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Author(s): Tabsdad
total rating:7.42 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bene 8 8 8 8
bERT 8 8 8 8
eRIC 7 8 7 7
eTux 8 6 7 6
G.Croft 7 7 7 8
Gerty 7 7 7 7
Jay 6 7 8 8
Jose 5 7 7 8
Kristina 8 8 8 9
MichaelP 7 7 6 7
Moonpooka 8 8 7 7
Orbit Dream 9 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 9 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 7 8
Sash 6 6 7 6
category averages
(16 reviews)
7.38 7.38 7.38 7.56

Reviewer's comments

"A trip down memory lane, back to the early days of raiding. The rustic Egyptian textures are nicely used here, even if some rooms have a rather plain appearance, although there could have been more background ambience and music to enhance the atmosphere. Fairly easy gameplay which is mostly involved around hidden jumpswitches, crawling and jumping around ledges, spiced up by a few effective enemy attacks. Quite fun." - Ryan (24-Apr-2017)

"Another Egyptian level without interest. Pull a switch, pull a lever, pull another switch... Be careful, 'cause I missed a hidden jumpswitch in a dark corner and I was totally disoriented searching for something in many rooms until I read the walkthrough. A waste of time. The texturization is often good in all rooms, and the tasks are not difficult. Enough guns, ammo and medipacks, well balanced enemies, good use of cameras and souns, but even so I didn't found interesting features in this long level. Solid and playable but not very enjoyable." - Jose (02-Oct-2016)

"Comparing to the other levels of the author I've played so far the pace was much faster here, always keeping you going with jumps and gun battles, camera hints always making your next step clear and as far as I'm concerned that's an improvement! There's also a fair share of sneaky moments involved, like the odd hidden jumpswitch or crawlspace, which are generally not my favourite gameplay devices, as they halt the nice flow the level otherwise had, but on the whole did not spoil the experience a lot. The author is more than generous with pickups and ammo, so much in fact that I only ever used grenades and explosive ammo to fight my way through the level and still had a reasonable surplus in the end. The enemies are mostly what you'd expect in a tutorial environment, which is why it comes more of a surprise when you encounter an Arctic Mutant and dinosaur in the same environment, and I must admit they felt out of place in here. There's nothing outstanding as far as the looks go, but there are a few memorable areas, like the one with the tall pillars in particular, though there were a few more that are interesting to look at. It's fun while it lasts, so worth giving a go!" - eTux (06-Jun-2008)

"This is another of the many good, solid levels that are out there for our raiding pleasure. Although I wouldn't say it's for beginners (I had to resort to the stuck thread on two occasions, and I noticed that others got hung up at the same spots I did), it doesn't present any great difficulties and would be a perfect choice for someone trying to build up his confidence in playing Tomb Raider. This builder's trademark seems to be hidden crawl spaces and jump switches, but I can't say that any of them are unfairly placed. Some interesting but basic puzzles, such as the spot where you have to fill a pit with water in order to cross over, and then a room where you have to go back a different way than you came. A pleasant little diversion, one that I can recommend to players of all skill levels." - Phil (31-May-2005)

"Lately the level builders have seemed to be in a competition to see who can build the hardest most challenging levels with impossible jumps timed doors and long series where all the secrets have to be found to play the bonus levels. You'd think that after playing almost a thousand levels I would really enjoy these and be bored with the easy ones but for me personally the opposite is true. Which is why I so enjoy levels like Tabsdad's latest The Crypts that put the fun back into Tomb Raider by offering some great looking areas to explore with enough devious traps and gun toting enemies keep it exciting without being so frustrating I don't enjoy it. This was set in an Egyptian tomb and Lara must find the Eye of Horus and a cartouche before she can escape back into the daylight. There's some fun climbing and quite a few ninjas plus some huge mutants that never attacked me but did kill the ninjas and dinos for me near the end of the game. I enjoyed this well built solid level and I think you will too if you're looking for a little fun." - RaiderGirl (11-Oct-2003)

