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Author(s): Croftyboy
total rating:5.45 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
ameliacrofty 4 6 7 4
Baslakor 8 7 7 6
Cbl 5 4 5 3
Ceamonks890 2 2 1 2
dinne 2 2 1 2
DJ Full 7 8 6 6
Drakan 7 7 7 7
Jay 7 7 7 6
JesseG 8 7 6 6
Jose 5 6 6 7
manarch2 5 7 6 5
MarlenaCrystal 6 5 5 5
Mman 5 6 6 5
Mulf 4 5 4 5
Orbit Dream 5 7 5 5
Phil 8 7 7 7
Raider99 6 6 6 5
Ryan 6 6 5 5
Tolle87 6 8 7 6
Torry 5 6 7 6
Zuxuna 4 2 5 3
category averages
(21 reviews)
5.48 5.76 5.52 5.05

Reviewer's comments

"Not bad this jungle level, but not specially entertaining. Many rooms are too huge with flat texturization, with nothing to do and empty of objects, and the gameplay only consists about pulling switches and find keys. There are some good camera shots, and the flipmaps draining/filling rooms with water, but I missed some more musics to create a better ambience and some more worked lighting too. Anyway, to be a debut it's not bad. If the author wants to continue building, perhaps he could spend more time on the architecture (smaller rooms), ornate the rooms with multiple objects and think about some puzzles to solve. Cheer up!" - Jose (30-Jan-2020)

"The name truly represents what this level is, it's really green, maybe too green at some point. This level had some nice platforming, traps, submerged temples and boss fight, sadly, other than that it wasn't much exhilarating. It ended up being linear with the gameplay mainly consisting of finding switches (some of them blended too well with the environment forcing me be stuck in the area which I didn't like) that open some door and finding lots of keys to open the other ones. Speaking of doors, many of them had wrong sounds or wrong ones applied on the top of the right one, aside from those, there were many other sound issues like underwater door sound playing while enemy is shooting and a mixture of different Lara sounds where some have wrong pitch. While these are small things, I still think they should not be ignored as they are really easy to fix. Visually, this level was pretty green and in some areas it was just too bright and flat filled with many underwater cracks and some big, empty rooms with repetitive texturing. I'm unsure why builders avoid adding stories to their levels, while I could piece it together myself, I'd still appreciate having some kind of explanation or at least an intro. I must add that I really liked small details thrown here and there like traps being stuck in the mud or collapsed pillars with skeletons below them! It's a decent level, however, it lacks puzzles, more music and camera use to form a unique world where players can immerse themselves into." - Raider99 (25-Dec-2019)

"This is a solid first attempt by the author but as with most first attempts it does have its flaws. Firstly the oversized boxy rooms which are a dead giveaway. Secondly the flawed opponents that could walk on water coupled with the watery sounds emanating from their gun fire. Things like these should not be left. I did not like the use of tiny swim crevices that you are required to find to enable progression. I did like the generous items provided in the secrets which were relatively easy to find. All but one that is and when I checked the walk through for that one and realized it meant back tracking through an area already traversed I simply could not be bothered. Some of the traps required dexterity and quick fingers to get through but once you died the first time, generally the second attempt was successful. Not bad but not great either." - Torry (21-Dec-2019)

"If something looks like a Jungle,and sounds like a Jungle,it must surely feel like one - except,in this case,it really doesn't. Yes,the evocative McRee music score is included;and all the background sounds and textures duly show up - but due to the flat lighting and 'wide open spaces' style of building,there's an almost complete absence of any atmosphere (usually so potent in levels of this type). Gameplay is generally 'full ahead,no need to think much';aside from a few sneakily placed switches (usually of the small,inconsequential- looking kind),which can be easily overlooked. The traps are generally benign,although entertaining enough;and despite a seemingly uncountable number of Shiva's,very few actually attack. Nonetheless,there are good ideas here: the first flip-map is pretty effective,and nicely set in scene;while the dark caves are visually interesting. Human enemies are plentiful;and the Boss confrontation is effective. Overall,it provided an hour or so of reasonable entertainment;while never hitting any particular high note." - Orbit Dream (17-Dec-2019)

