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Revisited Ireland by Dennis De Grande

Adngel 6 7 5 8
Ceamonks890 9 9 9 9
Jason L 3 4 5 1
Jay 6 6 8 7
LoreRaider 5 5 7 6
manarch2 2 3 5 5
Mister-B 5 4 2 2
Phil 6 6 6 6
Ryan 7 7 8 7
Teone 5 5 6 6
release date: 13-Aug-2020
# of downloads: 692

average rating: 5.70
review count: 10
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file size: 24.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"The Black Isle levels are among my all time favourite official levels and probably the only Young Lara examples I actually like. This visit unfortunately involves more crawling through the less attractive inside areas rather than the often hauntingly lovely outside ones. Nevertheless, the builder has done a good job of recreating the feel, with those oh so atmospheric sound files, and the whole thing is solidly built. Gameplay is very simple and largely concerned with exploration in a quest to arrive at the church. Short, undemanding and pleasant enough. I’m awfully glad however that I arrived late enough to benefit from the revised version." - Jay (05-Sep-2020)
"I was surprised by the fact that this builder released a level after 17 years of absence which is indeed a record, but the level itself wasn't a solid comeback imo. The gameplay is very basic, you pull some switches to open doors, crawl on a lot of crawlspaces (maybe too many and unnecessary), and jump here and there on the rocks, basically something you'll see on a debut level. I would've enjoyed any kind of puzzle to get the cross as it feels too random placed like where it is. Cameras are kinda useless as they're pointed too near the target, which doesn't let the player see where the next area to look for is. Lighting is good and so is the atmosphere, which reminds a lot of TR5 Ireland mood, but the texturing has a lot and a lot of errors, almost every room has squished or stretched textures and lots of cracks, maybe the builder could've also used more textures to give variation to the environment since the set of textures allows that. All the enemies have no sounds, and I was expecting more of them since the builder provides many guns and ammo to the player. The last thing I want to mention is the outfit which is very unfitting, both for the mood of the level and the non-classic feeling, classic-HD combined together is never good imo. I would love to see more levels from this builder in the future and I strongly recommend using Tomb Editor for the next releases. Less frustration and more satisfaction. Found both the secrets, 25-30 minutes." - LoreRaider (19-Aug-2020)
"Probably the largest time period of any two subsequently released levels by the same builder, but perhaps he should've waited some more before releasing this one to the public. I honor that some things like missing flares are adressed, but even so this game is fairly dark and gameplaywise absolutely uninspired. The starting area is actually intriguing, but half of the time you are spending in crawlspaces (that endless turning around is so tedious after a while), the other time navigating around the dark passages, with occasional jumps (I would not call that platforming) and without any interesting tasks, of course no puzzles either. Object design is very sparse while the atmosphere works well enough in a few areas, mostly outside, but the corridor-esque architecture is a huge let-down in these regards as well. And the game ends after 20 minutes in a fairly abrupt fashion but maybe there will be a follow-up, with the reported problems being cared of, of course. Found only one registering secret, the others have the same number (?)." - manarch2 (18-Aug-2020)
"This level is much too dark for my tastes, and the builder has failed to provide a single flare pickup. I provided an unlimited supply for myself very early on, and this enabled me to make slow but steady progress. There are some good gameplay ideas here to go along with the suitably spooky atmosphere, but there's definitely an overuse of crawl spaces. Your goal is to make your way up to a church, and when you accomplish that objective after close to an hour the level abruptly ends. There's considerable potential here if the builder will pay more attention to the lighting concerns and unnecessary tedium mentioned in the other reviews." - Phil (17-Aug-2020)
"This builder seems to have responded to the (probably justified) criticism in the previous reviews of this level being insanely dark, containing no flares and as a result, being a total drudge to complete. Thankfully, this revised version is definitely more enjoyable to go through. Admittedly, the light levels are still more gloomier than I would have personally preferred but the cave systems are much more comfortable to navigate and the gameplay is more player-friendly. The numerous crawlspaces were a bit of a turn-off (I always consider consecutive crawlspaces a bit of a cheap "gameplay" tactic) and the secrets were just lying there for the taking, but the atmosphere was sufficiently spooky (aided by those unsettling Black Isle audio files and some effective enemy placements), the construction was solid and I actually enjoyed myself more than I expected." - Ryan (17-Aug-2020)
"An updated version has been released. I played both and I can confirm that the lighting is much better now, there are more flares to pick up and the missing sounds are at their place. Anyway the game is still short and poor. I suggest the author to rename the level adding a suffix like "Demo" or "Prologue", because at the end of the game everybody wonder why Lara should go to the church, to do what? Finished in 20 minutes and found two secrets. There's nothing more to say, textures are not monotonous because the game is too short to be monotonous. As I already said, it's like a demo for me, and I hope to see the rest." - Teone (17-Aug-2020)
"Well, generally looked like an easy pleasant level with a progressive path it took me 28 mins, 0 secrets found. The gameplay was average, it works, it leads the player comfortably, but nothing special to mention, enemies are fine, although objects I missed a bit better presentation (Finding a puzzle in a random hole, to be used in an unexpected door that I found by chance...), Atmosphere is were I find the most bitter point, I think lightning is good, but the environment, is most of the time through similar corridors and cliff pits, I don't recall any meaningful zone that gives identity to the level. So what I most enjoyed was the easy and progressive approach." - Adngel (16-Aug-2020)
"Found this creation very uninspired and repetitive... I love Lara's outfit and the slipping animation, but this TRLE is mostly boring and exausting specially in that crawling labyrinth. Lighting was not really a good point; all those Fog bulbs were unnecesary imo. Great to see the author back on business after all those years, but I think he/she can do it better :) Be careful with DOZY cheat btw, you forgot to disabled it!" - Jason L (15-Aug-2020)
"I'm sorry, but I didn't like that level. I disagree with the previous review. The lack of lighting means that there is no fun at this level, but irritation at certain times. The textures of the rooms are very similar, and together with the light problem, the cameras do not help the player in level progress. It's a short level, which even presents some good ideas. Many authors make the mistake of, when trying to make a level of "suspense and frightening", apply practically zero lighting (and in the case of this level with practically no flares). I suggest the author to make an update in the level or in the next projects to be more careful when it comes to lighting, adding flares at least, because the gameplay looks good, but it was badly affected by the lack of lighting. The author returns after years without building, which is great, but I hope he will consider my suggestion for his next levels. And please: Flares!! Unfortunatelly i can't recommend this level." - Mister-B (14-Aug-2020)
"A surprisingly excellent release from Dennis after a 17 year absence from the community, with gameplay and level design crafted in a very logical and organic fashion (not once proving frustrating throughout the 32 minutes it took for me to complete). Other design areas are equally as impressive (with effective lighting that's dark but not overwhelmingly so, complimenting the applied Ireland textures, objects and atmospheric tracks beautifully). Enemies are sparse but well-placed (managing to get a few clever jump scares out of me as I made my way through the island to a church, of which one wonders what Lara's reasons are for going there in the first place). Overall, a very satisfying raid that I highly recommend for anyone desiring something that's not too hard but not necessarily easy. Hope this is a sign of good things to come from the builder going forward." - Ceamonks890 (14-Aug-2020)