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Author(s): Sheevah
total rating:7.67 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Boris 9 9 8 8
Dimpfelmoser 7 7 7 7
eTux 8 6 8 7
G.Croft 7 7 7 6
Gerty 9 9 8 7
Jay 8 8 8 7
Jose 5 7 7 6
Kristina 9 8 9 9
MichaelP 8 7 7 8
Monika 10 9 8 8
Nessa 8 7 9 6
Nomad 8 8 7 6
Phil 8 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 9 8 8 7
Ryan 8 8 8 7
Sash 7 7 7 6
Torry 9 6 9 10
Treeble 7 7 7 7
Xxenofex 9 8 8 8
category averages
(19 reviews)
8.05 7.58 7.79 7.26

Reviewer's comments

"This is quite a long level for its age and it's in two distinct sections. The visuals are as different as night and day (whether it was night and day I wasn't certain as that would be a freakish coincidence). I did prefer the first part over the second as it was more pleasing to the eye whereas part two was set in very gloomy, dank and repetitive cave areas. The gameplay has its enjoyable parts, but there's a bit too much crawling and backtracking, plus those fixed cameras were just an irritant as is often the case. Very accessible to everyone, but you might need to grit your teeth and withstand the longeurs. A word of advice, be sure to solve the first spike/flame trap room in the right way (i.e. make sure you collect the Hand very quickly as the timers aren't resettable. I had to step on the lever trigger squares to fix it)." - Ryan (06-Mar-2018)

"This is quite a long level, in two parts. I have to say I far preferred the first part as it was mainly light and attractive, whereas part two was gloomy and often rather drab looking. The gameplay runs the gamut of exploration, puzzles, traps, enemies - you name it, it's probably there. So, nicely rounded in that respect, but equally a bit frustrating in terms of backtracking and fixed camera angles (one particular one on a monkey swing had me going round in circles). A good game and well worth playing, but you may well need a. the walkthrough from time to time and b. a fair old amount of patience." - Jay (10-Sep-2016)

"There were interesting things to do in this two parter - lowering down the spikes, turning the flames down, a box puzzle in the end etc. so the gameplay was good and the adventure was in sufficient length , but the levels had major mistakes. The unmarked climbable textures were the worst of them -- Lara can not climb a wall but can climb to the same looking wall next to it. How am I going to understand that one was climbable? Also in the first room of the 2nd level boulders appeared out of nowhere, you could guess something will roll based on the slopes but still. Other flaw was the design generally, the first part was alright in the beginning but then it went downhill, the dark rooms of the 2nd one looked bad and the levels (especially cave parts) felt blocky and unrealistic. The difficulty was above average in the enjoyable side although I had to look at the walkthrough for crawlspace in the 2nd level, never thought there would be one that high on a wall but it turned out to be an unmarked ladder. Found six secrets and they were hidden well. These levels could be a lot better but the gameplay was lost in the said issues." - Nomad (16-Jun-2016)

"Again surprised with the very high ratings for this levels. The author lets closed doors in distant places and forces you to go back long distances repeating the same movements and return to the places where you need the items. There are several bad placed doors (invisible block), wrong animation when prying the stars, the invisible crack near the beginning, the unmarked climbable walls in the second level, the excessive darkness; also you can advance even if you miss a necessary item so if you miss something the backtracking and re-exploring is very boring. The caves in second level are too dark, and evenmore the flare bug appears in the room with the blue gem until the end of the level. Good features are the enemies, cameras and sounds, but not enough to be considered a good adventure." - Jose (10-Feb-2016)

