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Author(s): Osvaldo
total rating:5.60 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 5 5 5 5
DJ Full 6 6 6 7
Gerty 5 6 6 7
Jay 6 7 8 8
Jorge22 4 5 6 6
Jose 5 6 7 8
manarch2 2 4 4 3
Mehrbod 4 2 4 3
MichaelP 3 5 5 5
Orbit Dream 5 6 6 8
Phil 6 6 6 7
Ryan 6 6 7 8
The Snarky Lesbian 3 5 6 7
Trikazz 5 3 6 4
Wolf7 6 8 9 8
category averages
(15 reviews)
4.73 5.33 6.07 6.27

Reviewer's comments

"Nothing really remarkable here, the typical train level where you go jumping from car to car looking for a key, go back near the start to use it and go back again to the front of the train to finish. The level is well built with all the features you found in the original TR4 level, but as I said, nothing entertaining except if you like to shoot some dozens of white and black ninjas. Playable." - Jose (12-Apr-2019)

"Osvaldo's constant fortnightly releases make him a very confusing builder to nail down the quality of, where on one hand, he has some decent levels such as The Electric Crystal and Temple of Tinnos under his belt. While on the other, there's levels where ya have to question why he even bothered to make them publicly available at all(such as Playable Tutorial Level Revised and the level which will be the focus of today's critique, that add next to nothing of substance for a map originally conceived by Core Design devs back in the day). And that effectively sums up 'Day on the Train' in a nutshell. It adds nothing truly different that makes this level worth playing over the original TR4 train map(aside from an OK secret and one too many ninjas to contend with). So save yourself the bother and don't play this one. I would hope that Osvaldo give himself much more of a longer break period between his releases, for the sake of allowing fresh ideas to have the proper time to flourish. But it seems likely he'll be back to release yet another undercooked level sooner rather than later, for the sake of maintaining some degree of relevancy within the community. And that's a shame, as he could potentially be a much better builder if he wasn't so intent on rushing everything out all the time." - Ceamonks890 (23-Mar-2019)

"This is what you get for having games released at the speed of light. Luckily they don't desintegrate. Or simply something that Osvaldo wanted to play with, I don't know. In any case, a rather basic (yet correctly built) train level. Jump the wagons, push the buttons, shoot the baddies, use the crowbar/palanca, that's about it - I couldn't really find anything original here. I thought the starting FMV was too long. And I wonder why Lara separated the front from the rest of the train when there weren't any more baddies left alive anywhere. I found it funny when a baddie was trying to jump onto the wagon and ended up falling by the side - although I think I *may* have seen it before. And the one secret was rewarding. Nice if you just want to tag along for a while." - Jorge22 (18-Mar-2019)

"This is a very light 15 minute version of TR 4's train level, with no new ideas put in but several of the original removed, so ultimately there's no reason to play this level if you have the possibility to play the original. Truly (except the minor thing that the secret quest is okay) I can't see anything that makes this level actually worth downloading, so if you want to play a train level, there are so many others who at least add something new rather than repeating the same old stuff. Disappointing." - manarch2 (13-Mar-2019)

"Starting another train yet solid level, with a long and tiresome flyby sequence, which couldn't be skipped. The overuse of Ninjas added more boredom to the adventure itself. Nothing so special to discuss. Finding the only key in the map and opening the final door is your only objective in game. I would except something greater to happen, but overall, not a bad experience to say so. Thanks!" - Mehrbod (11-Mar-2019)

"Well ok, I am generally partial to train levels and as Osvaldo seems to work himself through the genres it was predictable to see one coming from him, but in all honesty this was a bit of an unnecessary offering. From the too long 90+ seconds intro flyby to the around 30 ninjas you get to kill along the way this was more tedious and boring than interesting. 6 buttons, 1 key and 1 secret - and 15 minutes of wasted life time - later, the one thing you might remember is the funny moment when that ninja failed on his jump to the train..." - MichaelP (11-Mar-2019)

"I love level of train, but of all that I played this and the less that I appreciate, because the wagons are a little bad, bad lighting, and little ammunition for many enemies, finally, to play in the late afternoon, when there is not Nothing else to do." - Trikazz (09-Mar-2019)

"Not surprisingly the most entertaining by Osvaldo I've played from his last batch, simply because you'd have to put some insane effort to fail at making a train level. Even 2x more enemies than in the original Desert Railroad, and 2x more than this if you want a secret, plus a heckload of ammo which is still not enough to avoid rolling back to pistols, couldn't ruin this level, however the hard clipping distance could be setup less painfully and the AI could work better: about half of outside enemies were suicidal and, since they carry even more pickups, I kept reloading almost every fight with those. A lot of that is because the train carriages are shorter than in TR4 so the ninjas have much less space to jump, but that division in smaller segments also makes the train feel cuter so I'll let the builder get away with that... Recommended." - DJ Full (06-Mar-2019)

