Levels by Sarikman


Walkthroughs for the Kurtis and Sophia levels were written by José (except Level 1 - Sophia's Facilities written by manarch2).

Walkthroughs for the Lara levels were written by dmdibl

A special thanks to manarch2 for finding the missing secrets so that all 39 could be documented here.


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 1 - Sophias Facilities

 7- Sophias Archaeological Dig

 8 - Poseidi Village

 2 - Bioresearch Domain


 9 - The Orthodox Church

 3 - Prison Break


 10 - Dungeons under the Church

 4 - Old Mines


 11 - The Hidden Sanctum

 5 - The Way Out



 6 - Croft Manor









Secrets: 3




You start this game as Kurtis, being imprisoned in a cell somewhere. Behind you is a moveable block. Run around the blocks and push it once into the corner, then get to the other side of it and pull/push it all the way into the next corner, then in front of the tiny ramp on the floor. Now you can climb the block. Face into the direction of the ramp and take a run-jump, hold Action and you'll grab a monkeyswing on the upper ceiling. Get to its end and drop to grab the crawlspace. Climb in and once you can get up, follow the passage to a two-laser trap.




When the lower laser moves away from you, run forwards and pick up the Shotgun Ammo. Now take a run-jump over the returning lower laser, run forwards and duck once the upper laser comes close to you. Wait for it to disappear behind you, then get up and dash to the end of the passage, climb up the ladder and you're safe from the lasers. Unfortunately, there are more lasers awaiting you here. When the first laser moves into left or right passage, quickly climb up (I couldn't do it without a tiny bit of health loss) and do the same with the second laser. Pick up the Large Medipack and slide down the slope. At its end, time your jump to the far one unless you want to die in flames, jump once more and the slope carries you into another chamber. Before you reach the end of the slope, jump and grab a monkeyswing above you. First of all turn left and get forward until Kurtis drops onto a lower ledge. Pick up Shotgun Ammo for Secret #1.




Take an angled jump to the right slope, climb up, backflip and from the other slope jump up to grab the monkeyswing again. Now you have to find the way across the room, avoiding several fire emitters. Use the fact that they aren't dangerous when they begin to start or stop bursting flames. At the end drop onto the walkway. The next trap sequence has an easier solution which, however, costs some health but also a harder one which saves all health: For the easier one, slide down the slope forwards and at the end jump holding Action. Most likely you will miss the ledge ahead, but don't despair, the flames won't instantly kill Kurtis but only cause him to take a little damage. Jump up and grab the ledge. The harder one requires you to slide down the slope backwards. Grab the ledge, shimmy to the leftmost point (no idea why but it only worked at the left one for me). Climb up, backflip with a midair turn and grab the ledge ahead. Either way, climb up as the laser moves away, run forwards and into the pit where you're also safe from the laser and pick up the Shotgun Ammo. Now climb up the next ledge when the laser moves away, turn right and stand-jump to the ladder.




Climb down and enter the crawlspace. Light a flare and move on to a kind of half-crossing where you can stand up. Turn around and climb up the ledge above the crawlspace where you came from. On top you can find Secret #2, Shotgun Ammo. Drop down and follow the other crawlspace to its end. Climb up the ledge and you're facing a fairly large area. Run-jump to the central ledge and hoist up. In the left passage are Flares; ignore the ladders for now. Go to the other end of the central ledge and jump to the nearest right slope. A jump sequence with several slope follows, sometimes you have to grab the ledge of the next one. At the end climb the right ladder so that your feet are on the same level as the second white stripe, then backflip with a midair turn to the next ladder. Climb up until your arms are at least higher than the second white stripe from the top, then backflip to the last ladder and climb up into an alcove.




Drop down several ledges and after the crawlspace you'll drop into an office. Grab the Flares behind the desk and enter the hallway. To the right is an impassable laser trap so use the button to the left. Enter the passage.


Kurtis: “I feel the presence of a guard in the next room. I'll use my far-see ability to see him, but I'd better be quiet. I don't want him to see me.”


Head through the passage and the guard is patrolling in a passage behind the ramp. When he moves to the right, quickly sprint into the upper passage and dash to the left, head right at the end and quickly climb down backwards into the lower room. Pick up a Small Medipack and use the switch to open a door in the guard room. Ignore the passage in this room (it leads to a dead end for now) and climb back up when you see the guard turning around near the crawlspace. Dash into the passage where you came from, now wait for the guard to move to the left and sprint behind the box in the right of the passage.




Climb the ladder and another guard can be seen in this room, just don't get too close to him. Simply pick up the Shotgun Ammo, use the switch and enter the opposite door which closes behind you. You'll arrive in the control room. The nearest switch simply closes the exit door so ignore it for now. Pick up Shotgun Ammo and Desert Eagle Ammo. Now press the three buttons counter-clockwise to see some cameras:


Kurtis: “I have to reach that room and get a gun.”


Guard: “Miss Sophia, our men in Greece found the temple.”

Sophia: “Really? Make all the preparations. I'm leaving immediately. At least,the trident will be mine.”

Guard: “Yes madam.”


Kurtis: “Maybe, if I press that button, I will release the other prisoners. They will be able to take care of this guard.”


Now pull the 'different' switch which opens a door in the room behind the lasers you saw earlier; the lasers are also gone now.




Return all the way there, avoiding the two soldiers along the path. Enter the new area and pick up a Large Medipack to the left. Head to the opposite wall and find the door opened by the switch in the control room in a passage to the right of this wall. You'll arrive in a room with a deadly pool. Climb the block to the left, turn right and run-jump to the far block. Climb up, again turn right and jump to the far block. Now walk towards the wall, turn left and stand-jump onto the slope so that you slide down forwards, jump and grab the monkeyswing. Get to its end and drop onto the safe ledge on the other side of the pool, head up the slopes.




A door opens to the left; head up and pick up a Small Medipack. Head back down the ramp and use the button in this room to electrify the room below, killing the guard waiting there. Reset the button to make the floor safe again, then drop down, pick up the Access Card from the corpse and pull the switch to see a screenshot of a still closed door somewhere else. Climb back up and head up the ramp to the right. Place the Access Card to open the door, climb the ladder and you arrive on the other side of the prison cells you were detained in at the start. The guard in my case was busy running into a door.  Anyway, push the button and the cells open so that the three prisoners can kill the guard. Pick up the Access Card he leaves and also search the area and also the cells for a Rocket, a Large Medipack, a Small Medipack and 2x Shotgun Ammo.




Now go into the passage behind the boxes in the passage with two cell doors. You'll arrive in a warehouse. The main goal is to move the upper left block onto the wooden boxes opposite the entrance so that you can grab a crevice above, but if you want a secret, you have to climb the blocks to the right of the entrance and push the upper box once into any direction. Spot another moveable block surrounded by several drawers on floor level and push it once into the direction of the entrance. The block below the original placement of the upper block is also moveable, but only if you stand in the left half because otherwise the drawers would block the way. Pull it once and climb on the other side. In the newly revealed passage pick up Desert Eagle Ammo for Secret #3. Now go to the other block structure. In the far left corner (from the entrance) is a green block separate from other green blocks; move it so all three green blocks make a line. Pull and push the upper green block to the other edge of this block line; notice the middle block of that block line is also pushable and pull/push it so that the upper block can be moved onto the wooden blocks below the crevice. Climb the upper block and up to the crevice, shimmy right and climb up.




Pick up Shotgun Ammo, turn around and climb up into the duct. Follow the passage and drop onto a slope which carries you down a bit. At its end turn and grab the ledge of the shaft at the left side (the fires won't be of much danger here). As soon as the fires go out, drop crevice by crevice in a rapid succession and soon you'll arrive on the floor.


Follow the passage and climb up the ladder. On top get into the crawlspace and drop into a familiar passage – you are back in the once laser-guarded hall. Head around two right corners to spot the cardreader where you can place the Access Card to open the next door. Jump over the single laser, then head downstairs and in this chamber you have to either jump above or crawl below several green lasers so that the machine gun won't notice you.




Follow the passage and climb onto the blocks.


Kurtis: “My farsee ability shows me a door. I could lead that guard inside and lock him away from me.”


So simply jump into the room, passing the guard who will notice you and starts shooting. Dash into the open cell to the right and to the far end of the passage to lure the guard here. When he arrives at the far side too, sprint back out of the cell, loop around to the right and use the button to close the door and arrest the guard. Pick up the Shotgun Ammo on the box and now climb the four ladders to use four switches (you can use many shortcuts here and the ladders aren't actually needed). Two doors on the upper level a bit back in the room open, get up there either with the ladders or with a jump from the boxes and pick up Shotgun Ammo and another Access Card in the left one, then pull the switch in the right one which opens the exit door.




Drop down and enter the next area, place the Access Card in the reader and enter Sophia's bureau (a door opens in the previous room). Pick up Sophia's Notebook from behind the desk.


Kurtis: “It's Sophia's notebook. I'm gonna read it...

'I managed to capture Kurtis Trent. He was injured and it was easy. I need his special powers, so I gave him drugs from my rare plants. It didn't work, but I'll keep trying. These drugs just reduced his abilities. I can make an antidote by using ingredients from my plants. The green and the purpura broadleaf fern is the key. They'll put him to sleep for two days and as long he'll wake up, he'll be fine again ...'

So, there's a cure! This **** will pay for what she did to me! Uhm ... what's this? Sophia writes more here. Let's see ... 'Since Lara took the Eye of Isis from me, I have no power and soon I'll start getting old. My men made a new weapon like the one I had, but its powers are limited. I'll use it only if it's absolutely necessary. I need something stronger. I need Poseidon's trident. I will be able to control the water. No-one could beat me again. My men found the location of the temple where it is hidden. It is close to a Greek village called Poseidi. Now they are digging. Soon it will be mine ...' So, Sophia has more plans. I have to stop her, but I can't if I don't have my powers. Here is the plan. I'll make an antidote myself in her labs. Then I have to reach Lara somehow and inform her. I will be very glad to see her again.”


Push the button in a corner of this room, then head down the ramp. Both left and right chambers are open now; in the left is a Small Medipack, in the right aside of Shotgun Ammo a button which opens a door in the hall with many doors. Use it and backtrack all the way across the room with the imprisoned guard and the laser hallway to that room.




Spot and enter the open door right ahead. Climb the ladder after the short corridor and run up the stairs. Negotiate a few laser traps as before to not get shot at by the machine gun and push the button to open the door. Enter the next room and the door closes again. Staying along the left side of the room to not attract the guard too early, get over or below several more laser traps.




Now sprint through the passage with the guard, avoiding his shots best as possible, then dash into the left cell. Get over some box rows and wait for the guard to follow you, then jump over the boxes, sprint out and use the button to imprison the guard. Get into the crawlspace at the end of the hallway, at the end get up and dash past two bumpers. Sideflip over the fence (to do that, stand at about the middle of the tile in front of the fan), then get into the left crawlspace for a Large Medipack. Now get into the other crawlspace and follow it, climb up the broken ledge and after another short crawlspace use the button in the next room. This will kill the imprisoned guard with lasers; use the button again to deactivate the lasers and make the way safe. Now return all the way through the crawlspaces and the trap passage to the previous hallway, use the button to open the door again and pick up the Access Card from the dead guard.




Place it in the cardreader back in the hallway and the nearby door opens. Pick up a Small Medipack and climb up the ladder. Use the switch in the upper room to open the opposite door, pick up Shotgun Ammo and get to an outside area. Sprint to the left, avoiding in total four soldiers, and at the end quickly head to the glider and use it to get over to the far building. Pick up the Shotgun Ammo around the pillar and head through the passage.




Kurtis: “This room is full of guards. I'd better be careful and avoid them.”


In the crawlspace to the right is a Large Medipack. Don't run into the room but crawl into it, get right at the crossing, then right around the half-circular structure. At the ladder get up and climb up to an alcove. Use the monkeyswing to get to the other side, then run-jump to the broken pillar ahead, finally jump to the lower part of the ledge slightly to the left. Run left and then right into the weapon chamber. Pick up the Shotgun, 2x Shotgun Ammo, a Rocket and a Small Medipack. Head out of that chamber, kill the soldier to the right and drop down on the floor level (best jump down onto the broken pillar you came from first). Kill all four guards, one of them leaves an Access Card. There is also a Small Medipack in the middle area of the hall. On one of the walls you can place the Access Card to open the exit door. Head down the ramp and search the alcoves in the corridor for 2x Shotgun Ammo and a window you can break. The regular passage itself will become important only later.




Get through the shattered window, pick up more Shotgun Ammo and shatter the next window. From here look up and aim for the small window far away, which takes some precision. Drop down the ladder (noticing you arrived back in the huge area near the start of the level) and climb up the ladder to the next window you just broke, get into the crawlspace and drop into the next room. Pick up the Fuse – now you have to get back through the crawlspace, climb back up the ladder where you just came from, return to the corridor, head left at the crossing, drop down two ladders and shatter another window. In a familiar room climb into the upper passage, the guard seems to be on break, as he's not there anymore. Head back all the way into the room with many doors that once was blocked by lasers. Run into the near left passage and place the Fuse. Follow the passage into the next level.






