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Author(s): Tanne
total rating:7.70 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Boris 9 8 9 8
Dimpfelmoser 9 9 7 7
Gerty 9 9 9 9
Jose 5 6 8 7
Kersaho 7 8 7 7
Kristina 7 8 8 7
Magnus 5 5 5 5
MichaelP 7 8 8 7
Moonpooka 9 9 9 9
Nomad 7 8 8 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Sascha 9 8 8 8
Sash 9 9 8 9
Treeble 7 7 6 6
category averages
(16 reviews)
7.69 7.88 7.75 7.50

Reviewer's comments

"Definitely a complicated adventure this, with plenty of things to trip you up, but overall I found it to be a worthwhile and rewarding raid. I would have preferred less backtracking in a few spots and a bit more guidance given, but the exploration aspect is still very involving. It begins in a Catacomb/jungle setting, then gradually becomes more traditional Egypt style as the game goes on. The textures were quite eclectic, but it still managed to look surprisingly attractive, so that's good. I liked the hub room that had you searching for the various gems, the overall convincing spooky atmosphere and the multiple skeleton shooting sequence that allowed me to blow off a bit of steam. Maybe not an adventure for puzzle aficionados, but it's definitely an engaging one." - Ryan (07-Dec-2018)

"Well, these levels have been different. Lara has inherited gold and a big picture from her aunt and naturally they are buried deep down in a tomb. The first level takes place in a big building and its natural surroundings, and actually took me spend 3 hours to finish. For some reason I've missed a really big hole in the hills while finding all secrets and objects in little crannies and crevices. Anyways this one has more exploration in a big open space than puzzles and I have fun in these kinds of levels, when it is over it brings a sense that you mastered the area. Prepare to look under every rock and stone. Lara has also done some arachnid genocide as scorpions popped up everywhere. At the end we slide down underground to the 2nd level and it gets wild. I liked the camera showing various places with spooky background music in the beginning but was disappointed as there are many errors in the visual side, missing and stretched textures and odd black zones. Surprisingly it makes a good and spooky atmosphere which was intended. There are 2 looong mazes which really hurts the level, and worse one is a crawl maze. I only found one secret. 3rd level has better atmosphere and it feels like Lara has descended to hell. You will see why it was named the Tomb! Thumbs up for the screaming sounds. The action was plenty and suited to a final level but there were unnecessary amounts of switches. Overall I didn't like the textures much (the pulsating walls were good though) but the lighting balanced it and gameplay was lacking at points. Still the claustraphobic eerie atmosphere made this a memorable experience. If you don't like long explorations and surreal levels these levels may not be for you but if you do you give it a go." - Nomad (11-Feb-2016)

"Again I'm very surprised with the high ratings for the gameplay section. The levels have a good atmosphere, but few more. In the first level the backtracking is terrible; when I picked up the first canopic jar I saw a screenshot of the dry room, went there and I realized that another canopic jar was needed; so back outside again, look for the missed item and go back again to the room with the receptacles. In the second level there is a very huge and nasty maze I was almost half an hour to find the ladder. The third level was very very dark, forcing me to play always with flare in hand and also there are excessive enemies to shoot and repetitive tasks like in the room with the pyramid, all that demigods and jumpswitches. And what about the puzzles? I even never saw a puzzle in all three levels; only pull switches, switches and more switches. Not for my taste but perhaps for explorers." - Jose (04-Feb-2016)

"This is a complex and engrossing three-part adventure that took a bit more than three net gaming hours for me to complete. Although billed as an Egyptian release, it presents an odd mixture of the surreal and the traditional. Gameplay is sufficiently complicated that I would not have been able to progress very far on my own. Jenni has provided one of her rare but typically comprehensive walkthroughs, and I relied heavily upon it. My playing time spanned over several weeks, as I took time off in the middle to see my third and youngest stepdaughter given away in marriage. I've therefore already forgotten the early stages, but my overall impression is that this is a solid game that probably deserves higher numbers than it presently enjoys. Recommended." - Phil (08-Nov-2012)