"A good Egyptian level of 50 minutes or so solidly built and well textured with a good variety of things to do (movable blocks pushable statues hidden jump switches to find and good jumps to perform in rooms with ledges or pillars). A lot of weaponry to dispose of many ninjas two venomous mutants (the same than in Rescue 13) and raptors. Entertaining and not difficult. Suitable for beginners." - eRIC (01-Sep-2003)

"All right this is a classic Egyptian level a category I am not very fond of but the level is well constructed. The switches are so well placed that most of the time you might miss them and the lighting in a particular crawlspace was perfect it was well hidden. Most of the level is about finding the next jump switch to open a door and getting a hand a cartouche and the Eye of Horus. You are being chased by ninjas a lot of them raptors which I think didn't fit at all and ugly creatures with poisonous hooks which I hate. Somehow although the puzzles weren't anything new the level kept my interest until the end. Nothing is too easy about the jumps but the weapons and ammo were regular pick ups in my opinion it could have been a little difficult to get hold of some of the guns and the ammo was too much for the amount of enemies. Basically it's an entertaining level with cameras just where you need them and enemies suddenly appearing behind your back. I think this is the author's best work so far." - Kristina (17-Aug-2003)

"Find the daylight....that's what it says in the beginning. Lara starts off in the crypts and has to find her way out. Along the way she has to find two pieces of the cartouche and two eye pieces. Ninjas are guarding the crypts, and they don't walk alone, there are also raptors and mutants and often the enemies comes in groups. The gameplay is easy, straight forward and the surroundings are Egyptian. Fun, fast paced raiding for almost an hour." - G.Croft (16-Aug-2003)

"No matter what everyone else will say I still like the old fashioned textures. This is a very fast paced straight forward level if you keep your eyes open as there are some crawlspaces that aren't that obvious. This is an old fashioned Tomb level and enemies are ninjas (the further you go the more they seem to team up) and some nasty raptors and other nasty looking whatevers. Didn't had a close look as by then I had other weapons so that beast was dead before I had a good look. Finding a Cartouche and an Eye will bring you to the end of the level. There are some boulders but luck was with me could evade every one of them. There is a awful amount of ammo and weapons didn't use hardly any and I found one secret. 13-08-2003" - Gerty (15-Aug-2003)

"Deride not the Tut1 Wad! In the hands of capable builders it can still provide many delights and surprises; and here is a perfectly good example. A small download no custom music a complete absence of zany textures and an Egyptian-tomb setting. It ought to be boring. Instead it's terrific! It seems that all builders whose names end in 'sdad' are inordinately fond of surprise boulder attacks and cunning concealed crawlspaces because this level was full of them. In fact the Builder's perspicacity on a number of occasions was quite breathtaking. A good examination of your surroundings coupled with a shrewd understanding (gleaned as the level progressed) of exactly how Tabsdad's mind works was essential for navigating your way through many of the rooms. (The only fault was near the end; a flyby in dire need of a polish). I loved it and applaud a level which brightly proclaims that you absolutely do not need to throw in complex gimmicks and huge file sizes in order to produce great entertainment. More like this please!" - Orbit Dream (15-Aug-2003)

"Classic 'back to grass roots' Egyptian style raiding here. When I say this is a simple level I do not in any way wish to imply that it is amateurish. It is in fact very well made and solid. What it is not is difficult. This has been designed very much as a beginners' level and as such it works very well indeed. There is plenty to do in the way of running jumping climbing throwing levers shooting enemies etc. but nothing at all taxing for the inexperienced player. The only thing that might hold you up at all is a couple of well hidden jump switches but the level is quite linear and oodles of guns and ammo are provided to take care of the ninjas dinos and mutants. I'm glad there are builders providing this style of level as I feel there is a need for them. After all there does seem to be a trend towards making levels harder and harder and we all need a bit of a holiday occasionally don't we? 14.08.2003" - Jay (15-Aug-2003)

