar 2018 - The Prophet's Trail by Talos

AlexCroft 10 9 10 10
Chel 8 8 9 8
DJ Full 7 8 9 7
Jay 9 9 9 9
JesseG 8 8 9 8
Jorge22 9 9 9 9
Jose 6 7 8 8
Josey 10 9 9 10
Lara_Fox_Croft 6 6 8 7
manarch2 6 7 8 7
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
release date: 05-Dec-2018
# of downloads: 1074

average rating: 8.38
review count: 12
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file size: 62.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: Xmas

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"First I got stuck with the Dungeon Key on that table. It blends so much I would need 20 more minutes to notice it if Zuxuna didn't save me. Then I somehow glitched the room with multiple jumpswitches and had to reset the entire game. Next time I chose a different prayer wheel slot and I somehow made it. I guess it's either another case when a level set to a tight deadline isn't tested enough, OR it's just my lame playing skills, but as always I follow the benefit of the doubt and don't downrate for this. What could really be better is better mixture of definitions. Some samples are high quality, some aren't. Some textures are HD, some aren't. Some objects are detailed, some aren't. Some lines have voiceovers, some needs to be read. But the game still feels nice despite of those. The only thing I would do completely different is tasking management - I would reduce the amount of obligatory activities (because it really takes too long to get through certain rooms), and use the other, harder ones for secrets (because currently they aren't even included). This way you will satisfy all groups of players, those who love fast and slow gameplay, and those who like secrets and who don't. In short, just keep your fantasy universe, but make it more universal." - DJ Full (10-Jun-2019)
"After the start, when I was totally disoriented looking for a very small key lying anywhere I supposed it should not be an easy level, and certainly it's easy get stucked because the numerous keys/objects you need to search for and the many receptacles/keyholes scattered all around the rooms. Sometimes you get camera shots or flybys, but another times you can get totally lost (where to use the scroll?). As usual in the last levels from this author, the rooms are very recharged of different textures and objects, the enemies are cool (very hard to kill the knight) and the lights are well worked. I liked the story and the atmosphere too with some good animations, but the gameplay was not very pleasant for me. Even so, a level worth to take a look and play." - Jose (22-Mar-2019)
"The most historical level of the builder. I loved the gameplay, very funny and pretty curated, the textures and the environments reflect fully the historical period represented and the concept that the plot wants to say us. There are no secrets, so you haven't care of them, only thing to care is to enjoy this beautiful adventure, that is neither too long nor too short. Truly recommended." - AlexCroft (20-Dec-2018)
"Before to read this review, I have to precise you that I don't want to be rude, or mean, I don't have any personal issues with the level builder. I tried to be as precise as I can in the review and rates. Gameplay&puzzles: The gameplay is pretty classical, based on finding items to use somewhere in the level, the problem is that for some items it is very hard to know where to use them, or to find like the small key in front of the puzzle hole, on a crate. The gameplay is pretty much based on backtracking, and sometimes you can use an item in one place, or another, and you have to keep going to find the second one etc etc, it was IMO pretty messy, I got lost several times. I did not agreed with some builder choices, like the poisonous underwater passage+traps, or the limited ammos, because you had to kill an enemy to take his key... What if the player used all his ammos, is there a place where the player can pickup some more ammos? I mean with the right ocb code you can prevent the player not to have enough ammo... Well to sumup the Gameplay was too maze like for me. Plus: the LB didn't placed a lot of cameras to help the player, so... Enemies,Objects&secrets: Enemies: two enemies, a big cat and a templar knight in the "horseman slot", firt I don"t understand why they don't fight each other too, the two enemies attacked "Lara" only, and as I already said the limited ammo... With the bow was such a mistake IMO. I had to shot him like 25 times to kill him. Secrets...I found none. Some objects were nice, and soome were way too ugly like the library objects, if you need some "good looking" objects, send me a message on facebook (Antho fqt) I will help you. Atmosphere,Sound&Cameras: Well the atmosphere is quite nice, sounds were almost perfect, I did not like the "impact" sound when "Lara" touched the floor. And I also thought that some passages were too empty (sounds) Cameras did not help enough the players, they are more likely to show "beautiful" rooms, which is, IMO not really a good choice to use flybyes. IMO cameras are only here to support the storylines, and to help the players. Here some of them did support the storylines, but some others where more likely to show "hey guys look at my beautiful rooms". Lighting&Textures: Speaking about beautiful rooms, I can't say that I found it beautiful, not entirely,first: there are a lot of trapezoid shapes, so the textures are distorded. Second: The texture choice was very special, and like we say "il y a à boire et à manger", ( some things are nice and some aren't) I did like some of the textures, but some textures from the classic TR were out of place...The library textures, seriously? Plus: the architecture was not very interesting, pretty cubic, don't worry I have the same issue, that's why I work with meta2tr. At least the lighting was great. As I said, I don't want to be mean/rude, but I think that you have to know what's wrong, and what's not. IMO reviews are a good way to improve your skills. I hope this one was useful. Also I hope that you'll keep building :)" - Lara_Fox_Croft (16-Dec-2018)