"Das Answesen (55 minutes, 2 secrets): this level felt a bit odd to me, probably because of the varied mix of settings. Maybe it's just me, but the first few rooms looked rather messy, but it got better later on. For some reason, the button on the lever didn't work first time, so I had to retrace my way back there and staying a little longer on the trigger seemed to solve the problem. The level mostly revolves around exploration and finding the pickup items to proceed, but some are sneakily hidden (like the unsuspecting Guardian Key in the pond underground). I noticed some problems with object position, horizon bug and end of the world easily reached. Der Vorhof (25+ minutes, 1 secret): right on the beginning I came across a tricky spot that always crashed the game, but since I'm on the ordeal of finishing all the 2001 custom levels, I thought -- hey, position editor will come in handy here. And it was needed at least 5 times after that due to random crashes until I ran out of patience. I don't think I missed much anyway, because you have even fire underwater here (with a ornate handle hidden in the flame). Level design is a bit awkward and doesn't work generally. I used the levelskip cheat to proceed to the third and last installmente of the level. Das Grab (25 minutes, 1 secret): my favorite of the three. It offers a far more solid (and stable) gameplay, very straightforward although the textures were a little on the downside. I wonder why the water couldn't just be water (swimming in lava isn't really that healthy afterall). There are a zillion skeletons but enough ammo. You then quest for four beetles, which are very easy to find fortunately and use them in the pyramid which has no corners for some reason. The screaming in some key points of the level was a nice touch. Bottomline, maybe these were exciting back in the day, but when you have a level that keeps crashing every now and then, you can't really expect to have fun after the second reload. 105+ minutes, 4 secrets. 12/07" - Treeble (24-Dec-2007)

"A wonderful set of three levels; which I really enjoyed from start to finish. Level one - is huge, and you have to find buttons, canopic jars, get the vraeus, and also root out three secrets, and all this when being hindered by Ninjas and Scorpions. I really liked the beauty of this level, and wasn't put off by the size of it, because exploring was fun and you use all of the areas for one reason or another, so none of the areas were is wasted. There's a small jungle area, rocky mountain, desert area and an inner temple. Get the vraeus and you can leave. Level two - enter by slope, you will get an excellent view of some of the items you have to collect, which was really helpful as the level is quite complex and things can easily be missed. Collect four gems, beetles, Hathor Effigy, mechanical beetle and another three secrets, one of which I had to ask the author for help with and its location was I doubt many will guess either. Ok there are two mazes, one is a small underground crawl maze and the other is a huge area, now I know I hate mazes but I managed to make my way through without too many problems, must have been luck though lol.. Enemies are harpies and skeletons, plus some beetles if you take a small med pack from a ledge. Spike rooms, a lava room, water channels to swim through, an Egyptian temple room, and a few changes of scenery in-between, made this level really interesting as I can't say I ever got bored with the same old textures all the way through. Place your gems and leave. Level three - slide into the lava rooms, which look lethal but are actually not, you have to use them to proceed and that had me stumped for a while. This level is quite dark, so playing by night is the best option, although closing the curtains was fine for me. Collect four beetles, and you get a host of attacking beetles to lead back to a pool, other wise I couldn't make it with them on my tail, there were millions of the things! Proceed and collect a scroll and a gem, whilst being attacked by more skeletons that I have ever seem before, then later you have demigods to deal with. I found level three not as attractive as the first two levels, but the spooky atmosphere and masses of skellies, replaced the pretty textures with great game play. IMO, this is a must to play, thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, and with two more secrets to find, and a rather pretty ending, this was a perfect set of levels for me. Thank you, Tanne!" - Moonpooka (11-Mar-2005)

