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The Experiment - Forgotten Cave (Demo)


release date: 22-Oct-2003

average rating: 8.93
review count: 20
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file size: 20.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

The story so far: Lara is on the vacation. She enjoys her new small swimming-pool. Then the butler comes out and tells her, that the phone is ringing, but he is unable to answer, because Lara has activated the quest-house mode switch which changes the house into a training place. But she doesn' matter. The phone doesn't stop, so she decides to answer it anyway. After completing the puzzles, she switches house back to the normal-house-living mode. On the other side of the telephone wire is an archaeologist, telling her that he had some problems on the excavation site; it is located behind the mountain range of the Italian Alpes. The excavators found a hidden mine, they somehow managed to restore the electricity, so the lights now work. But after that the excavators don't want to work there anymore. They don't feel very well near the mine opening. They're reporting of sudden fear and bad feeling when near it. And he felt the same. He knows the history of Lara and her strange adventures. So he asks her if she would like to explore the mine and find the sorce of that unpleasant feeling, because he wants to continue the excavation. He also explains that he knows how stupid this is to hear, but also some of her quests were just unbelievable. Well, Lara is on vacation, ofcourse, but her adventurer spirit isn't...She visits the caller, gets some informations and is given a key to the mine. Archaeologists had closed it to be sure that no one goes in anymore. Lara is at the place, but she has no luck. The key felt into the water by accident and she just can't find it now. Anyway she doesn't intend to go all the way back for a small key. They will just have to be some alternative way of getting into the mine. After some troubles with searching the alternative way into the huts, Lara luckily finds there a key. So she doesn't need to go back! She opens the entrance to the mine. Dark and... dark. But the lights must work, they said. Well, what now, there seems to be no path, just some bats. After some investigation she finds a hidden switch that lovers the fence to the lower levels of the mine. She finds also a hidden message of the mineowner, warning people of this place. Now, this is interesting. Lara now won't stop. So something must be under the elevator! After playing with dynamite, searching for hidden paths and making the elevator work, Lara has two options: leave the area or go deeper into the mine. Ups, suddenly there is no way back! So, what are those strange caves with shining stones?