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The Imprisoned Spirits SE


release date: 31-Jan-2011

average rating: 8.71
review count: 7
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file size: 183.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Once upon a time there were some evil spirits. The arrogance of a number of these spirits led them to destroy the earth by flooding it with water. But one man built a boat and saved his family and a few of the animals and they again repopulated the earth.

To prevent these spirits from again attempting to destroy the earth they were imprisoned and are kept in chains of darkness. For long centuries they have gnawed their tongues with pain, eaten away by disease, pride, envy, jealousies and hatred.

But all is not well in the netherworld of the Imprisoned Spirits. The High Council of Representatives of the Wise One has conferred and agreed to send an ambassador to meet with Miss Croft to quietly enlist her help. The High Council’s seat of power, Dragon Castle, has become infested with Thlymedykth (said with a lisp) and they want rid of them. If successful, the High Council has kindly arranged to overlook all Miss Croft’s misdemeanours as an adventurer and grant her free passage through their realm back to her own time. Lara has not been sleeping very well. One evening, while curled up reading a book by an open log fire, she felt the earth grumble deep underground. Since then she has been lying awake at night, or prowling through her darkened mansion. She knows something is stirring and she knows they will be coming for her. But she’s not afraid.

The Imprisoned Spirits are nervous. The only gate back to Lara’s world is through their inner sanctum deep beneath Dragon Castle and they know that if Lara accepts this challenge and uses the scroll of Ephesians and then enters their holy place, their future will be eternal death.

But first Lara has to find the keys to Dragon Castle . . .