"I have to say I got very frustrated with this game which is actually three levels. The first part was nice with a forest and an Egyptian temple and your goal is to get the vraeus and two canopic jars. The buttons are well hidden but what got me stuck here was the change in the mountain after draining the area. The ninjas and scorpions are everywhere along with crocodiles where there is water. I found three secrets in that level. The second part was really frustrating first because if you miss a gem or the Hathor Effigy you can't get back to get either and second because of the horrible and confusing maze. I think it was totally unnecessary and I am sure some players will abandon it because of that I almost did. I found two secrets and the enemies here are skeletons and harpies. The third part is the worst pitch black with progression being so slow and requires patience which I don't have. The setting is lava and water with some floating blocks which means a lot of jumps. Demigods harpies and skeletons are the enemies with the four beetles giving you the scroll to get the hell out. I had a problem with an invisible block in this level and had to play a part of it again without saving which was very unpleasant. Only one secret found here and I was relieved the torture ended. I don't ever want to play this level again." - Kristina (17-Sep-2003)

"The first part of this three level series offers some beautiful areas to explore for the objects necessary to get to the second level (canopic jars Golden Vreaus). Level two begins with a long slide that includes flashes of what is coming up like pickups and objects you will find plus an image of the gem receptacles and the huge maze around them - all while spooky noises are playing in the background. Don't miss the secret at the bottom of the slide too. This is another long level with the well-hidden jump switches and the HUGE maze that takes forever to get through. Part three is the most memorable for me and the shortest. It starts with a slide also down into a spooky tomb where screams from hell can be heard all around you. There's a LOT of skeletons in this level as well as harpies and Demigods and deadly looking water that you can actually swim in. After being chased through rooms and over floating platforms by skeletons you finally reach the room where you can place the four beetles you find along the way - after eight more jump switches and four more Demigods that is. I found that you can actually pick up the scroll after using only one beetle though. Then it's on to the final room where you must take one last gem from a Demigod and finally the huge treasure is yours! I love a happy ending." - RaiderGirl (09-Feb-2003)

"The Messuage / Das Anwesen (6/7/8/7 75 min. 1/3 secrets): This huge environment almost made me quit the whole adventure. It is mainly big including a few distinct areas such as the 'house' the rocks the jungle trees a lake area a cave and some sandy pillars. And in this vast area you have to find 6 rather well hidden buttons two rather sneaky hidden canopic jars a guardian key and the vraeus which then leads you to a ninja gauntlet and the exit out of this part. Many many pickups here the texturing seems a bit patchy and most definitely some helpful cameras are missing. In the Courtyard / Der Vorhof (8/8/8/7 90 min. 2/3 secrets): This is so much better than part one. It starts out more linear and then branches off in a very spooky atmosphere. Liked the ideas of giving camera flashes at the start of what is to come. There is lava spikes jump switches great pulsating textures excellent jump sequences a few good ideas (like the fire in the black water area) and the translucent blocks near the end are real fun. Make sure you have 4 gems before going up - I missed one and had to go a long way back. There is also a black beetle the portal guardian and the mechanical beetle to be had. Enemies are skeletons harpies and beetles and I found a shotgun secret (got two more shotguns later though) and the grenade gun secret. What spoils this part a bit are the huge maze (boring) the crawl maze (tedious) and again a lack of camera support. The Tomb / Das Grab (8/9/9/8 40 min. 1/2 secrets): Finally arrived in hell for a shorter but grande finale. Quite a bit of battle here with countless skeletons harpies and some demigods - very thrillingly set in scene. Three more black beetles to find for the pyramid that gives you the scroll to proceed. Again the pulsating lava the blackness the translucent platforms make for great atmosphere. Not sure about that one jump switch that created an invisible barrier and had me reload a savegame as I seemed to be stuck. Near the end some very good use of electricity lighting and skull textures as well as a pretty useless jump switch mania and a Lara statue being attacked before you finally reach auntie's treasure room. Bottomline this has great moments but requires a lot of patience from the player to make it through. Try it if you dare." - Michael (03-Oct-2002)

