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Lara at the Movies - The Blair Witch Project


release date: 25-Jun-2004
difficulty: medium
duration: short

average rating: 9.10
review count: 64
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file size: 301.83 MB
file type: TR4
class: Mystery/Horror
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

In October 2003 a British tourist - Lara Croft - gets lost during a hike in the forest near Burketsville, Maryland. For 10 days there is no sign of her whatsoever, but then, on the 11th day, she comes out of the forest past the rescue teams as if nothing had happened. During many inquiries she confirms that she is fine and refuses to answer what happened in those 10 days.....In June 2004 she finally agrees to share her story. Apparently the first 9 days were pure survival lessons, while the last few hours of the 10th day were very interesting...