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Ancient Temple by Pedros

alan 6 5 3 7
Blue43 6 6 7 8
Daffy 8 7 8 9
Dimpfelmoser 5 6 8 8
eRIC 6 6 6 10
Gerty 7 7 8 9
Jay 6 7 7 8
Jose 3 5 4 7
Kristina 7 7 8 9
LaraFan 8 7 7 9
MichaelP 8 7 8 9
Momster 6 7 8 9
Moonpooka 7 7 8 8
Nomad 6 6 7 6
Orbit Dream 7 6 7 8
Phil 7 8 7 7
RaiderGirl 6 7 7 9
Ryan 6 7 7 8
Sash 5 6 5 7
Tombaholic 5 6 7 8
Treeble 6 6 6 6
release date: 21-May-2001
# of downloads: 972

average rating: 6.89
review count: 21
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file size: 14.38 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This level came across as odd to me. Especially in the lighting-texture area. On one hand it has creative, eerie and even sinister lighting, yet many textures are overstretched and even paper-thin. Besides that it is a standart raid, with combat tipping to the difficult side, especially early on. There are also many crawlspaces and unmarked ceilings, as already noted by other reviewers. Well, an okay level I guess" - Nomad (20-Jun-2019)
"Straightforward Egyptian level. Nicely textured with a varied use of colors. That's the best about it, although I noticed some stretched textures here and there; and the first unmarked monkeyswing. What I disliked was the lack of cameras and music. There's an empty room with a hidden trigger that opens a door, but why not even place a switch there, or a camera? The door is not far from there but anyway; I even thought that was the end of the level without finish trigger. Also, lots of crawlspaces. I didn't enjoy this level a lot." - alan (14-Jun-2018)
"There's an overabundance of crawling to do in this level, which slowed down the gameplay slightly. The classic setting is overall nicely made with some interesting coloured lighting effects, but the gameplay is simple and you simply have to find a Horseman's Gem and Pharos Pillar, use them both, do some swimming and monkeyswinging (once across an unmarked path) and fight some harpies and demigods). Simple stuff, really, so if you are an inexperienced raider, then you may wish to try it for the relative ease of gameplay." - Ryan (14-May-2017)
"I liked the choice of textures used in this level, even if occasionally they were a bit carelessly applied. Overall, the atmosphere and lighting are agreeable, but with some too dark areas in places and I could certainly have done with fewer crawlspaces. Otherwise, the gameplay is pretty straightforward (with the possible exception of an unmarked monkey swing - a big no no). There are no puzzles or timed elements - it all revolves around exploring and battling harpies, demigods and a skeleton. None of it is beyond the abilities of the average player, provided you know a few tips about dealing with specific enemies. Unremarkable stuff, but possibly worth a look for the somewhat different surroundings and, as it only lasts for 35 minutes, you probably won't have time to get bored." - Jay (08-May-2016)
"It seems that the only purpose from this builder is that players get stucked. Is the unmarked monkeyswing forgetfulness or is for players waste their time running all around the rooms of the level looking for something nonexistent? And what about the two receptacles near the closed door behind the crawlspace? Sure that most players thought that two artifacts are needed to open that door 'cause when you place one of them there's not a camera to show the very very distant door opening. And what about the empty room after the (this time marked) monkeyswing and crawlspace? Not a switch, marked tile or camera to know that a door opened in another place. So I'm very generous giving a "3" in the gameplay section. The entire level has excessive crawlspaces, and enemies are not well placed/selected 'cause from the very beginning you have to deal with harpies, demigods and skeletons only with the pistols. Where are the cameras and the musics? The architecture is not bad, and also the texturization makes the environments nice to see (even when there are a lot of bad applied textures in large or triangular sections of the panels); also the lights are well worked, but all this is not enough to release an enjoyable level." - Jose (26-Nov-2015)
"This an early Egyptian level with fairly easy game play. There aren't any puzzles to solve and the level consist mainly of rooms that connected through crawlspaces and ramps. Some of those crawlspaces are well hidden in dark areas and I had a hard time finding one of them. The rooms are are colorfully lit, but in general the game is rather dark, although there are plenty of flares. Enemies are not too many but some of them are rather persistent. The one thing I missed, were cameras as there a no hints as where a door opens when you pull a jump switch. Very nice level about 1 hour in play time." - Blue43 (21-May-2010)
"A very nice adventure which is offered to us by the author in a very nice decor, the choice of lighting and of colours gives a result really superb. The building is made well, fair some walls a bit slim but which crosses the rest unobserved so much is achieved. The made gameplay calls to research and observation, enemies is tough but not too many. I have find this level really very good and very agreeable to be played. Hats off to the author." - Daffy (13-Aug-2009)