"Much though I’d like to say that the level is as green as its title promises, overall it’s really more yellowish because its most obvious template is the “Temple Ruins” section of TR3 India. Actual greenery plays a significant visual role on only two occasions. The one at the beginning presents a very tidy and square piece of jungle with a neatly levelled floor that has also been assiduously vacuumed; you can hop up the surrounding slopes and take a walk right next to the end of the world along almost the entire perimeter, and the wall that cuts it in half is surmounted on one side by an invisible barrier. The second jungle area, near the end of the level, looks somewhat more organic—irregular floor, tree branches shaped using Tomb Editor’s ‘diagonal walls’ feature—, thus indicating the trajectory of the builder’s learning curve. Both, however, are merely spaces for you to run (or in the latter case, zip) through and leave behind without having done anything much in them at all. Indeed, throughout the level the builder is being wasteful with the spaces he created: often quite large, they typically serve only for one specific task—rather too frequently, locating a craftily camouflaged lever—before you move on to the next. This is most blatantly obvious in the case of a room with a huge and worrisome fire pillar at its centre: all you have to do here is flip a switch located off on a ledge, then climb a ladder and simply move on by passing through the door opened by that switch—never once having actually engaged with said fire pillar.
Clearly, this practice is not conducive to creating the impression of a coherent jungle setting, and indeed the level turns out to be one of those rather more common room–corridor–room adventures which require you to do quite a lot of backtracking. It would have benefited greatly had its layout been planned in advance, but the builder appears to have made it up as he went along. This is also evident in the distribution of pickups: for most of the level, there aren’t any; then, on the home straight, you’re suddenly inundated with them. You can use them, too, as the finale restages the boss fight with Tony the Loon—thankfully short if you use the Desert Eagle—, and not only are his mates Randy and Rory still alive in this version and acting out some sort of grudge they’re holding against you, they are joined in this by Andy and Cory, Sandy and Tory, and Glenn.
Until then, however, you should do fine with just pistols. This jungle has no snakes or arthropods; the most commonly encountered vermin are backpackers who are prone to getting themselves killed by standing next to fragile masonry and leave no goodies behind. The tigers are easily dispatched even when they attack in packs of three (one had evolved to adapt to an entirely aquatic lifestyle); and the so-called shivas are less effective here in shielding themselves than they are in TR3. Traps, too, can be negotiated without much fuss. Some have become stuck in the mud or are otherwise used purely for effect, which I thought was a nice touch. I was also greatly relieved to see the builder not fall himself into the typical beginners’ trap of littering his level with undetectable death machines: catwalk blades are indicated by customised textures, as is one of the pushables (but only one of the pushables; I played one particular section twice because I thought I had encountered a bug, but the problem turned out to be yet another instance of camouflaged lever plus pushable-that-looks-like-a-piece-of-wall). The first of the two water flipmaps is well-staged, while the second one plays like a dull rehash. Gameplay in general shows signs of life, but these are separated by lengthy stretches of tedium and marred by repetition. Textures are too often applied in the wallpapered manner, lighting is ineffective, and there are sound issues suspiciously similar to MBog’s recent Ninja level. So, there’s rather a lot of room for improvement to be tackled before Tolle’s daring prediction can become a reality. The indications of a creative mind at work are there, I agree (and puerility is thankfully limited to an easily missable Easter egg); it’s just regrettable that they appear mainly in the form of inconsequential asides rather than as elements of gameplay. (Incidentally, it’s ‘zipline’, Tolle. Humans call it a’zipline’.)" - Mulf (17-Dec-2019)