"Anywhere / Nowhere 1 (45 minutes, 2 secrets): I will admit I was a bit offput by the invisible crack right in the first room, I mean, the first thought I had after checking the walkthrough was "what next then", but I decided to persevere. After that, gameplay is rather fair, having you hunt down two hands of each kind plus two golden stars to head right into the next level. There was a flyby camera that went into a wall and I thought maybe the fixed cameras were playing against the player, not really helping when they were used. The crowbar animation was missing, too. Anywhere - Nowhere 2 (50 minutes, 3 secrets): I'm not sure why, but right at the beginning of the room you come across a black wall that can be described as the end of the world, since it spans all over the horizon. The level starts out very dark and with unmarked climbable walls, but it picks up later when you set after a few gems and hands of sirius. There are some clever spike-based puzzles, such as the one with all the slopes or the one that pretty much every step triggers spikes elsewhere in the room. Later you have a similar puzzle but it involves flame emmiters as well but unfortunately those don't go out so you end up getting the flare bug towards the end. The levels end as you reach a scroll. 95 minutes, 5 secrets. 04/08" - Treeble (03-Apr-2008)

"I was amazed (and not a little embarrassed) to discover that, after playing custom levels for nearly six years, I've never reviewed one of Sheevah's levels (although I may have played one or two back in my non-reviewing years), despite the fact that the body of her work has an average rating well above 8.0. I plan to rectify that failing over the next few months. I selected one of her earlier releases to play and review first, and I was mightily impressed. You have two levels that are built in the classic style, with the first one consuming about an hour and the second one more than that. I wish that everyone gave us so much gameplay these days. But although I enjoyed myself most of the time, there were some drawbacks. Too much of the time was taken in tedious backtracking, there were too many cutesie fixed camera shots that hampered certain tasks simply for the sake of hampering certain tasks (an annoying device that I've always detested), and some of the tasks themselves were unnecessarily tedious (the two spike ledge rooms, for example). At least I didn't encounter any of the dreaded save crystals that seem to have caused such an outcry in the builder's latest release. I'm grateful for Dutchy's walkthrough, because some of the switches were so cleverly hidden that I would have had a hard time completing the levels on my own. It's wonderful how these older levels have stood the test of time. Recommended." - Phil (01-Oct-2007)

"Having also played Sheevah's following levels after this - the Tower of Fate & the Ritual, I actually find the difference between the ratings of these 2 releases quite surprising, as I liked this so much better than the before-mentioned level, and quality wise it really can be seen. It looks very decent, save for the black wall at the beginning of level 2, and the climbable walls that look like any other wall which give this a bit of an amateurish feel as opposed to the nice looks the level offers, especially the blue caves, which are dark, yet have an eerie feeling to them. The gameplay is pretty standard here too, with the exception of an annoying underwater mazelike area, but you get it all, timed runs (there is an annoying bug where you can get stuck in the invisible block of a door if you're not weary, so beware!), getting puzzle items, avoiding boulders, an explosion with a flip-map here and there and lots of movable boxes and objects. Yet what's particularly memorable in this level are the 2 spike puzzles you encounter here, whom I found to be simple yet brilliant and most fun involving simple jumps mostly but being enjoyable all the same. I maybe wasn't very fond of the (intentional) backtracking to areas you've been to as usually it required redoing a tedious task like crawling as a medium, but since the areas are pretty compact it's not so bad. The cameras are used nicely along the way, though you start getting the annoying nano-second ones after the boulder room in level 2. Speaking of bugs - the level is FULL of the door bugs, and you encounter a flare bug near the end, but besides the timed run, where it really isn't pleasant to be stuck in an invisible block, they don't hurt too much. Enjoyable level - a great one from the early ones of Sheevah, give it a go!" - eTux (04-Apr-2005)

"I liked this level very much. The way the areas are connected, the underwater tunnels and whole atmosphere will capture every player. The puzzles vary, from stars to hands and gems. Skeletons, crocodiles and ninjas are the enemies that will be in your way but never fear the crossbow is here. Moving blocks and switches blend almost perfectly with the textures and sometimes difficult to find. It stars off outside in a karnak setting we proceed in dark caves to search for more items and face another enemy. A wonderful level worth downloading. I spent two hours with this one and found six secrets." - Kristina (25-Jul-2003)