Secrets: 1




Advance to a junction, pick up 3x Shotgun Ammo and continue straight ahead to a control room. Shoot the soldiers, one of them drops more Shotgun Ammo, and drag the grated crate in the right corner where is also even more Shotgun Ammo. Go through the crawlspace behind and in the corridor with the lasers grab the monkeyswing and time the middle and the upper ones so you can safety cross to the next safe ledge. Pick up a Large Medipack and Shotgun Ammo at the end.  Continue crawling and in the next corridor don't stand up and time the laser to pick up a Large Medipack to your left, crawl to the other side and jump to the high opening.




Notice the duct to your right and in the next room kill a soldier, pick up Shotgun Ammo and press the button.


Kurtis: “This button deactivates the security locks in the labs and in the biological domain. Maybe the laser beams are off now.”


Back up to the duct and through the open doors; slide, jump over the first pit and from the second slope jump and grab the monkeyswing; at the end drop/grab/hoist up. When running through the next corridor a camera shows a new control room and a conversation starts:


Android 1: “Holy crap... Someone switched off the electricity in our labs. The experiments got free.”

Android 2: “Damn... Did the generator get activated?”

Android 1: “Yes, but it isn't strong enough. Few things are able to work with it.”


Follow the path picking up Shotgun Ammo and Desert Eagle Ammo on your way to that room and kill the androids.




In the next greenish room pick up Shotgun Ammo and use the shotgun with the Look key to shoot the last grate in the left wall. Don't try to jump over the next lasers, but grab the monkeyswing to cross to the other side. In the dark room with the mutant light a flare and look for a button near a corner. On the opposite side there is a dark alcove with a Rocket; climb to the high niche to get another Rocket and Secret #4.




Return to the greenish room and the doors to your left are open. Climb the ladder, pull up and face a flooded area. In this deadly pool room jump to the slopes in the right side and after the third jump try to grab the edge of the central slope, shimmy right, hoist up, slide and jump to the next one, slide, grab the edge and shimmy to the very right side, hoist up and do a backflip with twist and a hard curve to the left to grab the corner of the safe ledge behind, situate Kurtis in the very corner near the wall facing the entrance and jump to grab the upper ledge. First pick up Desert Eagle Ammo, then shoot the mutant crawling towards you (better shoot these mutants straight in their heads) and get a Large Medipack.




In the next room shoot two mutants and pick up more Desert Eagle Ammo. Ignore the room to your right, go around the central structure and continue straight. Pick up the Rocket and jump to grab the edge of the grated crate, crawl to the other side, drop and push it over the fiery tile, climb it, turn right and take a running jump to the distant ladder. Climb up and two soldiers appear, shoot them and pick up a Rocket and Desert Eagle Ammo in the dark rooms.




Go up the next ladder and press the button to kill the fires in the room with the moveable crate, pick up a Large Medipack, Desert Eagle Ammo and the Desert Eagle itself. When you pick it up a new door opens in the control room where you killed the last mutants. Go back there and after you dispose of them enter the room they came from and pick up the Code Clearance Disk. Go to the opening in the opposite side of the room and use the disk in the computer machine to open a door somewhere.




Now jump to the high crawlspace in the corner of this room, slide and pick up the Desert Eagle Ammo at the end, shoot the grate and you're back in the entrance of the deadly pool room. Go right and follow the path to the open doors you saw in the camera shot, approach the other doors inside and they'll open for you. Now you're in a room with a big pipe and an artifact in its center, but you can't pick it up because of the thin red laser lines protecting it. Go up a couple of steps and carefully cross to the other side of the big pipe, taking care not to touch the red lines. Once on the other side, go through the opening, follow to the crossing and through the next narrow corridor to the bioresearch area (there's a large numeral 1 over the entrance).




Shoot a couple of green creatures in the first room and several more green creatures in the next main room, explore the area to find 2x Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medipack. Look for a slope near the orange plants, jump back and forward to grab the edge of the upper ledge. Hoist up and go right to take a running jump to the ledge with the Desert Eagle Ammo near the wall. Go back to the start and right to the ledges near the entrance to find more Shotgun Ammo. From this position you can advance a bit and jump to grab the ledge above (the entrance to the nearby room is protected by lasers). There's a Large Medipack behind you, get it, then continue over the ledges into the adjacent bio room, and then left to a corner where you can take a curved running jump to pick up 2x Rockets. Return to the previous ledge, turn left and take another running jump to the ledge near the opening at the other side. Continue, shoot a mutant and press the button to see the lasers are not active now.




Go back there (first floor) and hear Kurtis' words:


Kurtis: “OK. Sophia writes in her notebook that the green and the purple broad-leaf fern will make the right antidote. I have to take ingredients from both and then find a way to activate the machine.”


So press the buttons under that plants (left on the left wall and left on the right wall) to open the doors. Press the button in the corridor to deactivate the lasers.


Kurtis: “All right. The machine is working. The antidote is ready. Now I have to find my way back and pick it up.”


Continue to an area where you can find a Large Medipack, Desert Eagle Ammo (in the pool) and Shotgun Ammo. When you approach the double doors three mutants appear; dispatch them and inside you can pick up more Shotgun Ammo and press another button to open the exit doors in the five buttons room.




Go all the way back to the four ways crossing and to the room with the big pipes. Now you can go to the central ledge and pick up the Antidote. Back to the very beginning of the level, the door is now open. In this main room of the first level, the open door is in the wall to your left. Pick up a Rocket in the corridor, climb the ladder, pick up Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medipack on the left side of the balcony, cross the bridge and in the next room shoot the central grate.




Crawl and shoot another mutant, pick up a Rocket over a crate and press the button in the dark corner. Back to the balcony go through the open doors to your right. In the next room shoot the mutants, get Shotgun Ammo in the corner the left mutant has ambushed you from, and pick up a Large Medipack behind the crates. The door opens as you approach. Once outside kill the soldier over the entrance (taking care to not touch the metal platform) and explore the houses in the opposite side of the courtyard to find a Large Medipack, a Rocket and Shotgun Ammo. Back to the metal platform, grab the cannon and... start the party!!! Once calm is restored, shoot to the far right corner (above and between the red roofs) near the black ladder to break a part of the building. Make sure you thoroughly bomb the area, as there are several areas to shatter.  Go there (holding down the Roll key to detach Kurtis from the cannon), climb the ladder and jump back with twist to grab the roof behind, climb the wall and advance to finish the level.





Secrets: 5




After the “party” and the damage in the buildings in last level it's normal that all guards are alerted. Pick up the Rocket and shoot a couple of guards in the ramp ahead. Further on there's a Small Medipack. Continue (notice the ammo in the balcony for a secret later), drop in the next room, pick up the Shotgun Ammo and approach to the door of the jail to hear what the prisoner says.


Prisoner: “Hey Kurtis. I found a weapon. Help get out of here and I will help you with the guards.”


Shoot the grate in the corner (jump and shoot with the Desert Eagle) and go inside, pick up the Desert Eagle Ammo, Flares and Shotgun Ammo. Continue through the crawlspace. In the catwalk crawl under the first laser, use the monkeyswing to avoid the second one and crawl under the third. In the next room, after dispatching the guard press two buttons: one to liberate the prisoner and open the exit door, another one to switch off the annoying beeping alarm. At the bottom of the stairs press a third button to open the doors to the courtyard.




Help the prisoner kill the guards or go back up the stairs and wait until he takes care of them. Once outside run straight ahead to the water channel and dive under the closed door to the room where the kayak is (for later), pick up the Small Medipack and press the button to open the door and also another nearby door outside. Go there and press another button to open an UW door somewhere. Sprint to the opposite side of the courtyard and jump into the water to the left of the huge gate to find the open door. Swim through the long UW tunnel to the very end.




Cross to the other side of this pool room jumping and timing the swinging machinery the best you can (after the second running jump best shimmy to the left). Slide and jump down the first slope backwards and before the corridor goes around the corner drop into a hole, pick up a Rocket for Secret #5 here. Jump on the slope again and slide down, avoiding the fire at the end. Get Shotgun Ammo. Drop onto a crate in the next room and shoot two mutants, pick up the Shotgun Ammo over the high crate and go outside (automatic doors). Shoot more mutants and pick up Desert Eagle Ammo in the corner to the right. Climb the ladder at the diagonally opposite corner and advance in a clockwise direction (picking up Flares and a Small Medipack) till you find a button. Safety drop to the floor and go through the double entrance you saw in the camera shot.




Inside shoot two green creatures and pick up Shotgun Ammo in the corner. Climb the ledge with the button and save your game. No special instructions to do this timed run except don't fall to the deadly floor LOL!!! You know what to do: advance jumping from ledge to ledge avoiding the swinging machinery and the fire. Only one advice: this timed run is pretty tight, so run and jump continuously with no stop, and try to jump to the ledge with the first swinging machinery to the left side; save when you think you've done some jump in time and reload when necessary. Once you're successful shoot two green creatures, pick up Shotgun Ammo and press the button to open the exit doors in the main courtyard. Make your way to get back there.




In the new room, before you climb the ladder you can pick up a Rocket and Desert Eagle Ammo at the top of the lateral columns jumping from the nearby slopes. Up here you can also jump to a short ladder besides the entrance, climb up and backflip with a midair turn to grab an upper ledge. Pick up a Rocket for Secret #6 here. Now drop down and climb the ladder, pick up the Battery. At the end of the corridor another dangerous slide awaits: start the slide when the laser is at the bottom of the ramp, jump at the end to grab the edge of the ledge with the fire; hoist up when the laser is about to move over Kurtis' head heading towards the slope and jump over the fire. A last running jump over the fiery floor will lead you to the next room.




Pick up the Flares and jump and grab the edge of the first sloped pillar to your left. Hoist up when the lasers are about to move over Kurtis' head heading towards the back of the room and jump back and forth several times until you grab the edge of the high metal ledge. Shimmy left and approach as close to the fire emitter as you can, time the fire, hoist up and jump back to the safe ledge. Spot a shatterable window in a corner of this room, destroy it with a weapon and monkeyswing or curve jump to the crawlspace. Drop down and find Secret #7, Shotgun Ammo, a Rocket and a Small Medipack. Get through the other passage and drop down at the end to the crawlspace.




In the big room with the huge Sophia's initials made with stone (SL) eventually a door will open and you will shoot three guards. Under the bridge is Desert Eagle Ammo if you like (hop out of the pool, as you can't pull out). Go to the room where the guards came in and look for a crawlspace; at the end you'll find a ladder and a passage with a button which will lead you back to the main outside area. Press the button but don't go outside; climb the ladder and from its top take either left or right corridors to reach the battlements.




Detour for a secret: go to the left side and jump over the red roofs, continue to the balcony with square windows near the beginning, take a banana jump around the pillar and get a Secret #8, Small Medipack, a Rocket and Desert Eagle Ammo. Drop to ground floor and run to the other side of the courtyard through the door you opened with the button moments ago and up the ladder again.


This time go to the right side of the battlements, climb the last one and take a running jump to the next row of battlements, drop and take either left or right passages, go through the crawlspace and safety drop to the room below. In the next room pick up Shotgun Ammo and in the trophy room some Flares and a Small Medipack. Continue until a door opens to your right.




Enter and the door closes behind you and a Shiva statue turns to life; kill it and press the button in the corner to open the doors again (and the opposite doors too) and wake up the other Shiva. Exit this room (don't forget the Shotgun ammo and a Small Medipack) and enter the opposite room. The same as in the other room but this time there will be four Shiva statues and you'll get the Rocket Launcher. When calm is restored go to an opening in one of the walls and pressing the button there will re-open the door and also the exit door in the next room to your left; when entering, Kurtis thinks:


Kurtis: “There is a maze in the next room. My farsee ability still doesn't work very well, but I think it will help me find the exit.”




Go left to the grassy room and pick up a Rocket, back and enter the labyrinth. No difficult to solve; if you go always to the left and turning back when you find a dead end, eventually you'll find the closed doors. From this point you can run again always to the left to find the trigger tile to open them, but it's timed so go all the way along the right wall and take care when going around the corners and sprint and run and jump when you can. Once you're successful pick up the Starter Key at the end of the corridor and the nearby doors will open; pick up a Rocket and climb the ladder.




Advance jumping over the upper parts of the walls of this labyrinth to the right hand corner in the other side of the room. Jump into the high opening there and follow the path to return to the main outside courtyard. Jump into the water channel and look for an UW opening near the corner leading you to a room, pick up Shotgun Ammo where you can place the battery and use the key to open the big gate outside. Pick up Flares, look in the water and shatter a window for Secret #9 inside, Shotgun Ammo. Go back to the room with the kayak, mount and take a ride through that gate. After a couple of waterfalls you arrive in a quiet area. Continue rowing through the small opening in the right corner and after some efforts you'll arrive in a quiet area with no currents.