"This is a TR3 Jungle setting. A lot of the outdoor parts are very clearly built into cubes, and many of the interiors are empty and cubic. However there are some nice looking areas that show potential, along with some more advanced design (like some nice use of flipmaps), I also liked the small bits of design logic that shows thoughtful design like the various collapsed tunnels in the ruins and the felled trees at the start having bases. The weakest area is the lighting, which is unfortunately very flat and monotone, and several areas could have looked far better (and make things like the structure of some rooms less obvious) with more developed lighting. The gameplay starts off pretty flawed with multiple semi-hidden switches (that blend in a lot thanks to the lighting), but it gets better later on and develops some okay challenges and flow, outside of one backtracking trip that I only did because I had nowhere else to go (although some new enemies appearing did help make it clear it's the right way). It remains a bit straightforward, with large areas that don't have much in them, but the later parts are more creative and interesting, and there's even a nice boss fight at the end. Obviously a beginner level, but there's a decent amount of potential here based on the better sections." - Mman (10-Dec-2019)

"Considering that this is the debut level of the author it was quite good. It took me about 45 minutes to finish and I found 3 of the 4 secrets. Gameplay was nothing special and there was not much platforming, but some of the tasks, like filling a room with water from a waterfall of the room above, were pretty neat. There were a lot of rooms which looked big and bland and sometimes wallpapered, but there were also better areas, like the cave section and some of the temple rooms. Lighting could have been more interesting and the author could have played more with colors, instead of the plain white ambience. But there was some camera usage, which shows that the author tried to make some situations more interesting. Keep up the level building and keep practicing, this level showed a lot of potential!" - MarlenaCrystal (09-Dec-2019)

"I'll say it now, so that I can praise myself in a few years: This builder will be capable of creating levels of at least 8+ quality. When? I don't know, but it will happen. When you look behind clumsy texturing, occasional backtracking and the overall feeling of mostly generic tasks, you can sense a glimpse of creativity lurking behind beginner's project, with some little details like one of the swinging axes being stuck in the ruins, unconventional ways to reach certain spots, some flooding sequences etc. You can also notice a building improvement as the level goes on. You will recognize some features from every India level of TR3, including "death slides" (I really don't know a "non-building" name for these), piranha-infected river, cleverly hidden (but fair) moveable parts of the wall, boss-fight on the central platform surrounded with water. Even a quad bike has its cameo appearance. Yes, unfortunately just a cameo, because it will bring you to almost instant abrupt end. There are some more areas that had more potential, like a few multi-statue rooms or a huge tree with many branches above the ground which could have been more involved with the tasks. Enemies are very easy to deal with even with the pistols, which kinda compensates for the lack of medipacks. I also wouldn't mind having some more flares as you start with only a few and there are some dark areas. Music is rare but when it starts - it fits. No complains on that part. Actually, no serious complains on any part. Now we can wait and hope that Croftyboy will use his undoubted potential to raise above the average where his debut firmly stands. For a debut, limited by CaC rules, a very good effort." - Tolle87 (05-Dec-2019)

"This has one good thing, always shows you a keyhole before the key hunt so you're much less confused - and I was also much less anxious this way, because in case of missing something a chance to revisit is given. Secrets were particularly fun, but shapes lack a lot of coziness to contrast with epic scope, also shading and colors should be more purposeful, easy on the eyes and less overwhelming. Not a bad attempt but I guess the author just tried to go too big." - DJ Full (03-Dec-2019)

"A re-imagining of the India levels from Tomb Raider 3. Gameplay is packed full of traps to dodge, as well as a boss fight and some straightforward pushblock puzzles. While the adventure plays well, the aesthetics need a bit more care. There are many rooms that are too large and empty, with textures that are often stretched and wallpapered. There are several incorrect audio samples used on doors and enemies. The lighting is flat in many rooms, and the bright red coloring in the lava rooms is too harsh. Overall a good premise for a raid, it just needs more immersion. 44 minutes." - JesseG (29-Nov-2019)

"For a 1st level the author did a good job. There are many things to improve but the whole is acceptable. Many textures stretched or packed, the lighting is correct and the gameplay is a little tedious. Some switches were difficult to distinguish, but I do not regret having played because I had a good time." - Drakan (28-Nov-2019)

