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The Zoprium Project 1 - The Strange Lab of Nevada


Danilo Rocha

Mara Croft

Renato Wanser

release date: 16-Aug-2006

average rating: 8.47
review count: 17
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file size: 85.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

It was an ordinary day, much like this one, when Lara received an urgent request from her friend and scientist Dr Leavy, to travel to an underground complex beneath the mountains in Nevada. There, Dr Leavy, who was doing geological research, accidentally came across a strange cave, with equipment seemingly used in bio-radioactive experiments. As soon as Lara arrived, Dr Leavy showed her some notes that he and his men had found in the cave when they investigated it. They had found formulas, calculations and symbols which Dr Leavy was sure had been used in radiation research. The strangest thing about these notes, he told her, was that they contained pictures of a quartz ornament with a Zóprium sphere on top. The amazing thing about this, he explained, was that Zóprium was so rare that it had only ever been found in the deepest parts of the Black Sea, it made no sense for it to occur in Nevada. While showing Lara around the cave, Dr Leavy revealed that while he had been researching the Black Sea continental rise in Turkey, he had discovered an extremely complex geological system. Obviously, since it had not been fully investigated yet, the find had not been published. Another reason for the secrecy was that the first analysis of that metal revealed a rare and highly dangerous radiation, which could result in irreversible human genetic degeneration. Being exposed to the radiation might lead to irreparable damage, or even cellular mutations. Dr Leavy looked away and Lara promptly told him to please tell her the whole story, because it would make her job much more easier. Dr.Leavy sighed and told Lara how the reports were confiscated by National Security Officers and how the humans were held captive and used as lab rats in the biochemical experiments. This reports was some sort of 'control' for those that performing the experiments, about the people subjected to the radiation. Lara's mind went back to the time that she had met mutants, but Dr Leavy saved the worst part for last: after being exposed several times to the Zóprium radiation, these mutants were thrown to a strange creature which only eats human flesh. The creature, when metabolize the radiation, act like some sort of 'radioactive battery', and by doing so, the creature could stay alive. The doctor had not been able to find any more information on the creature, and could not say if it was some sort of alien, or simply something created in a lab. But the question was, he added, who got access to these materials, and what purpose did the creature serve? Dr Leavy told Lara how he had attempted to find the answers to these questions. He had tried to connect the Zóprium’s research and its discovery with the human experiments, but the only thing of importance he had found was connected to his work in the Institute of Space Technology. He had been employed to help and build a pod, based on the nanotech architecture of omicrons, for 'special' prisoners in latency state, and for which our traditional confinement systems were innocuous and obsolete. The Zoprium Project, whose first stage is the investigation of a complex of labs in the mountains of Nevada, starts here...