Dismount (Roll + Left or Right) and go through the opening in the corner to the previous room. Now a series of jumps using the stone ledges (the jump to the central sloped ledge better slide backwards, grab, shimmy right, hoist up and backflip with twist) to reach the opposite corner and press the button to open the metal door. Use the remaining stone ledges to get back to the room with the kayak and ride the way you came to the now open door.




Row up the waterfall and fight against the currents to go straight ahead (the right route is a deadly trap) to suffer the attack from several soldiers (you can do nothing). Continue to an area with no currents where you can dismount. Dive through the UW opening to your right and follow the path to a ladder; climb it and shoot four soldiers, use the button near the battlements to open the door below. Jump into the water, mount the kayak and continue down the waterfall and along the river where the camera angle changes. Dismount at the end and slide down the slope to finish the level.



Level 4 - OLD MINES


Secrets: 3




Head forwards and pick up Flares to the left. From the right side of the slope, slide and jump in the last moment to grab the crack in the wall; shimmy left, hoist up and jump with twist to grab the edge of the slope at your back; shimmy right to the very end, hoist up and jump with twist and a left curve to land onto the flat ledge. Advance and jump into the water to pick up a Rocket, climb from the left side and turn around, standing jump to grab the crack to your left, shimmy left and go inside the niche to get Shotgun Ammo. Back to the last ledge and crawl to an outside area.




Shoot three scarecrows (one of them may not show up until you return here later) and jump into the small lagoon to pick up a Large Medipack. Now go behind the house and through the passage there, crawl and find Flares in a niche to your left, continue to another outside area with a garage (for much later), kill a scarecrow, swim through the UW crawlspace in the back side of the house and continue till you reach the interior of a house. Climb the small crate to your left, turn around and take a standing jump to grab the edge of the first floor. Some injured guy is lying on a crate up there and attempts to indulge Kurtis in some conversation, giving helpful information about getting the quad bike.  Look for a button there to open a door in ground floor and go back; look for the hole in the corner where the open door is. Continue ignoring the closed door on your way and in the next room light a flare and look for the first Mines Key. On your way back the door is now open; go inside to a crypt to pick up a lot of goodies. 2x Shotgun Ammo, 3x Rockets, Flares and a Large Medipack. Go all the way back to the first courtyard.




Use the key in front of the house (opening with two spotlights) and run down the ramp, shoot three mutants and go to the room right of the entrance to find a button and open the metal door; go there and press another button in the hut to your left to open another door at the bottom of the ramp (don't forget the Shotgun Ammo). Don't mount the wagon yet, go down the ramp and almost to the very end of the passage where the last spotlight is, turn left and look for a crawlspace in ground floor where you can find Secret #10, a Rocket. Go back to the wagon.




Brake a bit (alt key) in the beginning of the first ramp so after the jump the centrifugal force won't take you off the curve, duck when passing the beams up the ramp and in the next one going down brake only a little bit 'cause you need a big boost to jump the next pit (difficult to calculate, but try hitting the brakes hard as you start coming down the ramp, so you can release and gather momentum as you're rounding the curve). Dismount and continue to...




On the right side there are two climbable pillars, but you'll have to grab the farthest so, take a curved running jump to do it. Climb to the top and continue running and jumping in an anticlockwise direction to the next climbable pillar in the corner; from its top monkeyswing to the ledge with the crate.




Go inside the corridor and ignore the fires room to your left; jump into the water at the end of the corridor, follow the path to an UW cave with Flares and Shotgun Ammo and to the air hole in the ceiling. Press the button there to open a door in the corridor. Back to the corridor and in this small room push the crate in the only direction possible to flood this room and the room with the fires. Go to that room and dive to the other side to get the second Mines Key and a Large Medipack (on a pillar). Go back to the entrance where the moveable crates are.




Place the outside crate in the right side of the metal ledge (looking from inside) and place the inside crate over the outside one (don't save and reload until the next jump is done!); now climb to the top of the crates and take a running jump to the far rocky ledge, slide a bit and jump to grab the monkeyswing to reach the area with the door and the keyhole. Open the door and time all the moving rollers; at the end of the path you'll find another wagon.




Duck at the top of the ramp, brake a bit when descending and duck again before the curve (note from DJ Full: it might be better to just get hit); after the second jump duck again at the top of the ramp and brake continuously timing the dangerous fire in this stretch (another note from DJ Full: here it also worked better for me to get hit, OR even better to hit the breaks in midair - in this case I could avoid the damage and the fire without breaking). After the third jump brake immediately all that you can (final note from DJ Full: or don't break at all if you followed the second note from DJ Full).




Run and jump to the very left side of the nearby slope, slide and jump with a left curve to grab the edge of the next rock; shimmy to the very left side, hoist up and jump back with twist and a right curve; slide and jump several times over the next slopes trying to situate in the right side of them and take a last jump onto the corner of the big rock at the end and immediately jump again to grab the edge of the rock to your right, shimmy to the left side, hoist up and backflip with twist to grab the edge of the ledge at your back; take a final running jump to the safe platform.




In the next room shot two mutants. Enter the opening they came from (the door closes behind you). There is a big drill in the ceiling (TR3 remembrance), which begins to descend when you start the next sequence. This next task won't be easy, and you need to be quick. Start from the very right side of the slope, slide and jump from the border with a right curve to grab the edge of the slope in the opposite wall; drop and grab the crack below, shimmy to the left approximately to the left center of the first breakable ledge, drop and turn a little bit to the right, quickly sidejump to the right to land onto another slope; grab the edge, shimmy to the right, drop and grab the crack below, shimmy to the very left, drop and turn a little bit to the right, quickly sidejump to the right to land onto another slope, grab the edge, shimmy to the very right and save your game here.




Drop onto the breakable tile, standing jump a bit to the right to the next one and continue running and jumping with a left curve to the next couple of tiles; don't stop and run around the corner (very next with curve to not fall) and take a long running jump to the stone safe ledge (no grab). Now a standing jump to the next tile (try to hit with the head in the ceiling) followed by a running jump to the next breakable tile trying to land diagonally, quickly a sidejump right to the rocky slope and a series of easy slides and jumps to finally reach another flat ledge. From here you can take a standing jump to the second breakable tile followed by a running jump to the next one trying to grab the edge; hoist up, a fast step forward and standing jump to the next tile trying to land diagonally, now a sidejump to the rocky slope, slide/jump and grab the edge of the next one, shimmy to the right, hoist up and jump with twist against the nearby wall; quickly do a standing jump with a hard left curve to grab the edge of the safe ledge. (Or, you can slide down to the left side of the left tile, run to the adjacent tile while curving around to the right and jump to the safe ledge). Hoist up and climb the ladder.




This time it won't be so hard, a standing jump onto the first breakable tile, running jumps to the second and the third, a standing jump to the fourth, a sidejump to the tiles to your left, advance and jump and grab the border of the safe ledge; hoist up and climb the ladder. In this new room, pick up the Shotgun Ammo and press the button to open a door in the place where you killed the last mutant.




Pick up Shotgun Ammo in the corner behind the machines, jump into the water to find Flares and dive through a narrow UW crack to get a Large Medipack. Now go out of the water and take a running jump over the pool to the rocky ledge in the other side; continue jumping from rock to rock in an anticlockwise direction until you're under the monkeyswing. If you want the Rocket and the Large Medipack in the rock below, drop there and go back here. Monkeyswing to the other side of the room and take a long running jump to the opening in the corner (no grab). Slide down the slope backwards, grab the edge and safety drop to the corridor.




Turn right and sprint down the ramp to avoid being smashed by the rolling boulder, trying to avoid the falling debris when turning right too; advance taking care of the next falling debris and in the next ramp the trigger tile for the rolling boulder at the top is the last tile of the ramp. Situate Kurtis in the penultimate tile of the ramp facing away of the boulder, tap back and sprint down the ramp turning left at the end. Go up the ramp and light a flare; where the boulder was there is a dark crawlspace with Secret #11, a Rocket. In the next room, left corner, get Shotgun Ammo from the crate. Continue to the...




Duck to avoid two metal beams and brake only a little bit to not lose the boost for the next jump. After the jump simply duck to avoid more metal beams (tip from DJ Full: brake between 1st and 2nd beam) and after the next jump quickly brake all that you can (or, if you followed my tip, you just finish the entire thing without braking hehehehehe). Up the ramp, when going down simply duck to avoid the fire and continue ducking till the end of the way. Dismount.




Go back the way you came over the railway and in the left side of the last pit look for a crawlspace; you'll find a ramp with a pit, a boulder at the top and debris in the ceiling. Take a standing jump over the pit and immediately jump back. Once the danger is gone go to the top and get Secret #12, a Rocket. Go back where the wagon is.




In the next crossing room shoot three mutants; there is Shotgun Ammo and a Rocket in the corners, a Large Medipack in the house to your right and another Rocket in the other house. Here there's also a button to open the exit door. Go there and slide down the ramp to finish this level. Turn the Earth with the arrow keys and choose Part 2.



Level 5 - THE WAY OUT


Secrets: 1




In the room with the rolling boulders, simply run around the first left one to pick up Desert Eagle Ammo in a corner, then sprint out between the last two boulders. Continue to the next room and shoot a bunch of those green reptiles. Get a Small Medipack in one of the niches and pick up more Desert Eagle Ammo in the next room.  Continue to the lava room. Go to the left side and take a standing jump to the first breakable tile from the rocky edge; another standing jump to grab the edge of the next breakable tile; shimmy to the center, hoist up, turn to the right and quickly jump to the next tile; without stopping, take a running jump to the tiles near the wall and continue running and jumping until you reach the last tile near the corner and jump to the safe ledge.




Climb the ledges and at the junction go left to pick up Desert Eagle Ammo. The crawlspace to your right leads you to a room with a couple of mutants. In the next room you can pick up a Rocket and soon you'll find three mutants to shoot - best to do so from the rocky ledge. Explore this small area to find Desert Eagle Ammo, a Rocket, Shotgun Ammo and Flares near the corners of the room. Climb the lower of the two roofs, aim for the ledge of the other one and take a lined up run-jump towards the other roof where you can pick up 2x Rockets for Secret #13, drop down. Only one exit, so go there but, unless you can swandive over the incoming boulder, don't think about picking up the Shotgun Ammo; instead of that, sprint like a fool to the end of the corridor, slide and take a series of jumps from the slopes to finally grab the edge of a flat ledge. Try to trigger the falling debris before taking the running jump to the high rocky ledge and continue climbing until you reach a room where you can pick up some Flares. Note the nearby breaktile. Press the button in the next room to open some doors and go to the previous room, to the corner with the breakable tile and drop down (now you can pick up the ammo). Head back to the room with the open doors by jumping over the left or right side of the boulder (or simply side flip past it).




Go through the open door to your left and pick up the Desert Eagle Ammo (don't worry about the debris). Pull up into the lava room, pick up a Rocket in the center and approach the floating key near the throne; quickly run back to the safe area near the entrance and take continuous sidejumps left and right while shooting the boss with a heavy weapon. He will also awaken two green creatures (or maybe only one) you have to kill. When calm is restored pick up a Small Medipack near the throne and the Garage Key. An earthquake starts.




You saw the door opening (to the left of the now-vacated throne as you face it), so go there and place the moveable crate in front of the one on the high ledge. Go through the crawlspace, pick up the Flares on the way up the ramp and push the crate on top of the other one (don't save the game here), climb it and take a curved running jump to grab the edge of the ledge with the button in the corner. Press it to open the exit door in the boss room; go there, pick up the Flares and shoot the mutant; beware of the falling debris in this and the next room.




Go through the passage, take a running jump to the ledge with the mine cart and mount. This ride won't be difficult; simply duck to not hit the metal beams and do nothing more. The earthquake is over. Just in case if after dismounting the minecart you slip and slide on that slope behind you, there's a failsafe monkeyswing to bounce to and return over. Pick up a Small Medipack in the adjacent room and shoot a mutant in the next one, pick up the Shotgun Ammo and continue climbing the ladder in the corner; above shoot another mutant and pick up the Flares; mount another mine cart. Duck during the first part of the way to avoid the fires and brake a bit after the jump; in the last part simply duck and watch the dangers you leave behind. Dismount, pick up the Small Medipack and advance through the corridor to the next lava room; some running jumps will take you across, take a standing jump to the exit and continue to another lava room.




This time situate Kurtis in the right corner of the rocky ledge and face the middle of the path; take standing jumps, turning a bit left or right depending on the slopes, and follow the path at the end crawling and dropping. Shoot four mutants in the room where you started the adventure in these mines and go up the ramp; shoot four scarecrows and go to the back side of the central building, though the passage there, crawl and in the next area shoot another two scarecrows; use your key to open the garage and enter to finish the level.