"A wonderful level on which I had loads of fun playing. At first I thought oh no not another tomb scenario but to be honest it was really enjoyable from start to finish. Gameplay was fun with many hang levers nicely hidden plus sneaky crawl spaces to find collect the two halves of the cartouche and eye on your way when you collect the eye that's your way to freedom. On the way you meet Ninjas and lots of them plus raptors which I absolutely hate but without them this level wouldn't have been the same. One of the best areas is where those raptors lurk and they gave me a few frights along the way. There are also some big beasts to cope with but they kill easily enough. Surroundings were tomb style and a bit TR1-ish so it was wonderful to see that again with the greenery on the walls etc. Some really beautiful tomb rooms and wonderful colours used plus the background sounds all added up to a really nice TR experience. There's only one puzzle to solve here and that's a statue moving one and I found the lasersight but never used it so I don't know if it was to be used to find a secret. Place the eye at the end and pull a lever to cause a rock fall locking out two raptors and letting you slip off to safety. Yes a great little run around level and not too hard for a change but don't think it's a breeze because those enemies sure are hard work. Highly recommend if you like the older style Raiding games like I still do." - Moonpooka (15-Aug-2003)

"Aahhhhhh - now this is like a vacation with an old friend in a known longed-for land. Yes; good old fashioned tomb raiding that's just plain fun and relaxing. An Egyptian level with mostly hard to see hang levers (thanks for the pic bERT) and crawlspaces with dinos thrown in to add to the mix. Good lighting and textures with good use of shadows is something Tabsdad does exceptionally well. As he said in the forum he wanted to build a level that kids could play and enjoy - something not too difficult. This he has done and I will keep this for the enjoyment of all the kiddies who visit and cry to play TR on my computer. So all you Raiders who are stressed out and/or tired of buggy levels this is your moment - Enjoy!" - Bene (15-Aug-2003)

"This level is a throw back to the Editor's days of yore when 4 out of every 5 levels was set in a tomb. The first half of the 40 minutes spent here has you working your way through opening gate after gate in a kind of maze like environment though it isn't a maze for all you maze haters with ninjas as enemies the second half becomes a little more organic with stops outside and one large room with platform jumping in this ninjas are still found but you also come across raptors and 2 of the dreaded jumping mutants with poisonous blades for hands. Although puzzles are non-existent and your goal is finding levers and jump switches some well hidden in dark areas this somehow gives the level a fast pace keeping you on the move all the time and in this setting that felt just right. I found one secret in the end the revolver but didn't need it as there is so much weaponry and ammo around a lot of times dropped by dead ninjas this sadly made all the battles too easy so after a while I just chose to play with the pistols this decision was made unfortunately before I knew of the existence of the mutants but I stuck to my guns literally and took a beating but I can tell you it was a lot more exciting. So there's the challenge put away your explosive arrows your grenade gun throw the uzi out the window and leave that secret revolver alone and get back to basics." - Sash (13-Aug-2003)

"Actually why not? We have not had one of those totally classic Egypt Tutorial WAD levels in a long time and this is exactly what his 45 minutes adventure is. Plenty of pickups some hidden jump switches and crawlspaces a hand two cartouche and two eye pieces two objects to push around and a few boulder traps. The revolver secret near the end was a bit pointless as you by then had already killed most of the two dozen ninjas and a few scorpions poisonous beasts and raptors that seemed a little out of place here. Nothing really surprising but good clean old fashioned fun." - Michael (13-Aug-2003)

"Nice adequate level set in tomb-country. Lots of nicely lit rooms with gameplay mainly evolving around searching for cartouche- and ring pieces behind doors operated by sneakily hidden levers (hanging ones and also the push variety). For once the enemies don't just appear but here and there are introduced more originally than we're used too. Cameras are fine and helpful so the backtracking is not too enervating. Oh yeah and the other is of the sadistic variety: I tried to make a nice diving jump in a very inviting pool but...the water was undeep (ouch!) but then again only a dummy (ie yours truly) would not have noticed that. Nice in-between level that deserves anyone's attention." - bERT (13-Aug-2003)
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