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The Lost Temple of Madubu Gorge


release date: 07-Sep-2006

average rating: 6.83
review count: 12
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file size: 61.31 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

It was in the morning. Lara was tired. She had just arrived from the Professor's laboratory Eddington to be able to decipher something on Excalibur and the stone town squares distributed all over the world. So Lara started to look at a book about South America. Maybe this way she would find some track on some of the town squares. But she saw something that raised her attention as she flipped through the pages: the coordinates of a temple, and some images of something that seemed a face. Lara had already seen those masks when she was in the Temple of Madubu Gorge, looking for the holy dagger, but she continued reading and according to the declarations of a near tribe these hid something well-known as the smaith gem. It only said that it has supernatural powers. Lara looked for information about the Gem of Smaith and she found in a book that this was an orb, of which was not known what function it had. And if it was the 7 device of the meteorite?.. And if it could reveal something on the whereabouts of the town squares? At the moment Lara requests to Winston that he prepares her hand baggage and to Alister that he informs her on the mysterious device with supernatural powers. She starts toward South America...After a long trip, Lara arrives to the Islands of South Pacific and looking for the jungle finds a temple at the same time in the deepest and beautiful place of the jungle. It is here. Lara jumps out of the helicopter...The adventure begins...(How does the story continue? In the following level we will know what happens after recovering the mysterious smaith Gem.)