Secrets: 3




Don't mount yet, but advance a bit and to the right and pick up Shotgun Ammo (behind the lamp post on the ledge). Remember the quad bike controls, you can practice them on the long road in front of the manor: Action key to go forward, jump key to reverse, sprint key to boost. You can get an initial burst of speed by holding down the boost then the action key and then releasing the boost. Mount the quad now and take an u-turn to your right and up the ramp, save when the camera view changes and take a very soft jump slightly curving right over the wall of the mansion and stop instantly at the platform in the middle of the pool (that's what's intended by the author). But the protruding part of the central platform actually allows crossing to the other side, so instead of stopping on the safe tiles in the center of the pool, land on that protruding part and continue accelerating, and if the boost is enough you'll drive over the single water tile to land on the ground at the other side of the pool. Overshooting like this is still possible even if you stopped on the middle platform, if you use the initial boost as described before.




Dismount (same controls as the other vehicles) and explore this grassy area to find Shotgun Ammo and a Small Medipack. Take a swim in the pool and dive through the UW tunnel. In the dry area take sidejumps near the walls to get over the fans. Pick up the Small Medipack, climb down the ladder and stay with your back against the metal wall (the laser won't touch you in that position). When the laser is near you and starts to advance to the center of the corridor, run and advance with it.  When it stops take a standing jump over and crouch to avoid the high laser; when this second one has passed over your head, hoist up, run and jump over the last one. In the crawlspace duck and time the next laser so you can stand up and jump over before it returns.




After the jump over the last laser, quickly jump over the first pit taking care to not touch the first thin laser. Take a standing jump from the edge and grab the next edge to avoid the second one. Now you must hoist up and take a standing jump diagonally from this edge to the other edge of the same ledge to avoid the next laser. From here another diagonal standing jump over the fiery pit to the close edge of the last ledge, trying to not land near the center, and crawl under the last laser to reach the niche with the button. Press it to open a door near the pool and repeat the same procedure to get back to the pool.




Once in the courtyard in front of the mansion entrance Winston shows up:


Winston: “Intruder... How did you get in here? I will release the dogs.”

Kurtis: “Please, no. I'm a friend of Lara's.”

Winston: “I don't believe you.”


Shoot the dogs and go back to the small pool with the horse near the entrance. Turn left and sprint through the narrow corridor to the wall ahead. Turn right, advance a bit, jump back to the gray slope and jump forward ono the edge of the white wall with the green vines. Turn around and take a running jump to grab the edge of the gray wall and hoist up to the roof. Look for Secret #14 near the far end of the skylight: a Small Medipack.




Drop from the other side to the outside training area. There's a (timed) button in the wall near the beginning. Pressing this button causes a fire to go out on a ledge with a key; roll and quickly run and go all the way along the obvious path in this training area (jumps, monkeyswing, blades...) until you reach the tile with the Basement Key (not very tight). Pick it up and jump back to the safe ledge; now take a standing jump to grab the edge of the exit opening and drop to the ground floor.




There's a nearby open door to get access inside the mansion; go through and find a Small Medipack near the freezer. (The nearby button opens the freezer door, but I didn't find anything inside.) Go deeper inside the mansion and use the basement key in the companion corridor which leads to the pool room. Run down the stairs and look for the button in the far left corner that opens a door in the main hall. Get back there and near the front door is the open door. Once inside the new room you can pick up a Small Medipack and hear what Kurtis says:


Kurtis: “There's a diary on this desk. I think Lara wrote it when she was younger. Let's see. 

'When I was a child, sometimes I felt lost and alone. I was sitting in the attic for hours. Then my dear father used to say to me "When you feel lost and you have nowhere to go, block your sadness and with a clear mind you'll find your way.”'  Uhm... I don't think I'll find something useful here. Well, Lara... I hope your dad's advice will work for me too.”


This is a hint so you can know what to do in the attic but don't go there yet.




Go up the left side stairs (looking from the main entrance of the manor), diagonally to the right side of the first floor, run past the attic stairs, enter through the first open door after that and continue to the passage to your left to another library. Look for a bookswitch to deactivate the fire in the fireplace. Once inside, climb the obvious ladder to the top. Go to your left and look for a button (1 of 2) to open the door near the outside pool. To get out of here, you can move the lower moveable block underneath the higher one, then get up on it and push the higher block to create a short cut through the attic.




Go over this block and right, you will see another moveable white block but this one is just for the case if you visit this location in the first order. Instead, move the already used block just in front of the “sadness” picture (the one on the left, of course) in the opposite brick wall to open a door in the main hall. Go back down there.




Look for the button (2 of 2) between the library shelves (near the mounted T-Rex head) and watch the camera shot of a door near the outside pool. Make your way back there, exiting through the main hall door.




Go down the ladders and Kurtis thinks:


Kurtis: “This corridor leads to Lara's ultimate training room. I'd better be careful. It has real traps.”


Dangerous traps, of course. There are two entrances in this room, and you can choose either of them because you'll eventually be back in this pool room. Let's go to the left one first.




Turn left and take a running jump to the first slope, slide/jump to the next (grab) and continue sliding and jumping until you can jump to grab the crack in the wall; shimmy left to reach the opposite side of the room.


For a secret go to the closed door left of the button, drop/grab the edge and shimmy to the very left (Kurtis' hands touching the corner of the grated metallic door); drop to the spiked floor and walk slowly to the tile between the sloped pillars to get Secret #15: a Small Medipack. Go back to the ledge with the button.


Press the button to open the (timed) door and quickly go inside; a spiked ceiling starts to descend, so be fast to press the button on the other side of the room and sprint to the open door near the entrance. Climb the ladder (the other passage is so you don't need to repeat the timed sequence) and take a running jump to the high ledge to your left; press the button and use the zipline to go back to the entrance of this room.




Run up the ramp and make your way to avoid the rolling spiked balls (running right-left-right-left); take a running jump over the blade, pick up the Small Medipack and jump into the water. Make your way to time and avoid the rotating UW blades and press the button in the next room: the door in the main room opens. Make your way back there and pick up Lara's Bedroom Key.  At last!




Go all the way back to the mansion and up the left stairs to Lara's bedroom (I think everybody knows where Lara's bedroom is). Use the key to open the door, go on through and go onto the balcony. Turn left and jump to the structure on the other side (to do so: face the fence, collide with it, tap back twice, step forward, backward, forward, backward, then take a run-jump). Here you can find a Small Medipack for Secret #16. Jump back on the balcony, head in and enter the bathroom to hear the conversation:


Lara: “Kurtis? But how? I thought you were...”

Kurtis: “I'm not. I was captured by Sophia Leigh.”

Lara: “What? She survived our battle?”

Kurtis: “Yes. She drugged me. She wanted my abilities. I have the cure but I need a safe place in order to get it.”

Lara: “You can stay here.”

Kurtis: “There are more things we should consider. She is trying to find Poseidon's Trident.”

Lara: “Dear God, I'm trying to find it for years.  you know where it is?”

Kurtis: “It's in Greece. In a place called Poseidi or something. I have her notebook. It may help you.”

Lara: “We should hurry. You take a shower and then get your antidote. I will deal with her. The bathroom is at the other side of the stairs on this floor.”

Kurtis: “Thanks. I almost forgot. I had to deal with your dogs. The butler didn't let me in.”

Lara: “We don't have time for this. I'll find the Trident and say my last goodbye to Sophia. Then we will have our time.”


Now go outside and to the other side of the manor, enter the bathroom and head toward the shower stall to finish this level and Kurtis's adventures.







Secrets: 3




Jump into the water and look for an opening in the rocky wall. Once out of the water pick up Flares and Harpoons. In the cave with the control room look for more Harpoons in a corner and Grenades and Harpoons on the other side. The door opens automatically; you can enter and pick up 2 x Harpoons and MP5 Ammo there, but you still don't have the key to use the detonator. Also, you can climb to the roof of this building to get Grenades. Go out of this room and to the cave with the big drill; there's a water hole further on with two more sets of Harpoons and the UPV (underwater propulsion vehicle). Grab it and take a ride through the UW tunnel (shoot a crocodile on your way) to an UW room with many passages. Henceforth I'll call this room the Main Room.




No compass in a TR3 game so I'll try to numerate all the UW entrances. You can find 16 altogether: 8 on the top and 8 on the bottom. I'll number the alcoves from left to right, looking from the entrance: 1 - 8 for the top alcoves and 9 -16 for the bottom alcoves, and I'm saying that the alcove 9 is just under the alcove 1. There is an air hole in the ceiling so you can take a breath when needed. All the tasks can be done with or without the UPV (optional). Tip: When you move against a flat ceiling with the UPV, you are able to get air and thus you don't have to return to the air hole. Your goal here is to get the Detonator Key so you can use it in the control room in the caves to activate the explosives.


1.-        Harpoons and Flares.

2.-        Obstructed entry.

3.-        Nothing here.

4.-        Harpoons and flares at the bottom of the UW pit and a pushblock puzzle room with Grenades, Harpoons and giant wasps at the end (with a closed door).

5.-        Obstructed entry.

6.-        Obstructed entry.

7.-        Harpoons and MP5 ammo.

8 -        Where you came from.

9.-        Closed UW door.

10.-     Harpoons and a closed door.

11.-      Grenades and a room with more Grenades, MP5 Ammo and a receptacle for an artifact.

12.-     Harpoons.

13.-     Obstructed entry.

14.-     Obstructed entry and Harpoons.

15.-     Harpoons near the entrance, a crocodile, 2 x Harpoons and MP5 Ammo at the end and an UW lever.

16.-     Obstructed entry.




Obviously, start with the opening 15, and use the UW lever to open the UW door in opening 9. Swim there and deal with the crocodile in the corridor. Return to the air hole. Go back there and pick up Grenades near the UW lever. This lever opens the door in the opening 10. Go there and pick up a Large Medipack, MP5 Ammo and the Detonator Key, avoiding two giant wasps as best you can (DJ Full raises hand and says "I just killed them with UPV harpoons from the water pocket at the door, this way they can't harm you"). No more to do at this moment in this area, so swim back to the main room and back to the starting cave with the big drill and the control room.




Use the Detonator Key and hear a nearby explosion. Go outside, right, right and right again to the corner of the building. The explosives have opened up a wider area beyond the narrow passage.  As you enter the larger cave, light a flare and spot a high crawlspace to the right; climb in and find 2x Grenades for Secret #17.  Get out, exit the cave and Sophia discovers a hidden Greek palace. Explore this entrance room to find Harpoons and a Small Medipack (in the water).




Go through the left passage looking from the entrance (the right one has a closed door), pick up MP5 Ammo in the corner and face the ramp with the spiked cylinders. What I did was to trigger the cylinders by running diagonally a bit over the tiles under them (run doing an arched curve). Run down the ramp to a lava room and pick up more MP5 Ammo (you'll need it!).  It's also possible to jump to the monkeyswing first and then return for the ammo.




Jump to grab the monkeyswing and save your game at the very end of it. Drop/hoist up/slide to a safe tile and quickly start jumping onto the marked safe tiles to the end of the room and jump through the opening there. But you're not safe here; continue jumping onto the safe tiles (easier this time) and climb the ladder at the end.




Don't try to pick up the goodies you see here, but first run straight ahead to the exit and pick up the MP5. At last! Use your new weapon by greeting the giant wasps and now you can explore this room to pick up the Heart of Poseidon's Guardian and Grenades. Go to the exit and turn left.




Explore this room to find Flares, a Small Medipack and MP5 Ammo. Sophia looks to the dark hole so  drop there, light a flare and look to the tile in the floor to see a map, so you know where to place the blocks in the room at the end of the UW opening number 4 (water area). Take a screen shot or keep a savegame at this place so you can take a look at this map later. Jump onto the slopes back and forth with curves to get out of this hole. Go out of this room and climb the ladder in front of you. In this new room deal with the beasts and when calm is restored look for a Small Medipack and Grenades (where the hell is the grenade gun?). Continue down the ramp and pick up the MP5 Ammo before you climb down the ladder. Pick up more Grenades and continue to the starting room.




Our work is done in this area, but if you want you can get a couple of secrets here. Run again through the corridor where the spiked cylinders are, monkeyswing in the lava room and back to the room with the moving spiked wall and deadly tiles. The spiked wall is not in the left side now, so jump onto the safe tiles near the corner to find Secret #18, a Large Medipack and Grenades on the next ledge. Follow the path to a balcony in the starting room and pick up a Small Medipack there. (There's a closed door at the bottom of a pit on your way back, but it's for later.)


Jump over the balcony and go to the other side of the small pool. There are two columns with rocky ledges above. Look up and see that the right one is a bit lower in its right side, so situate Sophia in the very corner of the ledge after the rocky seat and jump to grab the edge of that ledge; hoist up, turn left, jump to the next ledge and from here to the nearby balcony to get Secret #19: MP5 Ammo, a Small Medipack and Grenades.