"Anywhere - Nowhere 1 (8/7/7/7 60 minutes 2 secrets): This is mainly a coastal WAD setting and it is quite impressive how much work for the player can be sueezed into only 46 rooms. Four hands and two stars to find crocodiles warthogs a dozen ninjas and dogs to fight quite a few levers and movable blocks two secrets (Uzi crossbow) and quite a bit of backtracking required but nicely supported by camera views of where you need to go. Still a few things I did not like: there are walkthrough walls a pitch black passage booby traps and the monkey swing is just too long. I personally hate this diagonal rope jumping - always need several tried for that. Also there are a few minor technical issues such as no sky outside doors placed wrong way round and the wrong crowbar animation when prying out the stars but this does not impact gameplay at all. Anywhere - Nowhere 2 (8/7/7/8 70 minutes 3 secrets): Moving right along part two begins rather dark and those climbable walls not textured as such gave me a tough start. Found crossbow shotgun and a medipack as secrets and three hands and two gems for progression. A few rather interesting camera angles added here. Enemies are uneventful (dogs crocs skeletons ninjas). Again a few movable blocks and many boulders but all rather fairly placed. The highlight for me were the two spike puzzle areas - nicely designed. On the downside the darkish caves which always look the same did not appeal to me that much and especially the search for the gem and the crawlspace underwater was tedious. Also the flarebug occured and as I played the old version I had the invisible barrier to the treasure room but a re-download fixed this nicely (although I then had issues with the cameras which only showed for a split second). But it is all close to the end anyway and with the scroll in hands (well almost) I finished two hours of fun raiding." - Michael (01-Oct-2002)

"It's a real pity. This could have been an utterly brilliant level; it has all the potential. Clever puzzles neat camera angles nice secrets a gripping atmosphere some nasty traps and well placed enemies. Unfortunately Sheevah seems desperate to drag out the net gaming time you spend in those 100+ rooms to over two hours which results in a really slow gameplay that more than once comes to a grinding halt. See there are so many good ideas incorporated in here but just to make sure you stay there as long as possible you get crawls at every corner have to do some very time consuming block pushing are forced to backtrack in a rather arbitrary fashion get no less than three underwater mazes have to look for cleverly hidden crawlspaces and levers and just to make sure that you have to search for a little bit longer climbable walls are not textured as such. If this had been a bit more user friendly it would have been great fun as the course brings you to so many different locations and tasks. It's a bit dimly lit at times which just has you groping around in the dark some more and in places the textures are rather two dimensional and repetitive; but all that would have been not so obvious and annoying if you weren't forced to spend such a smegging long time everywhere you went." - Dimpfelmoser (27-Aug-2002)

"There are some really nice aspects to this double leveled game such as the use of walk through walls a triple unaligned rope jump movables crates and an earthquake in the first and the 3 spike rooms in the second saying that though when I finished them after a little under 2 hours I felt like I hadn't really done much and I was actually very surprised at my game time. In the first you need to locate 4 Hands 2 stars and 3 secrets and in the second you need to find 3 Hands 2 gems and 2 secrets although there might be more of each in the second but after you use the last Hand you can't pass through the newly opened gate into a treasure room because of an invisible wall and it seems this isn't the end. For my liking these levels were a little too dimly lit especially the second and in the end didn't fully satisfy me but I'm sure many players will like them so go check them out for yourself." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"The score does not give credence to how very very good this level was but there were two MAJOR flaws in the level. The first was a timed door that would close if Lara stepped on a tile. The problem was that you could step on the tile in question and still sprint through thereby trapping her on the other side with no way to get out. The door should have been far enough away so that the sprint still would not have made it before the door closed. Secondly near the end of the second level once you insert the star of sirius a door opens but you cannot proceed due to an invisible barrier. Therefore after nearly two hours of play you are unable to complete the level. This sort of thing should have been rectified in the beta testing stage and is the reason for the low score. It really is a pity as this double level was one of the best puzzle oriented levels to be released. I really do hope the author fixes it and re-releases the level. I am keeping my save game in that hope. Addendum: I re-downloaded the levels which fixed the invisible door bug and my old save game worked. I was nearly at the end of the level with only a few movable blocks between the scrolls and me. However the flare bug was now in evidence. So I re-evaluated the score to truly reflect the worth of this double level." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)

