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Lara Croft Returns - Episode 2: In Search of the Duplicates


Boris Samoilenko
release date: 02-Feb-2006

average rating: 8.44
review count: 13
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file size: 221.52 MB
file type: TR3
class: nc

author profile(s):

The Temple of Twin really existed, but it was buried under the ground, therefore she have to go down, where the artefact was. In the hall with the artefact she met Toni's revived phantom - the abnormal person who nearly burned Làra in India for another artefact. And now here he is, and again planning to repeat it. He successfully uses the force of the artefact. But the temple supervises the force of Twin Izis and consequently Làrà finds the lever which allows her to kill Toni's phantom, as award receives the treasured artefact.
The twin of Dagger Xian was next. It has been hidden near to where the original artefact was. The temple in which the twin lies has been created by common Chinese and Indian monks who terribly respected the force of the artefact. Lara has to fight some statues, guards and overcome set of traps. But all this can't stop her to find the artefact in the vault of the temple among lava. Now two twins in Lara's hands.
Now the twin in question is the Amulet Mountain. As Làrà found out, it is in a sunk temple in the British seas. It appeares, that a native-research base is constructed at the place, and they already trying to dig out the temple. Làrà was delighted, that now it will not be so difficultly for her to find this artefact, she has to use the Artefact Seraf to open catacombs, as she did in Tibet in 1997. However she has to search not only for that place, but for a ship too that sunk long time ago, and an hour before Lara's arrival to the station, a group of mercenaries from Nàtla and Sofia arrived there to complicate matters. Bad for them. Neither divers, nor machine gunners, monsters and the animated corpses made in the temple could prevent her, to find the twin of the Amulet Mountain.
The following artefacts should be twins Scion and Hand Rathmore, which both were in Alaska. The artefacts were easily located, as they were already found by researchers, and on the day of arrival Làra wanted to move forward by ship to Russia. But when Làrà arrived to the port, a full disorder broke out there, boxes rolling around, workers rushing here and there. Làrà asked one of them, about what's happening there. It appeared that a military group arrived lead by a woman. And they started to rummage the place. They took two boxes and departed. As it turned out, in these boxes were the artefacts she needs.
Now Làra must hurry. Sofia owns two artefacts and can destroy them at any moment. And at the absence even one of the twins, Sofia becomes unstoppable. Làrà is on her way to a small town in northern Scotland.