Go all the way back to the main room of the UW area and this time dive through the opening number 4. Kill the giant wasps, pick up the Grenades to the left of the entrance, Harpoons to the left of the exit and move the blocks to the positions you saw in the map to open the doors (facing the room exit, the positions on the board are: near left corner, far left corner, 2nd row 4th column, 4th row 5th column). Pick up the Grenade Gun in the entrance and shoot the beast inside. There are Grenades and MP5 Ammo between the pillars, and the button is to re-open the entrance door. But Sophia doesn't want to go back, so she prefers to use the pink gem in the serpent mouth to open the lateral door.




Slide down and drop to a safe ledge with the MP5 Ammo. Three pterodactyls attack. Better use your new gun (grenade gun) and when they are close, blast them with a single grenade. Now face the ramp where you came from, turn left and take a standing jump to the nearby slope, slide/jump and grab the edge of the large ledge next to the wall. Turn left and take a running jump to the ledge in the corner with the Large Medipack. Go back to the large ledge and take a running jump to the small ledge in the opposite corner, turn right and take another running jump to the next ledge (from the left side of the edge). Continue jumping/sliding/climbing in a clockwise direction around the room until you reach the corner where you can hear a door opening. Slide down to...




Now you can make good use of the grenade gun, as a huge spider is lurking in here. Run around the perimeter and once in a while launch a grenade in the big spider's direction. After 5 shots the spider will fall down so you can take a breath for 10 seconds. Take advantage of this to press two buttons in the walls. Once you're done that a couple of grated doors open in a corridor. (Save your game here!). Go there, jumping to a sloped ledge first in one of the lava pools. Advance and press the button there to lock the spider in the other side of the room. This can be difficult, because the spider can be located on the wrong side of the room when you press the button. If so, reload (from the savegame I recommended above) and try again. When the big spider is locked in, climb the ledge right of the button, turn right, run through the corridor and jump to the ledge near the corner; turn right, jump to the next ledge and from the right side, slide and jump with a curve to the right to reach the central ring.




Take a running jump to the ladder to your left, climb to the very top and shimmy all the way to the very right side (at a certain moment, Sophia will stretch her body, climb one click and continue shimmying to the right). Drop/slide and jump with a twist at the last moment to grab the edge of the safe ledge behind. Hoist up and follow the path to a room with blue pillars left and right. You can climb the left one (crouching) to get Grenades. In the next room shoot a couple of beasts and pick up a Large Medipack and Grenades in the left and right alcoves. Climb the ladder in the central pillar to get the Gemstone. This releases two more beasts, you already know what to do.




In one of the cells where they were there's a button to open the exit door, and in the other one there is a Small Medipack. Exit this room and follow the path, climbing two ladders to a familiar place. Jump again over the balcony and go back to the main room in the UW area. There's still an opening we have not visited. Dive through the opening number 11 and use the Gemstone in the receptacle to open the door. Shoot a couple of beasts in the next room, and in the corridor with the spiked cylinders simply run and jump over the cylinder which rolls in front of you (I lost some health); continue and climb the ledges opposite the entrance (where there's a pink gem) to finish the level.




Walkthroughs by dmdibl (David Dibble)

These four TR3 levels are an excellent example of what can be done with the unofficial editor, DXTRE3D. Players no longer have to be stuck with TR4 enemies that are only retextured tin men, or with a weak T-Rex that can be brought down with a single revolver shot. Instead, players can once again enjoy the fun enemies of TR3. This adventure is in every way comparable to the better TR4 levels that are being created today. At the start players can set user-defined keys, and set gamma for screen brightness (useful to adjust gamma upward in dark places during the game, a feature I wish TR4 had).




Secrets: 6




Run down the road to the corner right and pick up Flares. Continue on, then take a look around the plaza.


To begin, there is a Small Medipack immediately in the left corner on entering the Poseidon statue square. From the entrance, if Lara goes right, under the blue framework, and down an alley, she can pick up Flares. Go down to the sandy beach, and onto the stone jetty in the middle; at its end is Shotgun Ammo. Go right (Lara facing water outward) on a ledge with framework and pick up MP5 Ammo. Now go on the rocks in front of the ledge and jump to the end of the dark rocks. From the highest point at the water's edge make a standing jump forward (angle slightly left), grab, pull up, slide down to get Secret #20, the Shotgun.


When Lara jumps back out and lands in the water, swim left to the end to pick up a Large Medipack at the bottom. Now Lara swims back out and past the stone jetty to continue straight, left at the channel turn, then right. Spot the crawlspace low on the left wall. But first Lara will go for a secret. Continue, left at the rocks, right, and swim down into a corner ahead, find the low crawlspace, swim in for Secret #21, Shotgun Ammo. Swim back out and return left, left, right to that previous low crawlspace. Inside is an inflatable yellow boat. From the ledge, Lara can run up to a closed door, on the ledge spot the key and the keyhole. They don't match, but pick up the Door Key. Swim back to the sandy beach.




Run past left of the Poseidon statue, and continue straight back to the door with the red keyhole. Use the key and go inside. Find Shotgun Ammo in the right corner, go up the stairs and find some Flares and Uzi Ammo in the upper room. Here Lara needs to jump across to the other balcony where the railing is low, not over the big blue spheres. An easy way to do this is to go to the right, turn Lara for a side flip over the rail, and put Lara's right shoulder against the inside wall so she is about as far from the railing as possible on the small balcony, then slide flip.

After the jump, in the next room find MP5 Ammo on the window seat left. From here, jump up to the blue crawlspace. Crawl right, turn around, and back out. Wait for the long screenshot, and for Lara to bring her feet up, then back flip to the next balcony. In this room find Uzi Ammo, Grenades and a switch on the right. Throw it for a screenshot of a door opening. Safety drop from the balcony, and go into the alleyway right beside Lara.




At the alley end go right, take Shotgun Ammo, then go down the ladder, shoot a big rat, take Flares and get into the door that opened. Get the Shotgun Ammo. Dive into the water – it's safe – and down to find a Large Medipack. Get out of water, with Lara standing on the left facing the burning tiles. Do a running jump/grab over the tiles, the left side is safe. Jump into the water in the middle here, swim into the small crack at the bottom right, get Secret #22, Shotgun Ammo.


Get back out on the safe tile, and again do a running jump/grab over the fire tiles. Get into the dark doorway, light a flare, and save the game. Lara slips by swinging machinery without damage. At the T-junction, get the Grenades right, then take the thumpers one at a time. Go up the stairs, climb the ladder and come to a library. There is Uzi Ammo and Shotgun Ammo in the back corners. Climb the tallest bookcase and make a running jump/grab to the window. Take Flares and jump over the alley to the next window.


In the room first go right and pick up the Flares, then step out on the balcony and pick up the Boathouse Key. Back inside the room flip the switch to open the doors downstairs to the boathouse (Lara saw these doors from the other side). Downstairs, get the Shotgun Ammo next to the tall lamp. If Lara tries to go through the boathouse doors the plaza door will be opened by exceptionally clever dogs, so dispatch them. Go downstairs to the boat, use the key in the keyhole to open the outer door and jump into the boat.




Maneuver the boat out the door, left, then right to jump the rock ramp. It's easiest to back the boat up with Lara facing the ramp, then hit Ctrl. Make a left through a door that closes behind Lara. At the end ledge, Lara jumps out right to obtain more Flares and see pillars in a larger pool. In this larger pool there is a Rocket lying in the farthest diagonal corner. Get it, swim back to where Lara first dove into this pool. On the left, face the large pool, make a running jump without grab to a slanted block. Turn right, do a running jump/grab to the next pillar. Pull up and bounce off several slopes to land in the corner, get Uzi Ammo.

Do a running jump/grab along the right wall, pull up and jump ahead, jump out to the sloped pillars one by one, the last jump with a slight curve right to make the opening in the wall. Jump down.




Hear footsteps approaching, which probably isn't good. Two thugs with spiked clubs are coming, so quickly shoot them with the shotgun. In the room spot Small Medipack to the left. Go forward and notice ramps down into a spike field. Get ready to slide down. Wait... don't those ledges on the far side of the room look suspicious?


Go right, and see that there is a crack in the wall. Lara can jump to grab this, shimmy across to the middle ledge. Nothing here, but spot the goodies ahead. From middle ledge, center, do a running jump/grab to the far ledge. Get Secret #23, Shotgun Ammo and Large Medipack. Return to the middle ledge. Lara can't shimmy back to the top of the slopes, as the crack doesn't go far enough. The simpliest way is to hang from the middle ledge, in the center facing in the direction of the lower slopes descent. While doing this, spot the rocket on the ground below. Position Lara in line with the edge of the long slope behind her. Now pull up, back flip to land on that long slope, near the bottom angle jump to hit the edge of a middle slope, then bounce to grab the back of the final center slope. Pull up, slide, and jump to safety.


Well, not really safety. Another two thugs will come running, so take them down with the shotgun. Turn back to the spike field. On the left is a safe square. Step down into that, and walk through the spikes to the rocket that Lara spotted while hanging from above. Pick up Secret #24, a Rocket, and walk back to the safe square to get out of the spike field.




In the next room spot a door to the right in the corner, and a door straight ahead. You know these are doors because Lara will run against them, rather than stopping dead as she does with a wall. There are two push blocks and two obvious pattern tiles on the floor. Move the blocks (one square at a time in TR3) to the marked tiles. A door opens and Lara can get a Small Medipack.


Lara: “I think this place is a hideout of a group of criminals. I'd better find the way out.”


Lara can jump up directly above, to a spot between two more push blocks but she can't move them. Instead, go to the corner of this small room and climb up, go past the push block (which can't be moved), and into the right crawlspace to pick up Flares. Back out, go to the end of this area and around the corner to a push block. Lara needs to pull this back twice, and then to the side once. Now the way is open to reach the second push block, which Lara pulls back once. Now return to the ground floor. Back in the medipack corner, Lara can now jump up, but this time she will grab the side of the push block to climb up...


Wait a second... what happened to that second door in the previous room?

Lara goes back to the room with the two dead thugs, where the side door is still shut. The solution here is obvious if you have already played the [last] level of this adventure. The two push blocks need to be moved into the rays of light that are emanating from corner ceiling panels. Go to the block near the entrance from the spike field, and push it one square into the light beams, actually blocking the door Lara wants to open. Go to the other block and move it twice (essentially diagonally) so that it is one square away from the other corner, in the light beam. Hear the sound of a door opening. Go back to the other push block, and pull it aside to reveal the open side door. Inside the room, do a running jump/grab to the pillar. Shimmy all the way right. Pull up, slide, and jump with a curve left, so that Lara slides backwards on the next slope and hangs from the edge. Pull up, back flip/twist, grab and pull up for Secret #25, the MP5. To get out, Lara can do a standing jump/grab to the left pillar. Shimmy right, pull up, and as Lara slides make a jump to the right to land in safety.




Finally Lara can return to the small room where she was about to jump up and climb. Lara jumps up, grabs the side of the push block, and continues to pull upward to a ladder, and a dark corridor with more Flares. Light one of them to see better as Lara comes out onto swirling disks, ooo-la-roo, ooo-la-roo. I thought the best way through was a running jump to land beyond the first disk. This depends a lot on timing; Lara tried to land as the first disk was starting forward, and then another running jump. I was willing to accept minor health loss to get through (tip from DJ Full: you don't have to - just crawl past the second blade, stand up between this and the last one, and jump from here as the trap retracts).


Climb up, slide down backwards to hang. Now pull up, back flip/twist to grab the far edge. For the next slopes once again go down backwards, but back flip fairly soon as Lara starts to slide. Hit the next slope, hang from the edge, pull up and back flip/twist to grab the far edge.




Crawl through. Get the Shotgun Ammo in front of the timed door, and the Small Medipack to the left. Then go right to the end to find the switch for that timed door. First, pull the switch to get a screenshot of the timed door opening, and let the time expire. Now you are free of the screenshot. Pull the switch and roll.

The trick here is to hit the dash key fairly soon, to make the jog to the right while Lara is in sprint mode, and take the long straightaway. Let up on the sprint key to make the sharp turn left and then right. Hit the sprint key again. The second trick is to go for the right edge of the door as Lara can squeak through even as it is closing. Once that is done, slide down.




Oops, this looks like an early boss from TR3. Run into the middle of this ledge facing Tony, have a good weapon out. Side flip to left and right and back, firing the shotgun, or just blast him with MP5 before he even attacks. It did not take too many shots before Tony succumbed, sent out an energy beam, and left a key behind. Jump to the center pillar for Poseidon's Temple Key, and continue to the open door on the far side. Light a flare to see. Climb up, get Shotgun Ammo from the dark passage, or just the Shotgun if you missed it before (in such case that is now an ammo pickup). Crawl through, and drop down into a familiar passageway. Lara is at the stairs she encountered after getting through the thumpers.