"The gameplay was ok nothing too difficult to follow, I liked that the jungle was wide, a nice touch but some areas were too empty not a lot of objects or architecture to cover it, the textures and lighting application were ok as well. A simple level with a good atmosphere, hope that you continue to make more levels and improve your skills." - ameliacrofty (20-Nov-2019)

"Usually, I try to find as many pros as possible in order to give a review, but unfortunately I don't see a lot that could validate this one as a decent experience . What looked as a promising start, turned out to be a glitchfest . I really wanted to take my time and enjoy what this level had to offer, but I simply couldnt do that cause there were so many errors involving flying enemies, missing enemies, enemies that would fall in the water (and pray they dont have any pickups cause you wont be able to grab them) . Item placement is really random without foreshadowing or giving a hint to look around . Lighting is basic, same as textures . It lacked the element of surprise cause all rooms looked alike . The only part that made me laugh is a certain "hidden" room in the level with some .... interesting textures ." - Zuxuna (18-Nov-2019)

"For a debut level this isn’t bad. It certainly evokes the classic India feel, with the tigers, Sheevas etc, firmly in place and those huge boxy trees, although sadly they’re not there to be climbed. Otherwise, it’s mainly quite gentle and straightforward gameplay, with some nice touches here and there. Admittedly, it’s not quite in the category of some of the other levels I’ve played so far, and it does seem to have polarised opinion, but it’s very playable all the same." - Jay (15-Nov-2019)

"Baslakor and I both played the same level. As he did, I found much to like here. The gameplay through jungle environs is fairly straightforward, there’s never any difficulty seeing what’s going on around you, and there are moments where you have to pause and do some thinking in order to progress. There are four secrets, two of which were fairly obvious, one that was hidden in a bush but otherwise there for the taking, and one that I felt was quite creatively hidden (drain a room and push a button to lower a block). Certain areas have to be revisited a number of times, but not to the extent that it becomes really annoying. A jumping exercise along the river near the end requires a high level of dexterity, at least in my case, and you get plenty of firepower to deal with the boss enemy. The level may not win any prizes, but it’s certainly fun to play and it seemed obvious to me that it was not just thrown together. I would be remiss if I did not remark in closing that reviews accentuating the positive and providing gentle encouragement (Baslakor and Cbl) are much more helpful to players and builders alike -- especially first-time builders -- than those which are sneeringly dismissive of the builder’s time, effort and work product." - Phil (12-Nov-2019)

"As a debut level, this does portray some of the familiar beginner mistakes made by eager builders (patchy textures, odd sound issues and a sort of predictability to the gameplay that gets a little wearying at times) and resultantly it feels less polished than some of the submissions by "bigger" names in this competition. However, I think this one seemed like more of a serious attempt than other first efforts. For a start, there is a sort of cohesive layout to the whole thing as you progress through temples and jungle courtyards, the secrets are relatively nicely placed, the enemies keep you on your toes (although some players may find that the first half is somewhat lacking in that respect) and you even get a boss fight of sorts that builds to a biggish finale as you grab your prize, liberate a quad bike and escape. All of these show that the builder has talent and potential and maybe just a bit of fine tuning is called for. At present I feel that this level has been somewhat underrated, so here are my "slightly" raised scores." - Ryan (12-Nov-2019)

"Not sure what level Baslakor was playing, as I found this debut release from Croftyboy (based off TR3's India levels), to be so painfully boring. Level design is unconvincing and lifeless (with so many long hallways to go back and forth through to the point that I needed to use the flycheat just to pick up the pace), enemies & objects feel arbitrarily placed in rooms without rhyme or reason, texturing is repetitive with a ton of stretched textures throughout and the lighting & general atmosphere is next to non-existent. So in conclusion, save yourself the trouble and skip this one altogether." - Ceamonks890 (11-Nov-2019)