"A warning for installing this level. Although I got the impression by reading the txt file to install with the original wads do take the revised wads. I was stuck in a major way as Lara wouldn't climb the ropes. So I got that off my chest and now my review. The three levels I found very fascinating. You need to find in the first level: two Canopy jars a Guardian key and a golden Vraeus. Don't despair in climbing those trees the author put in 3 invisible blocks so you can jump from one tree to the next. You need to look very well as some buttons you have to push are very cleverly hidden. Also the opening in the mountain had me baffled for a big while (thanks Matthias). This level you need to explore everything and that resulted also in finding 3 secrets. The second level begins with a slide and you'll see flashes of the rooms you will visit. I loved the pulsating walls. Finding 4 gems and the Ornate handle and the Hator Effigi is the main goal here. You'll encounter beetles skeletons and Harpies but you'll have enough firepower. There is a long long swim and look up sometimes (again thanks Matthias). The underwater black room with the fire was a novelty. And the jumping on those blue blocks made my day as that is so much fun to do. I found 2 secrets. The third level is something else. Look and look again and if you think you are stuck jump anyway. I was so surprised that even at the end the flares still worked. The screams you hear makes you think you're in an evil place and it looks like it too. Do save some explosives for the last Harpies as you can't kill them any other way. Funny enough I had a great time with all those skeletons as I let them run around a lot as I wanted to find out how many I could blast with one explosive. Finding the 3 black beetles (as I had one from the previous level) is the main goal and then you'll get the scroll that will give you access to the treasure. Found 1 secret. Overall there is some mismatch of textures but it suited this level well. There is more than enough goodies to pick up like finding more than once certain items like crowbar uzi laser sight and shotgun. Some bits are rather dark but this was not a headache level for me though. 26-09-2002" - Gerty (27-Sep-2002)

"The Messuage (75 min.): Without doubt the most attractive of the 3 levels this one is set mainly outside in a vast area divided into separate locations a rocky area a wooded area and a sandy watery area. The aim is find a few key pick ups 2 canopic jars and a golden vraes that will help you pass through a once solid large glass wall to the next level. Most of the extent of game play is spent exploring the level looking for the canopic jars rather than any solving of puzzles but that was fine with me because all I wanted to do when I first walked outside was go exploring. I found 2 of the 3 secrets. In the Courtyard (70 min.): Starting with a long slide and camera flashes of rooms to come this level has the most to offer in the way of game play with block jumps a huge maze a long invisible platform jump with a twist long monkey swings up a monolithic structure and much more. The aim is to locate 4 gems to use on a hovering platform that will send you plummeting to the last level. There are also quite a few other key pick ups to find along the way as well as a fair few of the deadlier enemies but these are easily taken out with the ample weaponry found previously. Just don't let the name of this level fool you as there is no lovely courtyard found rather a dark deadly underground temple. I found 2 of the 3 secrets. The Tomb (40 min.): Although this is called the tomb from the echoing screams heard a couple of times through the level it wouldn't be too far from the mark to call this Hell where huge packs of skeletons roam golden birds soar and demigods reign all in a darkly ominous environment with skull texturing and lava that isn't for once hazardous to the health. The aim here is to locate 4 beetles that give access to a scroll and finding a gem that will lead to the end a golden treasure room where a picture of young Lara and who I can only guess is the author take pride of place on the end wall. Like in the first level there are no real puzzles just some nice progression to get to the end but I must admit that some puzzles would have made this level a bit more interesting. I found both secrets." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"A multi-level with a fascinating and exciting history really good! In the first part Lara has to find two vessels and put them in a statue to succeed to take an artifact otherwise unreachable and arrives to the following level. The rooms are great there's a temple and an enormous area with rocks sand great tree and a lake. In the second part Lara has to find 4 blue gems hidden in various rooms there are labyrinths flooded passages traps and skeletons to kill in rooms a lot of darks with walls that pulsate! diabolic! In the third and the last part Lara has to find 4 black beetles scattered in rooms with many skeletons to arrive in a dark room with howls and monsters to kill very exciting! And then she find a secret in the final room. I have ended the game in 3 hours about (1:10 + 1:00 + 0:45) finding 4 secrets and some little bug not serious with difficulty over the media." - Boris (21-Jun-2002)

