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Costa Rica - Episode Three (Refreshed)


Dnf Productions
release date: 04-Apr-2005
difficulty: medium
duration: very long

average rating: 9.69
review count: 21
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file size: 275.47 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

Download replaced with the refreshed version on Aug 3, 2007

In Costa Rica you will finally discover why Lara had to steal the two artifacts from Victor Powell – one in Saudi Arabia and the other in Russia. These artifacts are mystical pieces created by some sort of Egyptian god in 2400 bc. There were buried underground in Saudi Arabia, so the people would not know their hidden place. The reason why they hid these artifacts is because of their power. They were much too powerful to handle, unless someone knew how to work them. Anyway, 2000 years after their burial they were discovered by an archaeologist in Saudi Arabia, not far from Egypt. This man knew how to carry them in one's possession without getting killed. In the late 19th century the artifacts were sitting in a museum in London.

They were not protected enough however, and Victor Powell's baddies stole the artifacts, putting one in Saudi Arabia and the other in Russia. After the alarm got sounded, Lara was told to get them back. When she did her job she gave them to someone she trusted so he could deliver them back to the museum. Daniel Pitovich was this guy.

After Lara's successful mission she went back home and studied these artifacts. In doing so something came to her mind. Meanwhile, Victor's baddies went to Los Angeles to get once again acquire the two artifacts, but There is one more missing said Mr. Powell, and the only one who knows where that artifact is... is Lara. Someone called Lara, telling her that Daniel was in great danger in Costa Rica. She had only a short time to save Daniel and get back those two artifacts, and by the same token she had to bring the third one to Victor. Well, obviously she cannot do everything at once, so she decided to contact one of her best friends (a new character in DNF's series) and ask him to go to Egypt and get the third artifact, so as to bring it back to Lara. Thus, she can have those three artifacts and use them as keys to open the power of god called Ultimate Power. If she succeeds to destroy the Ultimate Power, then Powell will no longer be a beast.