"A run through a jungle and temples with the familiar TR3 India, Pacific, and Lost Artifact Scotland texture sets. This level began well in a really lovely and airy jungle with many trees and scattered ruins. While later there were instances of vast, empty rooms that didn't seem to serve a purpose, at the beginning this large scale environment actually looks attractive and peaceful, and it is fun to run around and explore. As the level continues though, while there are occasionally creative traversal puzzles, it feels more and more like a first effort in need of significant polish, especially with frequently stretched textures. There are long corridors or ladders that seem to have little point to them, and a pet peeve of mine: loud traps like blades or spikes that, once triggered, never stop, meaning that the clash and clang continues even after exiting the puzzle area. The conclusion is right out of TR3's Caves of Kaliya with a Tony boss fight, made incredibly simple because pickups provide enough ammo to supply a small army. I hope the author continues to improve on the skills that made the best parts of the level, like the initial jungle area or the underwater area with the three Shiva statues. These are quite atmospheric, even though lighting is generally flat everywhere else, and I think there's a lot of potential to improve with these signals that architecture and layout are something the author can do well. About an hour to complete." - Cbl (11-Nov-2019)

"A nice level to start the competition. It is overall just on the right standard, not too over- nor underambitious for a debut level. There are classical beginner mistakes like streched and wallpapered textures, misplaced objects and mixed up sounds, but those do not dominate the level and the builder nicely manages to cover these with some imagination, especially with creative object usage to create the feeling of a destroyed temple area. The gameplay is mostly nicely flowing, with the exception of some meanly hidden buttons and levers (mainly the very first one), but nothing too bad. The traps are adding to the challenge and the whole part with the waterfalls is rather interesting. I only found that towards the end progression is too linear and uninspired without many tasks (except of finding the nicely hidden secrets). Overall, a not amazing but entertaining enough game that took me 30 minutes to finish." - manarch2 (09-Nov-2019)

"In this enjoyable debut level from Croftyboy Lara revisits India in search of another meteorite artifact. The builder did manage to create a fun ride that lasted close to an hour with some original ideas and gameplay. We see some swinging blades that got stuck in the mud, switches that lower or raise the water level and a nice little boss-fight at the end. Some switches and items are really well hidden, though the author made sure this was always in a small, isolated area. Unlike many, many other custom levels I never got stuck in this one. The level is not perfect, as the author clearly is not as experienced as some of the amazing builders in this competition. There are some annoying camera's and some of the rooms feel a bit empty. However, I enjoyed the ride and am interesting in his future progress. On a sidenote there is a secret room that contains some very... alluring pictures of Lara. Nothing you won't see on any of the Tomb Raider promotional posters, so don't worry if your kids are playing this level. Is it juvenile? Definitely! Funny? Arguably (it did made me chuckle), but calling the entire level a troll level and giving it a horrible score just because of that? Nope! The builder clearly put a lot of time and effort in this level and recognition should be given where deserved! I really hope to see more of this builder in the future. Just let the haters hate." - Baslakor (08-Nov-2019)

"A really naif level, jungle themed. The good point of this level is that there are some rare creative points, for example an underground tunnel which is probably made of roots and this is a nice idea, and also the fact of putting some traps stuck in the mud just as decoration, but for the rest there are mainly critiques to give because the level is bad aesthetically, and, what's worse: not user-friendly. There are huge boxed areas with repetitive patternized and stretched textures, the progression of the game is very linear and often it's difficult to find out the way to proceed, with no need, and that adds absolutely no enjoyability, since the explorable area is bad and the fact of being forced to inspect all the corners becomes really frustrating and boring, in this environment. Pushable blocks can't be identified, levers blend with the environment... The atmosphere is bad because it's ruined by bad lighting (flat light areas, too dark areas sometimes for no reason), very bad texture placing (stretched, patternized) and messed up sounds (door open with an insect sound, enemies shoot with a looping water sound). There is also a bonus room with Lara's boobs here and there and this is a bad cheap joke, considering that the adventure is already bad per se and that is already difficult (in general) to make this kind of humorism work. The builder must improve first of all his sensibility of the aestetics of the environment and the game experience (and technical skills in general too), but here what is lacking is mainly, first of all, a good sense." - dinne (05-Nov-2019)
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