"I didn't like these three levels. Well the first level was rather fun with lots of exploring but a bug in the second level made it impossible to use a rope the right way! So I didn't complete that level. And the third level... I didn't like that at all. There's way to many medipacks (I ended the third level with 15 small medipacks and 10 large). And there are way to many skeletons at least in the third level. So isn't there anything good about these levels? Well the texturing is quite good and the lighting too." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)

"This is another good level. Good atmosphere very tricky puzzles etc. In the first part you are in a big house. There are good puzzles in it! In the second part you are in a big hole. There is the most atmosphere! And the third part... has it all! J" - Sascha (21-Jun-2002)

"This is quite a challenging adventure and it took me more than 4 hours to complete. You start the game near a big outside area with a little forrest a beach a mountain and your main aim is to explore in order to find two jars one guardian key along with some buttons and pick ups. It becomes a bit tedious as the obscure objects of desire are cleverly hidden and you get no clues of how to proceed. I had to ask the author for help cause I missed the entrance to the mountain although it is not that small. Once you reach the second part the pace picks up and becomes a tad more linear with a great variety of tasks. My least favourite bit was the boring maze but the subsequent jumping combination over the blue blocks makes up for this. There are a lot of swims climbs monkeyswings in between and you have to find many crucial items. The course is truly inventive so the level stays highly entertaining for most of the time while the setting isn't really on a par with it. I don't mind the missing textures as this is clearly intentional and swimming over the black void was a spooky experience but there isn't an overall theme as far as the design is concerned I noticed a certain patchwork quality on the walls and the rooms aren't that breathtaking either. But I liked the psychedelic caverns that pulsated in a green leopard pattern. On it goes to the last part where you meet lashings of skeletons but don't you worry Momster you have more than enough explosive arrows and the grenade launcher secret is hard to miss. There are an awful lot of medipacks the last three golden birds I released were impossible to kill (so I left without the glasses) and I could have done without the jumpswitch mania at the end but all in all it was an enjoyable quest with lots of surprises and many great moments. I found three shotguns three crowbars and three laser sights; the latter I never used. Tanne overdid it a bit with the skeletons but otherwise I thought the enemies were placed nicely especially the harpies that attacked in the narrow corridor. Bearing in mind how huge the whole thing is I reckon it's a great achievement that the author can keep up the suspense till the end and there is a good sense for a dramatic storyline cause the fruitless exploring is restricted to the first of the three parts. Oh yeah and I liked the little preview you get when sliding into the second level. I almost missed the second shotgun because of all the excitement. Play it." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)

"It is always interesting to play a complete adventure instead of single levels with no real story. Beginning in a Karnak temple Lara's journey continues in great outside areas to explore with a little lake rocks and trees to climb in a dark forest searching for one guardian key two canopic jars and buttons to push. This first part of exploration is not difficult and pleasant. In the two last levels Lara goes in the depths of the earth and it is more dangerous. The atmosphere is very good but there is no camera work. The texturing is rather good but sometimes a little strange. The second level is the most difficult and not completely straightforward the third is rather short and easy with enemies well placed. At the end of level 2 there is a series of jumps on blue blocks and I had to cheat to jump between two blocks maybe it is because I did not find a jump switch to make appear a second rope? I don't know those areas are rather huge to explore and if you have missed something good luck! I found also a bug at the beginning of level 3: Lara has to slide down a slope but before she can find a secret. If she doesn't pickup the secret it's fine but if she pickups the secret there is an invisible block preventing her to slide down and finish the level fortunately I had a savegame! If the puzzles are simple the gameplay is very entertaining. Try this adventure if you have a soul of an explorer and like to find pickups. I recommend those levels I played for 4 hours and found 5 secrets." - Kersaho (21-Jun-2002)
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