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Revenge of Osiris - Lava of the Depths


release date: 07-Feb-2007

average rating: 9.05
review count: 24
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file size: 248.59 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat
Hall of Fame

author profile(s):

Six years ago, an archeologist team discovered an underground Temple a few miles away from the King's Valley. They tried to open the door, but didn't succeed. The night after the discovery, the team disappeared mysteriously whereas something strange was happening: after the night had fallen, the sky became as red as blood, and the moon, full this particular night, became vivid orange, seeable from thousands of kilometers. A light beam tore the skies and fell on the temple through the hole the archeologists had made. The ground began to shake and a violent explosion destroyed the accessto the temple, showing a hieroglyph-covered stele.

A few years later, Lara Croft bought this particular stele, during an auction sale in London. Its owner told her where the object was from and told her its story, talked about the evil-spell for a while, for it had killed the archeologists who had discovered the temple entrance. He also mentioned a thousand-year old paramilitary group, the Corpus Fatalis, which, since the stele's discovery, was trying to get it by any means. This group, as the legend said, was made from former Templars' descendants who might have taken refuge in Egypt after the Temple Order's falland might have sealed a pact with the Osiris Priests' sect, hence becoming Osiris' army on Earth, protecting the temple and its secret since several centuries. Nothing more could have triggered Lara's curiosity...

After seeing several Egyptologists specialised in hieroglyph's decoding, she didn't manage todecode the message and put the stele in her parisian flat.
Even if it's not so interesting archeologically, it will make an Egyptian touch in my living...,she thought.

One night, while she was coming back home,she saw a light coming by the hole between her flat's door and the ground. Fearing a robbery, she took her guns and broke the door with her feet. A big light appeared then, triggering in her a very violent electric shock. Petrified, she fell to the ground and, before fainting, saw the stele, its symbols emitting a blinding light. When she woke up, she felt cold and a furious violence wave got through her. Getting back on her feet as well as she could, she entered her bathroom to clean her face with water. She saw in her mirror that her face, but also most of her body were covered with hieroglyphs. Oddly,they reminded her of those which were on the stele, but they now meant something to her.

She started translating them:
'Since milleniums, I learnt to handle new powers, unknown from both mortals and immortals. I'm the God of the Dead, and my wife Isis, blinded by the love she has for me, reconstituted me after my brother Seth had cut me into pieces. My unworthy son Horus mislead the hope I had for him when he chose being with my wife instead. They sealed me forever in the Kingdom of the Dead, sealed by the stele. Now, thanks to you, poor mortal girl, and to the unwise who discovered the temple, nothing will stop my revenge!'

'Oh no,there it goes again!' thought Lara, 'after Seth and Apophis, I need to clean up the ancient Egyptian Gods... OK, dear Osiris,if you want me to, I'm coming, but this time I will finish the job!'