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Lara Croft Returns - Episode 1: The Complex of Sofia and Natla


Boris Samoilenko
release date: 21-Sep-2005

average rating: 8.25
review count: 15
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file size: 221.52 MB
file type: TR3
class: City

author profile(s):

The station appeared well protected, not only with security personnel, but also system of locks on doors. But it's no real problem for her to make her way to the other side of the station. The last communication with the military group took place from here, before they vanished. Even if it is possible, that Sofia and Nàtlà already know about Lara's arrival, there is no sign of it. On the other side of the station appeared a by-road to the city - probably masking of the factory. No alive soul is present, not even security. How come? No other choice, let's do some openings. After finding the key for the dark cinema, Làrà faces with the reason of absence of people - a raptor. Very typical of Natla to create biological projects - probably one of them - revival of dinosaurs. But it's not enough to destroy Làra. As she made her way to the cinema, inside there are armies of guards. In the cellars of the cinema she found a key, presumably for another door in the city area. When Làrà got outside, she successfully found the door. And here she was convinced that the industrial complex already exists and moreover - the project of revival of dinosaurs is completed - at the entrance of the factory she faces with larger and more dangerous representatives of these ancient animals. Anyway, Làrà destroys them and makes her way into the industrial complex. There she met with powerful protection, however the main danger lies inside, and connected to the lack of safety precautions, which virtualy nonexistent in the complex due to the dangerous nature of their work. She has to stop manufacture here by destruction. On the other side of the complex there is a less mysterious place - small coast. But there is no time to admire landscapes. Near the huge building of the factory, there is one more building just as big. To get there Làrà finds an access card, but it is still protected by killing lasers. Here Làrà arranges a short circuit which is accompanied by switching-off of energy and a couple of explosions. So Làrà can make the way into the building which is a superstructure above deep tunnels. Sofia learns about the switching-off of energy and therefore finds out about the arrival of Làra and comes in anger, as Nàtlà was responsible this night for the supervision and protection of the complex. Here Sofia sends Nàtla to start the 2nd project - the nuclear rockets directed on the largest cities of the world, and herself is go to take away the scepter from the source of the radiation into the depths of the tunnels. She hoped, that she will have time to improve the power of the scepter but as the tunnels possess smaller protection, than the factory, now it is better to do something. So Sofia is gone and take away the stolen artefacts. Làrà in the meantime makes her way through the tunnels and understands, that all artefacts support the forcefield around, also the powerful underground power source. Only together with the artefacts can she improve the scepter, by gathering phenomenal dozes of radiation, by which the guards mutate. Many have already shown awful symptoms. Some people were frightened and try to get out, resisting to the staying guards. It's obvious what to do. But, unfortunately, Sofia had the time to take away the artefacts and Làrà, having got out of the bottom tunnels, reaches the platform of rocket launchers. And in this moment lives of millions of people depend only on Lara. By the ignition of the engines of the rockets, the bottom tunnels collapsed, therefore the energy source went down, so the protective field of invisibility around all of the city and the industrial complex disappears. Làrà at this time informs special services on the location and finds a switch to cut the launch, disconnecting the rockets. Now FSB arrives to the place, and the long processes of searching of all these places begin. Now this complex is not dangerous. But Sofia and Nàtla are gone with the artefacts. Most likely they escaped, and the next move have to be finding them. Here they find Sofia's documents, one reveals that there is a second complex under one of the Scottish small towns. There is more powerful source there, and consequently Sofia can recharge the scepter in minutes. In other papers Làrà finds a way to neutralize the increased forces of the scepter. Force is increased through the artefacts, as through conductors. With these sources she created artefacts, that have no power. But in antiquity, at creation of artefacts, the artefact created a twin to it's shape, but not only in appearance, but also in it's force. But the destructive force of Sofia's scepter have to be charged. Therefore Sofia to make not simple twins, next to the usual artefact, she needs an energy source, to use them as conductor and source - 2in1. Only then she could carry out the improvement of the scepter. Làrà has understood, that it is necessary to find the duplicates of all five stolen artefacts and then to go to Scotland, to neutralize Sofia's scepter. However there was no guarantee, that Sofia does not search for them too, or anyone else has not found and destroyed the twins. Nevertheless Làrà is on search for the first of them - the Twin of the Eye of Isis. Signs shown it is in the south of Finland, in a underground Temple of the Twin.