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BtB2006 - The House of Kuan-Yin Lo


release date: 01-Jan-2006
difficulty: challenging
duration: medium

average rating: 9.30
review count: 38
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file size: 37.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Oriental
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

One day, Lara receives a letter from an old friend and fellow adventurer, Kuan-Yin Lo, inviting her to visit him at his home in Huoshan, northern China when she is next in that part of the world. As luck would have it, Lara was planning an expedition to an ancient temple in nearby Jiangsu and so wrote back to her friend, thanking him for his invitation and saying she would see him in two weeks' time. On Lara's arrival at his house, Kuan-Yin greeted her warmly. Lara was very happy to see her old friend, with whom she had shared several adventures and that evening they reminisced on their past quests and explorations. Eventually their conversation turned to the Zhu Deng, an ancient and beautiful artefact which Kuan-Yin had found many years before and which Lara had seen on a previous visit. Lara was fascinated by its beauty and admired it greatly. Suddenly, Kuan-Yin turned to Lara and said "Lara, I have many treasures I have gained through years of exploration and which have brought me great joy whilst I have had them. However, I am no longer a young man, one day I will die and I have no children to leave these things to. I am therefore giving some things away now to my closest friends, and I would like you, Lara, to have the Zhu Deng. I hope you will treasure it and keep it as a memento of our friendship". Lara is amazed at her friend's generosity and at first says no, she couldn't possibly take the artefact. Kuan-Yin looked thoughtfully at Lara and then laughed. "You are very much like me. An explorer, an adventurer, one who takes risks in order to find precious things. There is no challenge in being given treasure without danger to overcome. So what if I give you a challenge? I will hide the Zhu Deng and if you find it, you can keep it?" Lara smiled at her friend. "What did you have in mind?" Kuan-Yin stood up and walked slowly around the room. "I have a house a few miles to the north of here, up in the mountains. This house has been in the Lo family for many years and my father, who as you know was also an explorer, turned the house into a training course, somewhere he could practice his skills, and I too have used it for this purpose. I could hide the Zhu Deng somewhere in the house and if you can find it and bring it to me, it will be yours!" Lara is intrigued. She is still hesitant to take the precious artefact from her friend but is unable to resist such a challenge and agrees. A few days later Kuan-Yin takes Lara to the house in the mountains, the House of Kuan-Yin Lo.