"A double level very beautiful and not easy there are a lot of traps and hidden levers. In the first part Lara has to find four hands and two stars to open a front door in a temple between the rocks. There are boxes to move stunts with the ropes various traps and an earthquake. In the second part it is very dark! Lara has to find an artifact moving in submerged caverns with labyrinths and rooms with traps to avoid and disarm finding two hands and two gems and killing some enemies. I have ended the level in about 2 hours finding 5 secrets and a very serious bug: Lara doesn't succeed to go into a room near the ending across an open gate there is a transparent wall! However you could wait that the bug comes fixed from the author or use as me the TrposEditor." - Boris (21-Jun-2002)

"A medium difficult rather long game. Lots of puzzling pushing and pulling and levers and items to find. Sometimes a bit dark which means you have to use the binoculars a lot or many flares. Some walls can be climbed where it's not obvious and in one room you can go through the wall where it doesn't show (I really do not like that when you don't even get a clue that you can walk through). Although an entertaining level well worth downloading." - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)

"With two separate levels which took me two and a half hours to complete I came across many tricky puzzles and surprise attacks from enemies such as dogs skeletons and ninjas. I really had to use my brain in this one and there were more than a few times that I had to look around to figure out what to do next. There are a lot of unique ideas here and gameplay stays fresh until the very end. A few things did make gameplay a little less exciting for me: many areas were too dark and it was easy to miss things or think you were missing something there was a long underwater maze that hid only a secret but I spent much time looking around thinking there must be something else to do in there and some people may like the fixed camera angles and a few are ok but there were way too many here and it made some things difficult for me. I really enjoyed playing these levels though just because of how clever the puzzles were and how great they looked. Keep your eyes open for the many objects and secrets (at least six) and have fun!" - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)

"Funny enough this is the third level of Sheevah I played and I liked it even better than the other two apart from the darkness. Lots of flares though but still it could be a bit brighter. Got stuck at some places but that was my own fault hadn't been looking properly. Took me a while to open a trapdoor but I was standing the wrong way around LOL. Very clever puzzles once you figured them out not that hard but inventive. Found some illegal slopes and some invisible walls but that didn't hinder me to play the game. I like her style." - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)

"There is part 1 + 2 to this level. The goal in the first part is to find two Hands of Orion two Hands of Sirius and two Golden Stars and in part 2 one needs three Hands of Sirius and two Horseman's Gems. It was not always easy to obtain them. There are some tricky parts in the game like the first and second fire and spikes room. Plenty of spiky boulders are in the game. Sometimes I had difficulty to see in the darker rooms. The enemies like ninjas skeletons crocodiles and dogs are placed well enough. I had no problems with the puzzles. After having played almost all of Sheevah's games I even noticed the hidden openings in the wall. I found 6 secrets and my statistic says that I played about 4 hours. It took me much longer searching for this and that. Anyway I didn't mind since I found it an interesting and fascinating game and a well done one too." - Monika (21-Jun-2002)

"I think this level comparing to the rest I've played it's different because it has more puzzles (which are very hard ones) than enemies and combat strategies. It makes you use your head! I wish there where more levels like this!" - Nessa (21-Jun-2002)

"Sheevah has managed both these levels very well. The puzzles were not simple to solve and she has inserted very difficult traps. Particularly I did like the room near the end with the spikes where you find the horseman's gem. What I did not like so well was the lighting there were too many glaring differences. Anyhow I have had an amount of game enjoyment have found 5 secrets and needed more than 4 hours to complete both levels." - Xxenofex (21-Jun-2002)
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