There are now two routes. Lara could go back through the thumpers, then dodge that swinging machinery, and make jumps over fire tiles, then climb the ladder back up to the alleyway and return to the plaza. Or, the route Lara actually took (for some reason): go up the stairs and ladder, return to the library, climb bookcase and jump to one window then the next, then go down the stairs and out the door to the plaza.


From this door Lara makes a U-turn right, into the alley by the orange sienna building. Shoot the dog. Run to the end and use the key in the keyhole. Well it seems, as Lara tells us, that this really wasn't what she was searching for.


Lara: “Well, this is not what I was expecting. These are just ruins and ancient rocks. Maybe this was just a replica of the temple. The real temple shouldn't be away. There was a strong earthquake before I came here. The road is closed. I have to find a way to search the closeby areas.”


But in the middle pick up Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo behind the broken column in front of her. Go left and turn the wheel (opens a door). Come back and straight through into the other side, a left turn and the level ends.





Secrets: 4




Get the Uzi Ammo from the far corner before climbing onto the quad bike. Gun the bike up the ramp on the left side and make the jump. Continue straight, make curves right, and now set the bike up for the next jump. Back it up against the canyon wall while facing the opening ahead, and make the jump.


After the jump, turn left. Probably the bike is against the right wall, drive around the right corner, dismount. and get more Shotgun Ammo. As Lara picks these up notice the opening ahead, which will be an exit. Go to the cliff on the left, hang over the side, and drop and grab the crack. Shimmy all the way to the right, and drop down to the block, or drop earlier but pay with health. Run across to the opening and pick up Secret #26, the Uzis. Continue to climb the ladder, and slide out the exit. There is a quad bike jump coming up on the left.


Return to the quad bike, mount, drive it around the corner and up the slope to make that jump. Position the quad bike for the next jump. (Yes, it is possible for Lara to make both jumps at the same time, angling the bike left on the big lower slope.) Drive across a high rock bridge, and inside turn right and gun the bike for another jump. It may help to land the bike angled to the right, as on landing it may be difficult to turn right, although judicious use of the Alt and Ctrl keys will turn the bike.


Make the next jump – here it does help to land with the bike angled right. Go down the slope for another jump over water, then drop down to the left. Drive out, then right into a spacious area. Lara may want to dismount and go back for a swim, maybe looking for secrets, but while the water looks inviting the fish are related to piranha. Instead Lara goes into the next cave to find MP5 Ammo right around the corner. And a little further on to the left are Grenades.


Go back to the bike and drive into this cave, up the slope, and make the water jump. Turn the bike right, stop, dismount and there are Flares nearby. Ahead to the right, there is a bigger water area with slopes on either side.


Make a running jump to the right slope so that Lara slides back and hangs down. Shimmy left on this block. Now pull up, do a back flip/twist and hard right curve to grab the slope on the other side. For some reason Lara doesn't want to shimmy here, but it doesn't matter. Just pull up, back flip/twist and grab the rock back on the first side. Shimmy all the way left and see the rocket. Again Lara needs to do a back flip/twist/grab across, shimmy, and back to get Secret #27, a Rocket.

Get back into the water (try the corner if Lara won't back out) and swim to the quad bike. Make the U-turn left and up the ramp for a jump—no water this time. Turn left and drop to the roadway. Lara has gotten by rock slides that destroyed the road. You can find some Uzi Ammo there. Continue on the road to the barrier, where Lara dismounts and leaves the quad bike behind. Jump over the barrier.




Ahead is a wall surrounding an Orthodox Church. Lara uses pistols to shoot several vultures. Vultures and dogs are all over the place, so Lara will just have to contend with them in her explorations, dealing with them on her own. (Don't want to remove all surprises in the walkthrough.)


From where Lara jumped across the barrier, go left down the wall, then go right all the way to the end for Uzi Ammo. Go back outside the wall, near the barrier, go left to spot nearby Flares on the ground. Go all the way down the wall here, and in the end corner find a Small Medipack. Come back about halfway, and see an enclosed ramp against the red rock walls. Jump up the ramp and pick up Secret #28, Grenades. Drop to the ground floor, go back to the barrier and jump on the slope at the left of it (as Lara facing the barrier). Walk till Lara can jump on the wall.




While she is on the wall, go right and jump onto the sloped roof of the church, which disturbs a gang of vultures who are nesting nearby. Lara has to reach the very rooftop. So, try to perform a diagonal running jump on the roof, where it is not too high or jump to the pillar at the front corner of the church, and from here jump to the triangular roof over the entrance to the church.


Stand against the church at the exact center of the roof peak, so that when Lara jumps straight up she grabs the higher roof on either side of its peak. Pull up and go forward into the depression to pick up the Sacred Key. Continue forward, jumping over the next sloped roofs, to find Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medipack. Follow to the opposite side lower church roof till you find some buildings. Drop onto the middle one. The left one has a Small Medipack on it. Leave the second one and find a Rocket on the last one. Go to the end of the wall and climb on some rocks. Here is Secret #29, Grenades. This is the fourth and last secret in this level.


Now feel free to drop Lara on the church’s yard. She can explore the church grounds if she wants - the wildlife here is pretty lonely and gets excited by visitors. You can press the button by the tall gate in the corner to open it in case if you missed the roof key and/or the secret(s) but the main point is the big door keyhole where you can use the Sacred Key to open the church doors.




Inside left, pick up a Small Medipack. Look around and notice that there are four push buttons and a red keyhole. The buttons will give screenshots of what is happening, and it soon becomes clear that pressing them not only opens double gates in the out buildings, but also closes them. Soon Lara realizes that she needs to avoid the outer buttons near the wall paintings on either side, but must press the two inner buttons.


Then go outside to the farthest out building. The gate is open so press the button inside. Return to the building closest to the church entrance and press the button there. Go to the middle building and drop down the ladder, and in the tomb find Flares, 2x Shotgun Ammo and another Sacred Key.


Go back inside the church to the keyhole in the rear left, and use the key to open the gates. Inside is a sacred scroll, which surely will give away the plot of what is to come, but the voice-over only talks about facing deadly traps and tribulations to achieve a reward.


Lara:   “There's an old scroll here. I think it's from Byzantine period. I'm gonna read it.

'When Emperor Constantine realized the powers of the trident he decided to take it from its place and he build another temple, but this time he made it underground. He moved Poseidon's statue there which is holding the trident in his hand. He tried to protect it from strangers by setting traps in this new sanctum. In addition he asked patriarchs' help and patriarch built catacombs under the church and he placed the temple's key inside them. The key has the shape of a star and unlocks a door in a lighthouse which leads to Constantine's construction. Churches catacombs are beneath patriarchs tomb but no one ever tried to go there. There are terrifying creatures, giant lizards and dead men walking. Anyone who manages to get into these dungeons should know that the exit opens only by showing the holy symbol.'

Unfortunately, I can't read more. The scroll is too old and I can't see clear what else is written.”


Push the button on the right side wall. We see a way has opened up in the tomb.




Return to the middle building outside, and enter the newly created hole. Pick up the Shotgun Ammo, then sprint under the overhead boulder and against the ladder, jump up to avoid being crushed. Climb to the top and save the game as there is a spike ceiling about to descend. Lara slides down and immediately goes left to press the first button, then runs to the rear wall for the second button, and manages a dash to the third button on the right wall. The gate opens to the right of this, and Lara runs through unscathed as spikes descend. Continue and approach the next gate, which opens on Lara's approach and the level ends.





Secrets: 5




A little forward there is Uzi Ammo to the right, and further some Flares to the left. Crawl through to the next area and use the shotgun on three knights. In this area with uneven ground there are Flares in the back left corner. Go up the stairs and into the next large chamber to fight another two knights. From the entrance here, find a Small Medipack in the near right corner. Explore toward the back of the room, where it looks as though to the right there is a receptacle for a gem, and to the left there is a large circular medallion, a receptacle for a Seraph. Go there, and find a gap in the pillar to the left of the Seraph medallion. Pull up into the gap for Secret #30, Grenades.




There are two long and demanding routes leading out from this chamber. Take the left (from the entrance) middle opening, and Lara comes out overlooking a spike field. Climb up to either side corner block, and jump up to the monkey swing. Lara's choice on how to get across. The monkey swings are flamed trapped. It seemed to me that one place near the end was tougher, but that the save/reload trick also works in TR3. That is, save as the flame emitter starts, immediately reload, and then Lara seems to have a little extra time to get past the flame emitter, as it will be off or dying down.


On the other side get out the shotgun and deal with four knights in side passages, then find Shotgun Ammo and Grenades where the knights were hiding. Continue and go left, to a room with block in the middle, and find the Small Medipack.




Step back and look up, and study this room from several angles. Here is the deal: the switch by the golden gate is tightly timed, and opens a gate in a high corner.


Lara throws the switch, holding down the Look key to prevent a screenshot. She turns a tiny bit left and hops back. Do a back flip/twist to land on the block and keep running to jump to the left edge of the higher pillar ahead. Try to do a curved run right without stopping and jump to the corner, and again without stopping another curved run right to leap to the higher pillar and from there to the corner. Here Lara can set up a jump, hopping back against the wall, to do a running jump/grab to the left edge of the platform with the golden gate. Lara pulls up and runs through the gate before it closes.


Next, do a running jump/grab when the swinging pot is up on the right side. Time the swings and get through this to the other side. At the end, slide down backwards, hang and drop to the water. There is Shotgun Ammo and Uzi Ammo to either side. On the central platform have Lara jump straight up – this will free her feet from the water, so she can run. Get through two sets of doors and pick up the Diamond Key in the corner.


Get through three more doors and climb the ladder, follow the passageway. There is a wall lever just before the golden gate, to open it, and now Lara is back in the timed run room. Go out and straight down the hall to use the key by the door. Save the game. Don't rush into the next room, but walk slowly and stop at the entrance when there is a rumble. A rolling boulder goes by. Now Lara can see what is going on, and trigger the boulders in series without trouble. Pick up the Rocket from where the boulders were. Advance to the next room and look around.




Lara looks at a high push block on a low ledge, there are also three on the ground. A little thought, and it is clear Lara can maneuver the ledge block over ground blocks pushed between the immobile pillars to bridge between them. It appears the destination will be a high push block planted in the far wall but not yet.


The first bridge is already there, seems like a tutorial from the builder. Move the ledge block over it to the first static block pillar. The same bottom block now goes twice right around it, for a bridge to the second static pillar. Push the ledge block on it and the same ground block twice left around it. Don't touch the second ground block at all but push the third one between the double static pillar and the block embedded in the high wall. No more worries about bridges, now or later - move the ledge block almost into the room corner, climb it, then a high ledge above and throw the wall lever there to open the door of this room. Drop back to the ground.


Lara could leave by the open door, but what about that push block embedded in the wall? That is for a special secret. Push the ledge block over the entire multiple bridge, under the high embedded block. All work is done here, Lara can't move the embedded push block from this side. Leave the room by the door that opened.




Go up a few stairs and pick up the Grenade Gun. Go up to the next room, which contains a lot of cages with unhappy raptors. (It may spoil the fun, but there is a high block next to the entrance of this room. Lara can always run and jump onto this block, and raptors don't like to climb, so she is safe and can even shoot them with pistols.)


Explore the room. If Lara steps on tiles in the middle of the room which also has Grenades, a couple of raptors are set free. Gosh, they're mad. Shoot them. Go to the rooms in the corner where they came from. In one of them pick up MP5 Ammo and pull the switch in the other one to liberate another couple of raptors. Once they are dead go to the rooms where they came from and pick up a Large Medipack and the Dinosaur Key. Use this key in the opposite side of the room to open two more cages and release another raptor.


Go into the cage where the raptor was and left into a low crawlspace. Get through, and run down the passage to find a push block on the left. Yes, that push block. Move it forward to hear the secret sound. (The block is now resting on the two blocks that Lara positioned.) Turn and look to the left side, and pick up Secret #31, the Rocket Launcher.


Go back to the crawlspace, where there is a vocal raptor waiting on the other side. I found that if Lara entered the crawlspace, and drew pistols, that her gunfire appeared to have no effect on the raptor. So I had Lara stand with uzis drawn in the passageway in front of the crawlspace. She jumped up and fired an uzi burst and red would show on the raptor. She kept repeatedly jumping up and firing until the raptor dropped. (DJ Full remarks it's also possible from the far end of the lower part of the passage, using MP5 without jumping.) Of course, Lara could also crawl through and confront the raptor in this small cage. Go to the other room and pull the final switch to open the exit door. On your way there check the last raptor cage for Flares, now go to the opened door and take a running jump to the ladder.