"I suppose it was inevitable that Osvaldo would eventually give us a train level, but this one is rather ordinary even by the limitations inherent in that venue. There's little to figure out other than being careful to conserve ammo to deal with the hordes of ninjas and assassins you meet in the process of going back and forth over and through the train. Even the crowbar requires no effort to find, as it's in your inventory from the beginning. You get about 30 minutes of gameplay if you go at a leisurely pace, but a significant chunk of that is consumed by the opening flyby that seemed to go on and on. At least we're getting some variety out of Osvaldo, who seemed for a while to be stuck in the rut of "dark and underground." Fun but forgettable." - Phil (04-Mar-2019)

"I like train levels, possibly because we don’t get all that many of them and I just really enjoy the ambience. This is a very traditional ‘Desert Railroad’ style level, heaving with ninjas and involving a cat and mouse game up and down the length of the train, searching out buttons, key etc. There’s nothing really new going on here, but it’s a pleasant enough affair whilst it lasts." - Jay (04-Mar-2019)

"As the title says, a train level and that is not all, it is also a shooter. Oh well, it is a short one and the best thing I found is how to figure out how to get rid of the enemies by letting them fall of the train, yes with some of them you can do that." - Gerty (04-Mar-2019)

"Shades of Desert Railroad, anyone? I actually quite like train levels but thought that this was a little tedious and underwhelming. It's not at all bad, but the ubiquitous ninjas got tiring after a while and the element of going back and forth between the various cars was a bit repetitive. Texture and atmosphere-wise, it's pretty well done within the restrictions and there's one secret to find if you choose to backtrack a little more after the final carriage opens, but otherwise this can probably be finished in about 15 minutes." - Ryan (04-Mar-2019)

"So I must admit, I actually did not really enjoy this level a lot. It has quite a few things that just frustrate me about TR4. Well for starters, the level works in the original confines of the vanilla TR4 train level, which is probably the only way to do this kind of level. A few things might be different from the vanilla version, but for the most part it seems to be the same train, with a ton more enemies and a switch collect-a- thon. Which brings me to my first grievance, the enemies. There is a lot of them, they are the original TR4 nomad enemies. And a ton of them are the red-black ninjas that block your shots until you either put your gun away or run into them. So essentially they are piss weak, but they are amazing at eating away your time. Making the Shotgun the most interesting on this level mostly by just allowing you to defeat the enemies slightly faster. As I mentioned before, this level is a switch collect-a-thon, as you will need to find and press 3 switches spread across the train to open a door. And then you return to the start and leave the level. Next grievance there, and I'm not sure about this, I might be the only one with that issue, but one of the switches is found below a trapdoor... one that you can open yourself. Even if it looks like a trap door you need to find a switch for in the level. But pressing control in juuuuuuuust the right spot will open the trap door. So I'd say "It's fine to play, just mostly stick to what you know from the vanilla level and you'll have 30 minutes of fun." the problem is, that the flow of gameplay is constantly interrupted by all kinds of forced cutscenes and flybys. Whether it is the opening cutscene that is about a minute long and feels like the Intro of Majora's Mask. Or the forced cutscenes showing you enemies jumping on the train whenever you reach certain areas. It interrupts the flow of gameplay, and that is super obnoxious. Otherwise it is a fine, quick little level." - The Snarky Lesbian (04-Mar-2019)

"Well, it is a train level and it's quite rare to find a great adventure hidden in it and I must say I'm quite satisfied with this! The gameplay is the weakest part of the game, consisting into a hunt for switches, my mark would have been quite lower if this wasn't a train level. Enemies were quite a lot, ninjas of course and small scorpions, Osvaldo's typical TR4 tribute (?). The ninjas were quite often shown by well-crafted cut-scenes, the strongest part of the level. Osvaldo, in fact, put quite a lot of care in the flybys that worked pretty well with the fast moving train!! The final flyby, though, was the best in my opinion yet I did not understand how did Osvaldo separate the train ... did it happen in the original TR4? How silly I am, I don't remember! (I did play it back in 2014 and I quite hated it). Texturing wasn't so bad, as much as lighting, I mean, a train level isn't based on the texturing and the lighting that much to be honest. A 20 minutes experience from Osvaldo, I liked it despite not being nothing but a fast train-ride. Recommendable? Yes? I guess so. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (03-Mar-2019)

"This is an enjoyable enough Train level as far as it goes;but (as per the limitations of this type of story)it simply can't go very far.In this instance,there seems to be some sort of story development as you progress;but,just at the moment when dramatic events occur,it ends. As far as Gameplay is concerned,it's the inevitable backtracking (thankfully limited in this case),and copious enemy confrontation (some of whom entertainingly lose their footing and meet a crunching end,of their own accord). A bunch of carriages to find access to and explore;buttons and levers to activate;and one (?) secret to find. The technical side of things is handled capably;but there's only so much you can do with this type of level. Around 30 minutes of combative fun,from the Osvaldo factory." - Orbit Dream (01-Mar-2019)
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