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Author(s): Hubert Mutsaert
total rating:2.78 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
bERT 1 1 2 7
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 2
Dimpfelmoser 1 0 5 4
DJ Full 5 5 8 7
eRIC 0 1 3 4
Gerty 2 2 2 6
Jerry 1 1 4 4
Jose 1 2 5 4
Kristina 3 1 6 7
Magnus 2 3 4 5
manarch2 0 1 3 3
MichaelP 2 1 5 7
Obig 2 3 5 7
Orbit Dream 2 4 3 4
RaiderGirl 2 2 5 7
Ryan 1 0 1 1
Sash 0 0 1 2
Torry 1 0 2 5
Treeble 1 1 1 2
category averages
(19 reviews)
1.47 1.53 3.47 4.63

Reviewer's comments

"Very short and anodyne level with young Lara. Some defects like the paper walls, the medipack you can't pickup, the textures in small surfaces, the invisible block in front of the door near the ending... Poor gameplay, only a lever to pull and no more; well, and Von Croy disturbing Lara on every step. Nothing entertaining here." - Jose (21-Jan-2018)

"A very simple and not fun Young Lara level. You will never be stuck and within one minute you hit the finish trigger. I don't see the point." - Ryan (07-Apr-2016)

"Not much of an increase in quality from the builder's previous release, 'The Dark Temple of Kakan', with the only real improvements being in terms of lighting and texturing. But outside of that, its just a painfully short Cambodia level involving you running through a few lifeless rooms(pulling a lever in-between), with Von Croy unnecessarily interrupting gameplay twice(making it all the more satisfying when you have the opportunity of trapping him in a room much like Winston in Croft Manor), allowing yourself to leave the level in much the same fashion as you did coming in. So overall, not recommended." - Ceamonks890 (22-Jun-2015)

"Hey, this one is nice. Being one of the shortest levels available, often lightened and shaded without any rules, sometimes filled with stretched textures and probably not betatested at all, it has something entertainig in it - maybe it's Von Croy teaching yound Lara once again, maybe it's a very good usage of sound, maybe it's Lara running towards the light while getting out of the temple... or maybe all of these together. Anyway, the game is remarkable and well worth looking, even though it contains flying butts, a survivable pitfall without an exit, a MS we don't need to use at all, and VC pushing Lara into the water. Even though it all makes no sense, includes no puzzles and takes only five minutes to finish, the game has surprisingly good atmosphere and isn't boring at all. And VC fighting bats is hilarious. SUMMARY: I felt relaxed. Recommended." - DJ Full (20-Feb-2011)

"What has this to do with Incas? I don't know. 5 minutes of boring gameplay and some Cambodian textures. I didn't like this level as there was apart of one (!) floor lever NOTHING to do. Not recommended." - manarch2 (28-Oct-2010)

"Not so much to say about this level. Atmosphere and texturing were quite alright, although I am not sure about the Inka theme. I do not know what the Van Croy figure was good for, as I did not understand the dialogues. Anyhow he was not of help, he hindered Lara instead. Apart from 2 medipacks objects of any kind are missing, instead there are some Lara hips floating around. Gameplay is missing too, after 4 minutes running through a couple rooms I left Van Croy behind and reached the end." - Jerry (13-Nov-2009)

"Well, don't jump in thinking you'll find anything remotely linked to the Incas. In this microscopic Cambodian level, you do nothing but run (alright, you also get to jump a couple of times!) through a series of sterile rooms, sometimes followed pointlessly by a misplaced Von Croy. One of those efforts that wasn't fully developed before seeing daylight. 5 minutes. 06/09" - Treeble (14-Jun-2009)

"A very short Cambodia level (5 minutes) with young Lara, with the technical achievement of using Von Croy. Aside from this, there was nothing else worthy to be mentioned ; at one point the author has designed a monkey swing , but as there was a shortcut.... The setting is not that bad, but a bit hastily done with a few mistakes here and there." - eRIC (01-Jun-2008)

"We are adventuring with the young Lara on this short level. It looks like a training level, we also meet our mentor who kills the two bats for us. Except of them, there are no other enemies on the level, so we don't need the two medipacks either, found in the pool. The textures are not bad, there are no secrets on the level. Mostly for beginners. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version), savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (22-Mar-2005)

"An annoying pushing teleporting Von Croy; a few bats; a lever some spikes... Not the best level I've played. The only good thing about it is the texturing and even that leaves a lot to wish for. The level ended after a little more than three minutes. I'm glad it wasn't longer." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"A nicely re-built Von Croy (appearing as a muscular native) is the sole purpose of playing this level. He slashes at bats and even jostles young Lara into water (if you position her correctly). Apart from that it's a quick and efficient attempt at an Angkor Wat scenario in which nothing much happens." - Orbit Dream (03-Dec-2002)

"A young Lara level if five minutes can be called a level with Von Croy making a return unlike the title of this level though the Inkas (Incas) had the good sense not to return themselves. I think it lucky that young Lara doesn't pack any guns because if I were her I would have taken out Von Croy and then myself because of sheer boredom in a murder suicide!" - Sash (02-Dec-2002)

"This is a Young Lara level that lasts a whole 5 minutes and all you do is wander around lock up Von Croy see him rematerialise a bit later ahead of you just as you slide out of the level. The point??" - Torry (01-Dec-2002)

"A revival of Angkor Wat and a short one at that with 5 minutes of a run through. You meet Von Croy and his twin and two flybys go with the encounter (the second one being rather pointless). Textures and lighting worked real well but other than that hardly worth a look." - Michael (16-Nov-2002)

"Don't you hate it when you install a level and it doesn't work? Well I do. Use the LE dat files and choose Angkor Wat. It took me longer to install this than playing it. Also young Lara is not my favorite level as there is just so much she can do. 13-11-2002" - Gerty (16-Nov-2002)

"I'm not sure what this had to do with the Inkas or even the Incas but it did remind me of the training level for Last Revelation with the Angkor Wat textures and Von Croy's involvement. It's a short five minutes level with no puzzles but there is a sense of urgency as you seem to be racing Von Croy to the end - it was strange that I could lock him in a room and then he appeared right in front of me later in the level though. There are no flares and some areas were dark so I may have missed something but what I saw was over very quickly." - RaiderGirl (15-Nov-2002)

"It takes you five minutes to run through all of the 18 rooms pick up a useless medipack and flick one lever. This Angkor quickie is really only of interest if you want to have a look at Van Croy slashing away at bats in the cut scene and there is a bit of friendly chat that seemed vaguely familiar. Other than that there is just not much to see and do." - Dimpfelmoser (14-Nov-2002)

"Well Hubert if this is a level to test out whether you could implement Von Croy then Von Croy it is but not really a level now is it. One lever one swim and one fall and haven't seen one Inca between doing that. You may have seen too that Von Croy seems to go in instant-replay as long as little L stays in the first crouch place. Anyway try not to look at ze pointz I'm giving you becauze I vaaant you to have a good nightz rezt." - bERT (11-Nov-2002)

"Well if you are expecting to see ruins of the Inkas and a great atmosphere forget it. The atmosphere is good meaning textures and lighting but it's the typical Angkor Wat scenery with young Lara. After a little climbing Von Croy really getting to my nerves pushing Lara around and not letting her see the lever a little swimming another lever and a little search to find the finishing trigger I got nothing out of this level. Only five minutes of running around. It could have had some puzzles and that bat wasn't damaging to Lara's health now how did the author do that. Anyway it took longer to install the .dat files don't work so I had to use the original than to play it sort of." - Kristina (10-Nov-2002)
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