Climb up near the top, back flip/twist to grab the opposite side. Climb up to the ledges, and behind Lara is Uzi Ammo. Now go through the long rooms and flame statues (more Flares on the way), staying close to one wall. At the last flame statue run forward into the corner, so the rolling boulder goes harmlessly behind Lara. There is no good way to get through the two plinth blades, as Lara can't jump them. Time them so that Lara does a speed dash through; sometimes Lara doesn't even take a scratch. Tip from DJ Full: to be specific, face the first trap, collide with the left wall in front of it, tap backwards two times (no walking), wait for the trap to fully block the exit and then dash through it. Repeat for the second trap, beginning from the dark line in front of it.


Slide down the slope, go forward to pick up the Seraph, half of the needed items.

Go out and left, drop down the ladder, run out into a room where Lara started this level. Go left and crawl through to the knight's room, up the stairs, and into the large chamber. This is where Lara made the choice of starting by going left.




This time go into the opposite right passage. Slide down the slope, but not to the bottom. Lara's objective is the left side slope, about one square up from the bottom. It doesn't matter which side slopes Lara jumps to first. She can jump to the right, and flip left, make leaps side to side to get down the slopes, until near the bottom Lara hits a slope on the left side which takes her downward, rather than dumping her into the middle. Lara ends up on a square where she can stand. Light a flare, then standing jump with fake grab to land on the far end of the nearby slope and bounce off forwards to jump across into a dark corner. Explore that little area, drop down for Secret #32, 2x Grenades. Get back out and drop. Get out the shotgun or the MP5. Go forward, around the corner right and a raptor goes crazy. Lara shoots it before it reaches her.




If Lara had gone straight out into this area and looked across the lava, she would see the MP5 Ammo (or the MP5 if she didn't already have it). From the area jutting into the lava, Lara can jump to a sloped block, and from there bounce to another block, to be followed by an easy standing jump to reach the block with ammo. Pick up MP5 Ammo. To get back, turn toward the entrance, make a running jump and quick bounce back to safety.


This time go all the way down this area to the end. Make a running jump to grab the tall pillar, then pull up and slide. Lara has to make five jumps in a row. After the third jump she lands on a left sloping pillar. She must slide to the bottom of this so that the fourth jump takes her to the farthest edge of the next pillar, then for the fifth jump make a hard right curve to land, slide backwards, and grab.

Shimmy all the way right. Pull up, back flip/twist/grab and shimmy left. Repeat the maneuver to get back, grab the sloped block. Pull up, slide, and make four natural jumps to reach the other side of the lava.




Hear the raptors. If Lara stays on her patch of land she is safe from the raptors and she can shoot them with the MP5. The MP5 is a long distance weapon, and needs to be appreciated since TR4 has only weapons with the same range.

Switch to the grenade gun and jump over to see if the area is clear. It isn't, one raptor was hiding, so blow him up. It was also guarding some more MP5 Ammo. Go to the building entrance but don't jump up there (falling ceiling), instead save the game. Try to make a running jump from the low flat entrance and left into the low area left of the raised entrance. Lara falls down on Secret #33, Grenades.


The roof fell down when Lara jumped. The easiest thing is to get back outside, then jump up to the right side of the entrance. Do a running jump along the right wall. Grab and shimmy about to the middle of the slopes. Now do a series of slope jumps in the middle, and when Lara lands after the third jump immediately run over to the left wall to avoid the falling ceiling. From here do a running jump to the room ahead.


As Lara enters this new area a raptor runs to greet her. There is a block in the back where Lara can stand and shoot him with pistols or whatever. If Lara is standing on the block pick up the Dinosaur Key. Also pick up the Large Medipack on the ground.




The door back is open. Go down the passage, approach the first boulder, roll, tap backwards to find where it triggers at the raised pathway. As soon as it rolls down, Lara speed runs back to the room and is safe. After the first boulder comes to rest jump over it. Do a speed dash under the second boulder. There is a crawlspace at the end of the right wall, so pull up into it before the boulder chasing Lara crushes her or, if you feel unlucky today, wait on the ladder until the threat is over. Get through and jump to the outside, go across this raptor area to the far wall and the door in the middle. The keyhole is on a pillar opposite the door.




Enter and go up the stairs. Save before the slide into spikes, as Lara has to jump at the right moment. In the next area see the giant boulder poised to roll down a ramp. Get the Grenades below it. The boulder is too fast for any trickery here. Lara has to sprint along the walkway, but let up on the sprint key in time for her to make a leap to the next ledge.


Once that is done, notice the second giant boulder. With boulder following, make a sprint straight into the ladder area, which is fairly easy. Don't climb the ladder, instead crawl out under the boulder to the right. From there make a curved left jump back to the walkway. Go to the end where the boulder was, and into the crawlspace for Secret #34, Uzi Ammo. This is the fifth and last secret in this level.


Get back to the other end, around the side of the boulder to where the ladder is. Climb to the top of the ladder and collect more Uzi Ammo. Light a flare to see where to jump. Get into the crawlspace and prepare to slide down to a dead raptor and a green pool. Something about this is ominous.




The T-Rex is thinking about a snack. Lara has a good chance if she can confuse it by running into the pools (T-Rex don't like water). The MP5 comes in handy here. You can also try stand and not moving. You will see that T-Rex is coming close to Lara and it just smells her and it ignores her, but Lara has to deal with the dinosaur. With the T-Rex dead get the Grenades near the dead raptor pool. From the T-Rex lair pick up the Small Medipack and the Ritual Gem. Lara now has both quest items. Exit by the door at the far end, but keep the grenade gun handy because that raptor wasn't alone. It is interesting to see that raptors don't mind water at all, as they charge right into a pool after Lara.




Inside the door, light a flare, get more Flares and go right then left to find a Large Medipack. Go back toward the entrance, but go right. Straight in from the entrance, at the back left there is a slope. Lara jumps onto its left part and backflips onto another slope behind. Make a curved jump left to the slanted pillar, slide down it and jump/grab the edge ahead. Pull up to stand. It is hard to see, but there is a crawlspace diagonally left ahead (near the entrance). To reach it, jump forward to the edge of the long slope, bounce off it and grab the crawlspace.

Crawl inside and go left to the end. Light a flare, see where to jump up. After the dark passageway with more Flares, go to a slope in the middle of a high room. This is a series of slopes upward, so pull up, bounce/grab, pull up, bounce/grab, then shimmy left to stand up. Jump across the gap.


Crawl into the next room, turn and hang, shimmy right until Lara can pull up to stand. Jump straight across to a high crack, shimmy all the way right, drop and grab the lower crack, shimmy all the way left, pull up and back flip. Lara lands safely beyond the spikes. Go up red rock passages, a door opens and Lara is back in the room where it all started.




Once again, go right and crawl through to the knight's room. Continue up the stairs, into the big chamber. Now Lara can go to the rear of the room. On one side, at the big medallion, she places the Seraph. At the opposite side she places the Ritual Gem. (Lara gets inventory at the Seraph receptacle, but the Gem may be selected. Selection isn't automatic as it is in TR4. Rotate inventory if needed for the right quest item to place.) The blue double doors open.

Run through to burners. Swan dive between the flames, and like going over a railing the trick is not to stand too close. Standing jump up between the next flames. In the next room pick up the Ornate Star.


Lara: “There is the star which unlocks Poseidon's sanctum. Now I have to get out of here. In the scroll was written that the exit opens by showing the holy symbol. The holy symbol for the orthodox Christians is the cross. I haven't understand it yet. What should I do? Maybe I have to find the exit doors and whatever seems like a cross.”




Lara muses about having to use a sacred symbol in order to exit, that for the Orthodox Church this means a cross, but she isn't sure if she has to find one, or if she has to make it herself. Go through the small door that opened and up the ladder. Continue to a big room. It is obvious, particularly from an overhead camera shot, that Lara can make a cross. The long part of the cross will point to where you came from. The short arms will be to the side. Left arm, two moves; right arm, one move, and the first gate opens at the end of the room. For the long base of the cross, two moves for each remaining unplaced block. When the cross is formed, the last door opens. Exit, crawl through, and the level ends.





Secrets: 5




To the left as Lara comes out is a Rocket. To the right as Lara comes out, jump up and go around into the corner to find a Small Medipack. Look up to see the lighthouse. Go forward to where Lara can overlook the sea, and go left to the rock wall to find MP5 Ammo.


Go back to where Lara found the Small Medipack. In the opposite corner, pull up higher. From here do a running jump/grab to the next ledge, and a jump forward. Climb up to the lighthouse. At the back corner of the lighthouse, away from the sea, find a Rocket. Go into the nearby entrance which has Shotgun Ammo and go by the door, keep going the long route to reach another Rocket, then come back to the door. It takes the Ornate Star which Lara has, but it may not be obvious how to place it. The receptacle isn't in the correct spot, for if Lara stands there nothing will happen. Instead she has to stand to the left, in front of the horizontal bar. Then she places the Ornate Star and the door will open.


Drop down into the water. Straight down are Grenades. Swim down the water tunnel, go right, and pull out of the water. Here go right for more Grenades. Well, it is pretty clear what happens here with the spiked cylinder and the red gem. Lara jumps down to the red gem. Nothing happens. Face the cylinder, turn 45 degrees to any side. Now pick up the gem, Poseidon's Guardian's Heart, and sideflip as quickly as possible into one of the open areas at the back wall, which also have Shotgun Ammo and Grenades. Climb out and go back into the water.


Swim straight ahead, and find the opening in the ceiling in the left corner. Pull out and get the MP5 Ammo. Place the red gem in the snake receptacle in the middle wall for screenshot of gate opening. Turn around. Go to either small pool on the left, dive to the bottom for a small slot to swim into, enter and find Secret #35, a Rocket.




Get out, return to the big water channel, and swim left, down into the gate that opened, then surface into a large decorated room.


Lara: “So, this is the hidden Poseidon's sanctum. Emperor Constantine did significant work.”


This will be a central point. Pick up the Shotgun Ammo. There are doorways at either end of this long room. Near one doorway is a Small Medipack. Check the other end and find nothing. But here Lara can go out to the sides and pull up on the pillar next to the corner. Go to the middle of the roof and find Secret #36, a Rocket.


Get down and enter the doorway here. Pick up Shotgun Ammo but ignore the crawlspace nearby (for Lara's return). Stop at the entrance to the big room, back up and take out the two zombie thugs. Save the game. Again go forward cautiously. Most of this big room is fire trapped. The ceiling shows the safe tiles to jump to.




First of all, spot the safe tiles left. You can jump on the little higher floor where you will find Grenades. Take them and jump back. Lara can go three squares into this room. Check the ceiling. Now there are two deadly tiles ahead that need to be jumped over, so do a running jump. Lara can walk to the right between two pillars. But what she really wants to do is run to the right, angle left, and jump to the left sloped side of the raised floor. Bounce back and forth between the slopes, avoiding the deadly flat, and work toward the wall. Flip Lara so she is facing back toward the entrance. Now there are slopes on Lara's left. Slide almost to the bottom, make a curved jump left to reach the far slope, and jump ahead to raised ledges, Lara headed back toward entrance.


On the raised ledge the middle square is deadly. See the ammo on the highest portion of the ledge, jump to pick up Secret #37, MP5 Ammo. Turn around and jump back to where Lara was.


Check the ceiling to see what is coming. Ahead of Lara are raised safe slopes. Beyond that is a raised block that is deadly, although the slope beyond it is safe. That is where Lara wants to go.


I found it worked best to use the short-takeoff jump (hold down the Shift Key, take a step forward, let up on the Shift Key and immediately press Jump; Lara makes the distance of a running jump). Make the short-takeoff jump to the left edge on the far side of the slopes ahead, make a curved jump left to the far side of the left slopes, now a curved jump right beyond that deadly block against the wall, reaching the safe sloped side beyond it, and bounce forward over the deadly tile to land on a safe square.


Walk one square forward. Lara can do a standing jump to grab the back of the sloped block ahead and left. Shimmy to right. Pull up, slide, and jump curved right to the safe tile against the wall.


Turn left, see the facing slopes ahead. Make a jump to them, bounce back and forth along the slopes. At the far end see a medipack on the ground. Flip Lara to face in that direction, and curve jump to land on that safe square. Pick up a Small Medipack.


Make a standing jump to grab the raised blocks. Shimmy left as far as possible, and here it is safe to pull up. Turn left, jump to the safe pillar. Turn left and jump to the safe high pillar in the center of the room. Pick up Shotgun Ammo, pull up into the corridor and go into the next big room.




First business, shoot the two giant wasps in the corners. Go right from the entrance and use the MP5 to shoot a wasp out on a pillar. Go left from the entrance to a vase, find a spot where Lara can shoot another wasp on a pillar (otherwise they will bother her later when she is going for a secret). You might need to jump upwards to kill this one. You can search for some Uzi Ammo where you are standing. Here on the left side find the ladder on the pillar and climb up.


A running jump/grab to a pillar and a running jump to next. From here use the MP5 to shoot a distant wasp. If it flies behind a pillar wait for it, or coax it out and kill it. (Tip from DJ Full: keep holding action even if the wasp hides, then without releasing action run-jump to the previous pillar, which the camera will make a bit problematic but if you make it Lara should re-target the wasp and you should be able to finish the kill from here.) Jump down the line to the next pillar. Turn right to see the obvious crack.