"I can only feel sorry for Matthias, having to read all reviews until he realized this was the level he'd just played. Fortunately it's name starts with an "A", so his journey wasn't that long. I honestly don't think this resembles any castle at all so it's all a bit funky, atmospherewise. It feels more like a temple for dwarves or something. There's a lot of crawling for poor Lara's bare knees, and she leaves this place after collecting a gem and a pillar, using them and working her way -- mostly crawling -- through a series of rooms, including one mysteriously empty room towards the end. The enemies weren't many and would show often in the next space you could stand up, but you get plenty of Shotgun ammo, so don't feel sorry for 'wasting' it on the harpies. 30 minutes. 08/07" - Treeble (08-Aug-2007)
"A nice oldie, that's what i like. This was a fab little half hour level, with harpies, a skelly and demigods, so it's not too easy on the health. Lots of crawl spaces and levers to find in the dark, plus one really weird room where you have no clue you've opened a door by entering it. Even so, nice atmosphere, and nice looking rooms, although you will not get any traps or puzzles to solve. You'll find a gem and the pillar early on, ammo, health and weapons too, but no secrets that i know of. Worth nipping back in time anyway, I found this quite relaxing and uncomplicated." - Moonpooka (08-Aug-2005)
"This was less than a satisfying level, mainly because there were no cut scenes or other camera aids, and on at least two occasions a door was opened by taking some necessary action not revealed to the gamer. Other than this complaint, I found the level to be fairly fun and straightforward. I grew a little weary of the constant crawling, as did many other reviewers, but the enemies were well placed and ample weaponry was provided (if you had the good sense to save some of the enemies for later). I found no secrets, which certainly doesn't mean there were none to be found. A bittersweet level, but one that's certainly worth the modest download." - Phil (01-Aug-2005)
"This was a pleasant surprise and to be honest I took my time to go through this level. You travel down underground and there you must find a blue gem and the knot. After placing them there is a crawlspace that looks like you will get stuck try it anyway as that is the way to go. There is a lot of crawling in this level so be prepared. Also one monkey climb eluded me for a while as the only evidence you have is a crawlspace and how in hell are you getting there. After another monkey swing I found a very empty room but just entering that must have triggered another door so I could go on. Enemies are the fiercest ones harpies and demigods. There is one skeleton roaming there but you can run past it. Levers to pull so look in dark corners. The level is not that brightly lit but you'll get enough flares. 21-11-2002" - Gerty (25-Nov-2002)
"A swift well made level this one. Not much pausing for thought here just crawl and run a lot while looking out for small gaps in the walls. The texturing was enthusiastic (but not always brilliant); the lighting well handled; the enemies plentiful and deviously placed. One monkey swing to an empty room had me baffled but there are plenty of 'so this is where I've ended up!' moments and despite being a cleopal level there's no actual cleopal in it. Very good." - Orbit Dream (21-Nov-2002)
"This is one of those levels that unzip as a single tom file. Nothing else. So when I finished it I had -of course- completly forgotten what it was called and I had to browse through the level index look for a cleo wad adventure (that much I knew) and read the reviews in order to make sure I give the right title when I hand in my own evaluation. This is quite exiting like when you finally come to the right level and read the first review recognize some unmistakable features and then suddenly know that the search is over and you can post your own review. In the case in hand it was when I came to this line: 'The enemies are from Cleopal but fortunately not the texturing' (eRIC's review). I knew then that I had come to the right place. And now to the review itself. Not much of a gameplay and a lot of unnecessary crawls but I liked this well enough and I can't believe it took me 50 minutes to reach the end cause it all seemed to rush past just like that. I loved the colourful setting that wasn't like your common cleo environment but more like a spooky and cavernous tomb. The enemies were placed well and once I just ran away from the harpy cause there was a skeleton in hot pursuit as well and I hadn't located the shotgun yet. I dived into a nearby pool and progressed via an underwater tunnel but the spirit of the harpy stayed with me as the sound of it's wings beating and the shrill tweeting stayed disconcertingly close till I got back properly armed. A couple of monkey swings to reach crawlspaces some easy jumps and a few switches. Honestly I can't remember what took me so long. Probably admiring the beautiful textures." - Dimpfelmoser (11-Aug-2002)
