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Shadows of Eternity






release date: 10-Jun-2007

average rating: 8.17
review count: 12
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file size: 234.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

(Intro) Lara: I'll tell you the a story... Everything began in 1986. I was spending my vacation in Norway's mountains. One day – I remember it was a rainy day and my mood was also cloudy – I got lost. It was somewhere in the middle of the caves and I thought I would never find my way back. While I was wandering I found a book, very valuable book as I realized later. The book was very thick, leather bound and I estimated the age of it at a half of the millennium. The curiosity was it wasn't written up but absolutely blank. Despite of the hoary age it was in pretty good condition and it was touching me with very mystical impression. Fortunately it didn't take a long time and I saw the rain again – the way back home...

At that time I entrusted my father with my discovery. As he saw the book his eyes sparkled, but he didn't show anything and indicated that he doesn't know the purpose of the book. As late as 10 years later he told me following legend:

800 years ago there exists a fellowship that owned the secret of eternal life and immortality. This power was provided by magic artifact – Circle of Life - neither origin nor creator was known. Because they were smart they hide this artifact at an unknown place to protect it against a possible abuse. For the case of need they wrote up the book explaining the way to find Circle of Life. However the book was written with the invisible ink and can be read only under light of magic flame which must me fired up on the special pedestal made by them... As my father told – the pedestal was discovered by archeologists in 1926 somewhere in Europe and much later it was bought by Prague Jewish antiquarian Joseph Lowy. Its power – to read invisible text – is treated as a fairy-tale which is trusted by hardly anybody. And now the book lies in my hands. I’ll try to find the pedestal and if it is possible I’ll make out the text of the book. And if it really exists than I can destroy Circle of Life...