Actually, Lara wants to make a standing jump/grab to the high crawlspace above the crack. Don't pull up with Forward but press Duck to do so, otherwise Lara will fall to the lava. Crawl left for Secret #38, a Rocket and Grenades.


Crawl back to where you pulled up, get down to hang on the same side as before and drop down to the lower crack. One of those wasps may have shown up, despite Lara's efforts. Shimmy left to the last block and drop down on the slope below. Slide to the end and leap up to grab a pillar, pull up. That last wasp should be stuck in the wall behind you, good moment to turn around and blast that wall with the rocket launcher so the insect can bug off forever.


Lara wants to go down the room to the right. It is a fairly easy jump, or Lara can turn around, go down the slope backwards, hang, then pull up, back flip/twist to grab the next pillar. Do a running jump to the next pillar. To get the rocket, face it and roll to it from the edge. Pick up the Rocket. Lara wants to continue in the direction she was going but it's very tempting to skip the tricky intended sequence, which would be: do a tricky diagonal jump to the previous pillar, stand on the right high corner near the pillar ahead, and do a standing jump to grab the top; shimmy left, pull up and jump curving left to the pillar in front; hang, shimmy all the way left; pull up, back flip/twist and curve right to land on the pillar. Instead of all of this you can just do a single standing jump from the rocket pillar to grab the pillar ledge to the left of it, pull up, turn around and reach the same destination.

Jump ahead to the next two pillars, a running jump/grab to the third. Make a running jump into the hole in the wall. In the middle of the corridor pick up a Small Medipack.




Continue, shoot the zombie thug, and pick up Flares on both sides of this big room. On the left side press the button, which starts fire emitters to help make the invisible blocks easier to see.


From the button, jump out to the “invisible” block. Turn right. It is easier to see the far platform ahead, but look closely and Lara can see the corner of a slightly closer block. Or just make a running jump/grab toward the right edge of the distant block, and Lara will grab the closer platform. You can see it better if you light a flare and drop it away. You will be able to spot the platform and the jump will be easier. Jump to the corner block. Light a flare, and turn right back toward the entrance ledge.


Jump to the bigger block the flare made visible. Now do a standing jump/grab up to the higher block. Look up, there is a secret in the alcove ahead, but Lara can't get it yet. For now turn right, jump straight out, and then jump into the corner over the button. Turn right, jump up to the high platform, run down it and jump to the corner to press the high button. As the screenshot shows, the gate directly underneath opens.


Now go for that secret. Roll at the button, walk out, ahead the ledge is one square out from the wall. Throw a flare to see it. Do a running jump aimed slightly right, grab the block and pull up. Now a running jump straight ahead. Light a flare to see where to get on a higher block. Throw the flare to reveal a sloped block between Lara and the alcove ahead. Jump to the slope, then into the alcove, pick up Secret #39, a Large Medipack. This is the fifth and last secret in the level, and the final secret in the adventure.


From here it may be easiest just to do a safety drop down to the entrance ledge below. Run down to the other end, jump to the first invisible block, and from here a running jump/grab to the ledge where the gate opened. Go in, around to the right to pick up a Rocket.




Make the slope jumps on the right and grab the crawlspace. Get in and notice the spike wall on the left of the room. Most of the floor is deadly except for a few marked safe tiles. Enter the room and hang from the crawlspace.


The sequence starts as soon as you drop. Roll immediately, the spike wall is moving. Be careful, don’t make the jumps near the end of tiles, because Lara will die. Therefore tap forwards, stop, then jump to the opposite safe tile. Turn a little bit right and jump on the other two. When Lara is on these two tiles, another wall will start moving in front of her, so ignore this corridor for the time being. Perform a roll and do a running jump to reach the two safe tiles opposite and a bit left. Stand in the middle of the one which is close to the wall and look for the next tile left. Face it and do a standing jump. Lara lands on it, but she has to jump quickly left, so perform a side jump. When she lands, another wall is triggered. Jump immediately right (to the previous tile) and now jump forward. As the wall on the left is now moved, she can make a last left side jump and now she can relax.


Once it is safe Lara can press the corner button. The hallway gate opens. It is in the corridor you left behind because the spike walls were moving.


Retrace steps, back to the hallway and along it to get through the gate. Lara runs forward toward a second gate. It might be a good idea to have the rocket launcher shouldered. Three monsters will attack in this new room.




DJ Full's remark: a totally safe yet kinda cheaty way is to not enter the room (since you get locked inside) but tap backwards to the closed entrance, stand next to it on its right side and shoot from here. The aliens are too high to get into the passage, their plasma balls fly too high to reach it either. That's it, let me just pass the mic back to dmdibl for dev-intended way. Don't wait for those alien monsters from TR3 to charge, but hit them with rockets fast. The best way to beat them is to run and stand on the steps in front of a button. The monsters can’t hit Lara easily and she just has to shoot them and avoid their fires. Use about five rockets to settle things.


Go forward to press the button. The screenshot shows that one of two doors has opened. Go back toward the entrance where another gate has opened. Slide down, run through the short passage to the crawlspace, and this takes Lara back to the beginning.




She returns to the pool area, crosses it, and goes into the doorway at that other end of the room. Through the doorway there is a Rocket on the right. Keep walking and a screenshot of a monster approaching will be shown. Prepare the grenade gun and kill it.


In the room there is something that looks like a dry water channel. On the other side of it, against the far wall, Lara can pick up Grenades and a Rocket. There is a small doorway at one end of the room. As Lara is getting in, a screenshot will show two monsters attacking. Again, Lara should be saying to herself, “The grenade gun is good”. Pause in the small hallway before entering the next area; in fact, start hopping back. Use the grenade gun on the alien monsters.




When things quiet down, go into the next area and pick up a Large Medipack from the right. Go forward to the fire pillars. The tile on the left starts the timed sequence.


I was most comfortable doing it this way. Lara runs over the trigger tile, leaps to the pillar against the wall, and continues with a running jump/grab to the left side of the pillar ahead, Lara against the wall. She pulls up and turns right. Note that the rest of this is nonstop running. Use the short take-off jump to reach the next pillar, angling right. Run over the far corner, aim to run along the right side of the next pillar, and aim for the right side of the pillar against the side wall, curve around left to make a jump to the next pillar, run off the inside corner toward the pillar on the far wall (again aiming to the right), keep running curve left, jump to the final pillar with Lara against the wall (helps if this pillar catches fire at the last moment) and from here leap up to the button.


Press the button to see that the channel in the previous room is, indeed, flooded with water. Jump back on the pillars against the wall and return there.




Hop up, and jump into the water, start to swim down to the depths. SAVE the game in a new slot, then immediately reload it. (Explanation: This is a flip or TR3 alternate room. Some players found that when Lara swam around the first right corner the screen froze. Saving and restoring when Lara is in the water should prevent such a problem.)


Swim about a right corner and continue until Lara comes to a right alcove, where she can pick up Grenades. Swim along the passage and see a rocket where there is a channel up. If Lara is low on air, first swim up to take a breath. Then swim back down and pick up the Rocket. Go up to the room and pull out. Find a whole mob of zombie thugs chasing and assaulting Lara. Run about a little to make sure all the zombie thugs have formed into a group, then blast them with a single grenade, which should take care of the lot of them. There is an open door here. Looking back into the room from the door, there is a Large Medipack on the back wall, left. Now go out the door.




This doesn't look so good. Lara should walk over against the left wall, so she is closer to the left alcove above. The hard way: make a run for that alcove, and try to jump over the spike cylinder as it rolls down. Lara will probably take damage, often serious damage. The easy way: From the left wall turn to face the wall with the entrance. Make a cross run, Lara curving up the slope to trigger spike cylinders, then curving down to run back out the entrance. Let the spike cylinders roll down. Return, and find higher spike cylinders still remain. But now it is an easy run to the alcove on the left, let the spike cylinders pass, and go up to the gate at the top of the room.




Surprise, the gate opens onto more alien monsters. Get in and the door closes behind you. Either follow DJ Full's cheaty tip from the previous fight but this time note it's the left side of the entrance passage which is safe, or enter the room like a non-chicken and use the grenade gun to beat them. The best way is to stand again on the steps in front of the button. The monsters can’t reach Lara easily and she is able to shoot them and avoid their fires. When the room is clear, pick up a Small Medipack and use the button. See a screenshot of second underwater gate opening, to clear a passage.


Go back to the zombie room, enter the water. Swim back to the dolphin-textured room. (It may not be necessary, but as soon as Lara entered here I saved and restored the game.) Swim up, get out, and return to the main large room. The pool has those gates that opened. Dive in and swim through the narrow passage.




Pull out of the water, soon see a screenshot of a Poseidon statue; Lara tells us she needs to find a way to take his trident.


Lara: “That's the trident I was searching for. I have to find a way to reach this statue's hand and take it.“


In the next room go forward to see the Poseidon statue and a couple of pickups to either side of it. Lara can jump to get the pickups, but it's easier to wait. Move the two push blocks into the ceiling light beams. For clarity, this means that the blocks will end up under a slanted part of the ceiling. A door opens, so go into a small room and press a button.


Lara: “I have to press this button twice in order to make it work right.”


So press the button a second time. The Poseidon statue area floods.

Now Lara can easily get those pickups on either side of the statue, a Small Medipack and Shotgun Ammo. Dive into the water and take the Trident that Lara is after. Hear that a gate opens. Swim down left and through a crooked passage, then up to pull out. Pick up Grenades, slide down. In the passageway a screenshot shows a resurrected Sophia turning nasty, very nasty.




Run out and over to a right corner for protection against the first powerful energy blasts from Sophia. Grab a Large Medipack from the alcove to the right. Then jump up on the block there, and make a running jump up to a golden gate (closed) with MP5 Ammo in front. Lara can pick them up, but at this point they are irrelevant.


Turn right and jump to a Small Medipack, be sure to get that. Now around the next corner there is a button on the left and a push block on the right. Be sure Lara's health is topped up. Press the button, and then push the block aside. From where the block was, jump up to get a Large Medipack. Grab the monkey swing and take it out and left (passing a crawlspace), left around a corner, and soon Lara is safe from the blue energy bolts. Note: Sophia should be standing high up in the right corner while Lara monkey swings. Sometimes, if Lara dies, a reloaded game will make Sophia confused. If Sophia isn't lashing out with blue energy bolts something is wrong, and you need to reload an even earlier save. This is rare, and seems to happen only on certain Lara deaths. Drop on a ledge to pick up a Rocket and press the button.


Drop down to the ground. The good news is that the door that opened is here, ahead on the left. The bad news is that there are two alien monsters inside. Lara has plenty of ammo for grenade gun or rocket launcher to dispose of them and DJ Full's tip also works this time but now you need to acknowledge Sophia's bolts and not to step too far out of the room. Press the button on the central pillar on the side opposite the door and pick up a Small Medipack from a corner. See a screenshot of a gate opening, this is the gate where the MP5 Ammo were (or are, if Lara ignored them).


Run out and across the room to the side with the block that Lara used before, jump up on it and make the jump up to the now open gate. Press the button. This is a repeat of the other side. Drop to the ground and the gate that opened is here, on the right. Of course, inside there is an alien monster to fight and - plot twist - DJ Full's tip still works but does better from the inside so lure the mutant out, get in and try killing it from there. Pick up a nearby Large Medipack, find the button on the central pillar and press it. The gate that opened is up where the monkey swing is. Lara went by it before because it was shut, but now the gate is open.




Go out the door and climb the adjacent block, jump up to where the MP5 Ammo were, turn right and jump into the passage. Follow around to where the push block was, jump up to grab the monkey swing. Monkey swing out and left – watch Lara's health – and in the middle of this wall there is a crawlspace. Turn left against the wall, drop and grab the crawlspace, get inside. Crawl forward, stand, and slide down onto a death tile. It is a death tile for Sophia. Watch her cry out, collapse, and vanish leaving a red gem behind.


Lara drops down out of here, runs forward, and a gate opens. Keep running straight forward, and climb the ledge ahead. Climb a block. Go in to find an open gate, go up left, go out and make a running jump to the roof. Go diagonally across the roof to the back left corner, find a button to press, see that the fire goes out underneath the red gem. Turn left and go along this section of roof and make a jump to the ledge leading to the red gem. Climb up, and pick up Poseidon's Guardians Heart.


Lara can look up and make a standing jump forward to climb up and place the gem in a snake's mouth at the top of the room (rotate inventory if needed to select red gem). A gate below opens. Make a running jump down to Sophia's perch. From here get down to the ground level, and find the center gate open.

Go inside, run up the slope and the adventure ends.


Lara: “Finally the exit. Now it's time to enjoy a cocktail on the beach.”


See level statistics. Select for “End the Game,” watch the ending credits, and see the final statistics for the full game.