"If this author could have added a little more gaming into this absolutely stunning looking level it could have rivaled some of the top-rated levels. As it is a gorgeous setting is marred by just too many enemies and not enough real 'tomb raiding'. A bit on the dark side and a lot of enemies to be faced in very cramped quarters doesn't make for much enjoyment. If you're up for 30-40 minutes of just exploring crawling and fighting download it." - Momster (16-Jul-2002)
"I had started this level months back but finding myself stuck I put it away now playing it again I can't believe I overlooked a crawlspace that is although not obvious still pretty evident. The look of the temple in this 30 minutes level is very solid except for a couple of thin walls and attractive with the use of some nice textures and colours but sadly the game play was very straightforward with the only discernible puzzle being an open this door pull a switch open that door puzzle and the rest spent either crawling swimming or monkey swinging through the level while fighting a bunch of golden birds and demigods." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a level for the classical tomb raider who wants to search and explore. Texturing and lighting is nicely done creates a believable atmosphere with some neat colour effects along the way. The gameplay is mainly driven by finding the right path and indeed often enough it is well hidden crawlspaces you will have to look out for. In terms of enemies there are some demigods and a loadful of banshees (7) to fight while that one poor skeleton can be left running around uselessly. On the downside there are two paper-thin walls a monkey swing that is not really textured as such virtually no sounds and no cameras added and one room you reach towards the end did not really seem to have a purpose as it was just empty. Bottomline if you feel like exploring and if crawling is a lot of fun for you then get this one." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"The word 'crawlspace' appears prominently in the reviews for this level. Well crawlspaces are just fine except for all the crawling which for me ranks up there with long ladders and endless push-able object sequences as the things that make my eyes glaze over when playing a level. After finding the two famous crawlspaces and two artifacts the level boils down to lots of switch pulling and some more crawling. What I did like about the level was the beautiful design and lighting but there was just far too little to do while passing through these lovely halls." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)
"I enjoyed most of this level. It looked amazing and was nothing like what I expected considering the wad that was used. Plus there were a lot of places to explore which I usually like. But I started getting a bit annoyed towards the end. There were way too many crawlspaces and dark areas and often I was attacked in small rooms by enemies such as the harpys or the demigods - I was attacked twice in a crawlspace which just seems unfair to me. It took me forever to find all the crawlspaces and all the switches to open the many doors and often found myself totally confused. It would have been less frustrating to search without all those crawlspaces though I was glad to find plenty of pickups." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a nice made level. Completely in ancient design. There are lots of golden birds and some demigods you have to take care of. Only one skeleton is there but you can ignore it. The first part is to find two artefacts which is rather difficult because you have to find some -well hidden- crawlspaces - these are the only puzzles but kept me looking all over and over again. There are no hints or fly-bys that adds to the search-puzzles you rarely know which door just opened. Once in the main room you are attacked by two golden birds and a demigod at once. After that there is a straightforward approach till the end." - LaraFan (21-Jun-2002)
"It's a good level with a nice atmosphere. Mostly with well hidden crawlspaces and switches. I am afraid not enough puzzles though only a gem and a pillar. Not an Egyptian temple as someone would imagine but rather a spooky indoors temple with colourful textures. Demigods and skeletons but often enough harpies are your enemies without any other real obstacles. Nonetheless the game play is quite good and keeps you interested with two underwater areas and sometimes just entering a room and stepping on a certain spot that has distinctive tiles on the ceiling can open a door elsewhere. It lasted thirty or so minutes keep your eyes open and give it a try." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)
"A very beautiful Egyptian level concerning the textures and lightning. The enemies are from Cleopal but fortunately not the texturing. The gameplay is nice and fluent; the only downside point is that there is almost no puzzles except finding a knot and a gem and pulling wall-levers. I was stuck for a while after putting in place the two artefacts I had seen the crawlspaces on each side but I thought it was impossible to enter; no camera work but the atmosphere is good. A nice level to play give it a try for the professional and esthetical work on the texturing and lightning." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)