"This was a fun romp through an ancient temple complex with the same hero we accompanied in "The Citadel." Gameplay consists of the search for quest items and keys, navigating various traps and a few puzzles. Nothing too difficult, though the underwater bits are always challenging for me. We're running on the limited ammo system here, but I found plenty of arrows and wasn't in any danger of running out of projectiles, even after fighting the knight. Best to let him up close and shoot exploding arrows into his ugly face! Had I run out it still would have been okay, since I think I only ran into a snake afterwards. This level isn't focused on the combat. Objects were great! Lots of custom characters and items here, which Talos is pretty well known for. The atmosphere was spot-on and immersive. I enjoyed the Persia BtB, and am always happy to see those textures/environments implemented in new levels. One room was kind of wallpapery (the room with the ornate tomb right off the long columned hallway)where outdoor textures were used on some of the interior walls and were kinda jarring, but that's it. I think everything else looked great. I loved the use of Byzantine art for murals, and I chuckle whenever I see Talos' concept art for her protagonist used. I had a lot of fun with this level. You know me by now, so long as I have fun with it and can escape for a while it passes with flying colors. I recommend it for a good holiday raid." - Chel (16-Dec-2018)
"This raid puts you on a search for some old-school Christmas gifts to exchange for a legendary scroll. Gameplay is a good balance of traps and puzzles. Bigger areas for exploration and more combat would help round out the adventure a bit more. Enemies are tough to deal with because you have limited ammo, something I always personally struggle with in a raid. One enemy in particular, which you must defeat, will drain your stock as it takes at least 20 explosive arrows; that is simply overkill. Decorative objects are used very nicely. The level is quite immersive between the audio and cutscenes. There are just a few corridors with some wallpapering, but overall textures are nicely done. The warm lighting fits the mood, although more contrasting colors would help make it pop more. Overall an engaging Christmas raid with a unique flair. 48 minutes." - JesseG (12-Dec-2018)
"This level is better than the previous ones by the builder, mainly because the gameplay is more diverse. It still is largely about finding and using a lot of items of which I'm not overly fond of, but at least a few nicer puzzles and other tasks are inserted to maintain interest. On the other hand, some receptacles are slightly obscure (like the one for the scroll) and some tasks are not very clear, like the jumpswitches' one. The visual side of things is charming and sometimes atmosphere is quite nice (especially sounds and cameras add a lot to it), but it's still visible the architectural skills of the builder are improvable. Many rooms are simple and basic, there are no larger atmospherically standout areas and only the objects and textures slightly cover those things. Even when some objects are stuck in walls, I think they fit quite well (mostly) and are also nice to look at. Not too fond of the enemies here, especially the knight who has to be shot with the bow, which is entirely luck-based as he can die with a few shots or not at all despite all ammo in this level is used. No secrets to find here, sadly. But overall it's a nice little level that perfectly fits the season and is a welcome addition to the calendar that took me about 20 minutes to finish." - manarch2 (12-Dec-2018)
"This may not be the snow-covered pretty village setting we've rather come to expect from Advent levels, but being based around the gifts of the Magi its Christmas credentials can hardly be denied. There are a couple of enemies to deal with, but it's largely peaceful and certainly great fun. The opulent objects and textures create a suitably exotic setting and there are some good traps/puzzles and plenty of action packed into what isn't a very long level (40 minutes for me). Don't miss it." - Jay (12-Dec-2018)
"Not really a festive level as such, but definitely an enjoyable one. You can always depend on levels that are attractive to look at and fun to play with this builder, and she has delivered again. The textures and surroundings are attractive and the gameplay is well thought out, although a couple of enemy attacks might have you reloading a few times, and as you don't have your standard pistols, you will need to treasure every bit of ammo you come across to make it through safely, and there is quite a bit of backtracking to perform. Still, it's good fun." - Ryan (11-Dec-2018)
"It's not really a Christmas level. Well, at least not the kind of Christmas level you'd probably expect. I think Talos' building skills have really improved and everything looks a lot more solid in her own style. Other than that, I still find the action quite confusing as in rather cryptic. But here I am, I made it to the end. It's creative and it's a Calendar level, so well done." - Jorge22 (09-Dec-2018)
"You can always expect something new and fresh with a Talos level, and this one is no exception. The Christmas connection here is your quest for gold, [frank]incense and myrrh pickups to present on plinths representing the Christ child. The scenery along the way is magnificent, the gameplay is challenging without being too tough to figure out, the enemies are few but remarkably difficult to kill (especially that knight who holds an essential key). Be sure to find all the available arrow pickups along the way, as you'll need them. If there were any secrets, I didn't find them. This builder never disappoints, and she's given us another winner to enjoy during this Advent season. Recommended." - Phil (09-Dec-2018)
"Wow, what a beautiful game! I enjoyed it very much, and certainly recommend it. Here we have the interesting characters typical of Talos' games, the right amount of difficulty to make a game challenging, but not boringly so, many cute objects and a very creative gameplay. Here we find also some enemies, one of them very, very fierce and difficult to kill with the tiny arrows we have, for the explosive ones don't work with him. (How I missed those blessed pistols!) The light is good, and the environment, nice; the action requires a keen sense of observation, because there's a subjacent subtlety everywhere; and finally, I only missed here a few more camera hints sometimes. Congratulations and thanks!" - Josey (08-Dec-2018)